Arsenal won’t need to buy anyone if our youngsters keep impressing

Emery has made it clear that he is always willing to give our youngsters confidence, as we have seen with Arsenal moving on a lot of our older players and playing Guendouzi, Nketiah and Willock last season. Now we are seeing a host more of reserves being given a chance. As Emery said ahead of tomorrow’s game against Standard Liege when asked about our young stars becoming a big part of his future plans. He said: “But this is not [just] now. This academy, the Arsenal academy, was in the history a very big academy. Also, the responsibility in each moment as a club, as a coach in each moment, is to have the responsibility to give them chances.

“When I arrived here, the same, I know I have a big responsibility with the club and also the academy and after is to look for the best performance every time. In training, in the matches… but also giving the young players chances to be with us in training, if they deserve to play, give them chances to play, and after if they are playing well, they have more chances to be with us and to play in more matches. We are doing that. Last year, we started working in every training with Willock, with Eddie Nketiah and with other players. There are a lot of players in the academy that are close to us and we want to give them that opportunity.

“Now is the same, I don’t know in other clubs if they are doing the same. Some clubs more, some others less, but our responsibility is our responsibility and Arsenal’s responsibility, the Arsenal coach’s responsibility.”

And it is our tradition. I remember in his job acceptance speech he made a point of talking about our youngsters as a focal point. Maybe he is not just looking at the short-term fix?



  1. Let’s hope Freddie is the guiding force in mentoring them and not get them confused in the head with various theories.

    1. I love Freddie as much as the next, but he is completely unproven as a coach really. I certainly hope he’s as good as some people believe, but its basically just speculation and people using him to show their contempt for Emery. Wasn’t Henry supposedly a great coach, with more experience, and look what happened to him when he took over at Monaco.

      1. @Nitsram
        Henry was never touted as a”good coach”. He had no experience save being the number 2 for the Belgium national squad. He was offered the coaching job for the U23s by AW, but didn’t want to give up his pundit job. Freddy has nurtured the young players we see coming through the ranks now. Does that make him ready to take over the first team? It remains to be seen…

        1. Freddie coached the under 15s for one year and the under 23s for another (with a spell as wolfsburg assistant for 6 months in between). Henry coached the under 18s (although not as head coach) for about 18 months and was then assistant at Belgium for a couple of years. He was indeed thought of very highly as a coach with arsenal- if you look back at interviews from the time he was given quite a lot of credit for there’s performances in the youth league.

  2. Our youth represent themselves well. Willock and Saka definitely knocking on the door now for 1st team chances. Nelson lagging a bit in my opinion, but ESR looks good when he’s healthy.

    Martinelli is looking a solid player and hungry, and I’d count Saliba as youth also; 19 years old when he comes in the Summer. Can’t forget Guendouzi either at 20 looking very good.

    Very very promising for clubs future, and hopefully they will be challenging for time in the starting 11.

    Tip my cap to Josh, Raul, Edu, and Freddie. Fabulous job building for the future.

    1. Yes, and most credit to UE for developing them further and for putting his faith in them by giving them opportunities, even in tough games.

  3. I’d love to see any academy left back given a chance, I’d rather they make school boy errors that what I see and expect from Kolasinac

  4. Of our 23 and younger players Saka, Martinelli, Tierney, Guendouzi have all impressed me

    Reiss-Nelson and Smith Rowe still need more time and matches

    Still thinking about Gnabry’s 4 goals for Bayern against Spurs

  5. Well said Admin, and you are spot on about it being our tradition. I remember those years when Wenger was showing so much faith in youth and we were repeatedly frustrated by the referees, the FA and the media spewing thei “you can’t win anything with kids…” dross.

    Emile Smith-Rowe, Bukayo Saka, Joe Willock, Eddie Nketiah, Guendouzie,

    With our conveyor belt churning out quality players of world standards, the future is bright and glorious.

    1. Gunnerphilic,

      Guendozi isn’t our academy product, same as Martinelli isn’t. They are young and very good, but didn’t come through our system. Small difference.

  6. When you go with youth and you give them a chance to hone their skills and experience, the result is Serge Gnabry and the sort.

    Imagine how many English youth players are chomping at the bits looking to burst into the limelight and take over from the Frank Lampards and Wayne Rooney’s and Stevie Gerard’s of this world.

    Give youth a chance. Simple.

    1. I would rather have youth every match than having to watch horror shows from highly paid actors like AMN, Socrates, Luiz, Mustafi (last season and before), Kolasinac, Mesut Ozil (remember the Baku finals and many more)Granit Xhaka, Pepe – almost a team. We saw enough of Peter Cech, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Welbeck last year. Some are gone, some are going, some have to go. Today no one thinks of Iwobi, because we have Sako/ Gabriel. No one will remember Socrates once Rob comes back. Granit Xhaka will be history when the new coach restores Torrera to his CDM position and plays young Willok. Ozil will be history in Jan hopefully.

        1. NY_Gunner, AMN has horror shows from the LB position, I do not remember him ever having a decent game. An upgrade is required as an understudy for Hector. I do not see Unai lasting beyond Christmas, so hopefully Freddie steps up as caretaker or a new coach is hired.We have several good players, however Unai’s tactics or acumen is an issue as the players under perform every match gifting goals and points to our opponents. Points lost due to callousness (Pool -1, Watford-2, Spurs -2, Utd – 2, that is 7 possible points lost due to wrong tactics/selection) We could have been in second spot if we had a coach with a strong character.Some fans are happy with a fourth place, this season with the investment done over two seasons, a top three is the bare minimum.I am doubtful if Unai can deliver that. Over to Josh, Raul and Edu to make the right decision, sentiments apart.

          1. AMN is no LB my Friend! Get fact right, football aint a guessing game.

            Yes, NY Gunner, he is a very high rated kid from our Academy.

            The main issue Bellerin will face as well is Pepe not chasing ball, a 80M Diva ho watches Auba run all game long as Niles who then must handle Pepe’s LB and his own winger.

            Now, post is on youngsters, no one credits Wenger for that, our teams since leaving highbury with no money been made of youngsters he brought into first team, Song, Wilshere, Adebayor, Coq, Ramsey, forgot 2 LBs names, Bellerin, van Persie, sczeni, Gnarby, OX, Walcott..Martinez, Willock, Nketia, Nelson Saka, Rowe, holding are next in that Logic and devellopment.

            He brought them and kept them in at some point. To see Emery get credit for that is ludacris and amnesia as all Wenger did.

            Anyhow, that age means nothing, game Time helps fulfill young players devellopment to PL football…

            Reality, our first team is not on the pitch, age means nothing when a player is ready, he simply needs more games, stay on the pitch, specially when showing more than other player does.

            Bellerin Mav Holding Tierny
            Niles/Gendouzi- Chambers – Willock
            Nelson Martinelli Saka

            It is Indeed a young team and Academy players but im sure they will beat any team or our so called first choice bellow,with talent and energy, fast football.

            Bellerin Mustafi Sokra/Luiz Kolas
            Torreira Xhaka Ceballos
            Pepe Auba Laca

            I kept Bellerin and wonder what happened to our LB and RB in Academy when it is no option on RB at all, Jerkinson sold and obviously a LB missing with Tierny out, who often gets injured too…

            Anyhow, the so called team B will beat our first team with speed, talent, energy, outrun them with youth…

            Point, we do have players to make a strong mix and rotation but today, we do miss 3 players, a Ndombele strong DM and beast CB as Koulibaly, a RB to fill up Bellerin. Would add a LB back but we have Kolas as an option for Tierny, nothing on RB.

            Then you can play all these young players.

            Bellerin Kouli Holding/Chambers/Mav Tierny
            Niles/Gendouzi Ndombele Willock
            Nelson/Pepe Auba/Martinelli Saka/Laca

            Instead to sign Pepe, we should have got Koulibaly & Ndombele, sell Sokra and Chambers (who had options) and make it even.

            Can make a strong team with experience as well, Ozil is a World class player but must have a team around him in order to play his part.

            Bellerin Koulibaly – Mustafi /Luiz- Tierny
            Ndombele Torreira
            Pepe Auba Laca

            This team and young players we have would compete for EPL title, we just miss 2 key players, power at CB and DM. Of course it take owners who can see that Big hole coach doesnt get, or he would have made these 2 defensive Key position as a priority; same issue last year, but that didnt change.

  7. The problem isn’t about the Coach giving them a chance, it’s more about the fans supporting them when they’re given the chance.

    Sometimes people on here act like they were professionals in their jobs(if they even had any) at the age these kids are playing.

    Now people are hailing gnabry, like they even rated him.

    BTW Admin, what do I need to do for my comments to get through faster than it currently is?

  8. Gnabry wouldn’t score 4 against Spurs if he was with us. Stop dreaming. He probably wouldn’t even get 10 goals a season when we play with 3 CDM’s in midfield.

    1. Midfielders, who also are capable and willing to defend, aren’t the same as DM’s.
      All, and I litterally mean all, top teams today play with midfielders, who take part in defending from the front. Liverpool is the prime example.
      After years of missing that important ingredient, we finally seem to be implementing it.
      I just hope, our youngsters like Willock, Smith-Rowe, Nelson etc. will learn it.

    1. Uhmm Willock is a great kid plus I see what he brings whenever he’s added in the team. Having said that, it should suffice to remind u that every player, at one point or the other, have their off days so don’t hate the kid bro. I don’t really rate Nelson though.

  9. There is great potential but they do need to buy in the middle at the back end. A couple of harsh comments on AMN – remember he isn’t a right back, he was trying to fill in, same with Chambers for that matter.

    Emery doesn’t seem to want to play Chambers at centre, not sure why compared to Luiz, Grabby Hands (Sokratis), Mustafi.

    I also think that we need a good defensive mid to sit in front of the middle. I would give Chambers a try there, can’t hurt but I still think centre back and defensive mid.

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