Confirmed Arsenal XI to get an away win at Leicester

Arsenal want to end this disappointing Premier League seqason on some sort of positive note and the best way to do that would be to end our record of not getting a single point away from home in 2016, and I reckon that the 11 players picked by Arsene Wenger to face Leicester City tonight has what it takes.

Maitland-Niles, Mavropanos, Holding, Kolasinac
Ramsey, Iwobi, Xhaka
Mkhitaryan, Welbeck, Aubameyang

Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Mustafi, Nelson, Nketiah, Osei-Tutu, Willock

I hope that this starting line-up from the Gunners can do the business as well, because the bench is not exactly filled with players you would think could turn a tough contest. Fair enough for the departing boss, though, as he sticks with the idea of giving some youth and some fringe players a chance when there is nothing really riding on the result.

It would be great for the defensive pairing of Holding and Movrapanos to perform well and for the exciting attacking players to show what they could do in the future. The home team will not want to oblige but they have even less to play for and may already be on the beach, so is this Arsenal side about to give us not just a point but an away win?



  1. st sass says:

    nothing to play for, good to see the young lads though. coyg

    1. #MAGA says:

      There’s lots to play for!
      A win, 3 points, victory at Leicester.
      Our fans who will be there.
      Some hope for next season.
      If you’re a Gooner, there is lots to play for!

      1. st sass says:

        well mate, am a gooner. the season has already been shit. looking up to the next coach for a shake up in the squad.

  2. Ackshay says:

    wenger giving some game time to Mavropanos and Holding is good but where is lacazette ? the man is on fire and he is a player who form relies on confidence, good chance to get some goals and assists. 14 goals in a debut season is ok, 1 less than media-love firmino and 2 less than 75m lukaku.
    Aubameyang/ lacazette will be fire next season with mkhitaryan and ozil behind finally we will have serious fire-power. the new coach has to fix the defence and def midfield organisation and upgrade some position and we will challenge for the title(winning would require tremendous effort and luck). 47pts at home means we are not as bad as this season suggest, we cannot thrash a team at home and lose without a fight away to the same team. its like we are superman at home and every team uses kryptonite away so we are weak.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Firmino earned his popularity because he scored a lot as a false nine

      I doubt Lacazette and Ozil would stay next season

  3. qone says:

    hopefully hoping for our first win away. nothing to play for but for the jersey the players are wearing. nothing then a win will pleases me. i hate to lose. gooner = forever

  4. Sue says:

    There are 3 points to play for!! Pity no Laca tonight… but at least Auba, Mkhi, Mavropanos & Kolasinac are! COYG

  5. John0711 says:

    AMN at RB and XHAKA PLAYING !!!!!!!!!!!
    Nothing changes good luck at PSG, Madrid, Barca, Bayern,Juventus or Barnsley

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      I know – play niles in the middle of the park, if you want to rest Bellerinn for some reason play a youngster there who actually plays right back.

      1. John0711 says:

        Spot on, cannot wait for this man to leave. a total disconnection from the fans

  6. jon fox says:

    Is Chambers injured? If not there can be no sane reason to leave him out of the eleven and even the subs too. Merts in and Chambers out???????? UNLESS CHAMBERS IS INJURED OR ILL, and I have missed it, in which case I retract this comment.

    1. John0711 says:

      Jon ive just read Wilshires wife has gone into Labour. Lacca and Belerin are being rested f knows what for lol. and No injuries reported so just another delusional selection

  7. COYG_CA says:

    WTF?!!! Let’s just effing pass the ball to the other team . . . even in our own box with heavy pressure!!
    Time to turn TV off. JOKE . . . .

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Yeah shocking defending as always! Not one, but two of them can’t even clear a ball! 1-0 down, now down to ten men, can I be bothered now? Haha. I doubt we’re going to do an Atletico with 10. I said 3-1 to Leicester before KO, so I’ll revise it to 3-0 now.

  8. st sass says:

    1 down

  9. Sue says:

    Oh f f s down to 10 & 1-0 down…. ?

  10. Sue says:

    So much for an away point or 3…. ☹

  11. Me says:

    Arsenal are just utter garbage.
    No top manager would want to manage Arsenal.
    Top managers go to top clubs.
    We get lumbered with a bunch of w**kers who cannot be bothered.
    And Stavros just got sent off.
    Useless sack of crap…

  12. Me says:

    Oh great spanner mustafi is on.
    So f**king thick he can’t even kick a football.
    Useless bag of shite…

  13. Me says:

    This season marks the end of Arsenal as a “big” club
    This is his legacy.
    To leave us with utter crap at the club…
    Good riddance.
    And take the American with him…

  14. AndersS says:

    Wenger classic.
    Strange team selection, partnering our worst defender (Holding) with our most inexperienced (mavropanos) and a midfield with as good as no defensive skills to protect the back line.
    At least it is a reminder for why we need a new manager.

  15. ZAMAD says:


  16. RSH says:

    no point in getting upset. Changes are coming. Better to make these mistakes early in your career with games that dont matter. Let see if we can get a draw out of this.


    Wow, this man loves to lose. Wenger out!!!!

  18. Me says:

    Spanner Mustafi.
    Running around like a headless chicken.
    Reminds me of Corporal Jones from Dads Army.
    Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring !

  19. John0711 says:

    Anyone seen Council and his tattoo ?

  20. Arsene is Out says:

    To be perfectly honest, this is a non-game and I dont care if we win or loose, but somebody tell me wtf is wrong with Wenger? What is he doing? Why does he put AMN at right back, why insist on Xhaka, why not play Chambers with Mavros they were beginning to make a decent paring.

    If i didnt know any better i would say he was sabotaging the team. Well he is in a way, isn’t he? by just being himself.

    Good riddance.

  21. Sue says:

    Why are we so good at home & so poor away????

  22. Sue says:

    Thank you Pierre

  23. Kedar says:

    Iwobi is Pathetic…

    1. Sue says:

      He’s back to normal then! He was in team of the week after Sunday’s game ?

  24. Kedar says:

    We might have won it if it would have 11 against 11

  25. ME says:

    I don’t care who they bring in
    No one can fix this
    No one…

    1. Lexynal says:

      Are you still staying?

  26. Sue says:

    Our 13th loss…. ?

    1. Sue says:

      51 goals conceded…. ???

      1. John0711 says:

        Correct sue yet when I last looked we are the third top scorers yet Wenger could not see the problem

  27. ME says:

    I have seen corpses with more talent and intelligence than Spanner Mustafi
    Why can he not get injured?

  28. John0711 says:

    Only a fool will continue to do the same things and expect different results

    Xhaka Mustafi nearly 80 million let that sink in

  29. Hez says:

    Mikhi is so very poor too

  30. John0711 says:

    I’m finding it so hard to respect “the legend”

  31. Sue says:

    I guess it was too much to ask to win 2 games in a row….. was buzzing after Sunday, now back to reality

  32. ME says:

    I think today is the day when I say f*ck it – I can no longer be bothered to waste my time, breath and energy following them.
    I want to see them FAIL and fall on their asses.
    They don’t deserve the support they get.
    Not one f**king point away from home in 2018.
    Good riddance…

  33. Tim says:

    That these players can do so well at home and so poorly away suggests it’s matter of character not lack of skill. Wenger can instruct the players but he can’t play the game for them.They have to perform on the pitch. Talk of an immediate mass cull of the playing staff is silly . No team does well with a heavy influx of new players in one season. The new manager needs to be given time to gradually reshape the team.

    1. stubill says:

      The voice of reason.

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