Arsenal young Guns spell the end for Podolski and Campbell?

The tension has been building between the Arsenal fringe players Lukas Podolski and Joel Campbell and the manager Arsene Wenger all season, if you believe what you read in the papers. The young Costa Rican international has claimed that he is happy to fight for his place in the Gunners team, but we keep hearing rumours that he is not happy and wants to move on if he does not start playing more.

Our German World Cup winning striker has made no secret of his own frustration, although Wenger has recently declared that Podolski is still part of his plans. But that may not be strictly true or the Frenchman may have changed his mind, according to a report in The Times. The paper claims that the two Arsenal forwards will be allowed to leave in the January transfer window and there are plenty of clubs around Europe lining up to take them.

Campbell’s move could still be a loan move, possibly to a Premier League club to gain him some experience, with Everton and West Brom set to battle for his signature. But some fans will be concerned that Wenger is leaving the Arsenal squad at risk of being exposed, yet again, to a key player or two getting injured and then maybe struggling to replace the two in the transfer market next summer.

But two of the young strikers on Arsenal’s books could be the reason why the boss is not worried about losing Podolski and Campbell. Chuba Akpom has really come on this season. He scored a hat-trick against Brighton last night and that took his goal tally to eight in just nine games and he has already played for the first team this season in the League cup, so the talented 19-year old is very close and could soon find himself on the bench a lot more often.

And then we have Benik Afobe. The 21-year old has gone goal crazy since his loan move to MK Dons this season. Another hat-trick at the weekend took his total to 18 goals already from just 23 games and only 14 of those were starts.

Are these two young Guns the reason why Wenger is not going to stand in the way of Podolski and Campbell leaving Arsenal in January?

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  1. Wenger talks about Podolski in some of his press conferences this season and says he is a great proffesional and has great respect for Podolski. This is the same thing he said about Arshavin, and then he got rid of him. So looks like Podolski will be on his way out, though I hate to say it. Now that Sanogoal has finally scored 1, he will automatically be ahead of Podolski. Common sense will tell you Podolski is a better finisher than Sanogo. Sanogo if anything is the same as Giroud.

    Joel Campbell, he too is automatically behind Wengers favourite players for RW position. 1st is Walcott, then Wengers 2nd favourite who is Chamberlain, then Wengers third favourite who is Gnabry.

    1. O my God . Sanogo gives you something different?If people really think like this I am actually speechless. So Ramsay had a good few months and he is class, Sanogo scored and he is class. So podolski had a bad game and he is useless and others deserve more chances even when they are crap after 10 games. Wow. Wegner really brainwashed some fans.

      1. I think dude has lost his mind. Podolski has best goals per game ratio in his first and second season despite rarely playing in the middle.

        That is what he offers. It is called goals. They win games. Ozil and Cazorla don’t offer them from the left. So no justification for Podolski being dropped.

      2. What are you on about, I think you must’ve wanted to reply to someone elses comment. Where did I say Sanogo gives us something different? I said if anything he is almost the same version as Giroud. Where did I say Podolski is useless? Where did I say Ramsey is world class.

  2. Podolski will be on his way out, which leaves Ox and Rosicky left for the spot and Cazorla can fill in there aswell (possibly Gnabry?). Campbell really needs a loan spell because I can hardly see chances for him after our League Cup elimination; most likely he has not been loaned out because Wenger was aiming for a long LC run.

  3. @HA559
    I don’t feel sorry for Podolski. He’s had chances to impressed and failed. Yeah, he’s got a deadly left foot, but when he’s not on the ball he’s invisible. Yaya offers more than Poldi wihtout a doubt. Even if he doesn’t score, he still is engaged while Poldi is merely a passenger.
    I don’t know what the situation is with Joel. I don’t know what AW expects of him.

    1. But so many other players even when they’re out of form have got so many chances like, Sanogo,Ramsey, Wilshere, Chamberlain (who has since become better with the return of Walcott), Mertersacker, excluding the last two games, Cazorla has been poor since Ozil got injured, but these players kept playing. There was quite a few games where Welbeck didn’t score as well.

      I would say Podolski is like Wilfried Bony, they don’t run a lot but they got good powerful shots, Bony might be slightly more skillful than Podolski and Podolski is more fast than Bony. But look at Bony he has scored a lot of goals recently.

      Even if Martinez keeps another cleansheet tomorrow, as soon as Scszesny returns he will retake the position automatically because he is Wengers favourite.

    2. I agree with you on the Campbell situation. If Lord Bendtner was given so many chances, surely Campbell deserves same at least.

  4. “Arsenal young Guns ”
    spell the end for Podolski + Campbell ?
    Er no.
    “Arsenal young Guns” actually spell
    Arsenal young Guns 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t mind if he is having Afobe and Akpom in mind, its better to lose Podolski than these promising youngsters!

  6. I have to admit I am proud AOB. And I see more and more fans actually can see what is going on. I really wish I still could be blind and defend Wegner and his decision but i don’t really have arguments any more to do so and I am tired to speak about the history every time to comfort myself. I don’t live in the past and I don’t care anymore I give up.

  7. Joel campbell honestly i am feeling very sorry for he is not getting an opportunity to show his true talent! Wenger is just wasting his talent, by not giving him game time! Its not fair to him!

      1. He should’ve played matches when Chamberlain was lazy. Chamberlain eventually got in form during the Burnley match, Walcott also returned on the bench for that match, coincidence? Before the Burnley match Joel should’ve played then, because Chamberlain had like 5-7 poor games before then.

        1. Look, I too am clueless on what Wenger expects out of Campbell, and after his WC I have been wanting to see more of that hunger for us. That being said, I think the Ox’s early poor form was down to him still getting his game legs back as he was recovering from the injury that took him out of the WC. Wenger does favor him, he’s been reared at the club, so that does make sense. I dunno, tough to understand why Campbell hasn’t at least been run in some of more recent and arguably weaker fixtures. I suppose our crap performances w our starters may have had something to do w that.

  8. Indeed! Feel sad as am a Podolski fan and loved Joel at World Cup, but maybe we unbalanced and need to let them go and get the defence sorted first as we have enough fire power upfront, maybe lacking 1 top top striker. A CB and a mean CDM and think we ready to go, with Afobe next season……

  9. *OT
    What the hell happened to Stoke? They used to be so solid defensively. Now, they’re all over the place at the back and midfield…

  10. We’ve got 3 capable subs (rosicky/poldi/Campbell) but every game we lose one or two people to injuries. The only times I see them playing is A) Cup games or B) if we’re already leading by 4 goals+

  11. Pretty harsh for Campbell to be pushed out by younger talent. He’s not exactly long in the tooth. Great to see Afobe banging them in but Akpom is the one that really excites me – please don’t be another JET!

    1. Do you think Wegner will give the young Gunners a chance? I have to tell you it’s not going to happen.

  12. I fear none of these young guys will not get a proper chance simply as we play with just one centre forward.a lot of young forwards Ave looked good before but never made it..vela being one of them. So basically what I’m trying to say is maybe it’s best to clear the decks and sell most of them and raise as much as posible I’m even including giroud.with him Campbell and adobe sold we should go out and get one world class centre forward..That should of been suarez but we played the fool and bid 40 million. Anyway sell them all and get a world class forward with Wellbeck his deputy simple

  13. Yes Mates c’mmon, go ahead, print dem Bigger Banners, Fly them all around in tomorrows game, let d players read them, go into the game with sunken morale, loose to the saints, then you return back here after d game to give us better reasons to send wenger Off wen indeed you should be the ones putting in ur resignations as fans of dis great club. Ur hatred for Wenger is turning you to a traitor…watch it!

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