Arsenal working hard to keep this team together with new contracts

Arsene Wenger has been stressing all summer that it is much more important to keep the team spirit and cohesion going with keeping his Arsenal squad together rather than disrupting the equilibrium by bringing in new players.

To this effect he has made it his mission to persuade his current players to sign new contracts, even Tomas Rosicky who had indicated that he would prefer to find first team football elsewhere. Theo Walcott was signed up at the beginning of the season, and now it has been revealed that Nacho Monreal has agreed a three year extension as well. This may seem strange as the Spaniard is 29 years-old, but Wenger believes that defenders careers can go on much longer than strikers.

More importantly the latest rumours are saying that Arsenal are already planning to offer Alexis Sanchez a longer and much improved contract, especially as there are whispers that Real Madrid are sniffing around to see if he can snatch the Chilean genius from us.

The came goes for Mesut Ozil, who has really started to show his worth to the team at last. Maybe Wenger could call them both into the office at the same time and persuade them to stay together for the rest of their careers.

Hector Bellerin, Olivier Giroud and Joel Campbell all signed extensions in the summer but I doubt very much that Matthieu Debuchy or Matthieu Flamini will be staying on after this season. Mikel Arteta is already on a one-year contract, and I imagine if he is granted an extension it will be so that he can step up his coaching role with the youngsters


  1. it seems like a waste of the clubs money sometimes, that we just keep giving out pay rises to players just to keep then at the club. shouldnt they want to stay to win trophies an to make a name for themselves at the arsenal, seems the club is more interested in wasting the clubs cash on bigger contracts for most of our first team players, make then earn it first and win the league for us. if not then keep them on what they are at the moment, we should be using the cash for bigger transfers on bigger players. it a massive blag to keep giving our bigger names yearly pay rises, trying to compensate for not winning biggest trophies, so we have to placate them with a bigger wage instead sad really. the quicker we get a new manager in that will win and wants to win the biggest prizes, the players will want to stay and stay to win, and not want massive wages to go with it but for success instead.

    1. Note that Sanchez can earn far higher at Manure, City and Chelsea. Don’t you think if the look at worse players earning far higher than them they can be demoralized? Extend the contracts of good one to keep them. Sanchez should be 5 years.

      1. there are far worst players than sanchez in this league that earn well over the top wages, and much higher than what he is currently, on we are lucky he is a very humble guy in general, and doesn’t seem to be greedy for a bigger wage, that works well for us. so we dont have him and ozil knocking on the door looking for £200,000 a week anytime soon. we should count ourselves very fortunate indeed that they dont, our wage bill is creeping up to the £200 million mark that is getting up to real madrid/city/chelsea territory wage bill, and we are not winning enough big trophies to justify such a massive wage bill. if we can win the league then my point is very pointless indeed. but if we dont then how can the club justify just upping the wage bill to a c/l winning side proportions. i do agree though we should be looking to get sanchez/ozil signed up for life in a long term extension, that would be a great move for the club in the shorter term.

  2. I see a good Coach in mikel Arteta.
    I said it first.

    I really love watching TR7 playing for us but it’s time to let him go to spartak Praque to finish career, flamini should also go back to his boyhood club-Marseille and retire.

    1. Your not going to find many with Tomas’s ability willing to take up a squad position, Jack Aaron Santi Arteta are all ahead of him rightly or wrongly but he’s still a great option. If he wants to go that is a different story. He is aged but in past we have gotten rid of experience to cheaply.

  3. I am worried that Arsenal will be in danger of losing Alexis Sanchez to Real. Real always have shown a way to strong-arm premier league teams and Man utd comes to my mind. Last year it was Eden Hazard a player with flair and technique he was targeted by Real through newspapers.
    I hope that person Guillem Balague does not start another raid of his own through Sky which of course is very effective. The Spanish media is very much a rotten-worm which is the worst and i despise them at cellular level. This will be Wenger’s biggest test and if he loses him to Real i don’t want him at Arsenal anymore! period.

    1. As long as Ronaldo is there, Sanchez will not go to Real. He did not forget that he was second, third to Messi, Ibra or Neymar. Seal the deal now, give him what he ask and be done with it. I don’t believe fans from Udinese or Barcelona loved him as Gooners do.

      1. Don’t think he’ll ever go to Spain full stop. He’s a passionate guy and would probably think that going to Madrid would be betrayal to Barca, and he wouldn’t go anywhere else in England. That leaves what Munich, PSG maybe Juve, doubt it, I think we’ve got him for good pretty much but might need to raise his contract a little bit.

        1. i don’t think Real has the same clout as they did few years ago, there seams to be a bee line to the EPL it fast becoming the top country to be playing in, its where the money is right now,

          and lets not forget what Real did to David De Gea almost ruined him

    1. Monreal is 4th best player in the league, and 2nd best player at Arsenal, according to latest Sky Power Rankings!

  4. Rooney earning 300k and cant even run. Alexis runs round the pitch, have you noticed that sanchez always wins 50/50 challenges, not to mention lethal finishing and wicked dribbling skills, the ball seems tp be glued to his feet, crown all that with humility, he also makes his team mates better eg. chile team, now its rubbing off on Arsenal players. I say he deserves a contract in excess of 200k less tax. COYG

  5. Sanches is Arsenal’s long term plan so he doesn’t go anywhere.

    Monreal is the most under rated player in the PL. He deserves the contract extension.

  6. somebody who is really close to Rafa Benitez and has his best interest at heart should gently whisper to him that “Sanchez is NOT for sale at any price”. Not even Ronaldo plus 50million will get him. Just tryna b polite about this…COYG

    1. don’t be surprised if Benzima jumps ship in January to the EPL, there is a lot of sHI!!T going down in the Real Camp and i think its Ronaldo calling all the shots and other players are pissed of including the management

  7. why real Madrid doesn’t create their own star??? despite always buying star player…
    no body knew sanchez went in barcelona…

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