Arsenal will surely vote for supposed temporary law change

FIFA are supposedly keen to include a new temporary law change for divisions which are set to return to action, to allow up to five substitutions instead of the usual three.

Football’s governing body is said to be keen to avoid burning out players in these contrasting times, and will try to ease the burden on players as they look to cram the remainder of the respective campaigns into a slim window.

We are supposedly in line for a return to action in June if supposed plans go ahead, but clubs are scared that the new quickfire schedule could impact players, especially with a limited window for a pre-season to get stars match fit.

FIFA has supposedly put the idea forward that will need to be voted on, but the idea is that clubs will be allowed to make up to five player changes during a match, although club’s will only be allowed three windows to do as such. This will supposedly stop teams from trying to use the new rules in order to run down time, whilst trying to help teams to avoid fitness issues as we look to complete the campaign.

Arsenal have regularly been amongst the worst affected by injuries and fitness issues, and would most likely strongly favour such an change in the law, albeit temporarily.

As much as there has been a growing worry that the season may have to be curtailed, especially following the decisions made in Belgium and Holland most recently, the Premier League for one is looking ever-likely to resume.

The biggest stumbling blocks at present are likely to be how football will be able to continue safely, and the issues over loan and player contracts which are due to expire on June 1, but this will supposedly be discussed in Friday’s meeting.

Would an increase in substitutions favour all teams, or mostly those with the stronger squad options? With Arsenal’s recurring injury issues, surely it would be a no-brainer to vote in favour?


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