Arsenal youngster likened to Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante

Chesterfield Assistant Simon Webb has likened Arsenal loanee Tim Akinola to Chelsea star Ngolo Kante, in the way that he sweeps us to deal with opponents attacks.

The midfielder has made a quick impression after joining on loan from the north London outfit, and the links to Kante are huge praise for the youngster who is yet to make a senior appearance for the Gunners.

Despite finding himself named on the bench for a Europa League outing back in 2019, he is yet to feature for the senior side, but if he can prove to be half the player of Kante, it makes sense as to why we have been reluctant to allow him to leave on a permanent basis.

At Chesterfield, he is already beginning to make quite the impression however, as stated by the club’s assistant manager.

“He is fit, he breaks things up and I think he is going to be a great addition. He is athletic, I think he is maybe a bit of a throwback to midfielders… People talk about (N’Golo) Kante at Chelsea and what a career he has had through breaking play up,” Webb told the Derbyshire Times.

“What is good with Tim is that he doesn’t break it up and give it away. He makes sensible decisions and when you are thrown into a bit of a corner, like coming on against Oldham with not many minutes left and you are 2-0 up, it is important that you don’t do your own thing and I think he, Jez (Uchegbulam) and Michael (Gyasi) helped maintain a steadiness to the performance.”

Tim Akinola has shown plenty of promise over the years, but at 21 years-old you could be forgiven for believing that he could be sold in the near future. If he is sold, we should definitely be included a buyback clause, something we have failed to do on a number of occasions.


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  1. Here we are, with no one who breaks up play and recycles the ball from defence to attack. Yet, we’re letting this kid do it elsewhere, when he could be doing it for us…I’m just saying

    1. Starring in the Vanarama League so he must be good enough to play in the Premier League, 5 leagues above Chesterfield 😂

  2. I would like us to at least try internal solutions before we continue splashing the cash.

    We have 2 promising young fullbacks, so I hope we won’t throw money away on those positions.

    After his loan, Trusty could likely be the 4th choice CB next year. Charlie P. has Odegaard and Vieira in front of him, and Azeez coming back hopefully won’t have ElNeny in front of him either.

    I get it’s tough to improve and be a top club while providing chances for promising youth; it is a difficult balance.

    However executives and directors are paid extremely well to find that balance, and a staff full of assistant coaches are there to make it happen.

    Arsenal can’t afford to always reach for the checkbook; is that what we really want?

    Do we have to become Man City to compete with Man City?

    I personally take pride is making stars not buying them, and we should look to that whenever possible.

    Saka, Martinelli, possibly ESR, hopefully Marquinos and others are great examples.

  3. Arteta seems to make up his mind about players and if he doesn’t like a player, he never gives them a chance, that is a sign of a poor manager.

    1. I’d hate to say i disagree but you’re right and I’ve told my mates as such. If he just looks at you and decides he doesn’t like you.. Its curtains unfortunately. I still think he should have put his arm around Guednouzi and handled that situation differently

    2. I think Nketiah, AMN, Martinelli, Leno, Lacazette, Holding, David Luiz and auba are examples to the contrary. Even xhaka apparently thought he was leaving before being convinced to stay. It’s all debatable, as we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but all of these players appear to have fallen out of favour and regained it for at least a period of time.

  4. Love to hear that. One gripe I’ve had with arteta is his introduction of hale end players to the first team. I think since the third round fa cup exit he’s been scared. Hopefully that changes

  5. Let’s all swipe at Arteta again because if he dislikes you then you’re out, what a complete load of bull. By the way, you are all singing this players praises, someone you have never heard of let alone seen play, Chesterfield are not even a Football League club and play in the Vanarama League, 5 or 6 tiers below the Prem!

    1. @GB
      The point you’re missing, since you’re too busy fluffing Mikel, is the kid is one of our own Academy prospects. At 21, he should have either been given a look in the team or sold. Not relegated to non league football, while we spend money elsewhere trying to fill a position which could be filled by our own academy alumni…IJS

      1. @NYG, You’re the the one who said he could be doing a job for us and can’t see anyone saying he should have been sold. My point, that you obviously missed, is that he’s been sent down to a much lower league to perhaps grow as he’s obviously not up to our standard yet. Your fluffing comment though was pretty good, ➡️✊⬅️ 😊

        1. @GB
          While we brought in Lokongo and Viera from outside the club, who were not very good, but given match time to get up to scratch…IJS

  6. 6 wins out of 7 and our manager is getting grief again, for deciding a player is not ready for the first team yet. Is he ready for the championship? Well not according to any of the championship managers. Is he ready for Div 1 may be? Well not according to any of the div 1 managers, so surely then div 2? Well again not according to any of the div2 managers. So that is 91 other managers that decided he is not ready for their level, yet people on here probably with no professional management experience think arteta and those 91 other managers are wrong 😳

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