Arsenal XI for Bayern friendly with Lacazette up front

This is a big step up in quality for Arsenal today as the pre-season build up gets serious in China with a match against our recent tormentors Bayern Munich. So far Arsenal fans have seen Arsene Wenger give everyone a run out and he has introduced the new striker Alexandre Lacazette quite gently.

We all expected the French international to be the new first choice centre forward but he has been playing out wide up until now, but against the German champions the former Lyon star will start in the centre forward position, although whether he will be up there on his own with Ozil on one side and Welbeck on the other or whether the Gunners try a strike pairing remains to be seen.

The boss is once again going for three at the back, with Mertesacker in the middle, Monreal on the left and Bielik on the right in front of Cech in goal. With Coquelin and Xhaka in central midfield the other summer signing Kolasinac and the young Gunner Maitland-Niles will play on the flanks and if Ozil plays his usual number 10 role they should have plenty of width, like so.

Bielik, Mertesacker, Monreal
Maitland-Niles, Coquelin, Xhaka, Kolasinac
Welbeck, Lacazette

Can this Arsenal team give Bayern a better run for their money than in the last three meetings?



    1. this is a friendly brother and we need to see all the players especially the young ones. I still believe that we are missing something in this team, urgency and the belief. I hate when watching my team see that they do not believe in themselves. I hope this year they are going to be ruthless. I like the idea of Lacazette upfront, he is very quick and can turn the defenders left right and center
      Go Gunners

    1. You tell me, I can’t remember who played for them some months back, all I can recall is a blur!!

  1. @ Joseph

    I’m sure the Board will have you on their shortlist when AW does eventually go. Now please remind us of all your experience and qualifications in world class football club management…..

  2. Bayern dont bother me, unless they drop to the europa, am more worried abt the first 3 epl games
    and we need Ramsey to perform this season or a miracle to happen to Cazorla

  3. I don’t care if we win or lose.What I want to see is our mentality during the game.Pur poor mentality was exposed by Bayern in the UCL.They are so mentally strong that they can cause cricket scorelines of you allpw them to.I want to see if we’ve really progressed with this mentality thing or it’s same ol same old.Trust me guys this is not just a normal preseason match but a test of mentality.If we had strong mentality we would’ve won the EPL twice in about thirteen years.

    1. You can watch the match at just look for the match by scrolling,click and that’s it.

    1. My link to the game is ‘awaiting moderation’???? However the Arsenal defence is as useless as ever and the ref is clueless.

    1. Yes, we are always unlucky against Bayern, almost always conceding penalties against them….by the way, how is Lacazette doing by the way??

    2. The team is doing well but the middle is too defensive.Coquelin is been very very gpod today so we need to substitute Xhaka who’s struggling.

    1. Once you are playing against Arsenal and Cech is on the post, just create penalty somehow and you will be sure of goal.

      1. yep, i dont think ive ever seen cech save a penalty? certainly not for us anyway! they had a goal wrongfully ruled out for offside so the scoreline is at least fair now haha!

    1. Admin not allowing a direct link so anyone not able to watch I suggest a search on google something like this:
      cricfree watch live bayern munchen vs arsenal

    1. Talking Heads reality…”Same as it ever was”

      If Arsene would only swallow his enormous ego and realize that Arsenal have enough creativity going forward and partner Xhaka with a Carvalho or Matic type. Coquelin isnt good enough technically and well Ramsey and El Neny are Mickey Mouse Cup level at best.

      But we know this script, death, taxes and Ramsey starting in the middle.

  4. These refs are an embarrassment. Every yellow has been wrong, the penalty was wrong, the offside goal was wrong.

  5. Poor refereeing, but i thought it benefitted Arsenal in regards to goal, ok lets look at the match.

    First half
    Laca just got a few touches of the ball, one clear opportunity, which found the keeper and looked a little sluggish (training and heat)

    Welbeck did not look himself, was not buzzing around as normal, but when he was on the ball made good use, should have an assist for a pass to Ozil. One of the players probably suffering from the (heat and training)

    Ozil (not my favourite player), but was one of arsenal better players trying to find away through Bayern defence, hope he does this through the season.

    Couguelin busy in the tackle and breaking up the play, got a yellow of course but he had a lot of work in the midfield.

    Xhaka not mobile enough, although he did block a certain goal, his mobility is still a major question and will be seen when he comes across more mobile midfielders like today.

    BACK 5
    Niles worked hard and had trouble with the pace and trickery of Ribery and Bayern left back who trick referee in giving a penalty against Arsenal, but kept is composure through match and finish the game well.

    Beilik seems like an accomplish CB already, should have assist Niles with the covering more but had a good game.

    Elneny you could see did not have much experience in the CB position, was caught out several times, but grew in the game.

    Monreal was the most senior and tried to organise as best as he could , but was difficult.

    Kola showed glimpses of what he could do, got caught out several times and eventually had to be removed.

    Cech kept us in the game with some wonderful saves

    Second Half
    While Bayern boss the first, our youngsters provided more energy and intensity in the second half, so we were on equal footing. Iwobi scored the equaliser.

    In all a good run out, which we won on penalties.

    Hope the sick recover soon and the tired get some rest

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