Arsenal Women & England legend Alex Scott criticized over Soccer Aid dress

Arsenal Women & England legend Alex Scott criticized over Soccer Aid dress by Michelle

On Sunday night (11th June), ex-professional Arsenal & England football player, and BBC pundit, Alex Scott donned a red PVC dress as she co-hosted the biggest charity football match in the world wirh Dermot O’Leary – Soccer Aid for UNICEF.

Scott faced criticism from critics who labeled her “attention-seeking” and made disrespectful remarks about her appearance and choice of outfit, with her name trending on Twitter.

During an interview with Radio Times last year, Scott expressed her determination to continue presenting football despite facing misogynistic remarks, as reported in the Independent. Having retired in 2018 as England’s second-most capped player, she was also part of the BBC’s panel of pundits for the Women’s European Championships last summer. Scott revealed that she frequently receives messages from trolls, highlighting the persistent issue.

“Sometimes people threaten my life and those have to be taken seriously. It’s my responsibility to change perceptions by sitting in that chair and talking about football,” she said.

“The overall level of women’s punditry is good and improving; it’s been a welcome decision,” she said. “But it’s difficult because on Match of the Day we generally have only players who’ve played in the Premier League.”

She added: “Given the popularity of women’s football in this country now, it’s only a matter of time before female presenters will be regular pundits on men’s football too.”

England captain & Arsenal defender Leah Williamson praised Alex on Twitter, showing support with emoji’s:

The charity event raised £14,619,005 for Unicef by the end of the show, but a lot of viewers seemed more concerned about Scott’s red pvc dress than the charity funds raised.. Surely in this day and age that’s wrong? I agree with Leah – well done Alex and well done to everyone who helped to raise such a huge sum for charity.. what are your thoughts?

Michelle Maxwell

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  1. What on earth is the world coming to?
    We have Alex being criticised, along with Zinchenko, just for doing what THEY want to do in a free society.

    Nearly £15,000,000 raised and, l suggest that Alex now auctions off that wonderful dress… She looks gorgeous as usual, what a wonderful person she is.

  2. Most of the negative comments propably came from other females who wanted too look as stunning.

    The dress did the trick. The wallet always have a soft spot for “the lady in red”.


  3. How awful that women but never men, are so commonly criticised for what they wear. It seems that Christianity, being kind compassioinate and believing in equality and all being equal is finally JUST beginning to enter even the so called civilised part of our world.
    Ageism and sexism are still rife though. I say this even though personally I DO NOT MUCH RATE ALEX SCOTT A S A PRESENTER.

    I find her too trivial and downmarket for my preference, NOT because she is female but simply because that is HOW SHE IS.Sigh!

    By contrast, Gabby Logan and Clare Balding are two of my three favourite presenters of all sports progs anywhere. I find them both charming, professional, but above all knowledgeable and never trivial.

    But to attack any presenter for her dress is outrageous and plain stupid!

  4. Seriously!
    Alex Scott is an excellent Pundit. She’s worn the colours and played the game. My god, it’s 2023. Get over it. She’s immaculate as ever. A tinge of Troll jealousy I believe.
    What exactly offends or causes others to comment?
    Unless the production team say “ Hey Alex” you can’t go on live TV like that,
    Leave the woman alone, please!
    Carry on our Gooneress!

  5. Petty, envious wannabes’ unsuccessful attempts to disrupt a worthy cause.
    Alex has a broad following, many of who may have watched and contributed out of mutual affiliation.
    She was a good choice for this event.

  6. Auctioning off the dress now could easily see the total amount raised eclipse the 15m mark. just a thought!

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