Arsenal won’t compromise with La Liga side over striker price

I do feel sorry for Lucas Perez. The Spaniard was signed from Deportivo La Coruña at the end of the last transfer window with a great goalscoring record in La Liga, and was hailed as the answer to Arsenal’s striker problems at last.

But, even though Olivier Giroud was injured at the start of the season, Arsene Wenger instead decided to move Alexis Sanchez into the centre-forward position and Lucas was pushed onto the bench. And there he stayed! When Wenger gave him a chance in the occasional Cup games or as a sub the Spaniard always looked impressive and scored some wonderful goals, but Wenger still kept him on the bench for practically the whole season.

I bet he couldn’t wait for the season to end, and after being on the bench yet again in the Cup Final, he was on a plane back to La Coruña the very next day, and made it clear that he wanted a return to his hometown club.

But it looks like he will not be getting his wish, as the Deportivo manager Pepe Mel has admitted that Wenger won’t be allowing Lucas to come back at a reduced price despite him being surplus to requirements at the Emirates. “Everyone understands that Depor wants Lucas.” Mel said.

“I know Arsenal well … they do not give away anything, especially if they have paid more before. I told the president to work hard on plan B, because it will probably be the most feasible.”

“But of course we would be waiting with open arms for Lucas because it would make us a team with many more options.”

The arrival of Lucas looked like a last minute panic buy by Wenger and it would seem that Le Prof didn’t really rate him, despite giving us either a goal or an assist for every 44 minutes he was actually on the pitch. I think it would be blatantly unfair for Wenger to force the 28 year-old to stay at Arsenal without much hope of playing, when he could be playing every week at his former club.

Do you think Arsenal should be a bit more flexible in their negotiations?

Darren N


  1. Alex says:

    I think he deserves more playing time than Walcock.

    1. Dory Sater says:

      Or Welbeck.

  2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Arsenal have a lot of games in Season 2017/2018. Lucas Perez has not received fair treatment in my opinion. Therefore Arsene Wenger needs to sit down with Lucas Perez and try to restore his relationship with him by giving him his plan for Perez’s future contribution to the team. For the price Arsenal paid for Perez, they are not going to get his equal without paying a lot more.
    Deportiva are trying to steal a bargain from Arsenal and we should not sell.

  3. Simon says:

    It was even unfair to buy him while you don’t have a plan to play him. Wenger treated him like enemy. Lucas was impressive each time he was on the pitch.

  4. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Lol and lol again ?? Wenger has grown some plumbs in his old age ??
    Arsenal are reportedly willing to sell Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City, but have told Pep Guardiola’s side the Chilean will cost £80 million.

  5. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Is this Plan B,C or D?
    We have been linked to this player in the past. Arsenal are weighing up a move for Inter Milan midfielder Marcelo Brozovic, sources in Italy have told ESPN FC.

    1. Darwin says:

      As a replacement for Cazorla I heard. Guess it makes sense if true.

      Even though we got 2 signings till now, with sources linking us to more players, It feels like an unreal window. just wow from me, for how things are going

      1. funkyrith says:

        If Gibbs goes, we will have upgraded the position with Sead at zero cost. I am sure Sanogo and few more will free up Lacazette wages and Ox/Ramsey contract renewal, that means effective spend is Laca’s price for this window. Ozil/Alexis decision should be next, along with a Santi replacement.
        I still insist, we should invest in youth a bit more, our academy is going backwards with the brightest not good enough to represent us in FA Cup, and being sold for pittance. 20m a year investment on 2-3 young prospects, even if we loan them, is good. U21 and U20 just concluded, I am sure there are many on talented youngsters out there

        1. Abel says:

          Make up your mind will you? First Arsene only buys promising youngsters. Now he has bought two mature classy players, you want him to go back to buying promising youngsters! For your information, we already have fantastic youngsters in all positions in the academy all waiting for a chance to break into the first team.
          Defence: Krystian Bielik, Mitland Niles, Mark Bola, Julio Pueguezelo,
          Midfield : Gideon Zelalem, Kelechi Nwakali, Ben sheaf, Joe Willock, Vlad Dragomir, Jeff Rene Adelaide. Chris Willock (just signed for Benfica)
          Attack : Donyell Maley, Chuba Akpom, Jon Torral

    2. Rkw says:

      Don’t inter want to make sanchez their blue ribbon signing if the summer … Room for a deal? … Between inter psg and bayern there must be a b2b upgrade on Ramsey we could trade Alexis for …

  6. Simon says:

    Perez or Wellbeck has to go – we’ll need to save wages to meet regulations

    I think they evenly matched players. Wellbeck has had more game time, which is why I think we’ll keep him and let Perez go

  7. Verstellung says:

    Poor bastard… Sitting on the bench making 70k per week.
    Agree he deserved more play but I can not feel sorry for any of these players with the amount they get payed.

  8. Mig says:

    I really like Lucas as both a player and a person. He was told that he’d been watched and to be patient and take his time which is exactly what he did. There were many opportunities to play him but he wasn’t used. He’s been a true gentleman throughout this personal nightmare and would hope that’s Arsenal can see the damage they have done to his career and should help him as much as possible. I do wonder why Wenger didn’t play Lucas over Walcott on the wing I think he would have given us more goals and assists. He hardly ever complained and has remained a gentleman and professional throughout personally I would want him to stay there is something about him I like he’s very efficient and will give you 100% all the time.

    I wish him all the luck and hope he gets a decent break he deserves it.

  9. Ronny says:

    Ridiculous treatment.
    However he’s an asset isn’t he. Those few extra million could make a huge difference with other transfers were going for.
    At least maybe then could help the buying club by offering a staged payment plan, deposit up front full asking price to be met a bit at a time.

  10. MANTAK says:

    Deportivo took the fee in the first place and weŕ happy. If they want him back pay up what we are asking for. Its not like we’ve worn him out so he should be worth exactly what we paid plus a bit of inflation. Make 17mil on him and stick it into the Lemar deal. This could be one of the most rewarding transfer windows for our club in years by shifting out the mediocre players and putting those funds towards some quality acquisitions

  11. Scott says:

    I somehow doubt that Sanchez will end up in Italy. Given the flawed prices for the Seri A rights where only sky bid at half the cost, they have delayed the auction until later in the year so clubs don’t know how much money they will have for next season so feel they will hold onto money and not make big bids in this transfer window until this is decided. So Sanchez will probably be staying in the UK, just at which club?

  12. Brad says:

    Lucas is a fantastic player. I just hope we keep him. If we need to get rid of some players, I believe we have few blunt players being played and paid weekly for being blunt. Lucas never got much playing time but he impressed everyone with the few playing time he had. IMPRESSED EVERYONE EXCEPT WENGER. While players like Ramsey keeps getting more game time for being blunt and missing chances hence, impresses and excites Wenger so much that he can’t afford to lose him.

  13. Papa arsenal says:

    Mind you, we paid his asking price to get him from depor so if they want him back they should also meet our asking price. When teams want to sell players to arsenal, they quote large sums but when they need from us, they talk of peanuts. If depor can’t meet his price, then keep him and let him warm the bench. We will have need for him later when the injuries start coming in. Originally, he was brought in as a deputy not the main striker and I think he has done that well so for me, we have been a bit fair to him.

  14. John says:

    Why does Arsenal want to sign Mahrez when they have this dude?………..he is just as good as Mahrez……..and he can play in multiple positions in attack……..Arsenal should guarantee him some game time…….and let him stay…….he is frustrated but hungry……..time to let him take those two feelings against an opposing team……..he stays………no more buy……buy…….we have an improved team with our current two signings……..we just have to sign the Ox……Ozil…….Sanchez… new contracts…….I’m excited just thinking of our first game…….

  15. peter h says:

    I would like to tell all you Gunners one simple fact. If there are 25 in a squad, and if on average a player has 5 years at the top level, then each year you have to buy/promote 5 players JUST TO STAND STILL. So, we have been weakening our squad for years …do the maths … COYG.

  16. Jeremy says:

    It’s look quite obvious that He wasn’t signed by AW. The “overlook” was too apparent. Players who are not playing well, were on the pitch ahead of him.

    A complete injustice.

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