Arsenal Women’s newly-wed Zinsberger expecting her first child with her wife

Arsenal Women’s Austrian goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger has announced that her wife, Madeleine, is pregnant and they are expecting their first child in 2024.

Manuela (Manu) & Madeleine got engaged in March 2022 and married in June 2023.

28 year old Manuela (Manu) joined our Gunners back in May 2019, from German side Bayern Munich and won the WSL Golden Glove Award in the 2021-22 season. Manu was also between the sticks for Arsenal when we won the Conti Cup 2023 and made it to the semi-finals of the Women’s Champions league last season, when our Gunner Women sold-out Emirates Stadium!

There has been much speculation on Arsenal Women’s goalkeeping front, particularly after the club reportedly made a world-record bid for Manchester United’s England international Mary Earps during the summer transfer window 2023. But we’re sure Zinsberger is not focusing on that at the moment..

What an exciting announcement from Manu and we wish her and her wife a wonderful New Year 2024, as they welcome their first child into the world..

Michelle Maxwell

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    1. Bleeding obvious I’d have thought
      The same way that a heterosexual couple have a sperm donor if necessary or other specialist help
      As for mentioning it being news worthy from a sports perspective I’d agree that it’s not.

  1. The world is ending soon. No matter how anyone looks at it, this continues to be nonsense. If you believe homosexuality is normal then why have kids at all. I mean, celebrating pregnancy when your orientation is polar opposite.

      1. Pray tell me how gays can have children with each other? They can’t because being gay is abnormal and unnatural.

        1. Can I suggest that the language you have used shows not a shred of tolerance towards people who are different from you?

          1. Classy gunner probably an African and most likely a Nigerian. If you must know, everyone from around there frown of homosexuality how much more same sex marriage. I’m of Nigerian decent and I know we don’t have the same tolerance for people of a different sexual orientation that I got to know in the UK and other western clime

          2. Which words? Abnormal and unnatural?? Are they not 100% correct in the context? Instead of correcting these people we started talking tolerance and thereby encouraged the problem.

            1. The bottom line is you can’t correct them because the are who they are. Sexual orientation is influenced by a combination of gene, hormonal and to a lesser extent environmental factors. Though it might appear unnatural, it’s actually a product of nature. Hence, there should be a sense of tolerance when approaching the issue of sexual orientation.

              1. Ever occurred to you that it appears unnatural because it actually is? Why try to justify with abstract combination of factors?

                1. Is it unnatural to be a narcissist or have some other traits? What is normal to you isn’t normal to everyone

                  On that note, the whole subject divides opinion and has nothing to do with Arsenal

                    1. Snap Sue. I am perfectly happy how anyone lives their lives as long as they are happy and do not hurt other people. My ONE bugbear that I cannot tolerate is a bigot…

                2. @Mr Not Clasy At All
                  So how do you treat gays, lesbians, bisexuals, etc. Would you throw them in prison? Stone them?

                  Then what about handicapped people, drugtakers, or people who are different religions or colour to you?

                  Shall we just outlaw them all and put them in concentration camps? Where does your hatred end?

                  Do you know the meaning of mutual tolerance????

                  1. No Mr pat, there is no hatred here. Just calling out what is purely wrong. Just encourage people to give up the insanity and don’t justify it. Prisons, dungeons, concentration camps are your thoughts not mine. So chill and come off your high horse.

                    1. So, being gay is “purely wrong” and they should “give up the insanity”. Can you hear yourself?
                      I’m guessing you have never met any happy couples of the same sex in your short bigoted life. I bet you think women should stay at home havig babies and cleaning. You need to get a life, kid…..

            2. You call yourself Classy! How ironic, as “class” is the farthest of all personal qualities from you.

              You really need to evolve and be a proper modern human and join the REAL human race, which includes gay people.

              The other, albeit less specific irony, is that on this thread concerning our womens team , we have so far 36 posts , whereas normally on any womans team thread it attracts hardly any.

              But when the irrelevent and perfectly normal topic of being gay is aired -as it has every right to be – suddenly, certain Neanderthal bigots in our fanbase pounce on it and spew their dinosaur type hatred.

              Fortunately, the evolved ones among us, including Ad PAT unsurprisingly, are also here to combat those primitive types with loving decency and tolerance.

              1. So desperately sad for we evolved folk, who are in a huge emajoirty, to see “dinosaurs” like you still trying to fool yourselves that the world “thinks” as you do.

                It does not and that is heartening news.

                Those who will not learn, in spite of tumultuous and ever lasting evidence tothe contrary, are doomed to stay bigotted dinosaurs, albeit in human form, until their unthinking species eventually dies out, ,just as ACTUAL HISTORICAL DINOSAURS DID.

    1. Is it possible to believe in homosexuality, because it seems to be all around us, but not to agree with it, because it’s not the natural structure of the human species?
      It would be interesting, in years to come, what the views of the offspring are.

  2. Despite all the homophobic comments by supposed supporters, I think it’s wonderful. Homophobia appears strong as the last line of acceptable dogmatism. It needs to be stamped out.

    Enlighten me, why do people watch sport when most of the players are not white and not straight and still root for the team. Are they not human to them or just animals in a zoo for their entertainment?

  3. Congratulations to an important arsenal player for her joy 💥🥂…. That’s what matters. Their decision on how they live their personal lives ain’t my concern neither do they need my consent or any others. And for the African perspective am also from Nigeria and yes generally we frown at it and I am not in support of it personally (just too barbaric) but we’ve homosexual people here also and I personally know some of them even one is a friend of mine only that they couldn’t claim it publicly. My curiosity made me asked him one day why he indulge in such an abominable act and he replied he doesn’t chose to but that’s just how he feels from the beginning (sexually attracted to people of the same gender…. Strange!!!) now my friend has been forced to marry a girl he has no feelings for and both of them are now suffering for it especially the innocent girl…. I wish he can be bold enough to let his parents know he’s bi and released the girl from the suffering… I doubt it though, am now waiting for when the marriage will crash…. That’s the only way the girl can escape

    1. I hope you’re also aware that there are people who are sexually attracted to animals too. They also claim it’s just how they feel from the beginning. If or when you have a child, let him or her bring home an animal (maybe a goat or a dog) as a husband or wife and tell me how you would react. Feeling something doesn’t make it right. I feel like killing myself doesn’t make it right even if it doesn’t hurt any other person. We need to stop this nonsense.

      1. Try looking at it slightly differently
        Gay people go with gay people and it’s consensual
        I doubt whether a goat or a dog would be in a position to consent. That goes for paedophiles who don’t care that they abuse children or babies who also cannot give consent

      2. Sexual attractions to animals (zoophilia) is in no way comparable to having same gender sexual attractions as the formers is considered a paraphilic mental disorder that is influenced by certain physiological and biological factors and just like same gender sexual orientation, they can’t really help how they feel. Hence, they need help and not hate.

  4. Completely an unnecessary article in the hope of spreading an unnecessary agenda we should not be discussing in the first place. Do not mix football with politics please.

    1. Agenda???? Politics????
      This is about an Arsenal player that is sharing their good news.
      If all you bigots try to introduce religion, hatred, sexism and politics into the discussion, that is YOUR problem.

      I tghought we were all Arsenal fans, but if you can’t accept lesbians in your football team (and don’t say there are not any gays in mens football as well) then you will never have a happy balanced life free from prejudice. In other words bigotry…

      1. Pat I know you and I see the right to speak freely , differently from each other. But as you have rightly , correctly and THRILLINGLY told the arch bogots onhere, esp thr falsely self named “ClassyGunner”, exactly how to look at himself or herself, surely you can see the WHOLE NEED to speak out freely and without censorship when such bigots are still, appallingly , among out fanbase.
        FREE SPEECH is the ntidote to blind and Neanderthal hatred borne of ignorant prejudice ,often claimed, albeit wrongly, to be because of religion.

        ALL mainstream religions preach love tolerance and acceptance of all others.

        Though A CERTAIN MINORITY percentage in some religions , despicably TRY to claim that their own religion teaches hatred of others.
        NO MAINSTREAM RELIGION, not a single one, preaches hatred, despite the false claims by some folk on those religions behalf.
        Love and tolerance conquers hate and always will. But we ALL MUST combat bigotry and in that, at least, you and I are kindred spirits.

  5. Congratulations to them!
    I wonder how Mrs. Manuela is reacting to the Earps news, and are we in line to have a similar situation to our men’s team regarding two gks?

  6. Dear Admin Pat, can’t see the reply button to your previous comment, so replying here. I have a life and a wife as well. We both work. We both take care of our babies and we both do the cleaning. All these medieval ideas about women are your own, I do not share them. And no, saying that being homosexual is unnatural doesn’t make me a bigot. Some people just have the cojones to point out the wrongs, even though the herds will convince themselves otherwise.

    1. Firstly, congratulations to the couple.

      Secondly, for as long as I can remember The Arsenal has been a club for everyone. Colour of a person’s skin, their religion, their sexualty, meant nothing. All that mattered was that you supported The Arsenal.

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