Arsenal would currently be in Premier League top-four without VAR

A study has shown that Arsenal would be sat fourth in the Premier League table if VAR had not been in operation this season.

The Gunners currently occupy sixth in the table, two points behind Manchester United who currently hold onto fourth, but things could have been better for us.

It turns out refereeing decisions have gone against us when consulting VAR, and a study has now claimed that we would still be in the Champions League places if the technology had not been in use this term.

The study by ESPN claims that while we would only have one more point without the use of the technology, our rivals would all be worse off.

This new table was formed in the pretence that any penalty decisions that were overturned by VAR were scored, with all offside calls made by VAR which were not noticed by referees have all been counted as valid goals.

Interestingly, the majority of the top ten was unaffected in the table, with just West Ham and United dropping down one position, while Newcastle are the team who has been hurt most by the use of VAR at the other end of the scale.

I don’t think there would be much issue with VAR if the decisions made were consistent, but the fact that human error is still possible even with the technology, it can never be fool-proof unfortunately.


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  1. Very flawed and rediculous because comparing our VAR decisions without comparing others is scewed. Removing our VAR decisions and not other teams is just silly. Like it or not we ALL play under the same process and its equal.

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