Arsenal with BIG chance to get EPL title race going strong

I have a good feeling about this Arsenal fans and if things go according to plan then this weekend could turn out to be a big weekend for Arsenal and our hopes of winning the Premier League title once more. It will be 12 years next May since the likes of Theirry Henry, Patrick Vieira and all went a whole season unbeaten but this is arguably the strongest squad we have had since the invincibles.

After a shaky start that very few expected though, it is really important for the Gunners to get back to what we do best, creating chances and scoring goals. It is vital that we do not lose any more ground on our Premier League rivals, especially Man City, but it would be even better if we could catch them up a bit and open up a gap on the others while we are at it.

Looking at the fixtures, that is a real possibility as well. Liverpool travel to Old Trafford to face Man United and one or both will be dropping points, preferably both. Before we play host to Stoke City, Chelsea travel to Everton and while Jose Mourinho and his team are struggling, the Toffees look strong.

Man City also have an away game, against Crystal Palace, and Alan Pardew has moulded them into a team that could upset anyone, especially at Selhurst Park. So there is little doubt that Arsenal have the best fixture of all the big clubs. The question now is, can we make the most of it?

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  1. Yeah strong possibility but let’s not focus on our rivals , rather focus on winning the next match 🙂

      1. Yeah, but we not talking Leicester or Palace here…its Man City – a good start like this will cover mid season flaws…Hopefully Juve can stop their spirit in their 1st CL game, if Palace dont…

        1. We had the same discussion last year about Chelsea and next weekend they lost at Newcastle. Yes, they went to win the title but no team mounted a proper challenge really. I believe Arsenal was as close as 5 points from Chelsea at one time. City had a better chance with a winning streak but they did not keep up. Is beating a dead horse stuff but the season is long. Yes, City have the best papers, agree. But there are only 4 games played.

  2. We always have a sh*t half season, either one you choose, no matter what Mr manger speaks about consistency and the rest of his sh*t ….
    I am still totally frustrated with our summer window ….

  3. Arsenal have the best fixture of all the top clubs, careful, your just daring everything but the points to go south. These Sto fixtures can be tough, don’t like having to break through two banks of defenders. An early goal to settle the fans nerves and to entice sto further up field will do the trick nicely.

    Would like to see this line up…

  4. the question is will we take advantage of the others misfortunes or will we just do what we have always done for the last 11yrs.still cant believe we lost the 2013/2014 season..we just arsenaled it up.

  5. How bout we focus on all our remaining games ahead and halt gloating…….. There’s stoke to handle at the weekend…….and another tough premier League meeting following that!

  6. i don’t want wenger to change the best lineup in to his expirmental bullshit again. just keep the players in thier preffered positions. how can u expect consistancy when u change players position just to see how it would look like? i especially don’t want to see le qoc benched for arteta saturday.

  7. I hope arsene and the players smokes the right stuff this weekend! how come i’m always nervous when we play at the emirates? Stoke will be dicey!!

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