Arsenal youngster suffers U20 World Cup heart-break

Arsenal’s promising young talent, Marquinhos, completed a full 90 minutes and extra time as Brazil suffered a disappointing exit from the U20 FIFA World Cup at the hands of Israel.

With a formidable squad, the Brazilian team entered the competition as one of the favourites to lift the trophy.

Marquinhos, who spent the previous season on loan at Norwich, showcased his abilities and earned a call-up to represent Brazil at the U20 level.

As a key contributor, the attacker did his utmost to aid his team’s progress. However, Arsenal Media reports that Israel emerged victorious in the quarter-final clash, securing a 3-2 win in extra time and ending Brazil’s campaign in the tournament.

Following the disappointment, Marquinhos will now take a well-deserved holiday to recharge and ensure he returns in excellent shape for the upcoming pre-season preparations.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is unfortunate that Marquinhos and the Brazilian team were unable to progress further in the World Cup. However, it is important to remember that football is a team sport, and individual players alone cannot guarantee success for their nation.

Considering Marquinhos’ limited playing opportunities in the upcoming season, it is possible that Arsenal may decide to send him out on loan for another season. This would provide him with valuable game time and the opportunity to further develop his skills and experience.

If Marquinhos performs impressively during his loan spell, it could enhance his chances of earning a first-team opportunity at Arsenal in the future.

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  1. I have always thought young Brazilian players tend to be overhyped due to the wonderful World Cup history of their nation, but not all that is Brazilian turns to gold, and Marquinhos ,unfortunately, may fall into that category.

    1. Grandad, without wishing to sound like a nostalgic old man which I am, and as I often do, unfortunately Brazilian players today are just not as good as they used to be in days of yore. I used watch them in total admiration and awe when we were able to see them in World Cups. However, the best ones play in Europe now and their game has changed because of that. Generally the best Brazilians are no better than the best Europeans anymore and quite often not necessarily as good. They will find it difficult to win their next WC and that is a shame.
      You only have to look at their Qatar effort fielding players like Richarlison and dare I say it Jesus. A far cry from literally scores of great Brazilians that donned the yellow shirt.

      1. For EvG Ji
        In general you are right about standards set by current Brazilians especially Richarlison. But I really rate Marquinhos. I would only want a 6 month loan for him for the coming season as we will need squad depth for the 2nd half. I am hoping that he can give competition to Saka as an inverted left footed right winger for the following season (24/25) not the 23/24 season though.

        Completely OT and a bit left of centre: What do you think of Nikolaj Moller as a striker as he has the physique for CF position and is a plan B from Jesus or Nketiah and would cost us nothing as he is currently on loan?
        Spending lost of money on a striker only works if the striker is a plan A but not a plan B.

        1. Ah IGL Ji, where have you been ? Come in and take a seat, make yourself comfortable, my home is your home. Sorry about that outburst.
          What I’ve noticed about you is that you have a very inquiring mind when it comes to players who nobody else mentions, and I like that because you open up different possibilities in my own mind. This is a good thing Ji.
          To be honest I don’t keep a close eye on our youth players unless I see them televised whilst playing on loan. Marquinhos has seemingly done reasonably well at Norwich without setting the world alight. It’s so difficult to know for sure if he’s going to make the grade. He scored for us in a Europa League game but then got sent away ! What happened to the good old days when Clubs bought a player because they rate him and then actually play him sometimes in the first team, even as a sub ? Life was so straight forward in those days.
          Moller, I have never seen play. Is there anything of him on YouTube ?
          But like I say these are good and unique calls you’ve made but I’m sorry I haven’t been able to give a proper opinion about Moller.

          1. For EvG Ji
            Marquinhos is young and raw. So I agree with a loan spell especially as he is from another league.

            Moller has been in the reserves for a while and then on loan. There are some youtube videos on him. He is similar to Gyokeres @ Coventry and is one of the leading strikers in the Championship.
            But he is a great plan B as Arsenal have an identity and I cannot see us playing route 1 football. Route 1 football only works if the defenders cannot read intentions quickly enough or are not aggressive enough (like Holding wasn’t for their first goal than Man City scored) or if the holding midfielder is not mobile enough to cover ground like the ones we have (in Xhaka and Partey). This is why we need Caiceido or the height of Rice to come into play.

            1. Ji, I know Gyokeres plays for Coventry in the Championship, but are you saying Moller is playing in the Championship too ? Hasn’t he been playing in Holland ?
              Did MA and Edu really need to acquire Marquinhos as he is very much like what we have in abundance right now ? I don’t think we can be like Chelsea acquiring scores of players the way they do. We have to be more canny and particular about who we bring to the club. Of course it may be that Marquinhos will be better than some of the lads we already have (ie Eddie, Reiss etc), but the frustrating thing is all the juggling that goes on, sometimes for no good reason. We need to get players in now who are ready to perform in the first team because that’s where it really counts. I’d like tothink I’m not being short-sighted.
              We need to be a JUGGERNAUT again Ji. (I bet most don’t know that is a good Indian word as is pundit, culprit etc) Ha ha ha.

              1. Moller does not play in the championship. That sentence needed better wording (instead of ‘and’ it should have been ‘who’). It is Gyokeres who is in the championship.
                I do think Marquinhos is required but one for the future (24/25 season or even the season after that: 25/26 season).

                1. Ji – you see 24/25 is too far away for my liking. We need good players involved right now while the iron is hot, but what do I know, I’ve never run a football club.
                  Marquinhos is exactly the same build,shape, type of player as Jesus. Of course if Jesus left us, then maybe Marquinhos could get a quicker promotion.

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