‘More exciting than Bukayo Saka’ – Arsenal youngster ranked amongst his rivals

Omari Hutchinson has been ranked in the top 50 Most Exciting Teenagers list by FourFourTwo, who claim he is ‘more exciting than Bukayo Saka’ in the Arsenal Under-23 side.

The youngster has been in top form this season, scoring a number of impressive solo goals and earning plenty of praise from a number of circles, and is tipped to push for a first-team role in the near future.

FourFourTwo has now ranked him amongst the Most Exciting Teenagers in the world, and whilst ranking him as number 36 amongst his peers.

I need to debunk the comment by FourFourTwo however, as the wording appears to be misleading. The reality is that Saka stepped up into the first-team fold at the age of 17, while Omari is now 18, which is why I find the comment to be either misleading, as Bukayo evolved beyond the youth side so quickly into the first-team for a reason.

Let’s also not forget that Bukayo Saka was ranked inside the top 20 of the Golden Boy for last year, so to claim he is ‘more exciting’ than Saka in any shape or form, before ranking Omari as number 36 in a list of exciting youngsters is just plain rude.

While I don’t want to downplay Omari, who deserves his place in the top 50 regardless, the Saka comment did irk me. Hutchinson should get his chance to show what he can bring to the senior side in the near future, possibly in the same team that will feature Saka.


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  1. Heard this so many times before.
    I remember a youth prospect called Dan Crowley who we signed from Villa.
    Hyped up as the best young player in the country and now plays for Willem II.
    All the hype or even talent in the world amounts to nothing with out the right qualities.
    Just ask Dan…

  2. He’s gone from strength to strength this season for the U23s. Two great feet, rapid acceleration, skillful, baller and has hit some great strikes. Championship loan next season I hope then he’s on that ESR trajectory.

    1. We always forget to mention character, without it ur tallent alone cannot raise u up. The reason saka is in our first eleven week in week out is because of his character not talent

  3. I have seen this boy in preseason and few highlights, he certainly is talented and easily with potential to play in the first team.
    One of the best in the current academy players, regardless of the comparison with Saka.
    He needs a loan next year, unless we can give him enough senior minutes in Europa League (if we failed to make CL spot).

  4. it just never matters what you do in the academy. As others have said above, most of us have been around long enough to learn it means nothing. So many have come and gone and can’t quite break into top level football. Doesn’t matter if he is rated higher than Saka. Saka is already proven and done the thing. That said I hope this kids gets his shot and takes it. The “better than x player” stuff is all just noise tho.

  5. Let’s hope he is not as good as ESR, because if he is, he may spend his Arsenal career sitting on the bench.

  6. In my more than six full decades of watching our club and many others, I have noticed that approx 9 out of every 10 who go on to be truly outstanding and very special players are already in their first team by age 18, or at worst on the very fringe, maybe as first change.

    Those now aged 18, who are being spoken of as simply going out on loan next year(when then 19) are very unlikely to ever be truly special .
    That is not to say Hutchinson will not make a pro career in football, but it IS saying that statistically based, over many decades, what I wrote above is profoundly true and factual too, in that he is unlikely to ever be truly special.

    That is the rule, even though there are always exceptions!

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