Arsenal win trophies galore! No more negativity please…


Isn’t it strange how negativity just trails this Arsenal team wherever they go? Yet they keep their heads down and keep proving the doubters wrong. It is bewildering. They say they cannot win a trophy.
They don’t spend money. Their team has a soft center. They cannot defend. They need a defensive midfielder. Walcott has no football brain. Wenger does not know tactics. Wenger can never beat Mourinho. Giroud is not good enough etc. And the team just keeps on winning. Two FA cups and two Community shields. That is four trophies in two years. If you are one of those skeptical types that keeps seeing the negative in a progressive team such as Arsenal, you sure are losing the argument.

Without a doubt, events of the last two years has shown that if given the funds to buy the best players just like the top clubs do at every given opportunity, Arsene Wenger is way up there with the best. No arguments there. That was a great game of football against Chelsea. It was a professional job. The players kept their shape and concentration, surrendered possession when they had to and kept it simple. This team has understood that when playing against the best, patience and intelligence will reward you.

You cannot always win with style, possession, or with a flurry of goals. If you cannot score, don’t concede. So bearing all these in mind, we played a mature game. One nil to the Arsenal. Another game, another trophy. There is now ample evidence that this Arsenal team has learned how to mix it, change formation and tactics to get a result. In recent times, we have beaten Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and now Chelsea. So that argument of not being able to beat the big teams has been jettisoned as well. Don’t get me wrong. This is not me declaring that we will win the league. But on the evidence of what we have seen this year, we are set to give it our best shot. Do we need another striker and defensive midfielder? It depends on who you ask. But having a deep bench never hurt any team. Wenger has delivered nonstop for two years now so he has earned the right to make that decision regarding transfers.

This much I know. We have a solid team now. From front to back, this team is set to challenge for the big one and we must give them a chance. Whether we sign the super striker we are all clamoring for or not, we must stand behind the quality in this team. We owe them that much. A good team such as ours must be given a chance, because world class striker or not, this team has got lots of goals in it. If Ox, Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshere, Welbeck and Ozil join Sanchez, Giroud and Walcot to score the goals we know that they can, Arsenal will not lack goals. It will be a question of can they stop scoring?

But you don’t feel that support from our fans. Even on this very site, we slam our players repeatedly for no good reason. Is Walcott worth 140,000 pounds a week? I don’t know what any sports person is worth. I can only say that if the people who pay them these huge sums believe they are worth it, then I will not get into an argument with them. What is the point? As the community shield game against Chelsea progressed, Arsenal fans began to stick it to Walcott all over again, claiming that he has no presence, no hold up play and cannot dribble. Unless you started watching football three days ago, every football fan should know by now that all strikers cannot shine in every single football game. Depending on your opponent, your stature, style of play and skill set, strikers will deliver mixed results in their games. And Walcott has not even had an extended run in as a central striker and yet the jury is already out.

Reminds me of when Dennis Bergkamp publicly claimed three seasons ago that Robin Van Persie is not a central striker. Surprisingly, a fit Van Persie scored 37 goals in that calendar year, surpassing all central strikers in Europe. We are not with these guys in training. We don’t see what Wenger sees. The critics have been wrong before about the abilities of Thiery Henry and Robin Van Persie as central strikers. If given the chance, Walcott will prove them wrong too. I mean, where was Eden Hazard in that game? Just yesterday, many were claiming he was better than Messi and Ronaldo. But he did nothing of note in the community shield. In fact he spent more time on time on his belly than on his feet. Yet he is undisputedly a very good player. Falcao and Loic Remy had equally anonymous performances too. This happens in big games. The most dangerous players are often the ones that are nullified and and the players you least expect to score are the ones that win you the game.

Walcot helped get us into third position when Manchester United were breathing down our necks. He got us goals when Giroud suddenly couldn’t buy a goal. He won us the FA cup trophy, the Barclays Asian trophy and now the community shield by making the last pass that set up Oxlade Chamberlain’s goal. The arguments against him are becoming silly by the day. Look, if we get Benzema, that would be fantastic. But until then, a fit Walcot is a gift to this team. Even when he is not scoring, his tireless movements drive defenders mad. Walcot must be given the chance to get used to that central striking position.

We have claimed all three trophies from all three preseason tournaments. Before then was the FA cup trophy. That is four trophies in four months. That is good enough for me. Come what may, this team has my support 100 percent. Enjoy your weekend folks. The glory days are coming back. Peace.


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    1. Never seen nobody so in Love with the Thumbs down…… He could do just about anything to have em coming….That’s Hafiz !

    2. I don’t get it. Why is this dude still a member. He’s the worst arsenal fan I’ve seen. He’s got absolutely nothing constructive to offer – only negativity. It’s annoying to read comments from such a miserable person. When will he ever be banned??

  1. Am really optimistic with this team this season every player seems knowing his responsibility the defenders were upto the challenge throughout the game and I can dare to say that we won the game there, the manager now can focus on our offensive part of the game by bringing in one proven striker someone like benzema could do the job I think!!!

  2. negativity is a horrible way to start the season….
    dont forget we are currently:
    we are the asia cup of noodles:champions
    emirates airline terminal 4 cup: champions
    charity shield of domination: winners

    but with retaining the fa cup and beating all the top 6 clubs this past year we have proved we are different now…we pose a threat.

    is it just me who sees pedro going to man u an is thinking…err we cud use him,
    he plays across the front line an is in a word fantastic!
    unless..wenger has something better lined up…dun dun dunnnnnnn

  3. But but but… Lord Harris… He promised that we had £200m to spend… He said that we have a CF as our top priority… So why isn’t Wenger dropping a £100m bid on Benzema and get it over and done with? #WengerOut

    In all seriousness, I have pointed this out before and will do it again. Over the past season, Arsene has been tinkering and tweeting his tactics to suit the modern game. A fluid front 3 (think Suarez, Messi and Neymar or Bale, Ronaldo and Benzema), having more men behind the ball when under pressure and team pressing are all positive signs of this. I’m very happy with have far we’ve come in 2 seasons, and it is still a work in progress, one step at a time.

    It’s nice to win the FA Cup and Charity Shield, but if we are to really call ourselves one of Europe’s elite the EPL & CL are the next step. These won’t come overnight granted, but I’d expect us to mount a serious title challenge from now on, and make a name for ourselves in Europe within the next couple of seasons. Bare in mind it took Chelsea 9 years of Russian money to get them a CL, so people need to have some perspective when it comes to progress.

    1. When will we finally stop reacting to all these reports and rumors and supposed “promises” etc.

      The only thing that matters is official announcemenst about Arsenal transfers. That is it. When the window closes we will know Wenger’s transfer accomplishments or failures. Everything else is just talk and noise.

  4. Yeah for once we should save the negativity for JM…with this comment:
    Mourinho said: ‘The pitch was a disaster. The pitch was so bad and so slow.”

    1. Just when you think you have heard the most ridiculous thing from the joozhey……. he says something even more ridiculous.

      The media have been promoting his BS so long that he believes he can say and get away with virtually anything.

      Of course everyone knows that the pitch at the Emerites is always terrible.

  5. Good win yestersday. But one thing that was screaming out is the need for a striker.

    Walcott has pace but he is not someone who can hold up the ball and create a move for our Midfielders to latch onto. It was apparent that he was getting bullied off the ball by the world class defense. He feeds on the the through balls and he makes us lethal on counter attacks. Against Big teams I doubt he will shine.

    Giroud showed what he brings to the table. He made at least 3 goal scoring moves by holding and providing a pivot to the MF. And his aerial preaence is second to none. But he lacks pace and not suited for counter attack type of style.

    Ideally we need a striker who is part walcott and part Giroud. Welback is such kind but it will take him at least another season of regular injury free football to shine and deliver. That is why I think Benzema could be the answer. He is established, has strength and physicality to fend off defenders and is fast. He is used to the RM style of counter attacks. I know and I agree he is overpriced but I also believe he is the last missing puzzle in of our quest to PL glory. Sign Benzema and loan Wellbeck. That is what I think.

  6. I once reiterated before the knock out punch on maweeno that wenger needs to out smash the puppet 1 to smithereens and Theo walcott is not the GOal to man…

    I got a lot of sticks when i enumerated on the favorite long serving son of wenger and the sentimental followers of theo walcott. This big beef match crucially and critically analyzes theo strength and lorry load of weaknesses.

    Ariel duel poor

    Physical combat poor

    Ball on/at speed mode excellent

    Link up play poor

    Strike at goal poor

    Dribble speed average

    Explosive speed a threat to at least an aging john terry excellent

    Creativity (apart from the single assist to the magnificent ox which doesn’t add much weight to is overall match creativity to be self productive) poor

    striking instinct poor

    Shot on target (1) a weak header poor

    Shot on goal poor (although debatable no clear through pass but he still lacks creativity to provide space for himself like a suarez esque)

    Team work average

    In conclusion, Theo Walcott is a great player when utilize in his best position a winger while he can skim or strike inward to surprise the opposition. Other than that he is less effective as the main striker which in turn undermines the balance and cohesiveness of the team. Arsene need to cap this transfer window with at least a formidable striker who has an impeccable ability to be dangerous and score goal(s) in big matches. It’s crucial to covert our chances especially against big clubs which will not incur us on the madness in defending as if our life depends on it alibi the Arsenal-chelsea game for instance and signing an upgrade to our strikers will give us a step above the odds of losing or drawing or sustaining a winning point.

    Ps! A Benzema is just about ok for now.


    1. In his 3 recent competitive games Walcott scores 4 goals as Arsenal win all 3 including 2 trophies. By any measure that is impressive. But because he only had an assist in the 1-0 win over the league champs… you have now concluded he s#cks as a striker.

      Hazard did NOTHING in that game also. So following your logic he should be dumped immediately. I could identify and list (as you did above for Walcott) all of the weak elements and events in him performance.

      All of it……. simply ridiculous. Almost laughable.

      1. Offer Walcott for hazard and hear the rolls of laughter from the special one …he would be right too…ridiculous

    1. We all know if Khedira had come to Arsenal he would not have been injured because no player ever gets injured for Arsenal.

    2. Just so you knw……. Many of us Like myself never wanted Khedira at the Emirates *Tongues*

  7. Mrs. Mourinho was spotted by the media today for the 2nd time this summer shopping for new dish ware. It seems her husband had broken everything twice – once after the Cech transfer – and now again after the Comm Shield.

  8. If Theo plays centrally then that only leaves Ox, Wellbeck and Sanchez as genuine wide players. It is still not enough so I disagree and think we do need a signing whether that be a striker or a replacement for Walcott.

    1. I kind of agree, but logically if we actually lose a winger then Walcott will just be put back on the wings; plus, Wenger doesn’t mind putting Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, or Wilshere on a wing anyway.

  9. In fairness to ALL Arsenal fans. Much of the negativity is coming from fans on sites like this. When I hear the fans cheering at the games I get a much different impression.

    For example, if you just read the comments on this site it would be easy to believe that 90% of Arsenal fans HATE Giroud. They somehow blame HIM for Wenger’ failure to get a better striker.

    But when Giroud came on as a sub the fans in the stadium cheered him and respectfully chanted his name.

    It is clear to me that the negativity which sometimes permeates this site’s comments is not necessarily a reflection of the overall fan-base mindset. Fans as a whole are much more positive I believe.

    1. That is my experience as well mohawk. The detractors, critics, bully-boys, know-it-alls, narcissists etc are nearly always the loudest and can skew the perception. Always a significant, more reasoned neutral faction to most sport fan-bases that goes largely unheard. Unfortunately, some of the loudest critics are in positions of influence in the media – an influence out of all proportion to the quality of opinion they bring to the table. The double whammy is that lazy thinkers will accept pretty much anything that is being said loudly and often enough as a matter of objective fact.

      What troubled me the most yesterday was Ian Darke and Michael Owen. F88k*ng Ian Darke was on an endless loop of announcing every Arsenal malfunction, bad stat, stale cliche of the past decade. Jeez do these guys hear themselves – I know Wenger hasn’t beaten Mourinho for x and hasn’t won the PL for y and conceded 6 against Chelsea on AW’s 1000th PL match etc etc and so does 99.999% of those watching. Just f** off and commentate on the match with Michael “Falcao looks like a Chelsea player” Owen in tow.

  10. @Uche, you are always on the neutral lane.your write up is passive,make it active next time but l will give you the due credit.

  11. @ mohawk

    My opinion is based on a foundation of fact and a good x.ray diagnosis on Theo. I refuse to cloud myself with sentiments and your overdose of THEOLOGY and touch not anointed one syndrome is pathetic. While you painstakingly try to drive your point to the gallery, pitching in another player(ox) to score your self a pretentious point is ridiculous.”Man my assertion is not about theo and other players in any position” it basically about theo’s efficiency has a top striker.

    Moreover, before you give me another knee jerk reaction, base your analysis on theo the new reborn striker. Neglect your bias opinion and your sympathy towards is injury and the long story how the next tsunami hit china. Call a spade a spade analyze theo’s performance without looking for a red carpet for safe landing, I know you’ve a soft spot for him.

    We know is just back from injury! We know he scored 1 goal per match and a hatrick against a lesser team before now but is he reliable? Is he consistent? Is he a natural striker? Is he a 25-30man goal machine? Is he a big game scorer? Is he ?

    1. I gave absolute facts about Walcott and his very short record as striker. If facts and results conflict with your “analysis” (meaning opinion) I cannot help you.

      Who knows whether Walcott will continue his good work at striker or not? You don’t know and I don’t know. All I know is what he has done so far and it has been fantastic.

      You offer a lot of words and opinion but none of it has anything to do with the reality of what Walcott has accomplished so far as a striker. You could write 10,000 more words and it will mean nothing.

      Reality trumps your “analysis” (opinion) and the reality is Walcott’s record so far as striker is outstanding.

    2. @ceezee
      Funny factual fact about “facts”. They only apply to what has already happened. They in no way have any influence on, or can predict the outcome of future instances…

    3. I only understood your last paragraph and you ask relevant questions that sort of dumps on your early prognosis on TW from a towering height. How the hell does anyone know if someone is “consistent”, a “natural”, can “score 25-30 goals” or is a “big game scorer” after 4 games?

      What you are doing in reality is just belly-aching for a striker signing and have decided that deriding TW is the best way of doing this. And btw – who is the striker that meets your 4 point criteria who is available? And don’t say Benzema because he fails on 2 of those criteria and we can say that on the back of over 400 appearances at CF not 4.

  12. Fans are no hobby haters. We see weakneses and flaws in the team and do wish them to be corrected. Whats wrong in saying that in times we do wrong and that we are not goot enough? Others wont give as the epl trophy or the cl one just bec we think we are the best team the world has ever seen.

    You guys all surfing on a raibow so bad that i hope that nothing bad will happen to Coquelin or Kos. Bec without them it will be game over for us once again. And then you can make up excuses and you banners about Wenger this and that that. Just lets push more bec we are not far from being a champion side.

  13. Giroud or Walcott do not matter. We are scoring our goals from our middlefield anyway soi hope that we go out and buy a winger at least.

  14. IF and Its à but IF, we are injury free, then we could win the Premiership with what we have. We have Alexis, Walcott, Giroud, Oxlade, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil.

    However, United are NOT finished spending some of their £750 millon, Chelsea wants another winger. Liverpool are after a striker and a winger. With City’s brutal loss to Stuttgart, they will probably strengthen too.

    I would say it’s better to not get overconfident and get another striker (a winger or CF) and possibly a DM.

    If we do that we could become favourites for PL and have a decent chance at CL

    So we are in great shape but a little tweeking would do wonders.

  15. @ny gunner

    If you give me the odds of a silly football assertion. For instance you pop to say whilshere is the greatest no10 that will ever exist in Arsenal.

    I will forecast and project your futuristic suggestion on anything related to football will be tantamount to anything sillier..

    Good odds mate..

  16. “I will forecast and project your futuristic suggestion on anything related to football will be tantamount to anything sillier..” Sorry but wtf does that mean?

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