Arsenal with a comfy win but this defence will give me nightmares

Arsenal strolled to a nice win today thanks to two early goals,

The Gunners started the game in bright fashion, and were somewhat fortunate to take the lead the way we did. Mkhitaryan hit a cross-come shot into Lacazette inside the nine-yard box, to tuck away unchallenged.

Our opponents came at us shortly after, with Nathan Redmond getting clear of the offside trap to run clear into the box, only for Bernd Leno to save the day, with Mustafi being fooled by the cut-across.

The Saints continued to pile the pressure on us, with the young Yan Valery impressing in helping his side to push forward, but our counter attacks proved the more crucial however, as Mkhitaryan added to his earlier assist wit a goal of his own, thanks to Alex Iwobi’s neat work down the left.

After the break the game began to fizzle out, with no more goals to come, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any clear-cut chances. Lacazette missed the easiest chance of the afternoon, clearing the bar from right in front of goal, and he will count himself lucky that the team didn’t drop any points after missing that…

Aubameyang and Ozil both got involved later into the second half, and Aubameyang also helped to cause trouble for our opponents defence, but just the two is all we deserved really.

We can be happy that we are the only top six side to gain all three points this weekend, although both Chelsea and Man City will have picked up a game in hand.

All in all, I cannot feel comfortable so regularly seeing our defence being stretched and caught off-guard, and feel like if some dramatic improvements do not come soon, we will end up in sixth place come the end of the term.

Is it just me who thinks our defence is shocking? Is it that our players are not right for Emery’s system or that the players are not of the right level? Am I being overly harsh on the back line?

Pat J


  1. gotanidea says:

    4th position! All hail Emery

    A stroll in the park, very unlike last season’s Soton. The next EPL game should be easy as well, perfect for warm-up before facing the spuds

    Hopefully Iwobi is okay, because the team need a strong left winger like him

    OT: Man United seemed to be dominated by Liverpool at the Old Trafford. Emery should watch the replay to learn how to dictate Man United’s midfield after finished with the spuds

    1. Gizzle says:

      I hear no one talk about how Iwobi influenced today’s game . We should encourage our players rather than shoot them down .

  2. RSH says:

    Next three EPL fixtures will be huge. United game is actually our last match against top 6 opposition. Good news for us is United picked up a ton of injuries today and hopefully we face a weakened United. Spurs game will be our toughest left this season. Need a HUGE performance if we want top 4. Coming towards the end now. And despite all of the Emery criticism, he has put us in a great position in the table.

    1. Goonerboy says:


      I agree with most of your post but don’t you think Burnley away, Wolves away and even Leicester are potential banana skins away???
      But overall, we still have the easiest fixtures compared to our rivals

      1. RSH says:

        Definitely banana peels ahead, I agree. But traditionally we tend to finish seasons strong. Every game will be important of course, but I point out Spurs and United because they are back-to-back and if we lose both it will look very bleak.

        1. Goonerboy says:

          Yeah and we could easily be 4 and 6 points clear of United and Chelsea respectively after the next match day…

          I feel am getting ahead of myself here but I can’t help it!
          We have our destiny in our hands, we just have to take our chances…

          1. RSH says:

            Exciting times indeed. Let’s hope we can pull it off!

            1. ArsenalGR says:

              What are you smoking at there?? What’s the exciting about having a defense who cannot defend against a decent attack or our attackers missing so many chances? Or that Kroenke won’t be spending big even if we play in UCL next year. Had we been talking about being first in the league and having the opportunity to gain a lead towards the other teams, now that would have been exciting. Our current situation is mediocre at best, if we don’t fix our problematic areas, we are doomed to fail…

    2. CB says:

      Just a thought,if we finish 4th and Chelsea win Europa we don’t qualify for Champs lg anyway ?

      1. K says:

        I think the only way we can be ousted from UCL participation (if we do finish fourth and Chelsea win EL) is if MU or Spurs win UCL but finish outside top four. Btw I’m guessing and open to correction

      2. Loki says:

        Naah then both qualify for champions league.

  3. Kedar says:

    It was very going forward… We were sharp, slick on few occasions… We created good chances but that efficient in finishing or final ball… Pretty effective going forward… Need to add some efficiency in final 3rd…
    Well in defence we need to improve a lot… A lot… This defence is absolutely horrible on few occasions today…

  4. jamesbrowney says:

    .. Forget today’s win; the inability of our strikers to put away sitters is worrisome….both Auba and especially Lacazette have squandered chances which in turns puts the team under pressure…. against better opponents, we will pay for such waste……

    ……As impressive as Guendouzi is, and important as both Torreira and Iwobi is to our team…..The key player here is Xhaka…. without him, the team lacks shape and purpose….He is Arsenal’s Jorginho……Until Guendouzi becomes better than he already is, Xhaka is key…..

    … Shout out to Michi…..he was immense today….COYG!

    1. Kedar says:

      He really dictates the game with his V shape passing but he needs space, time and cover to put those passes..

    2. gotanidea says:

      Yes, the strikers’ composure are unbelievably low for their calibres

      Xhaka is excellent with set-pieces, good with long passing and tough in the back, but I hate his low mobility and ball control

    3. RSH says:

      Very little pressure was put on Xhaka today. His passes get sloppy when teams close him down quicker. And being compared to Jorginho isn’t exactly a compliment anymore, haha. Still, I agree Xhaka had a good game, along with Leno. Our strikers… oh my. Bet Ozil wasn’t happy with Auba.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Yes, Arsenal creative midfielders usually can’t express themselves when facing high pressing teams, but that can be helped by the supporters at the Emirates

        Arsenal have a good chance for a CL spot next season, unfortunately both Bellerin and Holding are injured. Had Bellerin been healthy, Arsenal’s attack could be better

    4. Sarmmie says:

      It’s been mentioned how important xhaka is to the team, and when we bring stats of his passing, people say most of those passes are side and backward passes, but when I checked on sqwuaka, his forward passes percentage was in the same range as other midfielders, they say he commits errors that lead to goals, but this season in epl according to premier league official site, he’s made only error that led to a goal.

      Emery and wenger have been different in their selections and game plan but still they’ve always selected xhaka, that tells something.

  5. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Nice game… the only negatives are I don’t get why our strikers are so wasteful.
    Aubameyang wasted all the chances at goal he got.
    Nice game from Iwobi, Ozil showing what he can do once he came on, nobody will see the chances he created because he’s lazy.
    I hope Iwobi is Okay, we play Bournemouth next then we visit Tottenham this coming weekend.
    Hopefully no more defensive games from now on please.
    Leno my MOTM, saved us these important three points

    1. Mobella says:

      I’m much more ok with the performance. The result never in doubt except we fcuk it up. Happy gunner today???

  6. Joe says:

    Spud lost, Man utd and liverpool draw, good weeked for me …

  7. Jah son says:

    Can we please continue with this formation. Please , please, please it is what our players know how to play please.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Ozil for Ramsey, and I’ll be good
      Creativity is the ability ur am needs to have first, not marking

      Now don’t quote me wrong, I only said I’ll prefer an am that can create to one that can mark

    2. Francis says:

      We will continue with this formation in home games.. but in away games Emery might go back to 3 back formation no matter the opposition

  8. Grandad says:

    Your concern regarding the quality of our defence is entirely justified.Against a better side we would have been put to the sword.When is Mavroponas going to get a chance?

    1. Tom says:

      Just a point on our defence.
      Barca won 2-4 yesterday due to the magnificence again from Messi. But Seville should of scored atleast 2 more goals when they where 2-1 up. At times barca defence where defending with only 2 back at times when hit on the break. It was totally shambolic and if this was us, We would be going mad. Amateurs come to mine when I watched the mighty Barca.

      The more I see Sokratis and Kos playing the more the stability I feel will come from the others around them.

      Leno was top today. Litcht and Kosalinac were 7 out of 10. Mustafi was actually better today then normal. Whilst Sokratis was stable as normal.

      1. Declan says:

        Mustafi has played well the last few games.

  9. Kam says:

    Was thinking at the final whistle that even though we put in a good but not spectacular performance, there would definitely be a ‘but’ in the title of today’s review… To those who say, “A better team would have punished us”, can we not only play today’s opponents today?

    1. Sarmmie says:

      That’s a very good point

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    Iwobi MOTM for me. Constant menace down the left. Nothing performance from Ramsey, he was our worst player. Special mention for Ozil. I thought he was outstanding in the short time he was on. Wow…I’ve given Ozil heavy praise two games running…what’s wrong with me? Haha!

      1. phemol says:

        well its obvious your hatred towards Iwobi. At the same time his contribution towards todays victory cannot be overlooked. why not for once swallow ur pride and praise this young man 4 once. He was everywhere, attacked and fall back to defend. He also has hand in both goals scored today. which answered why he made the starting lineup ahead of Auba and Ozil in today’s game.

        1. Sue says:

          Actually I was shocked that he had praised Ozil!!!

          1. Maks says:

            Some fans here hate someplayers and praise others no matter how they perform.
            Today Iwobi was great, and Xhaka (crazy!), Sokratis and Mkhi also, but Leno was the man. Ozil showed what he can do and again Ramsey had “his game” (almost nothing done). Looks to me that Ozil had more touches in 20 min then Ramsey before that. I think that in his head he finally played no. 9 !
            Wenger was happy watching.

            1. Sue says:

              I get that Maks… but I wasn’t even referring to Iwobi.. plus my comment was for TMJW… he knows it was banter regarding Ozil

              1. ThirdManJW says:

                I acknowledge the banter haha! I would actually start Ozil against Bournemouth now

                1. Admin says:

                  I am certain that Emery will rotate again, and Ozil will definitely start….

                  1. Admin says:

                    Yes that comment was deleted. As this one will be in ten minutes.


                  2. Tissiam says:

                    Thank you!!

        2. Phil says:

          Everywhere but contributed NOTHING as usual.He is a HEADLESS CHICKEN with ZERO ABILTY to match his continual ZERO END PRODUCT.
          If Iwobi is as good as you say would he get in any other Top 6 side?Of course he wouldn’t.Yet YOU and all the other deluded Iwobi followers (all Nigerian no doubt) feel he should be considered good enough for us.
          Pathetic footballer adored by pathetic followers with ZERO IDEA of what a Top Premiership Footballer should be

          1. phemol says:

            ????, well im not surprised cos i realize you are delusional. why you putting ur blame on player at your disposal when your owner/board CANNOT in the January transfer window sign a single player and promise giving £40 millions towards next transfer window. well i am proud to be a Nigeria probably you should look for a club that has your country man to praise him. Guess soccer is not recognized in ur country pal.?????

            1. Martin says:

              We are proud of our country and also happy we have our countryman playing in Arsenal’s first team. He can go and huge a transformer

          2. AlexLaca9 says:

            What a bitter person you are Phil. The boy did good, in fact I was very happy with our midfield as a whole today, even impressed with Ozil. Wether you like Iwobi or not he still has four years left on his contract and the manager seems to rate him so I’ll expect I lot more senseless bitter hate posts to come from you for years to come bout him. Get used to him lol

            1. phemol says:

              tell him bro???

              1. Phil says:

                So YOU ALL believe Iwobi is good enough to play for Arsenal do you?I don’t and never will.But then again some of us have a lot higher standards than others.
                I take it you all actually watched the game today.Tell me what Iwobi actually did that convinces even you lot that we have a player of quality on our books.He did NOTHING.He goes through most games doing NOTHING.I accept that in your country he is deemed good enough but that’s because in Global Footballing terms you are a third rate (at best) nation.Your embarrassing displays at last years World Cup proved this.And Iwobi even managed to get himself dropped after the FIRST GAME that’s how highly thought of he is by his own national management.And YOU ALL feel we should suffer this embarrassment with you?Get real FFS.Useless player that will thankfully be out of the squad next season when Teiss Nelson returns and we buy a proper winger.Or are YOU ALL deluded enough to believe he will be a CAM?

                1. Xxnofx says:

                  He did one of his better games in the first half,but the opposition were terrible.
                  Please tell us what he’s done this last couple of months for us as a winger ,where are his goals where are his assists because I’ve looked them up and it’s not good reading.
                  It’s nothing to do about which country he is from ,it’s what kind of footballer he is .
                  Look at Zaha for palace ,another African footballer ,now compare his stats to iwobis ,both play same position ,there not comparable.
                  If you’re happy finishing 4-6th every season that’s fine but I wanna see us challenging for top spot ,and with his calibre of player it’s not good enough
                  End of the day he’s not good enough

                2. Maks says:

                  Hey Phil,
                  for the start let s say who Nigeria played against in their 1st WC match…. Croatia! You know Croatia? Where they end up? Modric, Rakitic,…
                  Then, my personal opinion is that Iwobi should have been loaned a year ago to play regulary cos he is still not at the level we need. He lacks the end product but today he had it all.
                  So please stop shit on Iwobi, and if you want to find the worst player today and find balls to shit on him.
                  or you are a troll?

                3. phemol says:

                  ??? mention one player in Arsenal team that you can point to as a top player. And one player who can do better than him in the present squad.
                  please tell us, we are proud to say it loud and clear that we are Nigerians. where are u from and how well did ur country fare at the world cup. Guess ur country won the world cup????.
                  Phil or whatever u called urself, iwobi is a useless player but he is getting the job done as useless as he is and thats y u can still show ur face as an Arsenal fan. Mention one player from ur country better than him.
                  well u got no point, arguing with u is pointless. Nigeria players have come make their marks in Arsenal and globally at every levels of football.
                  signing out here, come next season iwobi will still be here,playing his football and you still have to watch him with ur hatred heart. pal get use to seeing him around.??????

                  1. Xxnofx says:

                    He won’t be around if emery gets sacked or leaves

                    1. Xxnofx says:

                      All you have done is prove that you regard you’re countrymen over the team you’re meant to be supporting .
                      This is arsenal fc not Nigeria fc ,would you stick up for any other player in the squad if the fans were calling them crap ?no you wouldn’t and that’s the problem .
                      I suspect you and a few others have only just recently started to support arsenal,coinciding with iwobis arrival to the first team .
                      Most fans on here have been supporting this club for a few years more (me since the 1988 ).others a lot longer than me .
                      When we watch arsenal we wants what’s best for the team not what’s best for one individual .it does not matter what country they are from it’s what the can give to the team .
                      Me like most others on here don’t rate iwobi ,it’s not because he’s from Nigeria it’s beacuse he’s crap .
                      When you supported arsenal for as long as I have and seen some of the players to have sprinted up that left side it leaves a bad taste in you’re month having to watch this kind of player .
                      I would suggest supporting arsenal as a team though not just one player .

                  2. phemol says:

                    @Xxnofx, with all due respect i never mentioned anything about country football here. he started making reference to my country. go back and track the conversation. i am not here to talk about my country, he started it.

                  3. Sue says:

                    Phemol…. I never mentioned Iwobi, but you got your knickers in a twist & soon jumped on my back saying about ‘my hatred for Iwobi’ maybe you should think more before you send your comment

    1. Gily says:

      Yeah, and another clean sheet performance.

      Wasn’t it Southampton that stopped our earlier unbeaten run? How I wish we can begin another unbeaten run from them till the end of the season. I hope I am not asking too much?

  11. jamesbrowney says:

    Bellerin’s injury has really hurt us but that hasn’t stopped us from creating chances, has it? Putting away our chances has been our problem in the last few matches and that’s what separates us from the big teams at the moment.

    ….The 3-1 loss against man United is proof of that…..A team like them or Tottenham would have buried those chances. If getting the top four turns out to be determined by goal difference, we will surely regret such missed chances.

    …My God! today was the worst of them all.

  12. Malik says:

    Imagine being 4th, having our destiny in our hands, getting a clean sheet and still complaining about chances conceded. Arsenal are picking up form at the right time. We have 2 clear paths the champions league. Let’s hope Emery can get the job done but it’s definitely still looking good. Well done Ozil btw, he’s looking interested for once

    1. John Wick says:


    2. AndersS says:

      well said 🙂

  13. John Wick says:

    Win against Bournemouth and a Chelsea win over spurs then next Saturday will be interesting! Could yet have a St totteringham day ?

  14. Sue says:

    How we’ve all missed St Totteringham’s day John ?

    1. John Wick says:

      It probably unrealistic Sue but if the team keeps winning there’s a good chance it’s been a good week the el draw was good too a short trip to France, Chels go to Ukraine a nightmare trip now 3 points on Wednesday and Watford to beat Liverpool ?

      1. John Wick says:

        Haha a game and a half today and still no goals ?

        1. Sue says:

          I know… I’m nearly falling asleep!!! At least we know how to score a goal or 2 ?
          I haven’t put the St Totteringham’s Day banners away just yet…. just in case!!
          The league is hotting up nicely…….

          1. John Wick says:

            DT not the only one with banners then ? you and me both absolute shocking! ? Yeah and MKH has 3 goals against Southampton this season ? plus Austin’s run is over lol

            1. Sue says:

              Good old DT!
              What’s Mkhi on ? glad Austin’s run is over John! I’m amazed we got a clean sheet… roll on MOTD ?

              1. John Wick says:

                A roll against Southampton ? how ridiculous would it have been had he scored again Sue ? 2 clean sheets in a row ? why when is that on ?

                1. Sue says:

                  He’s on something for sure (maybe it’s what you’ll be on next week ?)
                  2 clean sheets- bloody hell who’d have thought that?!!!!
                  This is surely heading for penalties right? I’ve jinxed it now……..

                  1. John Wick says:

                    Doubt that Sue ? 3 in a row maybe ? No I think you’re right Sue this is going to pens ? haha kepa won’t come off ?

                    1. Sue says:

                      Happy days John… for once all the games went my way ?

                    2. John Wick says:

                      It’s been a good day for you Sue ? you can give the Chelsea boys on twitter a bit of stick ?

                    3. Sue says:

                      Haha why not hey John?!! ?

                    4. John Wick says:

                      Why not indeed ? right that’s my online activity done for the day in dire need of a good shave before I fall asleep! Enjoy motd Sue and have a good day at work tomorrow ?

                    5. Sue says:

                      You’ve put a good shift in on here today ? Thanks John… you too ?

  15. Declan says:

    Xhaka = Pirlo……… discuss………

  16. Dboy says:

    We should support our manager because he sending a clear message to players that you will not just walk into this team without performing. Once again our strikers are not performing, missing sitters in front of goal. Had we lost this game the manager would have been blamed. Player power should never be tolerated at Arsenal, that will be our quickest downfall. Lacazette,Auba and Ozil need to start pulling up their socks and prove their worth.

  17. ? Arrizabalaga just REFUSED a sub sending Sarri into a fit of rage! Can’t make this up!

    1. Sue says:

      Could only happen to Chelsea ?

      1. Maybe Laca ought to try it some time too?!

        1. John Wick says:

          He wouldn’t dare Juan Carlos Carcedo is a former amateur welterweight champion ?

    2. S says:

      That long forgotten Friends episode: “The one who refused to be substituted”

    3. RSH says:

      thats part of the culture they’ve created by sacking managers every other season. players can do whatever they want. What an embarrassment for the entire club. Feel bad for Sarri.

      1. It’s shocking really just how disrespectful a player can be to override the manager’s decision.

        1. jon fox says:

          This is great news for all of us who despise Chelsea FC like the plague. They have an owner who is like ours , absent and Abramovitch can’t even stay in this country, should he even want to, which seems unlikely. He is rumoured to be trying to sell Chelsea. They have a manager who is almost certain to leave very soon or be sacked and they have a keeper who has probably finished any chance he, the keeper , had to remain in Chelsea. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving “club”. I am so very glad!!! Oh, and did I mention THEY LOST THE CUP TOO!

          1. ?? it’s going to be fun watching Chelsea implode.

          2. ClassyGunner says:

            Dear Jon,
            My respect for you has grown 1000 times for the “despise Chelsea FC like the plague” comment. Like you, I can’t stand that w*ore of a club.

            1. jon fox says:

              ClassyGunner, Thanks for the comment but I guess I am in a majority of well over 99% of Gooners who cannot abide Chelsea. So I am just one of the crowd of us ALL. If there is a mythological Gooner who can actually stand Chelsea, then I have yet to come across him or her and believe it far more likely that I will first come across the Loch Ness Monster.

  18. jon fox says:

    Leaving aside for the moment the constant drivel of the Iwobi debate, where both sides refuse to use any perspective and either constantly adore him or constantly villify him, both of which are ridiculous, I want to remind all those who constantly criticise Emery , because he does not pick the elevens you want, that we NOW sit fourth in the Prem. This has been accomplished despite the worst defensive squad I can remember since the days of Billy Wright managing between 1962- 1966. I regard this as a huge accomplishment by a manager who , despite constant fan criticism , has averaged almost two points per game now almost into March. I suggest that there has been far too much unthinking hysteria on this site concerning Emery. Much has been generated because of Iwobi and Ozil, both of whom divide our fan base in a way that makes the Brexit farce look unimportant by comparison. I fully realise the hotheads will just ignore this post and think I do not know what I am talking about. I would respectfully remind those who think that way that I have been attending Arsenal since 1958 and have a great deal of perspective garnered through vast experience of our club over that time. Though I think the current defence the worst since the sixties, I consider the tone of many of the overhyped and reactionary comments on here to be among the most disgracefully unloyal to our club that I have EVER read. Please, if you cannot be bothered thinking first, do us a favour and start learning how to think. It really isn’t difficult, assuming that you all have functional brains. Though I am very doubtful that SOME of you have ! IT WILL BE MAINLY THE ONES WHO SHOOT THIS SENSIBLE MESSAGE DOWN WHO PROVE ME CORRECT.

    1. Tissiam says:

      Could not agree more!!

      1. Phol says:

        Coming from you?
        That is the biscuit.
        Have you read what you just posted?It completely contradicts everything you have written about LAZY OZIL and WEEDY WALCOTT.You Cant Have this both ways.
        So YOU can say what you want.But if anyone disagrees with you then they are wrong.
        Wow-you have seriously got this one wrong.Perhaps YOU should have thought what you have written before pressing the send button,

        1. jon fox says:

          Oh Phol! What a shame that you find yourself unable to distinguish between strong opinions, deeply thought through and strongly expressed on the one hand, with other ones which clearly have a millisecond from being”thought” to being written. Do try to think deeper about what I write . You will note that I am a highly educated person with much world experieice and over 60 years attending Arsenal games. My opinions, though you do not, sadly , realise what is evident to so MANY others on here, are deeply thought through and usually well detailed as to exactly why I think them. Many others believe that Walcott was/is frail both in mind and body and lazy into the bargain. So do many others on here concerning my comments on Ozil. Feel free to read them all. On Ozil I am in a minority , I believe, but a sizeable minority all the same, of those who believe he should give so much more, esp given his undoubted natural talent; a fact I have always stressed. That is if you have truly done your homework before writing your rash and inaccurate post.

    2. Maks says:

      Again jon fox is the smartest in the class!

    3. RSH says:

      well said. You’d hardly find any manager who would have been in a better position. I’m glad Emery is not picking XI’s people like. Too many fans got used to lineups based on club favorites. Some of these guys dont fit into Emery’s plans and he is not afraid to let them know. 4th place right now and we have an even shot with Chelsea and United at getting it. Just need to focus now.

  19. Bur says:

    Happy with the win. I haven seen the game but clean sheet, 2 goals and 3 points. Well done Arsenal.

  20. Tissiam says:

    I swear it is only arsenal fans that even when we win they still criticize the team,players..check other team website you ,ll see,as if we are the only team to get lucky or our defense is only one to get caught out,how do you think others score goals?only screamers?how other teams do concede goals?is it always bad luck or the ref?I,m sick and tired of all this negativity can,t you take the 3 pts and be happy,looking at the positives,clean sheet,ozil played,iwobi was pretty good,ok we missed chances but at least we are creating them,sorry for going on about it ok I,m finished.

  21. Sue says:

    OT Liverpool had 1 shot on target the whole match!! And how awful was Salah!! We never saw Klopp’s teeth today ?

  22. Bur says:

    Just watched the game and our defence is shit. My goodness how did we get away with a clean sheet and 3 points.

    1. Sue says:

      Kolasinac had a good game

  23. Babasola says:

    Jon Fox’s comments are very brilliant though I wish he could do away with the the subtle abuses

    Sue hates Iwobi, but I like her bcos when he performs well, she’ll stay quiet and not say anything but will be the first to slate him any day he’s off

    Phil – that one – his hatred is so much that it’s burning him himself

    We that love Iwobi never fail to praise Ozil when he plays well, but Phil …

    Today, he says Iwobi did nothing – Creating the first chance and Assisting the second is nothing?
    Then tell us what Ozil did, if those contributions by Iwobi are nothing

    We are witnessing a product of our Academy gradually developing into something

    His good performances are little by little outnumbering his bad, he’s gradually becoming a lil consistent on this level of performance which he gives

    Let’s hope he’ll continue developing and overcome his weaknesses, as he’s able to at least display his strengths more steadily

    You love Ozil, AGREED, but COMMON your Hatred for Iwobi is over the top, the guy is like the exciting thing in our team now ( Inclusive Of Laca & Guendouzi. – Auba’s been a disappointment in my opinion)

    This manager has not made entering the first 11 a stroll in the park for anybody, Ozil was clearly in his plans from the beginning

    So if he picks Iwobi more, then the Dude’s doing something well And that’s how players like Kola, Auba, Laca, Leno, Guendouzi, were able to force their way into the starting 11 from the bench

    1. Phil says:

      Ridiculous assessment.If Iwobi improves his performances “little by little” as you suggest then he will be around 165 years old before he is able to do even the smallest thing right.Another Nigerian are you?FFS when will you deluded lot realise that IWOBI IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A CRAP FOOTBALLER NEVER GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY FOR ARSENAL.

      1. Babasola says:

        Iwobi is obviously and certainly not good enough, but if u call him crap then a lot of the team is crap
        Mhki, Ramsey, Xhaka, Mustafi, Licht, Jenks, Welbs, Niles, Mav

        With a lot being very very average Guendouzi, Auba, Kola, Kos, Ozil, Soks, Nacho, Bellerin

        U attack him as if the rest are way better than him when he’s one of our best performers this season as a whole

        Rating Our Best Performers This Season:
        1. Lacazette
        2. { it really is hard to follow up after Laca, all the rest have been here and there}
        3. Bellerin
        4. Sokratis
        5. Torreira
        6. Iwobi
        7. Auba
        8. Kolasinac
        9. Xhaka
        10. Mustafi
        11. Guendouzi

        In my opinion, not much people have performed better than him as a whole – generally, this season

        Why are u not picking on Auba, the guy is overrated and has been dishing below par performances for too long
        His passion just doesn’t match nor even nears Laca’s

        1. Sue says:

          Babasola… there’s a difference between ‘hating’ someone & not rating someone’s footballing abilities!! When have I ever said I ‘hate’ Iwobi??
          Yes that’s right, I haven’t!
          Not being funny but Ozil is a completely different class to Iwobi – anyone can see that

          1. Babasola says:

            Aiight M’aam & True !

            I like when pple can make replies without any form of insults

            And I rate your comment-replying abilities

        2. Xxnofx says:

          So auba who is in the leagues top scorers is lower than iwobi ????

          1. Th14 says:

            Admin Comment…
            RIGHT. From now on ANY comment that directly insults another reader will be deleted immediately.
            You ALL need to stop your bitching and discuss the football like REAL Arsenal fans.
            Anyone who continues with incessant personal abuse will be banned, WHEREVER you come from.
            WE are not nationalists we are Arsenal fans from around the world, and I am getting sick of the insults.
            BE WARNED!

          2. Babasola says:

            Yes Auba scored a couple in a few matches
            But he influences very few matches

            Unlike Laca, as long he’s playing something he does affects our winning the game (every single game he plays)

            Almost same with Iwobi – u can call it an aimless cross, a deflection, a mistake, luck, but he’s going to be involved in most of our goals

            Auba’s influence on games are far between and by the way he’s no longer the highest goal scorer in the league

  24. Hardave Singh says:

    What is with all this Iwobi slating? I don’t see any difference between Iwobi and Mkhi. Both are average at best. However one has the potential to improve due to age. Those slating Iwobi should be slating Mhki as well but noones doing that instead we are slating the player which actually has the time to improve. Lets trust Emery in what he is doing. If he thinks Iwobi should start then there’s a reason for that. If he think Laca should be subbed then there’s reason for that. If he thinks Ozil should not play there’s reason for that too. Ultimately, there’s a reason why Emery is the manager and not any of us. So calm down and let’s see what Emery of Emirates gives us at the end of the season. Meantime, support every player that wears the badge even if the player is Andre Santos.

  25. Lucia says:

    How some people still find negatives in a win baffles me..How can you not be happy that we won? You say the media never gives credit to arsenal but ask yourself this have you giving your so called arsenal credit? When we win a game it’s either the other team played bad or we were lucky wtf? Or you hear people saying things like ‘better team would have torn us apart hello? Football game are a 90 mins game if you loose focus you get punished and that’s what it is. Compare the amount of money the so called big clubs has spent and come back. Kepa was purchased at 71m that is lacazzette,toreira,guendozi and probably Suarez loan fee and look at how he embarrassed Chelsea fc yesterday.. we are a work in progress under emery and thank God Wenger kept us under a good financial stability. Read somewhere fifa banned Chelsea fc from signing which I think they will appeal but not withstanding our club has never been in any form of controversy.
    So my fellow gunners let’s all support our beloved club upwards and onwards..coygs

  26. Gogo says:

    This comment a reply to you Phil, is Iwobi good enough for the arsenal I wish to support? No, but is Iwobi contributing to the arsenal of today we find ourselves? Yes. So for once, if Iwobi contributed to both goals, I will give him the praise due him and I think you should…

    1. Phil says:

      It is the incessant and continual worship of the most mediocre player that I just cannot stand back and not comment on.Did the player actually make the two goals yesterday?
      Goal One-He crossed the ball into the MIDDLE of the box.It was aimed at someone else.It fell to Mykitarian.It was not a deliberate pass to him.Miki had a shot that Lacazette turned in.
      Iwobi crossed an aimless ball into the box.That was all.
      Goal Two-He crossed aimlessly into the middle.He did NOT pass to Mykitarian.The ball DEFLECTED to Miki.
      This sums up Iwobi.Two aimless crosses that were fortunate to be turned into goals.
      And the list of other things he did worth noting yesterday………………….

  27. Gogo says:

    Phil a simple question to you, did Iwobi create one and assist one?

    1. Phil says:

      No-not in my opinion he didn’t.He put two typical Iwobi aimless balls into the box.That was all.Watch the footage.I was at the game and both were the opposite end to where I sit but I immediately saw it in the replays.
      But if you Iwobi lovers have nothing else to drool over than call them assists.Do you call him toeing his bootlaces up an assist?Or putting on his shirt the right way round an assist?
      Are you THAT DESPERATE.

      1. ToluCOYG says:

        You might call it luck, that’s ok.
        Have you heard of this saying before?
        “Luck is opportunity that meets preparation”.
        Nobody is ass licking Iwobi, nobody is worshipping him.
        When he’s done well, we praise him. When he’s a average, we slate and encourage him. When he’s done poorly, we still him more and encourage him. That applies to other players.
        But for you to want him out of the club for his visible, though slow, progress, there’s more to it than meets the eyes.

        1. Phil says:

          Nothing more simple than I want him out of the Club and REPLACED by a better player.As I do on quite a few of our players.But it’s only you Iwobi worshipers who are continually operating his abilities.I hammered Xhaka.Ive hammered Mustafi.At times I’ve criticised others.But as it’s Iwobi that’s forever being lauded by what I believe are delusional minded followers then I will state what I feel.

  28. Phol says:

    Jon-If you want players sweat blood and run through walls then buy 11 Matthau Flamini’s.I prefer FOOTBALLERS who can play the game as ot should be played.Viera/Gilberto over Flamimi Every day.
    And as I’ve said on here before.I do not HATE Iwobi.I don’t RATE Iwobi.He is not a footballer good enough to play for Arsenal and I will always state that quite clearly.
    I have no agenda.I don’t need one.I have an opinion and I state it.And my opinion on Iwobi will never change.I believe I know a footballer when I see one and this boy will NEVER be good enough.
    So you are happy to defend a player as long as he is trying his best?I expect more from a footballer than that.But we all have different views and it seems I have higher expectations

Comments are closed

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