Arsenal WILL struggle after Wenger but MUST take plunge

There is a theory that Arsenal fans may well be left wishing that Arsene Wenger had stayed for at least one more season, assuming that the Frenchman does decide to call time on his career in north London this summer as most people now seem to think he will.

I am not so sure to be honest, even if the Gunners do not get it right straight away under whichever new manager comes in to replace Wenger.

Last week we had the former arsenal and England defender Martin Keown suggesting that the boss should stay for another year and Metro is reporting that the Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has backed his rival and suggested that our club will be losing a major asset if and when he does call it quits.

The Italian said, ‘I have great respect for Arsene Wenger as manager and as a man.

‘He’s done a good job for 20 years and is doing a great job in the present with Arsenal.

When you are the coach in a great team, you are under-pressure in every moment. But I think Arsene is a really good manager, one of the best in the world.I have great respect for him and his team, they’re strong and have a good idea of football.

‘Results at the moment are not good but it’s important not to forget the work the coach has done in the past and in the present.’

Wenger is well respected in the game but there may just be an element of self-interest in Conte encouraging Arsenal to show faith in the prof, as his Chelsea recently took full advantage of Wenger’s open and attacking tactics. I would not be surprised to see Arsenal struggle next season, though, as Manchester United have recently proved it can be extremely hard after one man has been in charge for so long.

If Arsenal do not make the change now, though, it will only get worse. The time is right Gooners, even if we have to suffer a spell where things get worse in terms of results.



  1. Arsenal007 says:

    Where do we all get that idea that when Wenger leaves, Arsenal could suffer a plunge?
    Though it happened to Man U doesn’t mean it’ll happen to Arsenal. It didn’t happen to Chelsea or Man City, or Barcelona, or Real Madrid…why Arsenal?
    Change is the only constant thing in life. Even if Wenger remains with Arsenal till he’s 100, he’ll probably die of old age one day (not wishing him bad in any way). What would we do then…resurrect him from the dead?

    1. bran99 says:

      Good point. People hate change, but that happens in life whether people like it or not, don’t resist, so Wenger’s departure will be a gr8 thing for the club and the football world

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        IF people hated change so much, then no one would have ever done so. And contrary to you belief that AW’s departure would be “gr8 thing for the club and the football world”, it won’t…It would just be another”thing”…

  2. Remember Hafiz? says:

    Why does wenger want to become the Mugabe of football?
    Wenger must go!!

    The house of Rahman has spoken

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I think Hafiz is on here to regain support for Wenger. The Arsene must go, these have been speaking well and making clear points lately, much more thought out than the last time Hafiz was around. A few others will have a competition with Hafiz to see who can say the most insulting things, not realising that it will nudge some people back onto the fence. At the very least people will defend Wenger even though they couldn’t think of a nice word to say over the last two months.

  3. NY_Gunner says:

    Depending on who comes in and who among the players he decides to keep and or release. That coupled with the style/s he decide the team will play. As well as their ability to adapt, a dip is considered a calculated risk in a changing of the guard…

  4. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Nasty comment Hafiz. Yes he has to go at the end of the season but comparing him to Mugabe is well OTT. Who you going to mention next?
    I dread to think!

  5. Onochie says:

    Haven’t Arsenal been struggling? Even with Wenger? What’s the worst thing that can happen without him? The worst that would is that the board and Stan would get less income. Where’s all this nonsense of “Arsenal will struggle if Wenger leaves coming from” the truth is that we will not struggle,if we get a determined coach. I re-watched the Bayern game highlight and I heard the commentator saying “Wenger,always trying to do things his way,which haven’t really paid off for a couple of years” and his co-commentator now said “I believe the only time he made a change was last two years against Man City,we saw a different Arsenal that day and they produced a fantastic result” then I remembered that match and I totally agreed with them. This shows how stagnant and predictable Arsenal is.

    1. Trudeau says:

      “The worst that can happen is that the board and Stan would get less money” Can you walk me through that as iit makes no sense to me.

      Assuming a new manager doesn’t pull in the kind of money that Wenger is making, it seems to me the only way Stan et all would lose money is if Arsenal drop out of the top four and performances suffer to the point that people don’t buy the kit etc. So, that’s the answer to your “what’s the worst that can happen” question.

      Like others have said, it is a massive risk to replace Wenger but it is one that most of us seem to think worth taking. But to pretend there is to risk is just a little silly.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Can people please stop with this ridiculous comparison between Wenger, and Ferguson! Fergi had Utd at the very top for almost his entire tenure, and left Utd at the top, as league champions. He was arguably the greatest club manager ever, so it was fairly obviously that the only way was down after his departure, and that it might take a while for them to the reach the top again. And that is exactly what has happened. During this transitional period for Utd, they have an one FA Cup, compared to Arsenal’s two, so we are not exactly steaming ahead of them under Wenger are we? Slowly, but surely, you can clearly see that Utd are progressing, yet Arsenal are only regressing under Wenger.

    So whilst Fergi had Utd always at the top, Arsenal haven’t been anywhere near the top in a decade! Even during our glory days domestically, Arsenal have never really performed in Europe, and have now become the laughing stock of the Champions League. Although Wenger is a our greatest ever manager (technically), he cannot be considered great compared with the other top managers. I hate Mourinho for example, but just as a manager, he wipes the floor with Wenger!

    As I’ve said numerous times, none of us know what will happen after Wenger, but given the obvious regression in recent years, the finances, and the quality of our squad, and the fact Arsenal have been a million million miles off the top for so long, I honestly believe we will progress.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Arsenal aren’t regressing under Wenger. Treading water for ten or so years yes, but not regressing.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Definitely been regressing over the last few years, because his squad has got stronger, he’s been spending big, yet where’s the improvements? That has to be taken into consideration.

        Performance wise, Arsenal were more entertaining to watch when we had the likes of Cesc, RVP, Adebayor, Nasri, Eboue, etc. Arsenal have been horrible to watch in the big games, and results in these types of games are getting worse as well. One win in ten this season against the big boys, which includes eight horrific performances, tells you all you need to know.

        Also, last season we didn’t win a trophy, we had the same amount of defeats in the league, and gained less points than the previous season. We did get our best league finish since 2005, but that was only down to the failings of ALL of our rivals, not because Arsenal improved. We were very lucky to get second.

        1. Trudeau says:

          We’re probably just arguing semantics now because I agree with you that it is time for Wenger to go. I’ll concede that Wenger’s power as a coach and tactician is receding. But our increased financial might since building the stadium and the Wenger aura which can still attract a big name or two means, for me, we are treading water. But like I said, it’s really a moot point

  7. Break-on-through says:

    It entered my mind too whether or not he has ulterior motives for wanting him around, in the end though I just believe he’s being honest and does like Arsene. Most managers don’t advocate for another managers sacking, Mourinho is just a different breed altogether.

  8. N4NICOLAS says:

    For 12yrs we’ve been waiting to b champions and at the end of each season we are promised success the next season, how long shall we continue to wait? Every club is improving while we are stagnant and then people say we will regret. People want us to remain with Wenger cos they know we will never win anything with him

  9. Franko says:

    I disagree that Arsenal would struggle after Wenger. We have the players but Wenger’s favoritism, bias and poor tactics has caused Arsenal to struggle every season. If another coach comes in, such bias and favoritism would not be there. The new manager would want to play players based on merit. I for one would always rotate these players upfront based on the opponent and not the rigid system Wenger is currently adopting like he is trying to prove a point..

    Number 10: Iwobi/Chamberlain/Sanchez/Lucas/Ozil

    Left wing: Lucas/Ozil/Sanchez

    Right Wing: Lucas/Sanchez/Welbeck/Walcot

    Attack/Striker: Welbeck/Giroud/Sanchez/Lucas

    Get our attacking front four players right and the whole team would play according to the strength of the attacking four. You cannot have a vibrant attacking four and the rest of the team play lackadaisically. In tough away games, we could have:

    Lucus – Giroud/Alexis – Welbeck/Alexis upfront with Alexis/Chamberlain in the number 10 role. This is a very good front four that would not be pushed over easily by any top team.

  10. BUR says:

    There are some Arsenal supporters who still think wenger is the man, wise up!. These deluded people need a short shape jag in reality. We are and have been the butt of Jokes for the last 8 years. Enough is enough. Those philistines who think there is no life after wenger ….guess what no man is bigger than the club. There are plenty of good and willing managers who would jump at the chance. Change? Yes please!.

  11. mark says:

    FFS, the guy should have gone 4-5 years ago. He is well past his best, and it’s obvious to anyone with an ounce of football brain.

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