Arsenal’s 16 game unbeaten run is only papering over the cracks….

16 Unbeaten – Papering Over The Cracks? by Dan Smith

Two years ago, Manchester United were boasting about an unbeaten run they had put together. To the rest of us it was the most pointless sequence of results ever. A team whose ambition was to qualify for the Champion’s League were in 6th
place. When they finally tasted defeat, they were still in…..6th place. Sound familiar?

Arsenal’s late equaliser against Wolves made it 16 unbeaten yet in the process the gap between us and the top 4 grew. The same was happening last weekend when some fans were getting way too carried away by our draw with Liverpool. It led to a few players detailing the differences between the current and the old regime. Again, this is despite those same players yet to achieve anything different than what we saw last season. The danger of course is that we would get complacent and take Wolves lightly.

I credit Uni Emery for improving the mentality, we have the habit of winning fixtures while not playing well, but we were never going to keep getting away with how we are starting matches, incredibly we are yet to be winning in the League at half time. It has papered over the cracks, with more performances average then good.

In the same week where senior players have spoken about what has changed, they went and did exactly the same.



  1. McLovin says:

    Great post.

    Paper over cracks definitely. We have NOT looked like an impressive team.

    We didn’t win Pool, City or Chelsea. In fact, we haven’t even led at any point against those teams. We have had like 6 clean sheets in 16 matches and have drawn the last 4 games (3 of them against Wolves, Sporting, Palace).

    I don’t think we can make it top 4. Even top 5 would be miraculous. And not to mention there’s not much money to improve the team so we will be a top 6 club for a long time. Maybe occasional cup run or Europa League will give us something to cheer about, although even Europa League have much better organized teams than us in it.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, Arsenal never led against those big EPL teams and almost lost against Liverpool. The high possession just concealed the fact that Leno got beaten twice at the Liverpool match and luckily those shots hit the bar

      Good observation by the author. Until Arsenal can get rid of the passengers and the aging players, I don’t think they can be an EPL champion again. Arsenal have got a good manager, but it could take several seasons to make all players clicked and to relegate the underperforming stars

      1. TH14-TW14 says:

        “It could take several seasons to make all players clicked and to relegate the underperforming stars”.

        And you think good players would tary around for several seasons waiting for you to become complete to challenge? Why do you think the likes of Fabregas and Van Persie jumped ship? Besides, Arsenal will never compete with the likes of City, United and Chelsea in wages so, the players who prove themselves are unlikely to stay.

        One more thing. To “relegate underperforming stars”, you need a big transfer budget. Don’t tell me how “Diamond Eye” is going to discover the next Henry.

        It is realistically a difficult situation for Arsenal going forward.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I have to disagree about being a top 6 club for a long time. Depending on what you meant by that, because you say before that that it is doubtful we will become top four, and even top five would be miraculous. So I’m assuming you mean that you don’t see us bettering sixth place for a long time. The fact is Tott even with CL money won’t be spending all that much more than us, they were the first team not to spend in the history of the competition. If you can’t see that they are the weak link of that top four, and they’ll have more financial difficulties further down the road. They done great holding onto their players, but they haven’t been able to build on it. Not every player is going to be like Kane, some will think as Bale did, eventually. If bigger clubs come for their players I reckon it will be only a matter of time before they start losing them.

          We brought Mislintat in to give us the edge that we need, we used to rely on Wenger and his CL money in keeping us up there. Mislintat has to bring that edge now, with or without the CL money.

    2. TH14-TW14 says:

      How many times have I said this and someone would jump out and tell me how “Diamond Eye” is going to discover them a Mesi? Guendozi and Toreira have been made to look like they are Viera and Gilberto just to comfort themselves that “Seven the Diamond Eye” would solve all problems that Kronke’s zipped purse cannot.

      I say it again, Emery is no Wenger when it comes to building teams without money – even that at a point became difficult for Wenger.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I didn’t say that he was going to, I said he has to, that is what we brought him in to do. Whether he can achieve the feat is anyone’s guess. I’m not talking Wenger proportion, we have more money these days. Torriera is a good find, Leno looks like he might be. Our money will bring in most of our biggest players, but Mislintat is here to try and build on the extra gap that the other teams hold over us with their finances. This is a bit off topic though, it was mentioned as a way of pointing out – how Tott are not on the solid standing ground, so much so that we don’t get anywhere near passing them for years to come. Manu have dropped a wee bit, Chelsea did last season. So I do not see it the same way as you, two seasons in football can be a very long time, sometimes one season.

  2. Will says:

    My thoughts on this is that yes the unbeaten run is flattering us a little and there have been some easy games in there along with games where we have drawn and played badly. However we have largely the same squad as we did last year and it is good to see a resilience that wasn’t there last year that has allowed us to win or draw games we should have been losing.

    It was never going to be a quick fix and we will need a couple of transfer windows before we can be considered as one of the very best in the league again but for now I am enjoying the season and there are still some big positives to take away so far and there are signs that we are definitely improving – the performance against Liverpool being one of them.

    In my mind I never had any high hopes of top 4 this year and as long as we perform well in the Europa and I can see that the team is improving and that we are progressing I am happy. Next season after the next 2 transfer windows is when I will really start to expect success from Emery and the squad he assembles but for now I am just enjoying the ride and enjoying a new Arsenal after what has been a very stale last 4-6 years.

    1. TH14-TW14 says:

      “It is good to see a resilience that wasn’t there last year that has allowed us to win or draw games we should have been losing.”

      Consistently having to fight to get a result is not always a positive. It could also show that you are largely poor in most games. We never struggled at home last year to a point where we have to show our “mentality”. We were just dominant, especially against the teams outside the top 5, whom we all beat. These are same teams giving us trouble this season and we are making excuses that the “mentality has changed” because they fought back to win games that should have normally been over in the first half. This season, we have struggled at home against Everton, Watford and Wolves. Is it a coincidence that we haven’t led a game in the first half in 12 games this season? This hasn’t ever happened to Arsenal in Premier League history.

      You often hear people saying how we would have lost this or that game if it were last year but the truth is that most of those games we won them last year. There is something happening that many have not objectively observed because they are currently in a honeymoon period with the manager. I hope it doesn’t become too late by the time they discover it.

      1. Midkemma says:

        “but the truth is that most of those games we won them last year.”

        Yet look at our away record… Won? Huh?
        Someone talking BullSht.

        Or did you mean most of them from the select group of games you wish to use as an example?

        1. TH14-TW14 says:

          Most of the games peolple claim “we would have lost” last year are home games against Watford, Everton, Leicester, Cardiff and Fulham (the last two promoted teams can be substituted for teams outside top 5 last season). It is not bullshit. We beat all of them comprehensively at the Emirates last year. Our other home games are Liverpool (drew last year and drew this year) and City (lost last year and lost this year).

          The evidence above is not what you people want to hear. Rather than do an imaginary scenario of “what games we would have lost”, just compare the home games I listed this season against last season. Not only did we win them against your claims, we won them convincingly, something you can’t say about the home wins (and now turned to draws) this season.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            It’s two different seasons. We were so poor away last season, that we had to do better at home. If we had of won a run of away games last season, I’d expect to see us overconfident and lose some home games too. It’s not like smaller clubs never came to the Emirates and totally done us.

            This season they are learning new tactics, some will say for the first time but no, new ones. The style of play is only at its beginning, but the players are asked to give more under Emery due to defensive duties. Before all of this they are coming off a season that the defensive play was just error prone. You aren’t taking anything into consideration. With the rise in energy levels that we’re seeing, helping us to win away matches because they are the hardest games to win, it means less in the tank for home games compared to last season. Also last season none of our better players played the European early rounds. Combine that with new tactics, new style of play, maybe some overconfidence/arrogance. It is completely different circumstance.

            I get your point, only because you claim people said we would’ve lost this game last season. I myself said something similar. I said, if last seasons support was still evident, I think the games we swung around, could’ve swung the other way. It’s a rhetorical question, but you can’t have that support without having Arsene, so the game would’ve played out differently because Emery wouldn’t be here.

      2. jon fox says:

        Are you still in YOUR honeymoon period with our last manager? It might appear so!

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, what a feeble response to someone who is actually pointing facts out to you and Midkemma.
          Why try and demean and belittle the post just because it it is true and doesn’t fit into your scenario of what is/has happened.
          Tell me ONE statement made by TH14 thay is NOT CORRECT and I will bow to your superior wisdom…as you can’t then accept his wisdom and think about EXACTLY what the point is he is making.
          That makes more sense than ignoring FACTS just to make a silly statement doesn’t it?

          Midkemma, if you had read the post correctly, then your BS comment would not have been made would it? Surprised at this, as you normally come back with reasoned answers.
          Iv’e just read your reply to Dan and your inference to his mother.
          Here’s me thinking you were of a high intelligence and a respectful person. I wonder what YOUR parents would think of you if they read this load of BS?
          Well said stubill, why people think they are being clever with cheap, unnecesary, childish and disrespectful posts like this is beyond me!!!

          1. jon fox says:

            Ken Whayt I objected to in his poist was the silly comparison between Wenger as he saw it and Emery whom he seems not to rate at all,despite the clear general improvement this year in effort, tactics, actually HAVING detailed coaching at all, which is something of a novelty this last decade and his daft statment that we are in a honeymoon period is nonsense. Countless posts from very many on here, including some of mine have said loud and clear that Emery has not solved all the problems. That is obvious to all, except the silly Chiza-remenber him -and a very few of his fantasists ilk. We ARE VIRTUALY ALL, well aware that Emery can never win the title while so many of WENGERS DREADFUL DEFENDERS REMAIN. Add in the stinginess of KROENKE and with realism , my prime trait, though you will disagree, it is clear that a vast improvement is taking- (ONGOING process Ken, not overnight) place before our eyes. You appear to have backtracked on your previous statements aggeeing that things are improving under Emery, since you question my clear support for him. It can come as no surprise to anyone on here how much I have and still resent the wasted decade of drift under Wenger. So it is cclear that I will jump on any one who is daft enough to compare Wenger, just because certain results against certain teams at home were no better, in points woin than last seqson. There is no possible serious comparison possible by anyone who is unbiased bewteen the good start Emery has made and the UNMOTIVATED RUBBISH THAT WEenger foisted on us fans in his last years. And I said so loud and clear. What else could you expect!!!

          2. jon fox says:

            Ken, Further to THIS post I suggest you scroll down to my long post made at 1.56 pm today. You will then see I said there exactly what I said in the post just made but in more detail.

          3. ken1945 says:

            Jon, I did read the post you indicated and it contained nothing new, just your personal long held views that I am well aware of and have read many times.
            Being aware of the changes at our club is NOT EXCLUSIVE to those who denounced AW as you well know.
            Why you try and scue the discussion in this manner is beyond me, especially as I have stated quite clearly that Unai needs three seasons before he can be judged.

            Until Sundays game, everyone was praising the remarkable change in every aspect of the club, including those DREADFUL DEFENDERS that you actually praised in earlier posts (apart from Mustafi on which we both agree).

            TH14 was detailing actual FACTS about matches that had taken place and being REALISITIC about the season so far in comparing results to last season played at the Emirates.

            His first post compares AW ability to build a team compared to Emery, but that is HIS opinion just as your opinion is yours.
            When challenged, he produced the FACTS regarding results and that’s the yardstick he is using, right or wrong.
            What he has said regarding these results cannot be disputed, just look them up and accept them.

            I happen to DISAGREE with him completely regarding team building, rather I completely agree with you and YOUR ASTUTE RECOGNITION in earlier posts about the improvements of our players and, like me, your clear support of Unai.
            TH14 also ignores the excellent signings made by Emery’s team, another mistake in my opinion.
            So please Jon, don’t keep trying to insinuate that only those who denounce AW are supporting Emery, it’s blatantly untrue and misleading, as you well know.

          4. jon fox says:

            Ken I have never suggested at all that only those who denounce AW are supporting Emery. I challenge you to find such a mythical post made by me. I have noticed in your recent posts though a more sitting on the Emery fence emphasis, so to speak, than a few weeks ago. I AM CLEARLY WRONG AND YOU HAVE JUST SAID SO WHICH CLEARS UP MY CLEARLY WRONG IMPRESSION, which is reassuring to hear. The whole comparing results versus the same opponents in consecutive seasons is meaningless and always has and always will be , since very many other factors change things from even one week to the next, let alone one season to the next. So that is a false comparison and THAT is what I was saying to TH14. Wherever possible I will try not to bring up Wengers last years but you should understand that while players are still in a large majority in the team and squad, it is clearly very relevant to today. Many of the threads on here this season have been about how do we think Emery/ the team is doing and it is impossible if one is properly comparing as I like to do, if I cannot to mention last season. I have even mentioned George Graham a couple of times and in the fullness of time – which personally I will not have, at least not THAT long – Wengers influence on current team matters will be as irrelevant as is Grahams today. But we are not there YET. Not remotely and cannot be while such as Mustafi , Xhaka, Elneny and others from Wengers era remain behind. I have little doubt that Emery would not have bought any of them had he been here back then.

          5. ken1945 says:

            Jon, if comparing last seasons results against this seasons with individual teams is irrelevant, then surely it follows that comparing one manager to another is also irrelevant?
            I believe TH14, like me, is getting so tired with the constant references to AW whenever anything goes wrong and his example of results this year versus last was as a result of this.
            The same goes for the players involved with both managers, as the ywo are obviously so different in their thoughts and approaches.
            As an example, Lacs has been given a role completely different this season to last.
            I don’t believe Emery is papering over the cracks, more to the point, he is filling in the cracks by motivating those players that caused the cracks in the first place, due to AW losing the plot over the last two years and letting them drift.
            I believe that, apart from Mustafi, we have a very strong squad of players and Unai will continue to improve them.
            TH14 posts are very accurate and thoughtful, as are so many on here and, in my opinion, should be regarded as such.
            I question your views that Emery would not have bought Elneny,Xhaka and others (?) from the Wenger era, check how many have been offered new and/or improved contracts….including Ramsey!!

          6. jon fox says:

            Ken I totally disagree with your first paragraph. Comparing results and comparing managers who manage against those same teams are both silly. But for different reasons.

  3. Mobella says:

    There is nothing in this article that I hadn’t read in the comment section. This make me question the need for this article.It does nothing but to incite negativity among fans.Was our performance against Wolves world class, No. Also it wasn’t as bad as some people made it to be. Wolves did what they were expected to do against a team they considered superior to them. Sit back and hit us on counter. In arsenal, I see a team who is building up a character and never give up attitude. Emery must be doing something right when we now see drawing a match as not being good enough.

  4. AndersS says:

    Emery took over a team, that had been on a constant downward trend for at least 2 years, which regularly was outplayed by top teams and had become almost unable to win an away game against any PL team.

    That is not the same today, as I see it. We are not going backwards anymore. In fact I believe, we are improving and the bottom line shows it.
    There is a long way to go, but we are on the way, and it also feels like the players and many neutrals believe it.
    So why shouldn’t we believe it?

    1. Midkemma says:

      I applaud your words 🙂
      Arsenal have done more than just paper over cracks, we have gotten new coaches in and changed the infrastructure… Changing the infrastructure is a lot more work on a building site compared to decorating a cracked wall.

      It is going to take time and we can enjoy that journey together as supporters who are excited for the potential and future 🙂

  5. jon fox says:

    The main argument Dan makes is undoubtedly true. No sensible realist can surely seriously doubt this truth. But for woodwork luck, refs decisions in our favour and many fine saves by both our keepers we would surely have lost 4 or probably 5 league games already and those who look no further than just results, which does NOT include me, (as I look far more deeply into things) would then have a very different and equally wrong opinion of where we actually are RIGHT NOW.

    I say we have made a huge improvement on the last awful Wengers awful years, but only in the follwing areas: Our new intolerance of slacking and meek acceptance of being physically bullied is now clear to see. WeNOW have a manager who does detailed coaching of us and gives detailed portfolios of all opponents, whereas Wengers incredibly naive and arrogant way was for us just to go out and not care about the qulity os any of our opponents. That was fine while we had the Bergkamps, Seamans , Henrys, Vieras etc etc, but once we had the like of Almunia, Djourou, Walcott etc etc it was obvious to all realists that it was a ruinous mistake . THAT is why I wanted him sacked way back in 2008 and have deeply resented – and still do- the wasted decade of drift ever since. I say this, not to again dig up the Wenger years but to properly make meaningful comparisons about where we have , and have not, improved since he went. Fact, not opinion , is that we STILL have as regulars most of Wengers awful defence. However they are now being properly coached and know what they SHOULD be doing , even though some have not the inate ability to carry out Emerys instructions. Clearly and as soon as practicable given, that our owner cares nothing for silverware, we need to import far better defenders than all bar Leno and Torreira , at least in my view. Some defenders however , Holding most of all, have made huge strides forward and though not right now top clas, show serious proise that hemay soon attain that status. Others , Bellerin have improved markedly in certain areas though not other areas. I obviously mean in his attacking play though not his defending. Mustafi, Kolasinac, Xhaka are still way sub par for our level. Monreal remains an adequate , though reliable LB when fit but at his age injuries will become more and more common. To my realist mind only Leno and Torreira are RIGHT NOW at the level we need. As to midfield we have two talented creative central midfielders , neither of whom work remotely hard or consistently enough and neither are reliable. Of course I refer to Ozil and Mhki, and I think neither are capable now of regular effctiveness and so would be looking to replace BOTH when possible. We do have a host of young , talented players on the fringes, Iwobi, AM-N, E S-R, Nelson, Guendouzi, (some almost regulars more than fringe players), Nketiah hopefully, and some others further away. So we now have a manager and backroom regime with real ambition , with dedication to proper coaching, to making changes when needed rather than by the 70th minute,. We now have a team of decision makers who properly recognise talented plaers and do not buy duff defenders a la Wenger in disastrous fashion. I do not remotely doubt that Diamond Eye would not have considered Xhaka ,or Bellerin for a moment. They clearly would not have done BUT the defence was left so threadbare by Wenger , that we have no serious alternative (with all our injuries ) to playing both these duds regularly. Kroenke will not allow proper transfer funds, preferring to spend on a huge ranch instead( which says everything about where his heart lies . And where it does NOT lie!) So, to summarise there HAS been real improvement BUT we still have long standing problems to overcpome; the MAIN one being Kroenkes ownership nd the number of sub par players Wenger left behind which will take some time to properly replace. A work then still in its vert early stages of improvement, which being arealist I knew and said from the very beginning of this season and also thought we are likely to miss out on fourth place. I hope for better, of course, but still think we will make either 5th or 6th. A cup is always a possibility, as cups , by their nature are different to leagues. Sorry, I love our club as passionately as any on here but realists will always refuse to lie to ourselves.

    1. jon fox says:

      I should have said that Diamond Eye woukld not have considered Mustafi too. In fact Mustafi and Xhaka most of all.

  6. Innit says:

    I’m still very PROUD of it.
    We have majority average players. That’s pretty impressive considering that.
    If you set your sights too high you will be disappointed in the end

    Bellerin, Holding, Mustafi, Sokratis, Xhaka, Iwobi would not walk into the starting line-up of City, Pool, Chelsea, United or Spurs.

    Not sure if Mkhitaryan or Ozil would either

    We need to strengthen defense, central midfield and wingers in the summer.
    But a huge obstacle could be KROENKE

    I think Emery is getting the best out of our players but he can’t work miracles. He can’t turn average players into world class players

    1. jon fox says:

      Innit, We both posted simultaneously and both said much the same thing. Congrats in managing to make your clear point in a fraction of the time it took me to write a virtual chapter. Sadly, I am not known, even by my family, for brevity in speech. It is a handicap I can assure you and all on here.

  7. Henry Nasolo says:

    I dont see anything wrong with the way we are playing because i now see a different Arsenal all together. i would rather settle for a draw than a loose. We have seen a shape of change in the cohesion of the team all thanks to Emery. The only thing we need is to have a bigger transfer budget and bring world class players and BOOM!!!. What am trying to say is that we have an Emery who is able to bring out the best even in the least of players we would expect to burst out of the shadows. Moreover this is his first season in charge of Arsenal and i can grantee that next season will be on fire. This is Emery and not some ordinary manager like lets say, Arteta. He is an experienced manager and he is a winner judging by his history. I know this season we will qualify for the UEFA but i believe next season we will snatch the EPL title.

    Gooner for life.

  8. Midkemma says:

    I read this and it is just Dan trying to justify his article where he insulted every Arsenal supporter who was prouhe effort the team put in.

    Don’t have to get far to see what I mean:
    “The same was happening last weekend when some fans were getting way too carried away by our draw with Liverpool.”

    Go on, call me names for being an Arsenal supporter who was proud of the Liverpool performance… Cause I am also one gooner who was raging at the TV over the poor performance against Wolves.

    Papering over the cracks… STFU!
    We are rebuilding, we are not papering over the cracks, we are taking a sledgehammer to cracked walls and rebuilding.

    Dan. Didn’t you have a respectful mother who told you not to say anything if you got nothing nice to say? Listen o that advice and STFU about slating Arsenal on a website which I thought was for Arsenal supporters, not fake supporters who gets a kick out of insulting loyal gooners.
    Or was your mum equally lacking in respect? I guess late night clients don’t put her in a good mood and you feel the need to take it out on here?

    1. Mobella says:

      I have got nothing for you but love Midkemma, the true realist of JA. Keep standing up for the club win, draw or lose.

      1. Phil says:

        Really?After posting comments about someone’s Mother like that?The TOTAL PRAT of JA I would suggest is nearer the mark

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Midkemma, you are normally so rational and reasonable in your posts; I am very disappointed you have stooped so low on this occasion. Please can we all respect one another on this site without personal abuse.

    2. stubill says:

      You say about Dan saying nothing if he has nothing nice to say, you then drag his mother into your post and insinuate she’s a prostitute.

      If you said that to me, in front of me, you’d be having your meals through a straw for months.

      You are the lowest of the low to suggest that.

      1. Phil says:

        That’s just it though don’t you think-This PRAT would not have the guts to say that type of comment to anyone’s face.He just hides behind his keyboard (most likely fondling himself) happy that he can write something he obviously finds amusing.Absolute PRAT

        1. I was absolutely shocked at the direction his argument took. He was making sense then he started the tirade about Dan’s mum and it became something else. Talking like that about someone’s mum because of a differing opinion? Not cool.

    3. Dan says:

      Wow lol
      Think moment you talk like that you lose argument
      Not up to me to eucate you but football is just a game
      Me saying certain fans got carried away after Liverool should not make you say that
      Feel bad for you

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    I can understand that feeling of ‘papering over the cracks’, because we have been down this road, many, many, times before under Wenger. The best example was the 13/14 season where we were top for so long (even longer than the three clubs that eventually finished above us, combined) yet I NEVER felt we were going to win the title. During that run, you could tell our defence was shaky, we had no DM or WC striker, which I felt would eventually catch up with us, we were struggling on the wings, and of course, we had Wenger!

    The lack of Wenger, is why I disagree with notion that we’re getting away with it. Instead, we’re going through a rebuilding process, and unlike Wenger, Emery has already addressed key areas, which have made a clear difference. Defensively we have been poor, but who keeps saving us? Leno! Why? Not because of luck, because we FINALLY have a WC keeper. We now have WC strikers, and a WC DM as well. This puts us into a great position, not just for the now, but for next season also, when the manager will have funds to address the other weak areas such as: LB, RW, and CB.

    Of course it’ll still be a struggle to make the top 4, and we will drop many more points, and suffer more defeats along the way, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We all knew that any little period of consistency under Wenger, would eventually subside, and the regression would continue, but with Emery, there has been clear progression, and I have no doubt we’ll be a lot stronger next season as well.

    1. jon fox says:

      Well said Third Man JW. So much truthful realism.

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah I agree-bang on the mark

        1. ken1945 says:

          Surprisingly I agree also, but my concern is IF we hit that period of inconsistency what will be the reaction?
          From the response to Sunday’s game, I think the tolerance level is nigh on zilch and that is where our fanbase is so wrong.
          Will they give Emery the time to bring in our incredible wealth of younger players if that doesn’t bring instant success?
          That’s what we have to do if we want to compete with City etc as we cannot do it from a financial point of view and patience does not seem a virtue regarding our fanbase, no matter how sensible it seems.

  10. Sue says:

    I always think if you draw a game, it’s always better to come from behind than let the lead slip… even though we did that on Sunday, it still feels like a loss…to me this feels worse than the Palace game!! I’m really gutted, because of how crap we were! I wasn’t expecting that!
    I am really pleased with Emery & what he’s done so far, even though he has a mammoth task on his hands.. i believe he’s the right man for the job.
    Maybe we can get something from the Bournemouth game… surely we can’t play any worse than we did against Wolves?? COYG do it for dat guy Welbz ?

    1. ken1945 says:

      Sue, my thoughts exactly!!
      I was frustrated Thursday evening, but put it down to the fact that they needed a win, whereas we needed a point to qualify.
      Sunday was awful from beginning to end, but I would certainly give credit to Wolves.
      They outplayed, outthought and were more committed than us for the whole game.
      So, of course, out come the examples of how it’s AW fault etc etc.
      Yet five days before, we were being told that Emery was turning those bad buys into top players with his wonderful coaching skills, his dilligence regarding team tactics and studying opponents, his tactical use of substitutes and, glory be, his plan B….all things wonderful UNTIL we have a bad performance.
      Instead of supporting the team, admitting we were second best on the day and getting on with it, out come the same old same old references to the “lost decade”!
      I bet you Sue, like me, kept SUPPORTING THE TEAM during the ninety minutes and I believed I was watching Emery’s first real setback.
      It’s funny how he has NEVER used AW as an excuse, but rather looks at his teams performance on the day.
      That’s a genuine professional who has already set out his stall and if the team/players don’t perform accepts the fact that he and they were to blame, not someone who went over six months ago.
      AW was pilloried for backing his players and I saw Emery do the same after the game on Sunday.
      The difference will be that Emery will not think they will perform to their previous levels next game, he will drop them because they didn’t perform THIS game.
      I felt cheated after the match, but not because of any manager, past or present, but because the players didn’t perform….just as they didn’t in so many games in the last two seasons…well done Wolves and their excellent manager’s tactics.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        What amazed me was, how so many players at the same time hit a bad patch. You would think it almost impossible, surely you’d expect three or four players might have a bad game and it affects the whole teams performance. This looked like they all had one of those days and they were expecting the urgency to come from some of the other players. The second half I was standing with my mouth ajar just looking at the clock getting smaller and smaller, I was amazed with the lot of them, the outfield players. It wouldn’t be anything to do with Danny’s injury, I was even thinking. I remember Rambo’s injury got into some of the other players heads. But no, I have no answer for it.

        1. Sue says:

          My head was in my hands…. and if it wasn’t, I was shaking It!! Not at all happy with that performance

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Break-on-through, the underwelming performances against Sporting Lisbon and Wolves really have me perplexed Against Sporting so many players had the oportunity to impress, in Ramsey’s case prospective purchasers; however arsenal blew the chance to top the group and take the pressure from future matches. Wolves came with a plan and Arsenal started slowly and failed to compete. I can see the hair dryer being applied, but the back up players are failing to put pressure on the starters, reference Sporting Lisbon game.

      2. Sue says:

        I felt like that after the match too Ken… not a nice feeling. I hope Emery slaughtered them after that performance (except Leno, Torreira & Guendouzi).. I accept that Wolves were really good & their manager did everything right, but I think us being really poor helped… maybe you expect 1 or 2 to have an off day but nearly the whole team!! Jeez!!! When Xhaka let that ball go I could have killed him ?
        They had better be up for It at Bournemouth.. as I reckon Eddie Howe & his team will fancy their chances (especially after how we last performed away from home ?) oh the joys of being a football supporter hey Ken ?

  11. Fabulous says:

    I don’t understand all this hype about Emery. I find comment like ” the loss/draw was because of Wenger’s team” pathetic.If so,why don’t i hear fans alter statement like ” the victory was orchestrated by Wenger’s team”. We actually played much better previous seasons.Under Wenger we dominated lesser teams especially at home. Infact, last season Emirates was a fortress, I reckon we lost just 2 matches there. All our games this season have been poor(sometimes terrible) bar matches against Liecester City,Fulham and Liverpool (which we could have lost). I can’t understand how we struggle to win lesser teams and the rate at which the supposedly smaller teams get clear cut opportunities against us is alarming. People singing Emery praises should visit to check the amount of shots we conceed compared to other teams. We have Leno and a rejuvenated Cech to thank for our league position thus far.The only improvement so far is the coach effective substitutions. Another excuse I hear is if it was Wenger time, we would have lost the game but the fact is that if it was in his in his time we would have closed the game already. So please enough of this Emery praises for the moment.Let’s wait till the end of this season to see where the team finishes in the league and how many trophies he wins then we can judge. Evaluation of a team/player/coach is after the season.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Fabulous, a very good and thoughtful post and one that I think many on here would concur with.
      I do think, however, that Emery has brought a new intensity to the club and has got the players looking like a team.
      Time will tell, Unai has started well, I am very positive we have appointed a good successor to the great AW.

  12. Durand says:

    The wolves match was just a huge disappointment. Perhaps they were tired from all the games in a short span, perhaps the consecutive draws brought them down, perhaps they thought showing up would be enough. In the end, a draw is better than a loss.

    This is one of the biggest problems Emery needs to work on at the club; mentality. The mental toughness to dig out a win against inferior opponents. How a team can claw back a draw against liverpool and then struggle mightily when playing the wolves. This I feel is when a true captain makes their statement on the club.

  13. sAMa says:

    Wow, all the negativity just because we drew a few games. I’m just imagining what the situation would be like if we had lust. Some fans are just too plastic for my liking. I believe if we have another run of 5 games the same fans will be back saying we have improved a lot from the Wenger era, Arsenal are no longer the same.

  14. Kenny Rolfe says:

    After all the positives, now the negatives, give Unai, Sven and Raul a chance, They’ve only been in the job a few months, Klopp’s been at Liverpool years, still ain’t won nothing

    1. Phil says:

      Wonder how much longer Klopp will last without winning Kenny don’t you?They are still short of Citeh by a long way so only FA Cup and CL for them and they are not good enough to win CL so if they don’t win the FA Cup then where does he go?Am I right in believing he has spent £360m in the 3 years he has been at the Club?I know he had the Suarez and Coutinho funds but they are not any better squad wise then when Rogers was there.Better first eleven maybe but not better squad.
      Emery has a deeper squad than Klopp but not such good defenders.Change this next season and we should at least be on par with them

      1. ken1945 says:

        Kenny, how right you are in your observations…how we got through the years supporting our club I’ll never know?
        Draw a game and the past fifteen are suddenly forgotten…are they REALLY supporters or are we just living in a different age where winning is an immediate right without the hard work that goes with it?
        The expectations from some on here are so unrealistic as Phil highlights below.

        Phil, you are correct regarding Klopps spending and I heard today that maureen has spent during his time at utd over £350,000,000 BUT without a “coutinho” windfall as far as I can recall.

        The transfer kitty of these two clubs takes me back to Kenny’s point about giving Unai and his team chance. I believe that he will show us how good they are and my two examples for comparision is as follows:

        Klopp..£75,000,000 versus £18,000,000 for goalkeeper.
        Maur…£98,000,000 versus £35,000,000 for midfielder.

        Actual figures might be a little off, but you get my drift?

  15. jim wall says:

    Judge emery end of 2019/2020 season, he will then have his own players by then hopefully cheq.. Mustafi… Kos.. Monreal.. Xakai.. Elneney… Ramsey… Wellbeck… Ozil… Miki.. Will be gone, and by then our talented youngsters plus emerys signings will bring us back to the top

    1. ken1945 says:

      jim wall, I respect your views, but find it hard to see how your scenario will come to pass.
      Your list of players that you think Emery wants out may be correct.
      If so, thats ten players he will have to replace, players that you deem not good enough to play for Emery.
      Let’s assume that managers of other teams agree with you, what price would we get for those ten players?
      Well, Ramsey, Welbeck, Cech and Monreal’s contracts will have run out, so we will get nothing for them, but have to buy replacements or bring in younger players not yet ready for the premier league.
      Ozil’s salary, by all accounts, will prevent any other club from wanting him, so that leaves five.
      Kos, Xhaka ,Elneny, Myk and Mustafi.
      Emery has given three of the four new long term contracts and Raul signed Myk, so that must mean he rates them doesn’t it? That just leaving Kos who is the longest and oldest serving player at Arsenal.
      When do you propose Emery sells these players and remember we have to sell first if we want to go above the kitty?
      When do you propose he replaces those players whose contracts are coming to an end? He only has to the end of the season and the summer transfer window to identify and agree terms, meanwhile those out of contract players have gone.

      if we can manage the above, what then?

      Will we have the youngsters ready to come in at premier league level?
      I can only see AMN and Neilson at that stage personally.
      One assumes that Kronkie will continue with his self sufficient transfer kitty each transfer window (3), so that equates to £135,000,000 to replace four players (or blooding the youngsters) plus Kos’s transfer fee of say £35,000,000(generous?) to = £60,000,000 per player by rounding up the sums.
      That figure should mean we can go out and actually compete with everyone but City in my opinion.

      I also believe that we have players that Emery will bring forward with his coaching and man-managment abilities from those you wish him to sell.
      Furthermore, I think we only need a defensive central player like Adams, Keown or Sol who can lead the others, along with another Torrerio type midfielder and LB to compensate for those leaving when contracts run out.
      I would also keep Kos, providing his recovery from injury is o.k.
      That will give Emery the time to blood the youngsters rather than introduce them under such high expectations.
      Just another opinion of course, but I think one that doesn’t place so much pressure on our younger players and sees Emery carrying on his excellent start with the players he has inherited.

      1. jim wall says:

        Ken i dont mean sell them all in one transfer window,i have listed 10 players eventually by end of 2019/2020 season which is 4 transfer windows i hope they are replaced by better players… Wake up ken

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jim, I am wide awake and that’s why I said that of the ten you advised Emery to sell, four of them can walk away for free at the end of the season.
          That means replacing them during the summer using the transfer kitty available.
          You then cited Ozil, who we are reliably told by others is on £350,000 a week so no-one else will buy him.
          Of the others, Emery has already given them new contracts, except Kos,so why do you think he will sell them?
          If you think that Emery can do this and be judged in two seasons, then so be it.
          Myself, I would give him a minimum of three years and then it will be interesting to see how many of your ten players were sold, left for free or actually still figuring in Emery’s plans.

  16. Aubamezzette says:

    Emery n Mislitant have to be ruthless as they were in the summer with ospina cazorla n wilshere n how theyve been with ramsey..
    The likes of mustafi
    Welbeck(im sorry) needs to be booted out n fresh legs come in…
    Even if they are guedouzi,torreira type signings.
    Lacazette n Aubameyang have to be rotated or if both must play it be in CF position in a 2striker formation. Nomore Aubameyang on d wing… its ruining the worldclass striker n a waste of his qualities.

    Get good players with potential that are not too xpensive on the wings n as backup fullbacks, players like pepe,zaha (if cry.palace can be reasonable with their demand),etc… scout for wingers the way u scouted for torreira.
    ..get more sokratis like defenders that have xperience but are still very good n affordable like Benatia,Godin.
    ….continue with d ruthlessness even after getting those players n u ll win the smaller teams even more comfortably n at worse draw d top6 teams..
    In subsequent transferwindows u only need to identify that marquee signing to add class to the team n u start winning consistently against the bigger teams.
    Like Liverpool did it (except they didnt get any xperienced defender to help them till they could spend 75m on just one player (vandijk) in one transferwindow.
    For attack n midfield they got players that are young with potential to be class like mane from southampton,salah from roma, firmino from hoffenheim… ours is made easier with d presence of aubameyang n lacazette already so we just need to add the RW and LW….
    Zaha now is just like Mane was at Southampton then,
    Thatz how to do it,but until January Ozil,Kolasinac,Mustafi,Xhaka, dnt deserve to start the next two games for Arsenal… i should have added Lacazette n Aubameyang too but there is no other striker so i say one be benched for d other in our next two games.
    Discipline poor performances…

  17. ozziegunner says:

    Playing Aubameyang on the wing is not causing him to miss simple chances; he needs to have some ruthlessness drummed into him. He apears to be inheriting the Giroud approach of a bemused look when he misses.

  18. Jeremy says:

    I am amazed to see how fast people forgotten that this is only the first season after AW left.

    Is it fair to ask for a team of world beater right away? And moaning over cracks? Goodness, things have to start somewhere right? Where were we last season? We are already doing ok for now.

    So perhaps, it’s time to grow up and stop acting like a spoilt brat demanding instant results. It’s perfectly fine to have demand but be reasonable, please.

  19. Cliff says:

    Truth be told,Emery is really trying. Changing a manager after a decade and retaining 95%of the under performing players then expecting a miraculous overnight performance from a new guy is just unrealistic.
    1.let’s increase competition for Ozil with a quality recruitment
    2.Let’s find replacement for Xhaka.He is a squad player.
    3.Let’s get a balance for the team.Let’s get proper winger’s
    Give all these to emery &ask if we will be the same old Arsenal

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