Arsenal will struggle to attract big players if they lose Aubameyang in the summer

The next transfer window will be another testing and an important one for Arsenal as a club.

The Gunners have already set the tone for what should be an inactive summer by asking their players to take a pay cut.

At the moment, it seems that the only important business that we would do when the transfer window reopens is to determine the future of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The team captain isn’t agreeing to a new contract, and the club wants to explore all that they can to keep him.

I think they are doing the right thing because it would be a disaster to lose the former Borussia Dortmund man.

With our current status, we will struggle to attract top talents to the Emirates. If we lose Aubameyang in the summer, it will become even harder to get top players to join us.

Every footballer wants to join a team that is making progress and that has ambitions, selling your best player is one way to tell players that you want to sign that you have no ambition.

This has been a problem with Arsenal for years and I believe that we have to start addressing it now by giving Aubameyang whatever he wants and make him stay.

If that means we lose him at the end of next season then so be it, there has to come a time when the club makes a stand and sends a message to its current crop of players and any that sign in the future.

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  1. Six of one, and half a dozen of the other… If we sell him it could bite us right in the arsenal. But if he stays and signs a big contract there’s no guarantee his form will stay where it is at his age (not sure we can afford another ozil situation). If we aren’t going to get big money for him my instincts say keep till the contract ends.

    1. Although you’re right in saying no one can predict a player’s future form, that shouldn’t be part of the thought process when handing out new contracts, or buying players.

      Auba wouldn’t be another Ozil situation. Ozil had been in awful form pre his latest contract, and wasn’t even deserving of another contract. Whilst Auba has been in unbelievable form since day one for us. Just imagine how many more goals he would have had playing down the middle as well.

      If he doesn’t sign a new contract, we HAVE to sell now. Cannot let yet another high valued asset leave for next to nothing/or nothing. Not only would it hit us again financially, but it would cause yet more damage to the club’s reputation, at a time when we’re trying to restore our reputation.

      1. Arsenal is a work in progress under Arteta. We’ve a brilliant manager in Arteta who’s capable of turning Arsenal to be champions if given two or three years of time with proper signings. So selling Aubameyang and Lacazette will be a set back for the time being and a blessing in the long term. So sell Aubameyang for the maximum and bring Eduardo Odsonne from Celtic. With him Nketiah, Martinelli, Saka, Pepe and Nelson our attack force is lethal in a year. ESR is a good creative and attacking midfielder, Willock can support him but still we need one more signing of CAM that I prefer selling Elneny and add the remaining to buy Dominic Sobozlai . Now on to defence department, sell Kolasinac and replace him with Ndicka who is a left sided defender capable of playing as a central defence or left side defense. He can be a good deputy and competitor for Tierney. Also sell Mustafi and Sokratis from the defense and buy Max Aarons who is an excellent deputy and competitor for Bellerin. Now Lacazette can be swapped for Thomas Partey so defensive midfield is sorted for at least for 5 years. Also swap Mkitarayan for Cengis Under who’s again a fantastic addition to our attack. Buy Axel Desasi to partner Saliba in defense is another shrewd addition to our central defence without spending much because he’s available for £13 million. These signings won’t cost a lot and in reality Arsenal are a wonderful young team with the best young manager in the world. If we can offload Ozil from the team for what ever the fees or even terminating his contract on a mutual understanding it will save our wage bill. I strongly feel this is s best solution. In future considering the performance of Holding, Chambers, Dinos and Maitland Niles we can sell some and balance the team and the book as well.

  2. What? Don’t we have the biggest name in sports history playing for us? Ozil ! Is that not enough for any player to chose us? At least for the next 12 months? Auba has been consistent for us as well as Dortmund and great players do not fade at 30/31, and I do not mean Ozil, I meant Ronaldo, Zaltan, Cavani and Messi. Auba is of their caliber, one of the top 5 forwards right now.

  3. The problem is he doesn’t want to sign, i say keep him until his contract expire next season, we cannot afford another player on 300k plus per week, not in this unsure economic climate

    1. Ozil, Xhaka, and Mustafi (world cup winner) will motivate potential players to join us. Ozil is king of assists and Xhaka is the captain of Switzerland. What a good combination to lure players to Arsenal

  4. This man is really a goal machine.we will truly miss him although Martinellie can try to replace him

  5. Martinelli-Nketia/Laca-Pepe Just put an excellent midfielder behind these and they will get you the goals

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