Arsenal will struggle to convince world class manager to replace Unai Emery

Revealed: the only time that Max Allegri can become Arsenal’s next manager.

Arsenal has been linked with several managers since the club started struggling under Unai Emery this season and one of the managers tipped to replace the Spaniard has been Max Allegri.

Allegri dominated Italian football as the manager of Juventus before he left them last summer.

He has been linked with several high-profile jobs since the start of the season but he remains unattached.

Arsenal spoke with the former Milan boss after the departure of Arsene Wenger, but they hired Unai Emery instead because of his record across Europe.

Goal via Express Sport is reporting that the Italian has come onto Arsenal’s radar again, but he won’t be able to replace Emery at this time.

According to the report, Allegri is currently taking the year out and resting from all football-related activities and the earliest he can get back into management would be in the summer.

Should Arsenal decide to fire Emery, they would have to name other targets on their list as his replacement or wait until the summer to name Allegri as their permanent boss.

That said, all is not lost, just because a manager says he will not take a job until such and such time does not mean he cannot be persuaded.

But therein lies the issue for Arsenal. It will be very difficult for them to offer up incentives right now. No Champions League football, little money to spend, disgruntled players and so on.


  1. SAGooner says:

    Goodness me, all the speculation, EVERYBODY wants to lay an egg on the situation. Having 10 articles per day on the subject is not making things clearer, only murkier, and ALL of it is just speculation. It’s really getting a bit tiresome.

    Does anybody REALLY know what Max Allegri thinks? Does anybody REALLY know how much is on the kitty for spending on players?

    We seem to be thriving on rumours and mind dumps.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      What do you propose, just one article per day? which report then would we cover, from what media outlet, which pundit? Do we guess and say let’s just stick this one single article up because we believe this pundit and not that one or this media outlet and not that one. Or would you prefer we do not cover the biggest Arsenal news at all and just wait for a decision to be taken?

      1. SAGooner says:

        Nope, doesn’t have to be just 1 article per day. But we do not have to publish every single opinion that does not originate from JA members. Less is more!

  2. towny254 says:

    We have many millions in the bank 200 plus

    1. ken1945 says:

      towny254, in 2009 when kronkie became the largest shareholder,we were third richest club in theeworld after Real Madrid and Manure, even with the russian and sheik money changing the faca of football.

      We are now 7th, going backwards and in freefall – the one common denominator is the kronkie family.
      Just where has all the money from the CL qualification, top four, fa cup, new sponsorship money and the reported £3,000,000 plus matchday revenue gone?
      Certainly not on the recruitment of world class players that’s for sure!!! So why do we think a world class manager/coach will be pursued and secondly want to come?

      1. amo says:

        it’s his money, his investment. let us respect much did Leicester spend when they won the league? how much have we spent so far this season? smart investment is the key. first the Raul team should use thier brains and networks in recruitment. I would like to see more British boys in that team.

    2. jon fox says:

      “We”? Surely you mean Kroenke. Kroenke is NOT “we”. His money belongs to him alone and NOT to us. Get real!

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Finally, somebody who gets it…

      2. ken1945 says:

        Jon, please do put YOUR BRAIN into gear and READ – DIGEST- THINK before trying to appear superior yet again.

        Back in 2009, “WE” consisted of other shareholders than kronkie, or didn’t you know that? Back then, “WE” were the third richest club in the world, as I said.

        “WE” then had to sell “OUR” shares in 2018 and we are now the 7th richest club in the world, I guess you didn’t have any shares, otherwise you would have remembered this distressing situationin “OUR” clubs history.

        I have to laugh at your pomposity Jon, when you write how “WE” need to unite to defend “OUR” club and yet feel the need to try and belittle others who regard The Arsenal as “OUR” club as well. Grow up for goodness sake – do you think you are the only one on here who knows the kronkie situation? What a shame you didn’t appreciate it ten years ago!

        I am still awaiting your reply as to how you PERSONALLY are going to force kronkie out, after telling us “dullards” what needs to be done – tell you what Jon, why don’t we meet up at The Emirates tomorrow night before the game and discuss your plans…no didn’t think you would be supporting “YOUR” club yet again.

        Long on words – short on actions sums it all up: Prove me wrong!!!

        1. jonfox says:

          Ken, I do not respond in detail to plain rude, nasty and arrogant, plus plain inaccurate posts like yours. If you wish to apologise for the nasty way you speak to me and ask the question again but courteously I will gladly reply in detail and will easily refute your comments aginst me. A sincere apology would be well received. I do not respond to bullies and nor to you either when you, unusually, behave towards me like one!

  3. Mogunna says:

    Only top coach who can save Arsenal is Wenger, some of “us” got him sacked, let’s have a campaign of “We want Wenger!” or “Wenger back!”

    At this stage of season, it is impossible to find a coach who will come into this mess Arsenal club became.

    If not, maybe best to fall off as we do, see promising youth and top players leave by summer. I can see Auba out by January to Barca or Real, he would be allow to play CL.

    Bayern and other teams are eyeing Willock, Niles, Nelson, Martinelli and Niles, Saka. We may lose majority…

    This summer will be a catastrophy, without Ozil Wenger would had a harder time to get Auba and Laca who saw ambition! But when these top guys all on the way, I can see Pepe to want out with no ambition and CL!

    1. jon fox says:

      Do leave off with your silliness. Theidea that Wenger will ever be invited back is for self deluded folk only. He is now employed elsewhere and even if invited- which won’t happen- he would refuse. Plus he is 70 already! Do put your brain into gear!

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      Sound thinking ther Gooner… He is the man who instilled the AFC DNA that everyone claims we abandoned… Wenger IN. 👍🏿

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