Arsenal would be much better without stupid work permit rules

Why Wenger is right about work permits by KJ

Just yesterday, Arsene Wenger admitted that Arsenal were looking into signing the Brazilian centre back, Gabriel Paulista. However, the main factor preventing a quick transfer is the attainment of a work permit. The FA requires you to obtain a work permit for players born outside of the EU with appearances at international level determining the likelihood of receiving one. This ruling is being changed in the summer to players over the price of £10 million being allowed work permits, but there is still massive problems with the system, according to Wenger – and he’s right.

This need for a work permit has prevented Arsenal from signing top players on numerous occasions when they were unknown quantities. That list includes the likes of Messi, Di Maria, Yaya Toure and so on. They can’t get a work permit because they are too young to have made international appearances and it is very difficult to convince the governing bodies that these players are exceptionally talented at such a young age. This means that these players will end up in the likes of Serie A and La Liga instead.

The smaller clubs have a great opportunity at signing these non-EU players for cheap when they are young and there is always the possibility that they’ll make a phenomenal team (look at Atletico Madrid). If not, you can sell on the players to the bigger clubs around Europe and keep the process going. This can’t happen for Premier League clubs which prevents some of the smaller ones from ever achieving greatness.

The main objection to providing work permits for non-EU players is the fear that they’ll stunt the development of English talent. That is absolute rubbish. If the English players are good enough, they will always get a chance at the top level. The likes of Wilshere and Chamberlain for example would’ve still got the chances because they are just that talented. The addition of talented South Americans for example to English youth teams is actually beneficial. They can introduce a more technical play style to the youth leagues in general and force a shift away from physical football to technical football – a shift that has occurred in Spain and Germany especially. England is way behind on a youth level because of the type of football that is played – not the type of footballers that are allowed to play.

Wenger as always is spot on with the development of English football. He sees the Premier League being left behind by the others because we have too many sanctions allowing mediocre players to succeed whilst forcing great players to try their luck in Spain or Italy instead.


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  1. muda says:

    I adjusting the rule can only help them (FA) too, because when there’s so many talented young foreiners then, it will take a great uk talent to be picked. which means the quality of there players will be very high, but the quantity will reduce. so its theirs to choose between quality and quantity of their products.

    1. YingYang69 says:

      Also the problem is that the Brits must not have enough ambition or belief, if the youngsters arent getting near the pl standard they should take a leaf and move to smaller league than prem but better than down the divisios, moving to Holland France Portugal they would become better all rounded players. Problem is they always choose to stay home.

      I think this would help the quantity side.

  2. dilla says:

    Dumb rule made by the FA to protect British talent and hinder international signings. The invincibles were MADE out of international players. Wenger remains one of the best in the business at spotting young talent. PLUS, isn’t the BPL the most international league? Almost every squad is made up of more than half internationals.

    Imagine if every league had the permit rules. Messi might never have become Messi without Barca. Ronaldo might never have developed in Portugal the way he did at UTD. We might never have signed Sanchez or Henry, Viera. If anything this rule HINDERS players from being in the best league in the world. Time for a change.

  3. Cappieee says:

    Whatever happens. Wenger has to get dis paulista deal done. then maybe get anoda player in. Future looking great. Can’t wait to see Ozil & Theo play 2mao. buzzing for a 2-0 win.

  4. YingYang69 says:

    Everyone must know it starts from the ground up. Making their paths unobstructed makes little sense to me, unless your thinking about keeping the signing fees within Britain. The schoolboy aka grass roots training methods needs evolving as most are aware. Wenger is right on this one, what Sam said about if he were in France was unthoughtful per usual and very stereotypical i might add. France is where many foreign imports begin and the french national team benefits greatly from training with them to them then gaining french citizenship. Look how weak the French league looks compared with the prem, and yet look at the French national team, Sam should have thought further on the matter. Barca Spain ect like France are allotted lengthy time with minors and are also cherry picking south America and Africa respectively hence its no coincidence that these countries have a wealth of talent. Then we have England making sure there is room for all who want to play the game, doesnt matter if you werent taught how to be technical, ambidextrous, comfortable in possession or a great passer because all that matters is that you have a British passport, also an advantage would be pace and can pass the ball forward asap hoping for the best.

  5. AYZAY says:

    Correct! Thats why wenger almost everybody, i understand , almost.

    1. AYZAY says:

      Almost signed everybody

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    its time for a change….

    time.for a new manager….time to rebuild

  7. rkw says:

    a week left in the window…a team struggling for 4th place again…gaps in team that are atl east 4 years old still unfilled… and the probhlem is ….work permit rules…..does anyone with an iq over 7 actually believe the crap that this guy spews

  8. tissiam says:

    @hafiz rahman:PLEASE GO AWAY MAN!!

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