Arsenal will take a very, very good player…

Every transfer window comes with the usual script for Arsenal. There will be calls for signing a new goalkeeper, a new defensive midfielder and a striker. The script remains the same because more often than not, Arsene Wenger doesn’t generally buy for the position deemed as requirement.

Of course, it is not pragmatic to link the aspirations of the supporters to the real requirements. But, there is a common ground which is what everyone agrees for reinforcements. We are talking about signing a striker who can take the club to the new club.

Most of the supporters would have been perplexed by now with the amount of talk around a new striker. As usual, the latest rumours decide to link Karim Benzema once again with the Gunners. Wenger tried his best to secure Benzema earlier in his career and was rebuffed every time.

The Frenchman is an important player for the La Liga giants and Wenger knows very well that it would take a monumental effort to lure the striker from Madrid. Though the striker will not get his preferred central position under new manager Rafael Benitez, there is no guarantee that he would move to Premier League.

The same view is put forth by his former team-mate at Real Madrid, Kaka. The Brazilian playmaker is now plying his trade at Orlando City in the MLS. He feels that Benzema is one of the best strikers in the world.

“I think Benzema is one of the best forwards at this moment so I don’t think Real Madrid will give him easily”

Kaka may be true with his assessment but he also went on to add that if he can have the opportunity to come to Arsenal, it would be very good for the club. These statements come in the wake of the recent reports linking the Gunners with a record move for the forward.

“But Karim Benzema is a very good player and if he can have the opportunity to go to Arsenal then Arsenal will take a very, very good player.”

Speculation continues to link the forward to the Emirates and an imminent bid from Wenger. An interesting twist to the entire script is the reported injury that Benzema suffered in the pre-season. How long will he be out of action is a difficult but important question to tackle before any bidding goes forward, but it is clear that Arsenal need Benzema, or at least a similar player if we really have title aspirations….


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  1. Ramos has 55 goals for RM. 55! WTF?!
    We should sign him to replace OG

    My team for sunday:


  2. Ramos has 55 goals for RM. 55! WTF?!
    We should sign him to replace DW

    My team for sunday:


  3. Benzema will definitely bring some fear factor into our team. I don’t know what hypnotizing we can do for Madrid to let him go.

  4. I think we just need to accept Wenger isn’t going to sign anymore players.. If he does they will be 10m rated average early twenties players. Anyway, my team vs Palace:

    Bellerin Gabriel Kos Gibbs
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Walcott Cazorla Sanchez

    I’d drop Ozil after his god awful performance last week, he needs to learn he isn’t a garunteed starter, no one should be, I’d be tempted to drop Giroud but his height is important away at Palace.

    1. Ozil = God awful performance ????
      What match were you watching?

      I think almost everyone played poorly, except OX maybe.

      However, Ozil didn’t do anything particularly bad to warrant benching. Especially after just one match. Also Cazorla wasn’t much better either. Maybe just a tad.

      In terms of defenders, I thought Debuchy and Koscielny performed the best if not that well. None of the defenders played well obviously. However, I would not blame Debuchy.

      I would rank them out of 10 for the match
      Cech- 4
      Koscielny- 5.5
      Debuchy- 5.5
      Mertsacker- 4.5
      Monreal- 4.5
      Coquelin- 5.5
      Ramsey- 5
      OX- 7
      Cazorla- 6
      Ozil- 5.5
      Giroud- 5

  5. oh bloooody hell! when is all this gon stop? when are we gon be free of the worries wenger leaves us during the trasnfer period? grrrrrrhh! let it just end so we’ll know our fate, this suspense is high enough to kill someone

    1. Trust me, this window isn’t as bad as previous ones, when it comes to rumours. I swear, once we’ve been linked with Bruce Lee. Yep, the late Bruce (Buddha bless his soul).

  6. I’m Still hoping Muzzi Oscan is accurate about us getting the signing of the season if not accurate about timing

    He said. Definitely NOT Benzema. He is 100% sure Benzema won’t come. He also said “be patient. It will happen”.

    If he is right and it’s the signing of the summer, then I think it will be one of these:
    1. Lewandowski
    2. Reus
    3. Greizmann
    4. Ibrahimovic

  7. Kaka quotes is what this article is about. Everyone with a brain knows the Benz is not coming. Fck these articles. what we need most of all is a new manager and greater physical presence in midfield.

  8. just a very very good player is not good enough for wenger…
    he wants a very very very good player…. who is cheap… and is young….
    We only want players who can play beautiful football which means he should be able to build-up play at a snail’s pace, won’t shoot even when he is clear on goal, instead would want to walk the ball in the net and won’t be able to defend as if his life depends on it

  9. aW is a dick and needs to leave. Been saying this for the last 5 years. All other teams buy and pay but he won’t coz he is a dick

    1. Shut up, what do u know about dicks? Dicks often pay a lot for good stuff, all sorts of jobs: blows, hands, etc.

  10. The story above this one is about Benzema, Im pretty sure when I was in here earlier I was on a Benzema post. We already said what we wanted to say so maybe you should just copy and paste all our comments from earlier unless there is some new twist in the saga.

    Jezuz crust, I just looked and there is two more Benzema articles when you scroll down.

  11. Drop Czech start Ospina, Cech lost d west ham game. I don’t trust him. Moreover, Benerin is important bcos he helps attack.

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