Arsenal Womens Beth Mead urges gay men footballers to come out “It should be the norm”

Arsenal Womens star Beth Mead on bridging the LBGTQ+ gap in the mens game by Michelle

Beth Mead has opened up in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports as she looks to help bridge the gap between LGBTQ+ discussions in the mens game.

She revealed: “Obviously for the men right now, they have to put it out in the media to then see what reaction they get and I get the culture in the men’s game is still very different and it is much, much harder. But for me, I want to bridge that gap and help the men as much as the women.”

¨I’ve tried to make it the norm rather than a statement. It shouldn’t be frowned upon. It should be the norm. I think there is this hierarchy of what people expect and how the older generation see it. Everyone has their opinion but for me, it now has to be the norm and like I said, you can’t help who you fall in love with. If you are happy, that is all that matters.”

Mead was a key figure this summer, helping England to Euro 2022 victory. the first major tournament victory for England in 56 years. She won Player of the Tournament and she was the tournament’s top goal scorer. She is a powerhouse of talent and wants to use her media prescence to help gay men’s footballers to be honest about their sexuality.

“It’s a tough process. It is emotionally and physically draining, and I get all aspects for people, but for me, you can’t help who you fall in love with and if you are happy at the end of the day.

“You’ve just got to be happy. Life can be very short.”

Interestingly, there are a few professional male footballers who have opened up about their sexuality in recent times. Zander Murray is the first current Scottish professional football player to come out as gay, as revealed in this Guardian Article, only 2 days ago.

Zander on helping other football players: “I want to help other players who are struggling with this as it isn’t easy for men, especially footballers, to deal with,”

It can be difficult and you can feel very alone. I knew I was different for many years but with other people in the game coming out, it’s been amazing.”

In May 2022, 17 year old Blackpool forward Jake Daniels became the UK’s first active male professional footballer to come out publicly as gay, in an interview with Sky Sports.

I hate knowing people are in the same situation I was in. I think if a Premier League footballer does come out that would just be amazing. I feel like I would have done my job and inspired someone else to do that. I just want it to go up from here. We shouldn’t be where we are right now.

In October 2021, Adelaide United´s Josh Cavallo came out as gay, becoming the only current top-flight male professional footballer in the world to do so.

‘I’m a footballer and I’m gay,’ the Australian player told BBC News.

Josh says: ¨Too many men have felt as if the only way to be successful in football is by hiding their sexuality – with many choosing to step away from the game altogether rather than being their authentic self.”

Is the subject of being gay, or bi or queer in men’s football really still taboo? Does it come down to how masculinity is perceived in the men´s game? Do people see being gay as being weak?

Is it still something that players could be picked on for on the football field? Surely, not in this day and age, one would think.

With female footballers like Arsenal´s Beth Mead and Vivianne Miedema speaking out on behalf of the womens as well as the mens game. And the openly gay male professional footballers covered in this article speaking out, perhaps we will start to see a smidgeon of change.

Mead was back in action on Friday night when Arsenal kicked off their Women’s Super League campaign in spectacular fashion, with a 4 – 0 defeat over Brighton at a sold out Meadow Park.

BOREHAMWOOD, ENGLAND – MARCH 02: Leah Williamson celebrates with Rafaelle Souza of Arsenal after scoring their team’s third goal during the Barclays FA Women’s Super League match between Arsenal Women and Reading Women (Photo by James Chance/Getty Images)

The Gunners are aiming to go one better this season after finishing as runners-up to Chelsea in the 2021/22 WLS season.

Chelsea took a trip to Liverpool for their season opener last night, where Liverpool secured a 2-1 win over the 2021/22 WSL winners! With 2 goals from Liverpool´s Stengel. The 2022/23 Barclays Women´s Super League is already shaping up to be a very interesting one indeed, as we witness womens football seeing record breaking ticket sales and the interest in the womens game increasing exponentially.

Michelle Maxwell

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  1. They’ve ruined movies. TV shows, video games, and now football? Just leave us alone we don’t care if someone is gay or not.. Let the players live their lives how they want to be and let us enjoy the games without politics and PC culture..

  2. This damned topic
    I didn’t want to comment on the first post on this piece of shit earlier.
    Firstly,nobody cares about your sexuality,if it’s perverted then keep it to yourself.
    All this faggots and lesbos are going about influencing young kids into being who they are not.Man was created male and female.
    Secondly,they be whining about like they be deprived on human rights.You can’t force/ society to affect to normalize a perversion.

    1. So are you saying “faggots and lesbos” are simply perverts? I think you need to take a long hard lok at your beliefs…

      Your disgustng view on orther human beings is what should be talked about here. You obviously don’t believe in human rights for all people unless you agree with them. I suggest you are a BIGOT of the highest order…

      1. While I disagree but do in a way understand the guys position (josiah), I am now really perplexed as to what should/should not be discussed on this Arsenal fan forum…a while ago you posted some house keeping rules for your sit adminbut the guyspost and your response seem to go against them. Is it open season again then for the (often intriguing and probably drives more viewership to your site) mudslinging again??

      1. Comment above shows why male footballers don’t come out ,it’s a society thing that will not change anytime soon ,Women footballers are excepted as being gay it is what it is ,is it right ?not at all , can you imagine the abuse a male footballer would receive if he were to come out,you only have to look at the sick Scottish fans over the weekend and their pathetic banners regarding the royal family .
        Unfortunately small sections of football fans would never except it ,it’s the world we live in .

          1. Yes times change but not very fast ,that was my point pat ,and we still have monkey chants going on all over the world .
            Womens football is ahead of the times ,I would say it will take decades for the mens game to catch up ,and Even then it probably won’t be acceptable.
            Society won’t allow it ,it’s the world we live unfortunately.

            1. DAN, I suggest in all sincerity that is it not the WORLD we live in but just a section of that world ,There is prejudice in most of us I REALLY BELIEVE.

              I myself am UNFAIRLY, I freely admit, prejudiced against what I “perceive” as the brashness and rampant consumerism and love of greed that I see so clearly in USA society, more than in any other country. Many Americans are splendid folk but still I am prejudiced, and unfairly so.

              That is not right, nor is it fair. I ought to be against ONLY thoe who are brash and grossly greedy. I know that, but it still does not stop my own prejudice, because prejudice is unthinking. It is harmful, both to the person who is prejudiced and to those unfairly treated. That is just ME.


              I am prejudiced against gross greed anywhere. Including Prem footballers huge wages, as you will surely know.

              I AM NOT a Socialist BYW, as though I wish to help poor folk, I see Socialism as a wrong headed method of trying to do that.
              DAN , would you agree with me that in our world there are far more important things than mere football? I reckon you surely do but I may of couse be wrong. I hope not though.

              Surely on such important matters as being against things which hurt, wound and ruin the lives of perfectly innocent people for the perceived “crime” of simply being themselves, we can agree that it should not happen? And that we need to stand firmly against it? Always !

          2. Things have become better but 50 years on we still have monkey chants (last night in El Classico),Celtic fans booing the queen’s minute of silence/offensive banners like f*** the Queen.i guess it’ll probably take another 10 years(at least) for gay pro footballers to publicly come out.

        1. DK congrats to you for being , at least so far, the only post on here other than Ad PATS and my own , that shows humanity to others and is an intelligent and humane comment. I could not agree more with what you say.

        2. You call it small section of football fans? Hell no cos only insane section of football fans will accept it. Women were created for companion of Men so if same sex was ideal why was the other sex created. And no religion nor tradition is it acceptable prior now but the devil has forced it on your thoughts thinking its right. If taking your own life(suicide) is an offense why should gay and lesbo be overlooked, or you don’t think its my right to do whatever I think with my life(human rights) whether take it or live it. Thank God this madness won’t happen in my country cos anybody that comes out will surely go to jail……….. Mad people everywhere. The hate that will follow any male footballer that comes out will ruine his celebrity life. How do people even get attracted to same sex gushhh

          1. Congratulations @Owei
            You are now crowned the king all the bigots we have had to listen to in these comments.
            I suggest you go back to your cave and stay there….

        3. Sorry but isn’t the royal family despised by the Irish and Scotts because they feel they should be independent from “English rule”?

          This message is directed to Mr Dan kit

  3. I think it really should depend on the individual whether they want to come out or not. But yeah, the efforts to normalize coming out so that people wont feel shy or shameful is a good thought out notion. Maybe with regards to the call for action, it would be better if the inclusion and belongingness comes about naturally rather than through normalization, as lots of cultural traditions and politics of lots of countries combine together and make the beautiful game and laws might mean shaking up those possibly in a bad way.

      1. No problems with her making the point, Pat. I have also said it was a well thought out notion. Only place where you can see I disagree with Mead is if it should be a norm or not. I believe empowerment comes naturally not forced. All these instances will definitely encourage others to come out. Normalization would be a difficult target which should be approached with caution.

  4. Why does it have to be the norm ffs? What about threesomes, use of sex toys and dolls, ATM and Anal, do we have to all talk about that as well?

    Just keep your private lives, private. If you are lesbian or Gay or straight it should be the norm, to be what you want, not bang on about it in public and go on marches bragging about it.

    Please change the effing record, no one cares, about your sexuality, as long as its bloody legal.

  5. @Sid
    Sorry for that but firstly,I’m of the opinion that football should not be used as a medium to promote homosexuality

    1. Oh sorry, so its okay to use football to promote Black Lives Matter, Uighur Muslims and dodgy totalitarian states, but Beth Mead is not allowed to use it to promote Gay and Lesbian rights?
      Is that just showing your freedom to admit you are openly a bigot?

      1. @Admin Pat
        Most are just parroting what was supposedly written as religious doctrine. Yet, their god supposedly preached love, understanding and acceptance of their fellow man/ woman.

  6. Sorry for that, but if you look at mankind or basically other creatures. Sex was created for a man and woman but things changed.
    TBF, masturbation,anal,orgies,homosexuality,bestiality and sex with inanimate objects are all perversions and honestly it’s something we might have involved ourselves in.HOMOS to be precise falls under that category but coming out announcing to the whole wide world carrying rally marches and the sort is just sickening and pitiful.

    1. @Josiah
      So in your mind, homosexuality and lesbianism is a “perversion”. Have you heard about smething called “love”‘
      Are only certain people allowed to feel that?
      If one of your children were gay would you accept them or cast them away from the family? Hmmm no wonder they wouldn’t tell youª!

  7. I get what they saying but how would it impact the culture in the dressing room, I mean literally. Maybe someone comes out at being gay but how does that affect the players in the dress room.

    Would I feel comfortable in that situation, probably not. The same way people of opposite sex won’t feel comfortable in the same situation.

    Does that make it right no, but does it make it wrong no.

    Instead of these people trying to force it on others let them decide when the time is right.

    I know we need to find a common ground but I am not sure how that would work.

    1. @Scavenger
      It shouldn’t have any bearing on how one is treated. As long as you’re comfortable in your own sexuality, you shouldn’t feel threatened by another’s. I served 20+ years in the military( hence the name NY_Gunner) I served with gay and lesbian military personnel in various countries. Their sexual orientation had zero bearing on the job they performed, nor did it make me uncomfortable or lessen them in my eyes. They were consummate professionals in every aspect, who I entrusted my life with.

  8. I don’t know why this will make this page, no one cares the sexual orientation of these players, they are in arsenal to make a living not to tell us about their lives.

    It’s so funny the sort of world we live in anyways, you hardly watch movies these days peacefully without having a scen or two promoting these, pretty soon kiddies shows and cartoons will feature these.

    Please can we enjoy football, just football ?

    Thank you!!

  9. AD PAT, I really feel for you in having to trying to debate with people who are undebatable with, when they
    have a closed and completely ignorant mind and an irrational attitude.
    THEY actually believe they have a right to lookdown on someones sexuality and thus are really irredeemably horrible as humans. Most of us – and it has to be noted that many, not all but many, of these bigots are African in origin- care nothing whatsover about anyones private business and certainly do not look down on people who are, cruelly and wrongly, perceived by SOME, as “different”.

    Evolved humans rejoice in the multitude of different people across our rich planet and thank God that we have such a rich variety of human tastes and interests.

    Moving on to the subject of Michells article and to how Beth Mead tries to argue that male gays should come out, it has to be noted that in society and esp in football today in non evolved countries (which we have in Europe, Africa Asia, as well as SOME FOLK in Britain and USA) it would be far more open to being abused if a male player came out.

    It is widely known that in football, as in tennis, gay women are far from rare and it is plainly easier therefore for them to come out.
    Sadly, for we evolved humans who are, happily, in the large majority, this needed change will only come about finally and for every gay person, when we humans are collectively FURTHER EVOLVED than we are COLLECTIVELY at present Sigh!

    And when such a collective evolvement means we are no longer afraid of those who we stupidly perceive as being “different ” Double sigh!

    I have long preached that some people, are more, or less, intelligent than are others. HAS THAT EVER BEEN MORE GRAPHICALLY PROVEN THAN ON THIS VERY THREAD!!

  10. Admin pat for all your good deeds In this wonderful platform ps and pls gays and lebs are not our problem majority of us here will never support such evil act sorry I have to be real if all humans are gay and lebs where will procreation be placed let them enjoy it alone and seek for support cos they won’t get it you started the act hidden continue that way our dear football shouldn’t be draw into it we must separate it. For the records a guy a know whose gay today can’t sit properly always on diapers oh God pls let them enjoy it and leave us alone

    1. @NaijaGunner
      What makes homosexuality “evil”? You’re harping on about someone referring to you as a “bigot” and if you look up the definition, you’ll find you do fall under it. You then have the audacity to turn around and label someone’s sexual orientation as “evil”… Hypocritical much…

  11. Jon
    With all the respect I have for you calling a section of people bigot is so disrespectful people have choices and must follow it don’t draw people into the choices you sole chose for yourself its a free world allow people make there choices pls thank you sir

    1. Naija, Do you not see that what you ask me to do is precisely what I am saying myself!!!.?

      I want ALL people, whoever they be and whereever they are from, to be free to live their lives, within the law, as they wish.

      It is bigots who won’t permit these cruelly treated folk to live as they wish, who I am telling to butt out of other folks lives . CAN YOU NOT ACTUALLY SEE THAT? AMAZING, AND SAD, IF YOU CANNOT!

      You talk about having “disrespect” while standing up for bigots.
      My fellow Gooner, you are very confused in your thinking. If I have to call out bigots to protect others from their bigotry, then I WILL ALWAYS DO SO.

      IS THAT CLEAR!!!

  12. As a male, brought up in a time when male and females were just that and everything else was never talked about, I find this a really difficult subject.

    Queen Victoria refused to believe that there were gay women would you believe?!?!
    Now, I’m told there are “gender fluid” people, what the hell is that all about?!?!

    My view, I guess, is fairly straightforward… what goes on between two consenting adults is their business alone and why anyone would think it’s of interest to anyone else, I fail to understand.

    It is so much easier for women to “come out of the closet” and there seems to be an acceptance of this, with no apparent backlash…ie women footballers like Beth Mead.

    I believe the fact that we are being forced to watch, listen to and be preached to regarding gay men, is causing a backlash that gives their cause even more problems.

    My daughters and grandsons laugh at my “antiquated” views, but I don’t want to know about ANYONE’S sexual preferences – I’d rather everyone got on with their own lives, don’t judge and/or persecute others, as it’s none of their business.

    Shouldn’t life be that simple?

    1. Well said Ken
      Once again,you have managed to say what I wanted to but wasn’t able to put into words .
      My grandad who was an interpreter over in Germany in the Second World War and after spent 27 years in the police back home ,and was as straight laced As one could be ,but was quite racist what I remember growing up in the 80s towards black people ,but those days it was excepted ,an ERA thing IMO ,and hopefully in years to come the subject we are talking about as managed to rid itself just like the race talk .
      No place for hate in society towards differences of what we believe in ,but looking above on the comments there is a massive way to go .

      1. Thanks Dan, your Grandad sounds just like mine – wonderful, hard working, intelligent man, who wouldn’t understand today’s world.

    2. Jon
      Most times you appear very aggressive when dealing with issues esp those you don’t comfom with me as a person will never support the act never but mind you I will never hate them no matter what I hate the act but love there personalities I will eat and drink with them go to parties and functions with them I love them but hate the act thanks my man

      1. Naija, I thank you for your unintended compliment to me. Yes, I am and always will be , always have been, aggressive against prejudice.

        It is my sacred duty to be active against it.
        It is the duty of all who care about protecting persecuted innocent people for simply being what they are. That is being decent, being Christian and being a proper, evolved human being.

    3. Yes KEN indeed it SHOULD. But for people who are condemned by others for simply being what they are, it is sadly,NOT simple.

      I have always believed that evil will thrive while good men and women do nothing to stop it. That is why the free world went to war against Hitler and also against Putin.
      Our beloved late Queen, more than probably any other human alive , well understood the vital importance of doing her duty.

      We all have a duty to combat racism, prejudice, bigotry, cruelty and war, whenever and wherever is rears its ugly head.
      That is what I BELIEVE, with all my heart KEN.

      BTW, I do not agree that “we are forced to watch, listen to and be preached to regarding gay men”. I regard it as duty to stand up for the unfairly persecuted.

      Gay people are but one of MANY prejudices some people have. Others hate Jews, Ughur Muslims, Muslims generally, foreigners from anywhere and many other perfectly innocent and harmless “groups” of people. It is profoundly wrong and backward thinking.

      1. I’m not condemning anybody Jon, but I object to anyone wanting to hoist their views / beliefs / lifestyles on to me.

        I really couldn’t care less whether someone is straight, gay, or, this new concept, gender fluid…. any idea what that’s all about?!

        I accept people for who they are and what they stand for, not what they get up to in their private lives and within the sanctity of their home.

        As Dan kit pointed out above, society and it’s beliefs are changing all the time – that’s why I mentioned Queen Victoria above.

        Let’s celebrate that and accept people for who they are… that’s what I do anyway.

        1. By the way, all these people who quote the bible, do so when it suits their argument.

          I cannot find in any religious book, where it is deemed right to treat women as second class – where it is acceptable to own land worth billions while people starve – where leaders of these religious societies surround themselves with riches beyond belief, while turning away others who need help.

          I live my life by using the basic ten commandments, while not being suckered (I choose that word carefully) into any religion by people who twist those ten basic human rights to suit themselves.
          The world would be a much better place… in my atheist opinion…if we all did the same thing.

          Just take a look at the bigoted “Christians” in the southern states of America as an example.

          1. KEN AS A LIFELONG CHRISTIAN AND LIBERAL, i think that many of those who called themselves Christian and yet are anti gay and anti this or that and esp womens equality, are anything BUT Christian.
            Christianity is al about love, acceptance, forgiveness, faith and hope . Those “Christians” who quote the Bible to their own bigoted ends are not being true Christians at all. Some of the most Christian people in how they lived and treated others, were actually atheists.

            My first and also third singing teachers were both atheists but could bring a tear to your eye when singing a religious aria that they actually did not believe in.
            Strange and wonderful how life works!

            1. But Jon, I find all religions guilty of bigotry in one form or another.

              The Church of England is, I believe, the second biggest land owner in the country, after the Royal family.

              The Catholic Church has wealth beyond belief, yet covers up scandals within it’s own rank and file.

              We have instances of Muslim men running paedophile rings in our country, subjecting young girls to degrading sexual acts…. then feeling insulted if one questions their religion.

              What sane person would connect themselves to any of these hypocritical ideals?

              There are good religious people I hear you say – there are far more good people who abide by the rules of society and decry this mockery that goes against ANY teachings of the so called religious and righteous brethren.

              End of my personal sermon.

  13. This is a difficult subject as in many societies these ideas of sexuality are denounced and even considered evil. This is not going to be solved by male gay players ‘coming out’. Society would need to normalise such orientations for this to be acceptable.
    In our contemporary world I feel that some people are putting unnecessary pressure on non-straight players because of their own personal agendas and beliefs.

  14. Our Creator says at 1 Corinthians 6:9-11
    (New King James Version)

    9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. (A)Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor [a]homosexuals, nor [b]sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were (B)some of you. (C)But you were washed, but you were [c]sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.

    1. Who is the creator you’re speaking of?what did he create?by the way did you know that the Bible(or bibles should I say) is /are a work of fiction? originally put together by a group of old, chauvinistic men(40 to be exact).they gave themselves the authority to decide which books would make the cut,omitting a good few., that’s the reason there are so many versions of it,people kept on revising it.

  15. I hate it when bloggers leave footballing or sporting trends for religious or sexuality stuffs.

    The world we live in these days ain’t what it use to be, in the name of freedom to live, humans are living inventing all manner of “sorry experiments” and call it names, and when you lend a voice against it, you are called uncivilized or worse.

    Lol it won’t be long, humans will ok marrying and making love with their pet animals, freedom to live anyhow, no consequence.


  16. I’m not saying that it is easier for women to come out as gay but for some reasons,people or men should I say,seem to be more tolerant/accepting of women being in a same sex relationship than of men.the majority of victims of homophobic physical attacks tend to be seems that 2 women kissing each other gets a very different reaction than 2 men,some even find it a turn on(seeing 2 women together) and as sad as it is,that’s the truth.

    1. Owei, you are wasting your time making a point in here, majority here are into that stuff and see nothing wrong in it.

      How would you treat someone who is obviously blind and asks you what sight really is?

      I usually ignore posts as these, I could remember being in a subway, and a dude kept staring at me, at first I thought he was being friendly, much later he walked up to me, said some nasty thing , I wasted no time, giving him a sucker punch followed by an upper cut, his boy friend who believes he is a girl came out from nowhere … was an annoying and sorry site yet very funny…..I tried holding back my laughter as he rained insults on me for hitting his man etc, everyone was just there staring at us.

      These folks needs help honestly

      So irritating

  17. Anyone who believes the bible word for word is a fool, the irony is that so many people hide behind the church to protect them and provide them with fetishes much more worse than homosexuality. Face it even if god handed some guy a book he wrote , the chances of said books text being fiddled with before being made public are extremly high ijs

    1. So true Mac, ask the thousands of children who were molested etc while, supposedly under the protection of one of the largest religions in the world… only for their disgusting actions to be swept under the carpet… or the women around the world who are subjected to being second class garbage by males who hide behind their particular copy of the book they follow.

      Religion has so much to answer for and, if you took that and politics out of the world, the human race would be a sight better off.

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