Arsenal will take the knee less often this season after players agreement

The Premier League has been showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement by taking the knee before matches for a long time.

However, recent events prompted some players to opt out of the gesture individually and it seems very soon there would be no mention of taking the knee again.

The Premier League captains recently met to discuss several issues, and one of them was the gesture.

They finally agreed to reduce the number of times they take it, which means most matches will not see them take the knee.

A report on The Daily Mail claims they agree to take the knee only during the periods of the season which the campaign No Room For Racism is active, the FA Cup and EFL Cup finals, Boxing Day and the first and final match week of the season. 

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This gesture was never originally a part of the football matches, and it was never expected to stay on forever.

Reducing the number of times players take the knee was always going to happen and now seems as good a time as any.

Regardless of this, Arsenal will continue working hard to start matches strongly, which will help them to rattle their opponents.

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  1. this was a great show of solidarity and was shown all over the world. good decision to give it a rest so it doesn’t lose it’s effectiveness however.

  2. Good.
    Supporting BLM, after the killing of Floyd in the USA, should never have happened.
    Every football team who had BLM banners in their stadia, on shirts or taking the knee for the BLM political movement all went against the FA’s, UEFA and FIFA’s own rules and regulations regarding political advertising.

    1. Spot on! I stopped watching all sports teams that supported Black Lives Matter movement! It doesn’t belong on the field or arena! Nor does it support its intended meaning! It’s a scam to make the leaders of it……..To make BANK! A team is there to make supporters happy and get behind the team of their choice, NOT TO PUSH WOKE OR POLITICAL VIEWS ON THEM! Sports are a place to bring people of all races and idealisms together for a shared goal…. Supporting your team!

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