Arsenal winning the FA Cup could be the trigger for better things next season

Arsenal now has just the FA Cup left to bring silverware to the Emirates.

Despite the devastating loss to Olympiacos, Mikel Arteta is spearheading a return to form for Arsenal and it is likely that many Arsenal fans will look back at this season as the start of a new era.

The end goal was finishing inside the top four, however, a poor start to their season has made it almost impossible for that to happen.

And of course, the Europa League is now gone.

But the good news is that Arsenal still has one competition left that can still provide a successful end to the season.

They still have a good chance of winning the worlds oldest domestic cup competition and their recent fine run of form puts them in a good position to go far.

Winning the trophy would give the players the hunger to go for more and that can be the fuel that pushes them to target even more success when next season begins.

It is not the same as winning the title or a European trophy and not as financially rewarding as qualifying for the Champions League but it is silverware nonetheless and once a player gets a taste of that it can become contagious.

It may not be enough to keep Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at the club but it will lift spirits no end and that could be the trigger that Mikel Arteta is looking for to reinvigorate the club.

Right now, fans will be depressed after last night but that will soon be forgotten in a few days and the FA Cup is still something to look forward to.


  1. Just saw this on Twitter:-
    What do Arsenal and a 3 pin plug have in common? They’re both useless in Europe! 🥺
    It’s always the same, isn’t it? Start off with so many bleedin’ opportunities.. then one by one they all go t*ts up….

    1. Hahahaha.. Love the three pin plug joke, Sue!

      Yeah, I went to bed last night thinking exactly the same thing Sue. This morning I feel back to myself though. Having got my expectations up over my beloved Arsenal yesterday, I again realise my place (and Arsenal’s) today. Let’s face it, we were lucky against Everton. That could have easily been a draw or a loss! The blessing is that at least MA has managed to get most of the team to perform beyond their capabilities up to now. Although, I feel now they realise again that they are actually average again. Arsenal have spoiled us fans with at least getting this far in the competition. I suppose we should we should be grateful? 🙁

      1. Sometimes I don’t know why I expect any different, GunneRay!!
        There’s always a major blunder in one of them.. and it always rears it’s ugly head on a major occasion!! ☹
        Maybe we’ll see another on Monday night? And they’ll have me wishing I’d watched Eastenders instead hahaha!!

  2. Not looking forward to Monday’s FA cup game.
    2-0 to Portsmouth = Season over.
    Certainly no CL or even EL next season.
    Sorry, still smarting from our inept performance last night, our first shot on 77 minutes, Leno blunder at fault for their second goal, Aubamayang missed a sitter, Mustafi our best player says it all.

    1. Definitely no CL next year, GB. EL also unlikely if we continue to defend like that still. The biggest problem for Arsenal will be the massive reduction in money from the competitions and TV money! If we are not competing we are not earning and our bad performances this season will no doubt have a knock-on effect next year and beyond. The FA Cup is actually massive for us now. Pompey is now the biggest game of the season now. Lose there and we lose our confidence (big time). It’s also our last chance to get any sort of success out of a season that is one of the worst in decades!

    2. Well, Leno could have kicked the ball upfield if he had anticipated being pressed by two players sooner, but that being said, (given the pass out the back mentality) no option was available to him, after he received the pass, Saka and Luiz just stood at a distance, while two Olympiakos players rushed towards Leno, and he probably would’ve lost the ball if he attempted to dribble

  3. Unfortunately I think the FA Cup will go the same way as the Europa. Not much chance of top 4 either. Or top 5… top 6… top…
    However, once we have no hope of anything at all this season it will be easier for MA to start his cull/rebuilding as the pressure will be off.
    BTW anyone know what’s happened to AMN? At his best I rate him much higher than both the hapless Willock and also Guendouzi, who hasn’t yet improved from last season – disappointing as I had great hopes for him.

  4. Speaking of Willock I was amazed to see him come on as a sub, even more than I was with the Ceballos/Torreira substitution. What was the point of that I wonder?
    Yes he finally got round to bringing on Martinelli on but far too late.
    First time I’ve lost a bit of faith in MA but at least he’s getting used to the players and will hopefully do better in future.

    Willock as a game changer – LOL!

  5. Arsenal currently is a team that can’t manage confidence well. Often we talk about lack of confidence, and a need to build confidence. But as soon as we’ve gathered enough confidence building wins, arrogance takes over completely. That is why we keep losing vital matches.

    Somebody needs to teach these people how to keep a balance between confidence and overconfidence (arrogance). Perhaps we should start with total overhaul in the Summer.

    I don’t want to mention names that should be sold, but we must not be afraid to sell anybody (I mean anybody), and use the money to get whoever is available that can help us in the course we want to go. Or we can use our youngsters 100%. They may lack a little bit in experience but more often than not, they go out there and finish a job with goals.

    After last night, I have lost courage to continue supporting this club. They just keep breaking one’s heart again and again and again.

    1. Gily, while your heart is still capable of being broken, “again and again and again”, trust me, you will NOT stop supporting our club. Only when your heart no longer cares and is thus unbreakable, will you ever stop. That day will not come, I trust. THAT APPLIES EQUALLY TO ALL OF US, ME TOO. Be thankful that it does apply.
      The darkest hour is just before dawn. Stay strong; I know you will.

      1. Thank you mr Jon.
        It’s just that it is very difficult to take losing a match that you are more than capable of winning, because the players chose to be blatant stupid.
        Did you see their lax, and lack of urgency in the way they were massaging the ball up and down like they were already leading by 5 goals? It was sheer indifference to the feelings of the fans.

  6. I am extremely disappointed with the way we played. Pepe’s football is beginning to annoy me gradually. I don’t think his skill was useful in any way and instead he and Ozil (was better) had too many useless short passes between them. Sleeping was a little bit difficult last night. We have a long way to go. Pepe gets 2 from me.

  7. Arsenal for me are a frustrating as always. I expect at least 8 of the older players to be moved on Aubameyang inclusive! I want a new team, new mentality and new hunger. It is why days back I sat down wondering what they all were celebrating about; an Everton win? Oh 🤮.. we should be winning those Kind matches with Ease for Christ sake.. but no they made it look like they were playing a champions league final. Shit players’ seeing their post everywhere like they just won the league. I am sure that’s what made them feel like they are super humans and see where that got them? Why can’t we just learn? Time after time we celebrate small wins without being patient and end up blowing it all away! Arteta should tell this overpaid chickens to shut their social media account and no matter what, I repeat no matter what they shouldn’t smile until the end of season when they either finish in top 4 or 5th place. That’s when they can celebrate.. assholes! Someone can’t even have peace watching his beloved club play football again, lazy assholes!

  8. The way Pepe played last night was really annoying. Wonder what is wrong with him? And why Martinelli was not started. The kid has got a real vision for goals and assists and could have been played with Auba in the centre and Nelson on the right. Laca could have come on as an impact sub. Hope we dont take Portsmouth lightly.

  9. I didn’t sleep last night my fellow Gooners. I was reflecting about the state of things to myself in hope I would drift off without having another nightmare. But, whilst Arsenal’s pretenders dare to dream, the glaring facts remain a nightmare!
    Last night was everything and more we have come to expect from this current squad. From the lack of creativity going forward, to the abundant backward and sideways passing. The usual suspects and the same complacent errors. It’s like the nightmare you’ve had time and time again. You just cannot wake from it. It does not change, ever!
    The reality is, the team is riddled with weaknesses that have been papered over more times than a politician’s false promise!
    Yes, Mustafi has improved under MA. But it’s killing him. He is playing out of his skin and can only keep it up for a while. And Luis also. A copy-cat of Mustafi who just cannot stay interested long enough to get his head on a ball that is rightly his. Maybe he’s been reading the news this week about the dangers of heading a ball? Then there is Xhaka. Copying the copy-cat. He doesn’t convince me, one bit. He just doesn’t fit into an attacking formation. He’s not quick enough. Mentally or physically.
    Speaking of complacency, Leno..
    Yep, we’ve seen it all before! Arsenal, the most confident, arrogant and self-assured team in the land. It’s a self-inflicted condition that stems back to the mid Arsene Wenger years! In the time where the new stadium guaranteed greater things. Only for the club to sell its best and settle for less (4th will do). The times where the club reverted to buying Mr. Who, for pennies whilst convincing them they would be worth millions more in the future! That they were indeed as good as anyone else. Yes, the club dreamed too!
    I don’t blame MA. Not one bit. I don’t think anyone should. He has a squad that needs fixing and had no control over who, how or when they were signed. He needs time. However, he should be judged on what happens next year. After the summer has come and gone and he has had time to shape the squad in his vision. Although, I doubt he will have the funds he needs if we fail to qualify for European competition next year. Which, is looking more unlikely after last night’s horror show!
    In that event, can we expect anything different next year? Oh, the life of a modern-day Arsenal fan! ☹

    1. Prepare for a worse stat, then. Most likely the 2022-23 season will start with the gunners’ worst title drought in history

    2. A very interesting read GunneRay
      It was the last couple of paragraphs in particular that hit the mark regarding investment in new players if we fail to qualify for Europe
      As previously mentioned, Arteta will have woken up this morning knowing he has a massive task ahead of him

      1. Sue P, I rather think he might have ALREADY known about that massive task, WELL BEFORE last night. Don’t you!

        1. Yes Jon how very right you are

          But last night he would have been in absolutely no doubt at all. I’m sure I’ll be shot down here but I did think that he was making a real difference and he may have thought that too. Naive of me really

          1. Sue I ‘d say we may all have been a bit eager to big MA up. Certainly I have done and will still say he is a good manager in the making. But, as last night proved, he has far to go in some areas. Subs for instance were FAR too late and he could easily have subbed almost anyone last night, save only Mustafi(ironically injured) , who I still dont rate but who is playing better than anyone else and more consistently so, right now. Which does not say much for most of the others! For my money, MARTINELLI MUST START REGULARLY NOW. He has more energy and fight than most of the other forwards put together. Pepe needs to switch wings too, as is obvious.

      2. Hope I’m wrong SueP! Really do..

        I just don’t see how we can sustain spending with new additions if we are not in Europe. 🙁

        1. I don’t have an answer. European football is everything as the huge financial gains it brings in. As clubs like Wolves and Leicester are proving there is room for more clubs at the top table. We are hanging on but only just

          1. Sue P, Europa League fetches in only peanuts compared to CL. Many fans care little for EL and think it harms domestic chances. I agree and am not nearly as disappointed as some on here, as I never gave us a serious chance to win it this year, as it proved. REALISM HELPS YOU AVOID ACUTE DISAPPOINTMENT.

  10. I don’t know if I should be saying this as an arsenal fan, but I don’t want arsenal qualifying for europa league next season.
    If we can’t make top 4/5 depending if man city’s ban is upheld, then I don’t want us to qualify for europa league either by winning the FA cup or making top 6/7.
    Its not like we have a chance to win the FA cup with this current crap we have as a team.
    I want us to focus fully on the league next season without having it at the back of our minds that we have another chance of qualifying for champions league if we don’t make top 4, IMO I think this has affected the team ever since we became an EL team.
    The europa league has always been a distraction.

    1. I agree with what you are saying and it seems so do most of the sporting sections of the press. To quote “Arsenal are light years away from being in the CL”.
      We have an squad with an average level of ability, with perhaps only player of any real class, and he will be gone in the summer. Our chances of reaching anything better than 8th depends on teams currently above us slipping up in the run to the end of the season. Why are our expectations so great, when realistically we know that the squad is lacking in so many areas. As for the FA cup, we should not have any real expectations either. Very depressing, but hopefully next season will bring in the changes necessary to make us competitive once again.

      1. Well, I for one, disagree. Arsenal should be looking to challenge on all fronts available.
        To say Arsenal have no chance of winning the FA does not make sense.
        Also, the paper quote is ridiculous. Arsenal were 5th just last season and had good chances of getting into the CL.
        Sure, there are players underperforming. They need to be challenged to improve or be replaced.

  11. I think deep down we all knew we never going to go far in the Europa League, some fans acknowledge that our current squad are limited, so why the high expectations, lets be realistic and acknowledge that we are currently in a building phase, which simply means we might not meet all our goals/expectations

  12. I didn’t watch the match but I don’t even have courage to watch Highlights…
    Such a depressing thing…
    This is cycle..
    Once we do not qualify for CL then your Financial Resources will be less so you cannot afford talented player… and if you have cannot attract talented players then you cannot qualify for CL again… and again same cycle continues…
    Only way to break this cycle is either owners inject equity Capital in organisation to fund for players or our Academy Players stepped up to produce consistent year long performance….
    In our case neither gonna happen

  13. So we lost and it was a huge and unexpected setback. But life goes on and football goes on and we who are able bodied, live in free countries and do not suffer from famine, war and hatred in our daily lives should countour lucky stars we are able, physically and mentally able too, to come onhere and give our thoughts. Many in our globe will have no bed to lie in tonight , no food to eat, no one to love and care for them. THOSE are the poor souls that we ought to feel sorry for; not ourselves and overpaid millionaire footballers. A healthy dose of life perspective helps us regain sanity, temporarily and foolishly lost, when a mere football team , EVEN OUR FOOTBALL TEAM, loses a key match.

    Disappointment is a normal and natural part of the sheer luck we all share to even have a football team and a great club like ours too, to follow. Tomorrow is another day and the sun WILL shine again. Keep the faith!

    Get over it, no one died and tomorrow is another day. Be glad we are still alive and healthy to greet that new day. Some will not be so lucky. Think about it before you moan!

  14. The sooner we come to terms with the fact that we are at best an average team, the better. I was not at all surprised by the loss last night as Arsenal as a team has plenty of players who can screw up big time. If we did not have Auba, we would be in a relegation fight! I really hope we don’t qualify for Europe next season. We can then focus on not getting relegated as I am sure Auba will not stay. Where do we start? Play old fashioned football; defenders defend, goalkeepers do not have to be play makers; address the team’s weaknesses in transfer windows rather than spend on unsuitable marquee signings; have overall balance within the team. The list goes on. I wanted Wenger out, but now dinner is served and it tastes shit! We are finished as top club. Sad but true…

  15. Arsenal winning the FA cup will have no bearing on next season at all. Wenger did it twice with good draws and the odd good performance and it just masked and gave false hope to the next seasons chances or expectations. It also actually allowed him to stay on for 2 years longer than he actually should. If he had gone after winning the 2nd, his legacy would be a lot greater and we would now be in a better position. The FA cup is what it is, a cup comp that can be won by teams that are not necessarily great in the league. Its a one game shoot out comp, not a consistency required comp.

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