Arsenal beat Man United in the style of Champions – Live the moment people

Arsenal win a crucial Man United in the style of champions by Konstantin Mitov
Well lovely Arsenal people, there is a feeling in the air. You can’t name it, you can’t explain it, but you know. I’m afraid to jinx it by saying we will win it, but the way we beat Man UTD, it’s the stuff of champions. It was difficult, United put it on us, we didn’t have the free flowing football all the time, but we dug in and it fell for us.
Before we move on though, it’s nice to play Man Utd in a game that actually had meaning. That is a proper rivalry, two teams at the top of their game, fighting for something meaningful. Two clubs that actually have massive fanbases around the world, not just in one quarter of London (if you know who I mean).
Now, back to the game, what makes it even more impressive is that we didn’t play great. Partey was sloppy, Ben White had his worst game this season and was subbed at half time. Then Ramsdale gave them a poor goal, and we still won, with a last minute winner.
That man Eddie… ‘I’m on the phone man, waiting for that call.’ I was wondering why we gave him that deal, but it looks a bargain right now. I was wrong and I’ll be the first to admit it. Two massive goals. Stepping up when others couldn’t. That’s what you need to win a league title.
I think Trossard, despite playing only 10 or so minutes, also impacted the game. It was an option to bring someone on for Martinelli who was struggling. An option we didn’t have against Newcastle for example, and he showed glimpses of quality that are encouraging.
We also saw that Polish kid, who’s coming to be our backup left sided center back and we’re also looking at a midfielder. I think you can see some lessons learned from last January. Honestly this has been an incredible week, especially for me.
Just before my Birthday we beat Spurs 2-0 away, the first win in 9 years at their ground, then on my party I was gifted a framed picture of Sol Campbell lifting the title with the old badge, signed by the player with a certificate ( I guess everybody knows too well how much I love this football club). And today we get a last minute winner against United.
We have amassed 50 points after 19 games, 5 more than the invincibles had at this stage of the season. Life is beautiful people.
We have City in the cup next. The final boss. The last question we haven’t answered, but honestly there’s nothing to fear. This is the best start in our history and that’s since 1886. All I want to tell you is just live the moment people and enjoy it, because it’s absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Great to see Arsenal fans everywhere still buzzing from yesterday’s game. The triple whammy of demonstrating so much character, picking up three valuable points and defeating an old enemy with style is surely one to be proud of.

  2. Tottenham, no class. There away kit is laughable. London is all red once again. Good days to be a gooner.

    1. Yes – their away kit is absolutely revolting. Must demoralise them when they have to put it on!

      Maybe the designer is an Arsenal fan 😉


      1. It is good to see some positive and fairly balanced articles, I grant you that.
        On this occasion, Konstantin has been positive yet pointing out appropriately that it was not a perfect performance.
        However, he, along with others on this site were amongst the ‘negative’ fans penning the regular stream of articles who could not see what Arteta was trying to do and insisting that he had to be sacked.
        “The North remembers”.

  4. What a positive article from the writer. I agree with you that it is best for us to enjoy the wonderful moment our team is having now.

    Hopefully, we carry this great form into the second half of the season and we withhold Man City from taking the title.

    But things can change in football and in life, generally. So if we end up losing the race to Man City it would still be a good season for us cause at least Champions League will be guaranteed for us.

    1. Ah…. it seems I was correct OZGooner.
      Dear old Konstantin was one of the loudest voices wanting MA out – I guess you wasn’t around JA when this happened, but you say that Reggie and I were!!!

      Never mind, let’s enjoy this upbeat article together!!

  5. First of I’d like to give a clap to that Marcus RashFord’s goal, it was a very very good goal solid stuff.
    Secondly I’d like to thank BS7 for responding in kind with a super goal , a thing of beauty, it was that goal that (to my observation) aroused the belief that we were going to beat united and had us starting to play much better to the point of dominating them after that poor first half.
    I’m going to stick my neck out and say we are going to win the league. Period.
    To Arteta, you are doing a marvelous job, but can you manage the games Thomas Partey and Odegaard have to play in the EPL so that we can maximise thier game time to allow them play in the UEL, because I feel we can to a double this season. Yes , I am a believer. #COYG

  6. Great article. Happy birthday! I was wrong about Arteta and I’m so happy about it. What he is building at Arsenal is magnificent. I was genuinely worried going into the MU game and it was a tough one. MU just turned over City but we pushed them back and beat them fair and square.

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