Arsenal woes increase after Man City and Spurs win

Really I am still trying without a great deal of success to cope with th fact that Arsenal lost away to Liverpool this weekend. Not because the result was any sort of a surprise as Anfield has not been the happiest of hunting grounds for the Gunners in recent years, but because Arsene Wenger chose to leave our best player Alexis Sanchez on the bench.

That result, which may not have been too much of a shock but was still a painful blow, left Arsenal fans hoping that the loss might not be too damaging. No such luck Gooners. As these things tend to work out our loss has been punished to the mac#x with Man City and Tottenham both picking up three points, away to Sunderland and at home to Everton respectively.

Those results leave the Gunners out of the top four at a crucial time of the season and at a time when we hoped to be challenging for top spot if not running away with it. For those Arsenal fans hoping to get rid of Arsene Wenger this might be seen as a good thing but the I really do not want to be in the Europa League next year if we can help it, do you?



  1. Durand says:

    Wenger hasn’t won champions league ever, and we’re clearly outplayed in Rd of 16 basically every year anyway. So if if gets Wenger out I’ll take a year in Europa League with Allegri or another top manager. Then back to challenging for the title

    1. frank says:


      Can you please do a story on Kroenke and how the hell anyone can own more than 49.9% of the club. There should have been a limit at say 30% because this a$$hole will most probably never be bought out and I can’t see how Arsenal will ever be treated as a club for the fans rather than a business for a bunch of rich c@#ts. Nina Bracewell-Smith and Danny Fiszman should be hung, drawn and quartered for selling their shares to him with the blessing of the board.

      As Adam Kemp said in his last article, we need to get rid of Wenger but also Kroenke and Gazidis too.

  2. luvdaguns says:

    starting to see the stories surface that alexi had a fight w wenger, then w other players, even if wenger leaves, you can’t have that kind of disrespect toward a manager or the team. wenger rescued sanchez frim barcelonas bench, maybe its time he goes,

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily disrespected, probably more anger, and bewilderment with Wenger’s decisions. Personally, I am glad Sanchez has stood up to the dictator, unlike the rest of Wenger’s flock, and it looks as if Wenger couldn’t handle some home truths. Wenger doesn’t respect the club’s best interests, and we know he doesn’t respect the fans, so why should he deserve respect?

      1. RSH says:

        Exactly, wengers English ponies obviously took his side because with a real manager in charge they would all be sold.

        1. luvdaguns says:

          i am not on wengers side, i hope he goes.

    2. RSH says:

      Has Sanchez ever not given 100% on the pitch? Even if he is looking for a transfer he still fights every game. First priority should be to win games. We handed Liverpool an easy win the moment the lineup was decided.

      1. luvdaguns says:

        wrong, a cancer in the clubhouse playing 100% on the pitch is a cancer in the clubhouse, he was a problem in barca too, he will be gone, trust me, whether wenger is there or not, and i hope wenger is gone.

        1. Jansen says:

          It is a sad day for Arsenal when you are labeled a cancer for wanting to win and not wanting to accept a loser mentality.

    3. frank says:

      It isn’t disrespectful at all. Look how Arsenal have been playing, is that a respectful representation of the club? Who is to blame? It is all Wenger. He buys the players, picks the team, chooses the formation and subs during the game. Who else is there to blame? None of the players look motivated, they aren’t passionate. Again that is Wengers fault.

      The only one that plays with any heart is Sanchez. Sanchez is our only world class player and has played for some great managers so what I don’t understand is why the players didn’t back him up, especially some of the players that have been there for 8-10 years and have won f@#k all. That was their chance to say, you know what, he is right, this is rubbish.

      I will tell you now, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I can’t see us beating Bayern 4-0, then West Brom and Man City away in the Premier League will probably be another couple of loses. Lincoln at home in the FA Cup should be a win but seriously, who here is 100% confident we will win that game in our form? That’s how pathetic it has all got and I can’t blame Sanchez for having a go at Le Mediocre.

  3. luvdaguns says:

    its going to take finishing below spurs and out of the top 4 to get enough evidence to get the board to ask arsene to finally move on… i am all for it, what good is crashing out every season in the round of 16… chelsea finished 6th only to make the needed changes

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Goldfish syndrome ?Bob ? Hey, I don’t wanna spoil this movie for you, even though you have seen it a dozen times,

  5. Twig says:

    “but because Arsene Wenger chose to leave our best player Alexis Sanchez on the bench.”

    Well later stories indicate benching him was the right thing.

    1. Jimbeam says:

      Sanchez is frustrated, wouldn’t you be if you were him? He is always putting in a 100% shift, he is always trying to win, and most of the time he carries the team on his shoulders.
      If he did stand up to the French frog, it is because he is a winner and wants to play with winners and between Wenger and his core British crew and his disastrous transfers, and even worse tactics, the guy is right to speak up. No player is bigger than the team and he got the punishment he deserved, but even that was for 45 minutes. Shows the lack of spine Wenger has. Look how Conte handled Costa, he cut him from the team for multiple games until he got an apology. That is a manager with a spine win or loose.

      1. Budd says:

        Well, that’s why he was kicked out from Barcelona, remember? For not being a team player. I don’t have an issue with him being selfish as long as he delivers and does not have a crack at the team. Any manager would have benched him or even worse, send him to training with the U21 (remember Mourinho, Van Gaal, Conte etc?)
        You are very funny in trying to make your point. Take a good breath and re-read what you posted. Wenger did the same (albeit he should have done this a long time ago) Conte did but didn’t go the whole way. If you want to make a point then get an army of lawyers, get the contract, tell him he plays with the U21 until 2018 and see what happens. The trouble here is not that the club is wrong, the trouble here is that the club is not ruthless when it needs to be. No one is above the club, and yes that includes Wenger but I am assuming Kroenke does not know that or he simply does not care.

        1. Jansen says:

          What?? Kicked out of Barcelona??? Where did that come from? Barca went for Suarez which made Sanchez surplus to requirements. Suarez was a better player than Sanchez at that time (and might still be). It had nothing to do with Barca wanting to kick out Sanchez. Did you hear Pep on Sanchez?

          1. Budd says:

            Hahahaha, you are not saying anything different and this well documented. He never made an impression on Messi & Co. Guardiola benched him frequently and yes, when Barcelona announced signing a suspended player to take part in the top 3 forward position, Sanchez was basically kicked out. You don’t really think he chose us for our FA cup we won that year, did you? Yes, I did hear Pep on Sanchez however, what he did is what it counts not what he said.

            1. Break-on-through says:

              Not being a team player is a fabrication. (I hate all words with Fab in it) He chose to leave because he didn’t want to play second fiddle, Barca didn’t stop him because they know he’s a player that should play every week. Barca would have loved to keep him as a reserve team player, why wouldn’t they. All the best sides press at the front. Alexis is maybe the best at doing this, up there anyhow, teams will not have a problem getting players to work with Alexis nor Alexis to work with them. They will have a problem if they decide not to give him games, they’ll also have a problem if they tell Alexis to go against his instincts.

              1. Budd says:

                There you go. Told to better pack his bags because there’s no more room. If that’s not being shown the door I am not sure what it is then.
                Anyway, let’s not dvelve in details here. Sanchez is probably worth double than any players in the current squad. If Ozil is on 150k then Sanchez deserves 300k, there’s no doubt in my mind. Sanchez is living a nomadic life, he does not attach to a club. He loves the football but he does not love Arsenal, Barcelona or Udine. He will not love Juventus either although probably he will remember it better than Arsenal for being his last club. Right now, if Wenger is not leaving I fail to see Sanchez signing.

          2. Jokema says:

            Haters, people who hate ambitious players who performs, they only want mediocre players like Bendtner and Diaby

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    No manager will condone any act of insubordination to him from any member of his squad however important he is to the team. And no player is indispensable. If it’s true that Alexis was rude to Le Prof and even might have had a row with some of his mates in the dressing room who might have told him he was wrong to be rude to their manager, I for one will not support Alexis. I think he’s feeling too big and becoming arrogant. In fact, Le Prof should have dropped him altogether from the Liverpool game. After al,l, with his inclusion in the squad for the match and his subsequent coming on in the second half, did Arsenal win the match or get a point from the match? If he thinks he can become a Samir Nasrir at Arsenal causing disruption here and there at Arsenal, he can go to were ever he wants to go to.

    What was a disappointment in the game was the callousness in performance by Alex Iwobi in the match. Apart of his nonexistence performance in the game, his callousness in defending at the centre field led to Liverpool’s third goal. He led us down. Even Perez too cannot be exonerated of not been a sympathizer to Alexis insubordination act to Le Prof because his body language and his lukewarm performance when he was brought on suggested that.

    Since we’ve known the reason behind the dropping to the bench of Alexis by Le Prof, if he doesn’t tender an apology to Le Prof and to his team mates, I think Le Prof should drop him altogether from our Bayern Munich UCL match at the Ems on Tuesday night and select those he believes and trust can play very well for Arsenal in that match.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Apology needed… from Wenger. In fact several:
      “I chose to drop Alexis because I’m an arrogant old man who doesn’t know the time of day”
      “I like to play people out of position because if it works people will think I am a master tactician, instead of the clueless, bumbling person you all know I am”
      “I chose to play Iwobi because he’s always a very good boy and doesn’t give me any trouble”
      “As above for Ramsey”
      “As above for Walcott”
      “As above for Giroud”
      “The Ox looks like he would make an excellent midfield player, whether box to box or even in Ozil’s position. So I’ll play him on the wing”
      “I don’t like the look of Lucas so I’m not going to play him – even though he’s proved to be better than many of those I do select. I can be stubborn you know”

  7. Break-on-through says:

    I wouldn’t mind us having a crack at Europa. Seville, it didn’t seem to do them any harm and are better for it. I’d prefer if it was a case of us getting the CL money and then dropping down into the comp. I say that now but I’m sure at time I will be hoping we progress rather than drop down. The Arsenal board do say how we don’t need the CL money as it is sorted out beforehand. But they also said that we can rival any club for any player bar the lead two players. They then eat those words and basically treated us all like their lap-dog. Why do we still have these people lying to us. I remember when the Arsenal way meant something, our board were head and shoulders above D Levy. All the mistakes Levy was making over the years while we had a board that went back generations and was pure class. Now all of a sudden he is making us look bad, and they haven’t even won anything yet, nor finished above us for a very long time. What makes it worse is how they are copy catting us with the stadium move then identifying young players as the blueprint. We were supposed to kick on by now, these (board) f**kers loved that period for it’s wealth and ready made excuse, so now, f**kers don’t want to give up the honey.

  8. Nebsy says:

    We’d have to win the FA cup to get to the Europa league. I’m above sure that we’ll finish 6th in the league this season, and correct me if I’m wrong, 6th doesn’t guarantee European football anymore.
    BUT, I’m really excited about the new manager, whenever he comes. With a new manager we’d be able to see the actual ability of our squad and we’ll be able to see how far can we stretch in the transfer market. Sadly, I don’t reckon we’d ever win the league under Kroenke, but we might win Europa league, or should a freak season like last season strike again, we might win the title, as we definitely would have under anyone else but Wenger in 2015/16.

  9. Jokema says:

    Alexis sanches should join Totenham hotspurs where he will thrive behind Kane and alongside Delli Ali

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