Arsenal Women’s Lia Walti proud but felt the 1-1 draw with Juventus was “fair”

Arsenal Women’s Lia Walti proud of our Gunners after 1-1 draw with Juventus in UWCL by Michelle

Lia Walti was proud of Arsenal’s team performance as they came from behind to record a draw against Italian champions Juventus at the Allianz Stadium, home of Juventus F.C. in Turin.

Speaking to after the game, Walti was ultimately content with the shared points but that based on the chances in the first half, we maybe should have won the game.

I think in the end, the result is maybe fair.  It feels good because we knew that we just didn’t want to lose that game.  Ideally, we would have won it and I think we had enough chances.

But it’s football, she continued. They had one chance and they took it. I think the response after that was really good.  I felt like there were 10 minutes after half-time where we struggled a little bit, where it was a tough battle in midfield as well, but then I think we fought ourselves back and deserved the goal. And in the end, if we were a bit luckier in front of the goal, we could have maybe scored a winner.

In the end, it was a bit of a wild game. It was very transitional. So it was hard to stay calm, but it was good to sometimes step on the ball and just go back again. And I think our subs today really helped us to get the draw, she added.

We played against a really good side tonight.  It was a big, big battle. I think we had a really small squad and based on the weekend’s game against Man United, we came back really strong.  I’m really proud of the team’s performance. I think we move on and I’m looking forward to the game in two weeks and when we can play them at home.

With the focus now set on Arsenal’s next WSL match against Everton on December 3rd, Walti is looking forward to having over a week to prepare.

Honestly, I think we all need that weekend off now to recover from that until next week!

Arsenal played really well last night.  They looked very lively throughout the first half, creating a number of chances in front of the goal but not quite managing to get one in the back of the net.  It was a very exciting game to watch as Juventus Women really are a team to behold too.

When Juventus scored in the second half, rightly as Lia Walti said, Arsenal were struggling a bit through the midfield but they got themselves back into shape and Miedema’s goal was very deserved for our Gunners.

Now hopefully they’ll all make the most of having a short break in proceedings..

And we may see some more of our Gunners back on the pitch after the break!

Michelle Maxwell

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