Arsenal won’t get rid of Lukas Podolski so easily

Earlier this week there was widespread coverage of a quote, purportedly from Lukas Podolski, in an obscure Turkish website. ‘I have agreed with Galatasaray,’ he ‘I want to leave.’

There are not many Arsenal fans that would be sad to see him go now, although many thought it was a mistake for Wenger to ignore the German in the earlier parts of last season, but it would seem that those quotes were not based on any reality after hearing Podolski’s latest utterings in Bild.

The 30 year-old was quoted as saying in the Guardian: “I’ve always felt comfortable there. With the fans, with the team and also with the manager. I’m going back to play, I have to say my qualities suit Arsenal.

“Inter? Last season went how it went. English football is the one which best suits my style but I know how suddenly everything can change.

“I have characteristics to help different teams but it was a mistake to go to Inter with no redemption clauses.

“In football there are times when everything doesn’t work out for the best. You’re not always playing as a starter and you just have to accept the decisions and work on your own game. That’s what I did but now I’m looking forward.”

If he is really looking forward to playing for Arsenal again then he had better downsize his expectations, as I expect the best that he could hope for is a place on the bench (or a start in the League cup if he’s lucky).

The honest truth is that the German has one year left on his contract, which is reported to be around £100,000-a-week, and we all know he is not going to accept a move to another club unless he is paid an equivalent sum, which simply is NOT going to happen in his wildest dreams.

So Wenger has to make a decision to either allow him to remain at the Emirates for his final year, or to subsidise his wages if he moves elsewhere. His statement above indicates that Podolski is going to play hardball before agreeing to leave the club.

What would you do if you were Wenger?

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  1. I hate that Poldi’s status is now looking more and more like the lord bendtner saga. I was so excited when he signed with us and now it looks like he will stubbornly stay with us as over-payed deadwood.

    I would love for him to prove everyone wrong and have a great year though (with us or anyone other than one of our rivals).

    OT: Everton signing Gerrard Deulofeu for 4.2 mil might be the signing of the summer. Im not saying we should have signed him by any means, but he’s close if not equal to Sterling’s talent at 1/10th of Sterling’s price

    1. Deulofeu is more talented than Sterling he’s just not as overpriced and over hyped as him,I still remember that Everton game @ The Emirates where they ripped us apart he came on and showed his quality

    2. I suppose there are some parallels with Bendtner but…….

      Bendtner consistently underperformed for Arsenal – Not Poldi

      Bendtner consistently displayed a terrible attitude – Not Poldi

      Bendtner never proved himself at any club – Not Poldi

      Bendtner bad mouthed Wenger and demanded to leave – Not Poldi

      Bendtner’s stats were poor – Not Poldi

      Bendtner could not be sold because he was a trouble make and underperformed for Arsenal even though he was at a prime age for transfer – Not at all the situation with Poldi.

  2. Hard to judge all these soundbites for what they are, really. Poldi could be being tactical and on the one hand trying to warm the Arsenal fans, whilst on the other trying to up the ante with regards to one of his potential suitors giving him an improved offer.

  3. [New Striker]
    Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

        1. I cannot believe the disrespect in some of these comments. If you are just having some fun……. I apologize for missing it.

      1. There’s no place for Jack in our best 11 because Cazorla,Ramsey,Ozil are all better than him and we are a better team when he’s on the bench or injured!

        1. The only thing I would say is…….

          None of us really know who will emerge to claim a starting spot. Wilshere has been great since returning.

          Who would have predicted Bellerin would surpass 3 other RB options to claim a starting spot? Who would have predicted Coq would be the answer at DM? Did it seem likely that Wenger would go with Monreal vs. Gibbs. At one point Verm was a solid starter then Kos emerged to take over.

          I think Jack has a very good chance to secure a starting spot if he can stay healthy. Of course even if he performs well there is always tendency to stay with his “pet” players. But I also won’t be surprised if Jack does not secure the spot. And it could all change many times in one season. You just don’t know.

          1. The pet comment is a bit much. Just because the player who Wenger deems worthy or best suited to a job isnt in line with your pet player or players doesnt mean there is favoritism besides your own.

            The other remarks you make a good and fair point.

            1. Please. I thought I was showing some reserve in using the term “pet.” I could think of some other much more damning words that might describe it even more starkly.

  4. His 100K a week wages are a stumbling block,if we can’t get a buyer for him permanently let’s loan him out again and pay half his wages of 50K

  5. I have been very supportive of Wenger this past season when he showed a willingness to swallow his pride and make necessary decisions based on winning.

    But frankly Wenger has completely blown it with Poldi. He benched him his first season when he was producing goals at a high rate and since then Wenger has seemingly done everything he can to discourage this fine player.

    Wenger signed him. Poldi always gave his best and was statistically the best finisher in the league each full season with the club. This is WENGER’s problem – he has created it. HE needs to fix it.

    Clearly there is no room for Poldi in Wenger’s plans – that makes sense at this point. Yet, all I hear is people whining about Poldi as if this is his fault. Fans even deny straight undeniable facts showing Poldi always produced for Arsenal.

    I am disappointed in Wenger (and some fans) for this mess. If Wenger REALLY wants Poldi gone he should do what is necessary to make it happen instead of putting all of it on this very fine, very loyal player.

    1. When Podolski plays he is great… but it doesn’t happen consistantly through a game, he has way too many periods where he was just not effecting the game and being a weak link, yes he had moments of greatness but thats all they was, moments.

      I hope he moves on and find a club where he can be the star man.

      1. So tired of this “inconsistent” nonsense. Everytime someone wants to criticize a player with great performance stats they claim “inconsistent” because it is vague and nearly meaningless.

        Poldi was no more or less consistent than most other players except maybe for the superstars like Messi or Suarez. But if you can’t deny facts you can always throw in the tired old “inconsistent’ accusation.

        By this measure, nearly every Arsenal attackers is cr@p because they are all quite “inconsistent.”

        Pure nonsense.

        1. You just have to look at the player who replaced him. He works his socks off and is Always available for receiving the ball. Walcott takes a little stick for similar reasons to poldi concerning defensive ability but Walcott does not go missing for 70 odd minutes and on the defensive side, he pins back defences or defenders due to his threat and pace.

          I like poldi as a person and I believe in a certain environment he could be a difference maker. Alone up front playing for a possession team is not that environment nor is playing wide in a possession team.

    2. Loyal?I remember he bad-mouthed Arsenal as soon as he got that loan move to Inter so he’s only loyal to his 100K wages nothing else

      1. Just not true. He never said anything bad. Some MEDIA put their own spin on some very innocent words. Stop buying into the nonsense the media spews just to stir up controversy and get a rise out of football fans silly enough to believe their nonsense.

  6. He’s been massively out of form recently but if he could get back to His best then I can think of far worse things than having Podolski in our squad next season. I also think he’s got a lot to prove and a bit of making up to do but if he gives 100% and works harder for the team he could be a great asset. If Sanchez misses the first few games of the season I see no reason why Podolski couldn’t get himself back into the starting line up.

    1. i disagree his lack of work rate an not willing to change his game does not get overlooked for his murderous left foot…
      100k a week aswell, want him to go

      hes had plenty of opportunities , an hes not up an comer,
      wish him well, fond of the prince – but r plans r bigger now

      1. Not what I said at all but whatever.

        I said he needs to work harder and a Podolski havering to prove himself could be a good asset. When I say prove himself if he does stay he’ll probably struggle to make the bench unless he can prove himself to get into the starting lineup ahead of others. I think he has the talent to still be at Arsenal. He could also be valuable for that first few games. To me it’s not an issue anyway 1 year left on contract he’ll ever stay 1 more year or go & if someone doesn’t buy him I’m sure someone will take him on loan.

        1. oh alan ive missed u.
          no one shoots me down better

          can we hug and share a cup of cocoa…

          1. I Never expected Podolski to stay this summer & id still expect him to leave. The point I was making was referring to the article and him saying he’s staying. I know it you know it Podolski knows it if he doesn’t step up he won’t even make the bench. If he’s willing to give his all and prove himself to get in the team ahead of others then I’d happily see him stay. A fully focused Podolski is a very good player.

            Not trying to shoot you down you just reply off comments to make your point when it’s not really a reply type of comment. Not trying to stop you making your point.

    2. I am a huge Poldi supporter and I appreciate your recognition of Poldi as player worth keeping but……..

      Clearly there is little room in Wenger’s plans for Poldi. The best thing is for Wenger to clean up this mess he created and make it possible for Poldi to move on. Both the club and Poldi may have to give in a little to make it happen.

        1. Wenger signed him and Poldi always performed with great enthusiasm and success. Yt WENGER benched him his first season when he was 2nd in club goals and LEADING THE LEAGUE IN ASSISTS.

          When a manager signs a player and the player performs but the manager then dumps him….. it is NOT the player’s fault. The manager did it – not Poldi.

          Seriously, who benches a player with those successes? Since that 1st season Wenger continued to overlook him even though he had the best goals-per-minutes played in the league each full season with the club.

          In other words, Wenger tossed Poldi on his infamous dead wood pile. This is not a new occurrence. Have you been sleeping these past years??

          1. He benched him because his work rate isn’t the best and Although in some games he’s one of the best players on the pitch a lot of games he doesn’t fit he doesn’t link in with how we play And Podolski’s career has been like that throughout at all the clubs he’s played. Other players offer more than him in every position it’s a fact and Wenger has got the best out of him probably better than anywhere else club career wise. He’s still a very good player on his day & I’ve always been a fan like I said he could still play a role if he gives more to the team and if he’s willing to fight then I’d take him back.

            I honestly doubt that you have ever watched us play.

  7. Podolski wants to play. If he is told that he’ll rarely be able to start then he will probably leave. Feel bad for saying it, I like Podolski…

  8. We never seem to be able to shift players we dont need. We have Flamini, Arteta, Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo, Rosicky all on the books, and as far as i am concerned these guys are all third choices in their positions but cost us 300K a week or 15M a year in salaries. That is just wasteful.

    1. You are mostly right – they are MOSTLY 2nd and 3rd choices. Sanogo should be playing for a 2nd division club somewhere.

      Wenger makes some great transfer moves – his many successes prove that. But he also completely blows it with other contract decisions. He signs player he KNOWs will be reaching retirement age (Arteta, Rosicky) or are a big risk (Sanogo). Wenger signed them anyway – This is Wenger’s problem.

      1. What are you talking about? Rosicky has been at the club for years & Arteta was one of our best players for three seasons if not the most important signing in his first year at the club and probably as important a signing as Alexis. Don’t say he wasn’t the situation was completely different then and he’s played a massive role in sustaining Arsenal’s position during a difficult period. Both have been a fantastic signings. Your views are really really bad.

        1. This is getting silly. Rosicky did not just sign one contract that took him well into his 30’s. . Wenger keeps signing him to NEW contracts even though he is getting older and more importantly even though Wenger does not seem to want to use him.

          So you see….. Wenger signed an aging Rosicky to a new contract. Is that clear enough??

          This is so obvious and factual it seems silly having to explain it.

          1. why not give them another contract? They have no sell on value or very little due to age and they are quality squad players they also offer a lot more to the club than what they do on the pitch. You need quality experience in the squad and you can’t keep 25 superstar happy so some players have to be at the start or at the end of their careers. It makes perfect sense. Not players I’d complaint about having in the slightest. Plus it’s one year at a time contracts not exactly stuck with them.

            1. I have no problem with signing Rosicky. I love this player. I was responding to a comment above (if you will read) which complained that Wenger has players he cannot get rid of. That is all. And he has signed many older players that many fans want gone but they are older and thus not easy to sell. That is just a fact. Facts are stubborn things.

  9. I think the Prince can surprise us all. The World Champions still have faith in him why not Arsenal?? Come on Prince – Let the left foot do the talking now!

    1. LOVE this. I don’t think it will happen with Arsenal because Wenger has shown no sign that he wants to use Poldi, but I embrace your hopeful and respectful outlook.

  10. Honestly, Podolski is an excellent finisher

    I think Podolski is better than Welbeck at CF
    Welbeck is better on the wing

    So would not mind our strikers being
    1. New Striker
    2. Giroud
    3. Podolski

    1. Alexis and Walcott
    2. Oxlade
    3. Welbeck
    4. Ozil

    Sell him if possible

    Alternatively, put him on loan again to a club that will pay most if not all of his salary, if ee

    1. Funny how some fans praise Poldi and get thumbs up while others praise him and get thumbs down. Is that not interesting? Sad when fans don’t have the integrity to base their approval on merit.

  11. Boom

    Surprised not many articles have that lately, it was Bobs in thing last year.

    Boom the price commits to Arsenal


    Bang Poldoski gets chance to unleash cannon

  12. Its going to be difficult for podolski even to make the bench for arsenal if all the attacking options are fit and they are, podolski moments of brilliance have help arsenal on several occasions, however podolski does not give the same quality in defending, which all the other attacking players for his position does.

    As a sole forward he does not offer hold up play or have the pace to out run the opposition defense, which at present is the two attacking styles of the forwards we use, his style of play is more suited to a secondary striker role, which is hardly used by arsenal at present.

    The best he can hope for, is a loan to another club for game time or switch club permanently

  13. If Podolski stays he will need to be ready to be a substitute here and there with League Cup appearances unless he magically can provide us with something different that he hasn’t already shown.

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