Arsenal Women’s star Miedema urges a “fully respected” mens player to come out as openly gay

Arsenal Women’s elite player and open lesbian Vivianne Miedema explains what should be done to kick homophobia out of football.  The striker does not hide that she is in a relationship with her Arsenal teammate Beth Mead, who are currently referred to as the “Beckhams of the Lesbian World“.

Having an out gay or bisexual male footballer in the professional game who is “fully respected” would help others, says Arsenal star Vivianne Miedema.

While several current top women players who are lesbian or bisexual are out, there has still yet to be a high-profile gay or bi equivalent among their male counterparts.

Viv Miedema was asked if a top men’s player coming out would make homosexuality less of a stigma within the game.

“Obviously, I like to think so,” said the Netherlands international. “If someone was to come out and that player is fully respected, from there on it would be easy for a lot of other boys to come out as well.

“I think you should do what you want and let people do whatever they feel good with.”

She went on to say: “Why does it change the player if he is gay or not? Why does it change the player if he or she is from Holland, from Africa, from Australia? We are all the same so why can’t we just accept how we are and who we are and go from there?

“”Just enjoy football and enjoy life – that is how easy it is for me anyway.”

Arsenal’s Viv Miedema and Beth Mead

There have been zero Mens Premier League players to come out publicly, but not long ago Blackpool’s Jake Daniels came out as gay, and as the general public become more aware of being open on LBGT+ issues, is it only a matter of time before a top Premier League player is brave enough to speak out in public?

Arsenal’s Women players have no problem with being openly gay at all…..

Michelle Maxwell

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  1. It shouldn’t be a problem in fact it shouldn’t be a subject . It is in fact irrelevant to football and the game should not be used to promote anybodies personal agenda.

  2. Your sex life is your private business, so we’re not interested. If you’re sick in the brain, you need a mental physician.
    Even animals know that natural females of their kind are the complements of their males. Anything other than that should remain in the darkness where it belongs.

    1. It sounds like you are the one “sick in the brain” if you can’t accept people who are not the same as you. Would you like to be repressed if the government brought out a law against bigots?

    2. Kudos to the Admin for publishing articles like this – despite some of the comments being hard to read. To answer your question, I dont think it will be long before a PL player comes out and I’d be a proud Gooner if it was an Arsenal player.

      1. agreed Voyageur. Someday these won’t be stories. There is still a lot of homophobia out there – people are just people.

        1. Agreed @Voyagur and @Stuart. The hope is that more articles of this nature, opening and widening the debate and hopefully helping to normalise discussions like these, ultimately making them ´non stories´ because they shouldn´t be but we´re not there yet.

    3. Thanks Gilly*

      If our parents had lived the way most people choose to live today, how on earth would we become.

      I honestly think such topics shouldn’t grace this space, cos it irritating ….call me whatever you want , but I stand with Nature that made males and females

  3. It’s not irrelevant to football. It’s relevant to all sports and professions and businesses and families. Bigotry comes in all walks of life even football and both racism and homophobia and other bigotry needs to be stamped out as much as possible. And “coming out” is an important step. Nobody should fear and hide being who they are

    1. @Stephanie I agree completely. Acceptance is key, from teammates and fans. And Arsenal are one of the most inclusive clubs that way. It´s about whether ´society´is ready to accept or not, ultimately. A premiereship player in Australia came out in recent months and he has had to delete social media because of the torrent of hate he received (as always, from the minority, not the masses)

  4. Male footballers make 100 times what the females make on average. That gap will keep widening as long as these women continue to propagate and flood every possible news outlet with this lgbt nonsense. First of all it is plain wrong. And what’s my business with whatever you do in your private life? That’s not football related

    1. And no one follows the Beckhams private lives. Get real. It is a platform to gain acceptance of people whatever their beliefs or sexuality.
      Would you complain if Muslim footballers spoke out about repression? Like Ozil?

      1. some do and would be making nasty comments that a player thanks God (of course that could be just about any religion).

        I think that a lot of us are okay when somebody uses their position to support a theme or topic that we support – when they take a different view some of us scream bloody murder.

  5. I don’t think anyone should be pressured to come out. Only once comfortable and it’s their own decision so should they, especially in the limelight that comes with being a footballer. I accept though that it would help in reducing the stigmatization that comes with lgbt affairs

    1. @Trugoon
      That is exactly what I and the world are trying to do. Bring facts into the open and help a ceptance of e eryone. We are all Arsenal supporters whatever sex we are…

    2. I don’t think she would ever pressure anyone, viv was just saying that it would help to normalize.

    1. You should just not read anything with women in the title if you don’t want to read facts about women’s football. And Just Arsenal follows Arsenal men and women without bias or sexism. Do you not think Arsenal women play football?

      1. That’s why I’m telling you I came here to read about football. I could care less about anyone’s sexual orientation. Its their life, not mine.

  6. Is it lack of news or ideas? Whatever the case might be, this shouldn’t be posted here. Your personal life has no business in football simple.

    1. Are you serious?.
      What about BLM and racism. What about equal opportunities. What about equality for all people whatever colour, creed or sexuality.
      Does that not matter? Or do all lives matter?

      1. The question is, what is JA for?

        Is it to talk about football or politics, sexual orientation, creed and all that kind of stuff?

        The point is, don’t lose sight of the purpose JA stands for.

  7. Not your best article Michelle. We all know that men are reluctant to “come out” due the abuse associated with being “queer”. Doesn’t occur in women’s sport because of the huge amount of lesbians involved.

      1. Not it’s not OK for the men to be abused. That’s my point. If a certain ex Arsenal striker were to come out tomorrow just wait to see how quickly he gets targeted. A lesbian friend once told me “With the women it’s political, with the men it’s the meat”. Simple as that.

          1. No we shouldn’t be OK with any form of abuse or discrimination.
            If you don’t understand my “meat” reference you must have lived a very sheltered life although I’ve never referred to mine that way TBH

              1. SueP. Well it is a bit gross isn’t it! And was first told to me by a lesbian friend, but I’ve heard it said often enough since in certain company.

      2. You can call me old school or whatever you like. But according to the ONE who made all us the way we are (from birth), any form of sexual relationships apart from the one between two opposite sex legally married to each other, is a vice that results in capital punishment. Any who engage in them is already abusing self.

        Whether you accept or not is up to you, but judgement will definitely come – sometimes sooner than later.
        Governments are only trying to control the speed of societal decay until then.

        1. @Gily
          And here you are, pushing your belief in fairytales to guilt trip. Save it for the delusional…IJS

        2. Seconded Gily*

          I honestly think such topics ain’t relevant here, should we choose to make it relevant, then we might as well make religious believes of footballers relevant..

          I understand, human in some ways believe free will entails living anyhow they deem fit and others applauding such as a free world, disrupting balance and nature, anyways none of my business how anyone chooses to live their life, mine is such sensitive topics have to be moved to another group where people that celebrates such insanity are… sure pretty sure, humans will legalize marriage with beast, as part of civilization and “I am free to live anyhow I want”.

          1. So my sister gets married
            She has 2 children
            One is gay
            Both from the same mother and father
            Did they do something to upset the balance of nature or is it just normal in human society for there to be differences?
            I can safely say that my family knew for years that one in our number was gay. Did it make any difference?
            None whatsoever
            Still loved as much as ever
            You need to open your mind and your heart

            1. Sue, would those children even be born if your sister was not straight? That my friend would upset the balance of nature. Say no to racism and say no to homosexuality

          2. We mustn’t wilfully confuse issues… BLM (and such others) as an advocacy has a sound locus to it: ALL MEN WERE/ARE CREATED EQUAL. The advocacy for lgbtq has no such basis!!!

            Because sensible, TIMELESS morals have been upturned and discarded by man for newfangled philosophies of ‘refined’ men of morally depraved minds the world, though advancing in leaps by knowledge, is receding in wisdom and understanding into anarchy, a world of ‘anything goes,’ in the name of RIGHTS! Yet we wonder why the world is in such turmoil?!

            Man’s embrace of liberation and liberalisation in this age creates much problems for man. Today, mankind has come to such dreary point that to be ‘straight’ is to feel queer and intimidated, because your right to be straight is now threatened and subjugated by laws seeking to protect the perverts!

            And I concur with you… ‘BESTIALITY WILL SOON BECOME ACCEPTABLE AS A RIGHT.’ If we successfully broke the longstanding, rational man/woman marital template, we shall soon break other barriers to insanity. IT’S ONLY A LITTLE MATTER OF A SHORT WHILE. 😅🤣
            Man’s refinement of timeless values is his bane… “I am free to live anyhow I want.”
            Yes, We are FREE TO make choices, but we are not FREE FROM consequences.

    1. @Jax
      Women coming out as lesbians, are more accepted due to hetero males fetishization of lesbianism. That and women being more understanding and tolerant of homosexuality than men, overall.
      Justin Fashanu came out in the 80’s. But that didn’t stop him from becoming the highest paid Black footballer, not to mention a Hall of Famer…IJS

      1. NY.Gunner
        Probably true, and women are generally seen and accepted as more affectionate to each other anyway.
        Didn’t Justin was enrolled in Hall Of Fame

    2. Jax I agree to a point although I do think it was a considered article. But. Your statement: “it (LGBTQ issues) don’t occur in women’s sport because of the huge amount of lesbians involved.” Do you think that, in proportion to society as a whole, there are more lesbians in footall than general society or that lesbians are just ‘rife’ in sport per se? And proportionally, when looking at the men’s Premier league, is it really realistic that there are no gay / bi players.? Zero? Zilch? No, is the obvious answer BUT they are waiting for society’s acceptance. A Premier league player, in Australia came out in recent months and has had to delete every social media account because of abuse and threats. I don’t think society is ready yet (judging by that) but what do you think the everyday footballer is up against. Cavello, a dead cert for his international team, is seriously considering his attendance in Qatar, due to their archaic laws. And while we may all lose our heads over football, he could literally lose his (by going there) for his life choices and openness.. it is definitely a debate worth discussing..

        1. @Michelle
          I left out the part where, most hetero men feel their own sexuality questioned by homosexuality… IJS

      1. Michelle. I don’t know about “rife”, but a quick search gives me at least seven known lesbians in the recent England squad which is proportionally quite a considerable amount compared to known gay men in the England squad. Maybe sport and particularly football is where women can express themselves in a more masculine way. TBH I’ve never really considered this before today and I’m old enough to remember when NOBODY came out.

  8. I dont see why it is any concern of hers, unless she is unhappy with her decision?

    Each to their own, i hate all this gay pride stuff, straight men dont go on marches banging on about their sexual orientation, why do the LBGT+ ?

    1. @Atid
      Is it not obvious they need to go on marches BECAUSE they are repressed. Are straight men like me repressed as well? No. But why shouldn’t unstraight people be allowed to be honest about their relationships as well?

  9. Having a gay teammate is like…hope this guy don’t have a crush on me….I wouldn’t be comfortable having a gay teammate hold me after scoring a goal….It’s awkward….nothing against gay people…but won’t be comfortable

  10. That @Voyageur is exactly what PL players need to hear.. the minority (the anti’s) are usually heard and ‘news-worthy’ far above the significant majority who couldn’t care less because it is all about the football at the end of the day. Whether you’re black, white, gay, or otherwise, should be absolutely irrelevant

  11. Hey, but here’s another serious question (may be an upcoming article). How the monkeys is Jonas Eideval managing all these inter-team relationships?! Must be good days and bad lol!

  12. The first thing is stop shouting about any preferences

    I don’t care what you like sexually

    Only then will everyone treat things are normal

  13. I used to play suburban rugby union back in the 70s, early 80s and was always amazed at how much time these wannabe macho he men spent looking at and sizing up each other’s body parts. If you had told them that there was a bit of closet homo phobia in them, they would have beaten your brains out. In Australia we have had a professional Rugby League prop forward come out as gay. He is now an open advocate for the community. Someone who played for Australia and was as tough as they come on the football field. I had to laugh when some of his former teammates professed betrayal. Had he openly told them while playing there is no doubt he would have been ostracised and become the victim of so much of their dirty jokes. Not that they would have dared bully him openly. He could definitely take care of that.

  14. You’ll be amazed at how many gay footballers are there in English premier league. The truth is they are afraid to come out because of the stigmatization. Imagine an opponent taunting you on the field of play with it. Now, to me personally, I do not judge anyone. I’m not God. So I rather leave judgement for him because he created us and as such he will judge each an everyone accordingly. But won’t I won’t do is mock, insult, or curse someone because of their sexual preference. If you do that, you’re no difference from racist. It’s ok if you don’t accept them. No one will beat you up on your belief. The best thing to do when you don’t want to accept them is look away. Do not take note of them. Just continue your business like you don’t know what their sexual preference are. I hate discrimination and segregation, it’s never nice when it’s been done to you. Just live and let them live. I have friends that are gay and lesbians too. What I like about them is, they respect your decision of being different from them and they also accept your decision about their sexual preference. Life shouldn’t be that hard. But personally, I do not care what you’re, just be a good human and that’s how I see through.

  15. In as much as it’s there personally lives they should let it personal if you know exposing it will lead to stigmatization then do your thing in private note nature in it’s glory will forever be against same sex no matter how you try to equate it it’s will never stand u came into this world via male and female conception how then do you contribute to population growth if we all engahe in same sex it pure inlogical no matter how we tend to publicize it
    Anyways JA pls stick to footballing matters that’s the main reason 99% of arsenal fans are here

  16. Homosexuality! As if it is a normal thing. Even those coming out to defend them know it is not the design of God, so do the homosexuals themselves. If it were normal, they won’t be seeking societal acceptance.
    It’s their lives and they will answer for it themselves.

      1. Adam and Eve, male and female. Homosexuality should never be an acceptable way of life and hence it will always be hidden

          1. @Admin Pat, God created Adam and Eve, for self-evident reasons (populate the earth).
            Sin created depraved minds which created the perverts! Again, for self-evident reasons: self-absorption!

        1. I never cease to be appalled at the human race. Vile attitudes to your brother or sister, uncle, aunt or cousin, niece or nephew
          We are all supposed to be part of one big family aren’t we?

          1. @Dan Kit
            Wouldn’t have made much of a difference, considering Adam, Eve and their sons supposedly populated the whole earth…IJW(I’m just wondering) 🤔

  17. Returning from holiday just now, to read the few pathetic Neanderthals spewing their pseudo religious nonsense.

    I now have a list (writen down) of the FEW Neanderthal bigots and therefore low IQ humans(almost human anyway) who post on here. I am glad they have revealed themselves in public as being Neanderthals and that we all now know precisely who they are for future reference. Non evolved, almost but not quite humans, are not worth discussing with.


    I honestly believe it is the best way to deal with such creatures. Their names ARE THERE FOR ALL TO SEE.

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