Arsenal won’t just beat Rennes – They will win Europa League AND make Top Four

The readers and writers on JustArsenal are often accused of being pessimistic, especially after a defeat, and there was little wonder that everyone was feeling deflated when Arsenal lost the Europa League tie at Rennes last week. But the Gunners bounced back by winning the crucial match with Man United and suddenly everyone is confident again.

But maybe not as confident as the Gunners legend Robert Pires, who now runs our U23 side who seems to passionately believe that our home form will take us all the way to the Europa League trophy. “I’m confident and positive, like the players. All of the players and Unai Emery know that they played bad against Rennes, but this is football,” Pires told Marca.

“Maybe it’s because Rennes played well. The atmosphere was very good, the fans added pressure and unfortunately Sokratis was sent off, but we have a second chance at home at the Emirates.

“It’s strange, but maybe after the Manchester United win I have a good feeling. Anything is possible because when Arsenal play at home they can beat any team.”

“I think he [Emery] is doing well because they’re in the top four and I think they can qualify for next season’s Champions League,”

“I think, and I hope, that he can win the Europa League, as he won it three times with Sevilla. So he has a lot of experience and knows there is good quality and a good squad.

“I think he has built a good team and they are now ready to fight for the end of the season.”

So Pires sounds like he has full belief in the side after that performance against United. We just have that little matter of our away form to sort out and we are done!

Sam P


  1. Winning EL is difficult because the other big teams are still in it

    But I will not be disappointed if Arsenal do not win the EL. I will be dissatisfied if Arsenal miss next season’s CL though, because they are currently leading ahead of Man United and Chelsea

    The Rennes game seems to be a breeze and I’m glad I could see Sarr played. He was not as impressive as his YouTube highlights, apart from his speed and height

  2. Oh please!! After winning United now suddenly we are back to hyping our chances and expectations. Typical Arsenal fans, I’d like to have a bit of what Pores is smoking.
    No disrespect, I believe we’ll get into the UCL but to say we’ll win the Europa league with that sort of confidence is a bit too much. If we win the Europa League, I’ll give all credits to Emery and will have my belief back.
    If we don’t win it, still no harm, I’ll support the team.
    Getting over confident is something I always try to avoid.
    I believe we’ll win tomorrow, If Juventus can do it against Almighty king of defensive game Atletico, then we can even do more tomorrow, except our players get complacent

    1. The secret to being a happy Gooners is low expectations. That’s been my mantra for ten years and I’ve probably enjoyed this season more than most in recent memory. To think we are a hair’s breath away from third place in the PL with eight games to go is nothing I would have expected at the start of the season. However I do expect us to beat Rennes tomorrow and qualify for the QFs so will be gutted if we don’t progress.

    2. He was taught by Wenger, the man who once got ridiculed for saying that he believes his players could go a whole season unbeaten. He’s just letting the lads know that he believes in them, and in particular how we are at the Emirates. I said it myself a short time back, that we can be merciless at the Emirates when we put our minds to it.

      I didn’t agree with people talking about our title chances in what feels like a very long time ago now, but this here, I have no problem with this, he knows these players on a day to day basis. I am sure that none of them will be shocked to hear, how Pires believes in them.

    3. If the fans dont have faith then the players certainly wont. This fanbase is too negative. And i know it’s from years of letdown from the latter half of AW’s tenure, but if there is any moment to turn Emirates into a positive atmosphere it’s now. Our rivals were able to deliver big results these last couple of weeks. If we want to be as good as them, we need to rival their performances.

  3. Had Arsenal not conceded that 3rd goal I’d have been very positive too. We have the quality to score the 3 (or more) goals needed but we never know what team will show up. Any position from 3rd to 6th could be ours at the end of the season and the Europa Leauge is in no way impossible either. However conceding that 3rd goal really made me question the level that we are at. It really showed a lack of big game nouse and a lack of leaders on the pitch, both of which we need if we want to be a top team again.

  4. We have the firepower but not the defense. Lets see what happens. And by the way, Pires tllk way to much i am sick of reading about the things he says. Always over the top with his predictions and wishes.

    1. Yes!!! I met him a couple of times in India. It is clear as daylight that he is a Gooner at heart.

  5. Haha Sam I admire your enthusiasm and positivity but hold on. You did say we would finish in the top four in wenger last season

  6. Just wondering, when did Bob Pies take over running the U23 team as I thought it was Freddie Ljungberg?

  7. There is nothing like being hopeful of what’s possible. Its what makes the players and manager and fans dream.

    I heard this last week that United and Spurs are still favourites to qualify for top 4.
    And that unai is getting more out of the team then ‘the average they are’

    I think we are underrated. That’s fine, so if we win europa cup and finish top 4 in unai first season…that would be impressive.

    My opinion is that top 4 will go down to the wire. Europa cup win will only happen because we beat Renne which at this stage would mean an impressive home win.

    Laca is available ?

    1. Media has given us not credit for the United win. Fine by me. Less they talk about us the better. We are well in this top 4 race whether they like it or not. Keep going Unai!

      1. RSH, you are generally correct, but there have been some notable exceptions.It’s always good for Arsenal to stay under the radar and let the results speak for themselves.

      2. I fully agree with you. The media has some well rehearsed phrases for Arsenal which continually keep popping up: poor defence; spineless; mentally weak; bottllers; no fighting spirit; etc. A stranger would be forgiven to imagine that Arsenal is one of the poorest teams in England! What is worse is the fact that some of us have not helped our cause. Even after winning a game convincingly one sees some fans attacking individual players! To some people a true Gooner is one who is pessimistic. If you express positive feelings you are reprimanded for being over optimistic or putting your hopes too high. What message do we send? Would we blame others when they call Arsenal names? If we don’t defend our team who will? I don’t believe that being despondent is a virtue; it is a vice which must not be allowed to prevail in us.

  8. Well, I ve just read the headline, and the article, but can’t find where Pires said “we will win the EL and make the top four”. I can see where he says we can win them, which is completely different to the headline.

    1. Don’t you think though it is a shame to let the truth ,as you clearly stated it, to get in the way of a hopeful but not esp realistic theory! If it makes them happy going along with wishful fantasies, then what harm does it do. It is all the more helpful for me as a professional bettor who constantly makes money betting against fans of all big teams who skew the true odds, in favour of what they WISH will happen, rather than what is statistically most likely. Long may this silliness remain say I. And it will!

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