Arsenal Women are flying the LBGT+ flag – “You love who you love”

Arsenal Women are flying the LGBTQ+ flag! Love is love, even in football  by Michelle

Women´s football may be behind men´s football in so many ways. Womens Football do have an enormous pay gap to bridge, for example, as I discussed in my previous article.

But. How does womens’ football compare to men´s football in terms of LGBTQ+ openness?

The answer would seem to be that women´s football is light years ahead!  Is there a big LGBTQ+ gap to be bridged?  Just how big a gaping chasm is that gap?

While several current top women players who are lesbian or bisexual are out, there has still yet to be a high-profile gay or bi equivalent among their male counterparts.

Let´s take a look at Arsenal Forward and Irish International Captain Katie McCabe.

While men’s football still might not be able to cope with the thought of a gay player, women’s football has been a lot more tolerant, and it is because of that Arsenal’s Katie McCabe has felt safe enough to reveal she is in a relationship with Ruesha Littlejohn.

Speaking with the Irish Independent, McCabe revealed she has been in a relationship with her national teammate and current London Bees player, Ruesha Littlejohn for three years now.

“As captain of the Ireland team and an Arsenal player, I’ve got a platform to speak up and show support for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community,” McCabe told the Irish Independent as she endorsed Aviv’s Dublin Pride Initiative.

She added: “The women’s game is a very accepting community.

“You love who you love and you’re not really judged.

VIDEO – The one where ‘Love is love, even in football’ ft. Arsenal´s Katie McCabe & Aston Villa´s Ruesha Littlejohn.  An inspiration to the LGBT community within women´s football and the wider LGBT community as a whole.

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  1. Love is blind, in the eye of the beholder (contradiction?;), borderless and infinite.

    In other news and off topic: watching Man City control a game versus Sevilla in the champs league I cant help but fall in love (seamless Segway:) with their football, organisation/control, focus and execution all taught by the lover man of football Pep!


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