Arsenal youngster opens up on learning under Mikel Arteta

Bukayo Saka has given an inside view of what it is like to be an Arsenal player under the management of Mikel Arteta.

Arteta was named Arsenal’s boss just before the end of 2019 and the Spaniard has brought about many positive changes around the Emirates.

One player who has benefited greatly from Arteta becoming Arsenal’s manager has been Bukayo Saka and the young Englishman has revealed how Arteta is slowly going about revolutionising the Gunners.

Saka has done remarkably well this season and he has gotten better under Arteta and he remains a major contender for the clubs Young Player of the Year as well as Player of the Year.

Talking about working with Arteta he claimed that the Spaniard was clear about exactly how he wants his team to play and that he and his teammates can see that if they follow the Spaniard’s instruction, they can only get better as a team.

“He’s someone who understands the players, understands the club and all the ideas that he’s bringing in,” Saka said as quoted by the Express.

“He has a clear strategy of how he wants us to play and we’re just really excited to work with him.

“He’s teaching us little things that we didn’t know before and just bringing in his own strategies, his own ways of playing. We can see that it’s going to work, we’re just looking forward to doing it.

“Maybe one thing that I’ve picked up straight away is that when nobody’s pressing you, you don’t need to pass the ball. What you can do is just get the ball, drive the ball forward a bit and wait for someone to come to you, commit a player, then pass it.

“Then that man will be free or that man will have less pressure on him. It’s just attracting players before you pass the ball off, which will help our team-mates a lot on the pitch.

“He has his own way, his own philosophy and he’s even talked about bringing his own philosophy to the club, to try to bring the club back to the direction we need to be in.

“We need to win games and win trophies, so I feel like he has that vision and that strategy. He knows how he wants us to get there. If we can be on board and do what he wants us to, we’ll do well.”

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