Arsenal would not have scored in another two hours against BATE

There is no getting away from the fact that Arsenal were dire against the Belarus Champions BATE on Thursday night and only managed three shots on target in the whole 90 minutes, although we did get the ball in the back of the net once. Petr Cech thinks it was just one of those nights. “We didn’t take our chances.” he told “I think that in the first half we played well and created enough chances to go ahead in the game, but unfortunately we didn’t take our chances and we conceded in the last minute of the half, which obviously gives them a lot of confidence and belief.

“In the second half they were waiting for the counter-attack and we were trying to find our way to score the goal and we scored one, but it was ruled as offside. We got the result we didn’t want. We want to score goals and we want to win and we want to put ourselves in a good position for the second leg, but we’ve made it more difficult for ourselves.”

A lot of fans were complaining about the state of the pitch, but Cech doesn’t think we can use that as an excuse. “It was the same for both teams. With a better pitch we would probably have put away the chances we had because you would have better service for the player, but it was the same for both teams. Regardless of that we had enough chances to win the game and we didn’t do that. We have to make sure we win the home leg now and I’m sure we can do that.”

And just to emphasise how bad a night it was for us he concluded: “Today was one of those games where if you play another couple of hours we wouldn’t have scored, but there are games like that in football. You try, you play and sometimes you go home with the result you don’t want, but you have to pick yourself up and make sure that you’re ready for the second leg. That’s the advantage of a two-leg play-off; if one game is bad you can always make up for it.”

Of course we won’t have Lacazette on the pitch at the Emirates after his sending off just to make it even harder, but with home advantage surely we can get revenge. But can we win by two clear goals if BATE just come and defend with eleven men?

Darren N


  1. S says:

    When a team of tractor drivers (yes they’re literally the Ipswich Town of Belarus) only need to defend to knock us out, you know things aren’t great for this once proud football club. A club whose fans bicker on message boards every day. A club whose rivals take immense pride in laughing at. A club who can be seven points clear at the top yet not win the league simply because of their ability to implode every season. Need I say more? If you are supporting this club it’s not for glory. It’s for the hope that you’ll come good, which never passes. It’s like finally being able to do a forward roll when everyone else in your gymnastics class is already doing their handstands.

  2. Trudeau says:

    Nice 4 nil win for the U23s last night via Spurs. When are we going to see some of these guys in prime time? Our first teamers are sinking before our eyes, time to see if some of these U23s can swim (especially the defenders)

    1. Leon says:

      We have some fantastic young players coming through.
      Bar a few players (Aubameyang, Torreira, Guendouzi, Lacazette and Maitland Niles) I have no faith in the first team at all.
      I would love to see some of these guys come though.
      Just have to take a chance…..

      1. A.ball08 says:

        Couldn’t agree more with the pair of you ?
        We have an abundance of left and right backs in the under 23. Who have pace and skill to slot in to the first team and most of all they look disciplined. In fact it would be an upgrade on what we have now and they couldn’t do any worse

    2. Sue says:

      Brilliant result! Willock’s at it again…?

      1. Sue says:

        At least the U23’s know how to win away………

    3. A.ball08 says:

      Quick question trudeau as you seem to know a bit about our under 23
      Why has Zelalem gone backwards
      Burst on to the scene seasons ago. Remember him on tour and looked incrediblely mature for a 16 year old. Thought he might be our next play maker for the future. Reminded me a bit of Paul Davis and any one old enough will remember him landing a punch that took out Glen cockerill jaw …AJ would have been proud to have land a punch like that..
      Went out on loan a few times including rangers and gone backwards?

      1. Leon says:

        Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah, Joe Willock, Emile Smith-Rowe, Jordi Osei Tuto and Bukayo Saka makes me believe Arsenal’s future is much rosier than thought – Fantastic young players.
        Bring these players in and a few experienced top quality players and Arsenal will look a much stronger prospect.
        The biggest task on Arsenal’s hands right now is getting rid of the dross that has accumulated at the club…

    4. Kenny says:

      As what I have commented previously, Emery is a conservative manager. If ?no money?, Please use and develop the youngsters. Arsenal can only in top 4 when other top teams have injuries that affect their performances.

  3. Pat says:

    Am lost actually, i don’t know what we are doing, I don’t know what method we play, I can’t confidently predict our results, we don’t create, we don’t score enough, and we don’t defend. We are out of balance, fans are always unsettled during games. I think it is a waste of my money. Happy weekend everyone.

  4. Cliff says:

    It is not easy to be an arsenal fan.I have seen so many incomprehensible stuff happen to this club and you are left wondering why?common sense would have dictated that before letting Ramsey run down his contract we should have already signed a replacement who is better than the departing one.But look at us,Juventus already announced Ramsey as their player,his mind is already in Turin he cant help us anymore.Then the other character who we would turn to for creativity (Ozil) is frozen out or he chooses not to play,we are left to rely on a 19yr old in his first season in top flight football to carry the team .Then we sit there expecting for a miracle to happen.
    As at now our team is in shambles.A very thin and average squad and a manager who is yet to figure out the best 11 and a suitable formation for the team.
    Truth is as much as Emery may not like Ozil for whatever reasons,Arsenal has no luxury of having such a player on the bench and so he must play.If kolasinac was a striker he could have scored more than one goal against Bate.You could clearly see the lack of maturity in AMN and Guenduzi when the game was calling for composure and experience.This is just a bad situation we are in.
    Unless something changes soon at the Arsenal we are going to hit another all time low very soon.

    1. Sue says:

      ?? nice one Cliff

      1. Cliff says:

        Welcome Sue.

  5. Grandad says:

    Spot on Cliff.

    1. Leon says:

      Perhaps they already believe we have a ready made replacement for Ramsey – Joe Willock.
      Ramsey has been a loyal player but Arsenal have shown the same loyalty back.
      And truth be told he is a good player but not a great player and not worth £400k per week.
      Ridiculous money…
      Arsenal have lost much, much better players than Ramsey and survived.
      I believe Joe Willock will turn out to be a better all round player…

      1. Damian says:

        Bate will park their tractors for the return leg

        1. Sarmmie says:

          They’re bringing its station
          Especially if they happen to score one before we do

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