Arsenal win the six-pointer, and now we are back in the game

After the Spuds got beaten yet again at lowly Southampton, I wrote how crucial it was for Arsenal to beat Man United. Not only did we get the three points but Chelsea also dropped two unexpected points against Wolves, and suddenly the race for the Top Four has taken on a completely different complexion.

Arsenal are back in the Top Four right now, relegating United to Fifth, and we are now just one point behind Tottenham, who simply can’t win a game – and have the daunting task of a trip to Anfield coming up next. But we also have Chelsea in the mix. If they win their game in hand (against Brighton) they will be equal on points with us as well! How close is that!

AS Granit Xhaka said after scoring the opening goal against Man United yesterday, we are “back in the game” at last. “We are happy to win and it was very important if you see the results from Tottenham and Chelsea,” Granit told “It was important to take the three points and now we’re back in the game.

“We had to learn from our mistakes that we made against Manchester United in the FA Cup. We played well but they were always dangerous on the counter-attack and today with five at the back we were more compact. It was important to press them as well.

“I think these three points show us the way. This game was a six pointer and we don’t have a lot of games left, but we need the points to be in the top four.”

There is still a long way to go but there are many games left for our rivals to take points off each other, while we have no more matches against our top six rivals. It is all in our hands now, and as Xhaka says – WE ARE BACK IN THE GAME!

Sam P


  1. Have decided to share the remaining 8 games for Arsenal, man utd, Tottenham and Chelsea. This is ours to loose. We should infact finish number 3 if we take our chances

    Arsenal’s remaining fixtures
    01/04 Newcastle (H)

    07/04 Everton (A)

    15/04 Watford (A)

    20/04 Crystal Palace (H)

    29/04 Leicester (A)

    04/05 Brighton (H)

    12/05 Burnley (A)

    TBC Wolves (A)

    United’s remaining Premier League fixtures
    United vs Watford – 30 March

    Wolves vs United – 2 April

    United vs West Ham – 13 April

    Everton vs United – 21 April

    City vs United – 24 April

    United vs Chelsea – 28 April

    Huddersfield vs United – 4 May

    United vs Cardiff – 12 May

    Chelsea’s remaining Premier League fixtures
    Chelsea vs Brighton – TBD

    Everton vs Chelsea – 17 March

    Cardiff vs Chelsea – 31 March

    Chelsea vs West Ham – 8 April

    Liverpool vs Chelsea – 14 April

    Chelsea vs Burnley – 22 April

    United vs Chelsea – 28 April

    Chelsea vs Watford – 4 May

    Leicester vs Chelsea – 12 May

    Tottenham’s remaining Premier League fixture
    Tottenham vs Crystal Palace – TBD

    Liverpool vs Tottenham – 31 March

    Tottenham vs Brighton – 7 April

    Tottenham Huddersfield – 13 April

    City vs Tottenham – 20 April

    Tottenham vs West Ham – 27 April

    Bournemouth vs Tottenham – 4 May

    Tottenham vs Everton – 12 May

    1. Four of those five away games are not trivial tasks, because Arsenal are still unconvincing and lack the ball possession in away games. Everton, Wolves, Leicester and Watford are pretty strong on their home grounds

      Unfortunately Arsenal no longer have a technically gifted deep lying playmaker like Cazorla that can dictate the tempo and bring the ball out of tight spaces

      Suarez could possess the ball like that during his initial time at Barcelona, but he is rusty currently. If he can go back to his best, 17 millions will be a steal, otherwise Arsenal have to find another replacement for Ramsey

      1. I think we have the perfect replacement for Ramsey already, Joe Willock. The lad is ready to step up, just needs his chance. But going all out for Rabiot and selling Elneny will be another good move.

    2. Sorry to burst your bubble but you are being unrealistically over optimistic. We have five away games and all are difficult. I see us getting a maximum of 8 points and probably fewer, 5-7 points, from those away games. IMO we need 18 points from our 8 games left and if we get a full house of 9 from our three home games , which is doable but far from certain, we still need another 9 from those tough away games. I just don’t see us doing it with our poorer squad than all our three close rivals. I should also tell you that I bet professionally and have laid Making money is aserioud (bet against) Arsenal to make top four. I think we will most probably finish 6th and being a pro bettor, I never let my heart rule my head, as I believe you are doing. Making money from betting is a serious business involving an ability to completely divorce what I wish from what I think will happen. That is why I win regularly, unlike mug punters who tend to bet on what they want, regardless of likelihood.

  2. kos return has certainly improve the team….although he needs some time to get back to momentum….

    the same for Ozil who brings the creativity to the team

    1. Ozil might be good behind two forwards instead of just one striker, but he needs to find the motivation and starts more often to click with his teammates

      I’d like to see Iwobi to be given the chance to play as a CAM behind Aubameyang and Lacazette as well

      Iwobi’s strength, height and ball control are wasted by playing out of his position on the left. He is tall and no pushover like Bergkamp, therefore he could be thrive as a CAM

      1. Evening, respect everyone’s opinions on here and feel iwobi has improved this season and us still young, but please don’t compare him to the legend that is Bergkamp as he is nowhere near that level. All the best Paul

        1. it wasn’t a direct comparison. he compared one aspect, height. This is how people’s words consistently get distorted on this site.

          1. Apologies if I misconstrued. Just to have them mentioned in the same breath even on height must have got me ?! Ozil and rambo are ahead of iwobi in that position currently. My opinion only. Enjoy your evening

      2. “No pushover like Bergkamp also WAS NOT “, is, at least I hope it was, and for your own sanity, what you meant to write. What you actually said was that Dennis WAS a pushover. I cannot believe you mean that! Correct language is SO important if you wish to be properly understood!

  3. How much better would it have been had Aubameyang scored his pen against Totts.. but still 4 points from Totts and man u is good and I would have taken that beforehand! On to Thursday now, I’m expecting us to beat Rennes and qualify! COYG ?

  4. …..We have to take it one game at a time….I trust Emery to set up the team according to the opponent strength….The lads know now that they must give their all on the pitch… summer is here, a technical director will soon be employed…If the players ain’t playing for the team, they should be playing for their time here….

  5. Just arrived home from our fantastic win on Sunday.
    What a perormance by all involved, including the fans.

    At last Ozil has been given the opportunity to show his class and the team looked balanced in all departments, except right back. That is not a criticism of AMN, as he was totally committed and played very well, especially in the second half.
    Kos was a tower at the centre of defence and, if only Soks could control his natural aggression, we would have two excellent and mature players.
    Lacs was magnificient, covering every blade of grass it seemed, while Ramsey was the model professional…why didn’t we sort this out?
    Leno seems to be growing with every game and Monreal and Kolasinac were brilliant together, Kol is like a human tank and takes no prisoners.

    The criticism of UE that some of us were bold enough to air, have proved correct following the style of play and the players we were asking to see were on show Sunday.
    Well done UE for getting all the decisions correct, the players (CURIOUSLY NINE OF THE STARTING ELEVEN were deemed part of an unbalanced squad left for UE and deemed so weedy, dross and mentally frail, they should have been sold in the summer), for showing their fighting mentality and teamwork and the fans for getting behind the club. It was fantastic to hear the reception given to Ozil, Aba and Lacs when they were substituted.

    Make no mistake, we have some really tough games coming up and this result should set us up nicely.

    If anyone knows the name of the moron who ran on to the pitch…please shop him and let him suffer the consequences.

    I had to laugh at the reaction of the sky pundits however.
    Did they call for point deductions when klopp and poch ran onto the pitch?

    Moss the referee and his team? As hard as they tried, they couldn’t stop The Arsenal from putting utd to the sword…watch them get another premier league game next week as a reward.

    It’s in our hands now, well done once again UE and the players…let’s see this every game we play from now on please!!!

    1. If that was a man u fan running onto the pitch at old Trafford confronting an Arsenal player, I bet nothing would have been said… It’s almost like a vendetta against Arsenal or maybe they just hate being wrong.. they were all predicting we would be in a mess and it hasn’t turned out that way! Those pundits should be motivation for the Arsenal players to grab top 3 nevermind top 4. And well said Ken ?

      1. John Wick,, I was at the semi-final when Giggs scored the extra time goal that knocked us out, thanks to Vieria’s wonder pass!!
        At the final whistle, THOUSANDS of utd fans ran onto the pitch, confronting the Arsenal fans still in the stands.
        They were dropping their trousers, mooning, gesturing and many other obscene acts.
        I can say for certain that, unless you were there, you wouldn’t know, as this has NEVER been mentioned by anyone.

        The problem is, we as a club, must be seen to want to do everything to punish this moron, despite the many instances of not having a level playing field.
        But these Northern biased pundits certainly have selective memories, that’s for sure.

        1. Yes Ken I remember that game very well, I wasn’t at Villa park for the game but I do remember the pitch invasion and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest it hasn’t been mentioned as I’ve always said Manchester United were and are the darlings of English football, I think many would agree and Fergie time probably backs that up, they as a club has always had favouritism. There is always one idiot among the bunch but to suggest points deduction is absolutely absurd, the club made a statement that they are working with the met police in dealing with the matter, the idiot will be banned from home and away games and the club also apologized to Chris Smalling and United! They absolutely do have selective memories Ken.. ?

    2. This is quite a conclusion you’re jumping to. You haven’t been proven right at all either. The fact Emery has changed the squad so much, and we have an outstanding record at home, and are sitting 4th is specifically because he DOESN’T listen to fans that want him to throw all these players into one lineup every single game. It worked this game, but doesn’t mean it would work every other game either. Emery clearly does a lot of analyzing of the opposition before he creates a lineup, and he felt this team would work best. We’ve won games against Spurs and Chelsea playing players that aren’t as popular like Iwobi. And arguably we had better performances in those games than our last game. You can’t just ignore an entire season of Emery making the hard choices and getting positive result, and only vindicate yourself when he does what you say. The lineup he picked had nothing to do with fan input. Don’t expect him to stick with a consistent lineup, and why should he when his strategy has been paying off so far this season.

      1. The conclusion I’m “jumping to” is that UE selected a starting eleven that were obviously hell bent on attacking the most in-form club at present in the league.

        He chose nine players who have been accused of not being good enough etc etc, simply because of who signed them.
        Thank goodness UE hasn’t got this childish mentality and he selected the players on their current abilities, NOT some of the fan inputt on here, as it happens.
        I.E. Your views on Ozil.

        I believe that if he had selected the same team and tactics against the likes of Cardiff, Huddersfield etc we would have had a much better goal difference and even more points from the “etc” teams.
        Perhaps if he had done this, we wouldn’t just have reached 4th spot again and actually have cemented this holy grail position of yours.

        By the way, we have always had an outstanding home record, so please don’t ignore other seasons either.

        I’m not vindicating myself as I don’t have to , just giving an opinion.
        It was pleasing to see that the negatives, as I saw them, were addressed on Sunday and we had a fantastic result.

        Why would he want to change ANYTHING that we saw on Sunday?
        Ever heard of consistency and how it breeds success?

        1. To have “consistency” you have to have a fully fit squad to select the match day team from. Given the length of the season and the number of competitions Arsenal plays in, rotation is imperative to avoiding burn out.
          Given the injury situation at Arsenal, both long and short term, (which I have addresed in previous posts) Emery has been unable to play what he considers his best 11 for any given match, because of the limitations of fit available players.
          How could Emery consistently select Ozil for example, when he was not available due to injury or illness?

          1. Very good ?? maybe he’s borrowed Lingard’s ruby slippers (I mean boots ?)
            So Zidane is back, was quite surprised at that
            Also did you see Collymore’s on about how the clubs should deduct points & ban beer (pitch invaders) I honestly cannot stand him – any man who beats a woman is an absolute lowlife scumbag.. that sort of thing really irks me ?

            1. Maybe he should take lingard with him and re-enact the wizard of Oz ? what’s the old saying Sue? Never go back, he might regret that! You called it lovely that’s exactly what he is so his opinion is as relevant as Paul Pogbas Instagram posts ? fancy Atletico to knock out Juve tomorrow ?

              1. Will Zidane turn it around?
                Should be a good game… I want to watch City though (or maybe I’ll flick!) Want to see how many dream team points I’ll pick up ?
                What about Liverpool? I’m hoping for a Gnabry masterclass ?

                    1. That goes without saying Paul ? I know it’s a bummer, he’s just signed an extension with them too…. the one that got away…..

                1. I don’t think so Sue, that Madrid team are in decline, Ronaldo is gone and Marcelo is leaving in the summer along with Modric maybe ? you pick half of the city team have you ? ? I hope Bayern go through but the away goal could be key Sue Arjen Robben and Kimmich is out so that’s a blow for them ?

                  1. I have Ederson, Otamendi, Laporte & Aguero! Went 433… the rest of my team are Arsenal ?
                    Did Robben play the first leg?
                    I think if anyone can do it, Zidane can & if not he’ll just headbutt them ?

                    1. No that’s why they didn’t win ? with his head that could be dangerous ? where’s Cech, Mustafi and elneny ? and Aguero over Peter Crouch? You feeling ok ? Hahaha

                    2. How could I have forgotten Crouch?! He was on the 100 club the other week… his only hat trick was against us ☹
                      So what are you watching?

                    3. Haha yeah the perfect hat-trick right foot, left foot and header ? 4-0 that game wasn’t it ? I was watching 10 deadliest snakes in the Philippines and now snakes in the city ? wby Sue?

                    4. I turned it off after it said that, he’s like bambi on ice!!
                      I just wondered… I’ve got Afterlife (Ricky Gervais) on… quite surprised it’s quite good & really funny

                    5. No Wby wasn’t a typo, I meant what about you haha. Afterlife, I don’t think I’ve seen that ? haha Bambi on ice isn’t that welbeck ? so the Europa League draw this Friday, bet we get Chelsea ?

                  2. Oops ? I thought your finger slipped ?
                    It’s a new series on Netflix
                    Ha yes but he’s keeping the name for when Welbz is back!
                    That wouldn’t surprise me… but we have to win first…. sorry I mean yes we probably will, but we’ll win for sure – is that better?! ?

                    1. Haha no just some shortened text talk ? American gods looks good Sue I saw it advertised on YouTube I’m not sure if it’s Netflix or Amazon ? yes but will he be back in red and white? ? That’s better Sue I’m that confident I’m looking forward to the draw ?

                    2. Haha trust me to get it wrong ? I think it’s on Amazon…
                      I don’t think he will, I didn’t think he was being offered another deal?
                      Hahaha brilliant!! Well I’ll message you straight after the match on Thursday (to congratulate you on your prediction) then you can have another go with the lottery numbers ?

                    3. Ah yeah the lotto ? wait until I get my crystal ball ? haha well you know what it means now ? he hasn’t no but I like him, I think he’s a useful squad player ? I heard reiss Nelson was left out of Hoffenheim squad due to educational reasons lol that’s a first ?

                    4. It’s that time again John… long day tomorrow & it’s the worst day of the week ?
                      Don’t work too hard hurry & up with your crystal ball ??
                      Goodnight John ?

                    5. Isn’t that Monday ? haha yeah I’ll dig it out for Saturday ? you too Sue and a goodnight to you ??

  6. The media reaction to our win is hilarious. Everyone is trying so hard to discredit us and suck up to Ole. Media were all smiles when their team was back and can’t handle a loss! Well done Unai!

    1. Yes very true. Win on Thursday and it’s a great week. The spuds next league game is at anfield abd we then play on the Monday. Will be above them after those games ?

      1. Yes correct Paul we should be in 3rd place by April fools Day ? I hope Everton beat Chelsea next week!

  7. One game at a time, with every match now being a cup final for top 4 positions. Hopefully Arsenal suffer no more injuries, to our already reduced squad.
    Let’s hope for a 3-0 win against Rennes on Thursday!

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