Arsenal writes to season ticket holders about their intentions for the suspended season

Arsenal has written to their fans to inform them that they intend to return to the football pitch and finish this season.

This season’s Premier League has been disrupted by the coronavirus epidemic and the Premier League, EFL and FA have all agreed to postpone games in their competitions until further notice.

Arsenal has been one of the teams that have been affected and the Gunners have decided to reach out to their season ticket holders to inform them of their stance.

The Gunners have about 3,000 premium members who pay around £6k per season to become season ticket holders.

The Gunners deemed it fit to reach out to their loyal fans about the situation of things instead of leaving them in the dark.

In the email, the club assured fans that they intend to complete their matches this season and they would only do that when it has become safe.

The email read as published by the Mirror: “We continue to plan on being able to play our outstanding matches. We all want to be back playing football as soon as we possibly can, but only when it is safe to be doing so.

“As a result, we have decided to extend the Platinum Membership renewals deadline while we await greater clarity around the football calendar.

“We are continuously monitoring the situation and we will let you know when a new deadline is confirmed.”


  1. Arsenal letting the fans know at least a little of what is going on! Whatever next! Perhaps Silent Stan has had a change of his absent heart and finally decreed that our fans be treated as human beings with a value. But then again, why am even I now writing fantasy!

    1. A little harsh Jon…we both have the same feelings about kronkie…BUT he is based in America, where they are tackling this virus in a different way.

      The people he pays a fortune to run the club are those that need to keep us updated wouldn’t you agree, especially as they are based in the UK (one assumes).

      I have just been listening to the latest from the P.M. and, thank goodness it seems that we have a united UK on this issue – something that doesn’t seem to be happening over the pond at the moment.

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