Arsenal with no choice but All Out ATTACK at Chelsea

The time to hesitate is through, sang Jim Morrison of The Doors, and if Arsenal are to break on through to the other side and actually win a Premier League title rather than the Wenger trophy of finishing in the top four Champions League places, I think the same is true for the Gunners.

After the shock loss to Watford last night (which is maybe not such a huge surprise after the recent problems we had at Bournemouth) some Arsenal fans and pundits will have already given up on the possibility of Arsenal catching Chelsea.

I must admit that our chances look extremely slim and are hanging by a thread, but having said that we do still have a lot of the season to play and Arsenal go to Chelsea this weekend knowing that a win will leave us just six points behind the leaders with 14 games to play.

While that would not be an insurmountable gap, anything less than an Arsenal win at Stamford Bridge on Saturday would surely spell the end of our title hopes, so it has to be a win and there is no time for messing about. Arsenal must forget about patience or settling into this match. We must attack, pure and simple.

We can do it as well. Arsene Wenger and the players should be buoyed by the way that Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and all took Chelsea apart in September and aim to do the same again. It is a risky strategy and could see Chelsea hit us on the break, but I truly believe that a defeat would not make much difference to a draw, while a victory may well get us back on track.

Will Arsenal go on the attack and will it be enough?



  1. ogban says:

    No chance, mate. All-out attack? Chelsea will just overrun our fragile mid field on the counter. Our best bet is to allow them possession, press them high up the pitch and counter at every available chance – and hope for the best. As for the title, sorry it’s gone. We join our fellow pretenders to scramble for 3 CL places. Status quo maintained.

    1. bran99 says:

      well said, now we can go back to our usual saying, “looking ahead for next season”

  2. Ramterta says:

    I think they have a better squad than ours and they would want revenge for their 3 0 loss earlier this season.
    we should play long balls and counters when we visit them

  3. Nwaneri says:

    Who is still talking about the title? That is long gone! We are just going to Stamford bridge for our second defeat of the week.

  4. Jansen says:

    Pragmatism should prevail. There is 1 point separating nr 2-5, we should be aiming for a draw with the chance to steal a win. If we attack we will be easily picked of on the counter since we all know our team defending is poor and our wide players don’t rack back often and early enough to truly support the back 4.

    It will be crucial for this strategy to have a chance, to rely on speed, which means Giroud should not see the pitch until late in the game if at all.

    I would be happy with a draw.

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