Arsenal Women’s Vivianne Miedema says ‘players should not feel ashamed to rest’

Arsenal’s Vivianne Miedema, who is the all-time top goal scorer in the Women’s Super League, urges football players not to be “ashamed” to take a break, after she herself returned from a leave of absence which was granted by her club to allow her to rest and recuperate.

26 year old Dutch international Miedema also has 115 caps for the Netherlands, scoring 95 goals for her country.  Viv also took leave from playing for her country, missing 2 international friendlies, as she headed to Adelaide, Australia.

Arsenal’s star striker, who has scored seven times for Arsenal this season so far, also helped her country win Euro 2017.  However, she was hit by Covid during this year’s Euro tournament in England, with the Lionesses winning the trophy – helping to shoot the interest in women’s football into the stratosphere.

I ended up being sick in my bed for 10 days, Viv explained. I just felt really burned out. I didn’t feel like I could reach my level.

Sometimes, if it becomes too much the best thing you can do is reset. I’m obviously happy that I’ve had the chance to do so through Arsenal, through the national team as well.

A lot of players probably don’t feel the freedom to say ‘OK, I do need a break’. I’ve been in a fortunate position to ask for it, to feel confident enough to ask for it, which looking back I should have done way earlier.

If it’s not possible to deliver what you need to do at that moment, please take a break or please work with someone on it. Speak about it and don’t feel ashamed. Just take your time and it will come back at one point.

Listen to Miedema’s full interview on the BBC’s Behind the Goals Podcast.

Since returning to Arsenal after her leave of absence we’ve also seen Miedema returning to great form, scoring 4 goals in 4 games and being much more creative and involved in interconnecting play and assists, particularly after Beth Mead, Viv’s partner, suffered a serious ACL rupture putting her out of action for the rest of the season and forcing Eidevall and his squad into different playing positions and tactics to play to their strengths in Beth’s absence.

Miedema uses her platform to speak out and bring attention to a lot of issues and we can see what a rest & recharge has done for our star striker.  Hopefully more players may feel a bit more comfortable to raise the issue and certainly clubs will be much more aware of players personal needs.

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  1. This one likes to talk a lot, doesn’t she!

    Let others players live their lives and don’t try and influence them.

    I think she just likes being in the spot light.

    I prefer people that don’t love the sound of their own voice.

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