Arsenal winger announces his wish for a new contract “Mikel is a coach that I need right now”

There are numerous discussions about Arsenal needing to sort out contract extensions as soon as possible, especially for our star youngsters Saliba, Saka and Martinelli, but all of them still have a minimum of 18 months left on the current Arsenal contracts.

But very few are talking about our long-serving Academy graduate Reiss Nelson, whose contract runs out this coming summer, and in fact will be free to talk to foreign teams in the January transfer window.

Mikel Arteta decided to keep the 22-year-old at the Emirates in the summer to give him one last chance to prove that he has the quality to play for the Gunners, and it is very obvious that Nelson is desperate to stay with Arsenal for as long as he possibly can.

The Londoner has recently paid to have his old school pitch fitted with the latest astrofurf out of his own pocket, and at the opening he had an interview with Standard Sport, and he made it clear where his priorities lie: “I feel like Arsenal is the club for me at this moment in time,”

“I have been here for so long and I’m very comfortable here.

“Of course, I want to play games and I want to play week in, week out, but I feel like at this moment in time I am at a place where I am only going to get better.

“I feel someone like Mikel is a coach that I need right now in my career, in terms of taking me to the next step.

“My head is not focusing on whether I need to get a team in January or talking to other teams, or doing this or that. It’s literally, how can I perform at the highest of heights when I get the opportunity?

“I am an Arsenal fan and, of course, I want to sign a new contract at the club. I am just going to be ready for anything I get now and give my all for the team.”

Nelson also had nothing but praise for the atmosphere that Arteta has created amongst the players, so it’s no wonder he wants to stay!

“The atmosphere around the training ground is just so alive,” he says. “Everyone just wants the best for each other.

Having that in a team where you can all be open to speak, good or bad, is just amazing.

“Everyone is really caring. That’s another thing, a lot of changing rooms they just want results but they don’t care about individuals and how people are. I feel like at this club everyone genuinely cares for each other and wants the best for each other.”

“He does a lot of things off the pitch in terms of team bonding,” says Nelson. “It’s so important to have a manager that understands there is life off the pitch.”

We Arsenal fans haven’t seen a lot of Nelson in the last few years, but when he did come on recently, against Nottingham Forest, he had a brilliant performance.

Maybe Arteta is thinking of extending Nelson’s contract after all? He certainly seems to be a real loyal Gooner…

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  1. As I’ve already said , martinelli and saka should be extending np and it would make me furious if Saliba didn’t give us more time extended , considering we helped him out by loan him out back to France when home sick and also his family which I won’t go into, but even Nelson should be extending he’s young and rate him so much ,I will say this here and now and every fellow supporter can hold me to it,but this is what I’ll say and stick by Mark my words, that Reece Nelson will become a star and better than saka ,and that’s my oppion , but back to this contract stuff, the club needs to open negotiations before it’s in its last year as how many times have we been done over with this, remember Sanchez and ozil but at least ozil stayed and was loyal ,a player I still rate and loved here….

    1. riess a super star I’m sure some arsenal players will agree on that e.g Smith Rowe knows that. Riess is so much better, give him minutes

  2. Wow, Gunnermark that’s a big call, Nelson becoming better than Saka.

    Stranger things have happened into football, but that would be great for Arsenal, a do think his contract should be extended whether we loan him out or not.
    Having said that Arsenal needs a top winger now that can compete at the highest level maybe even premier league proven some one like Neto.

    Knowing how hungry the gaffer is, I expect a bold bid in January to address atleast two positions.

  3. I love Nelson but he cannot competit with the likes of Bakuyo,Martinelli,Smith,Martin,Jesus and Nketiah.Yes Arteta can add him anew contracts and loan him in England clubs like Leads,Westham,Southamtons,Crystal Palace,New Castles United and then we shall whether he show the world what he has the way he did to Niles right now.

  4. It’s not looking good for him with us allowing him to run his contract down. He will get few chances to impress this season unless touch wood someone gets injured. He needs to be more focused than he’s ever been if he wants to stay here. We’re building something here, he’ll have to be playing marvelously well and be energetic also dogged if he wants to make/leave a lasting impression, good luck to the lad.

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