Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey set to captain Wales v Belgium

Aaron Ramsey is set to be promoted to captain of his Wales side for the upcoming quarter-final match against Belgium.

Ashley Williams started the competition wearing the armband for Wales, but looks likely to miss out on the crucial match with the Red Devils due to injury.

The Swansea captain collided with fellow team-mate Jonny Williams in the previous match with Northern Ireland, and is now suffering with a shoulder injury.

Ramsey is now set to take over his role as captain for the important Euro 2016 match, where they will be hoping to win, in order to reach their first ever semi-final at international level.

Their opponents appear to be hitting top form at present however. Since their dismal 2-0 defeat to Italy, they have scored eight goals without reply. Belgium are starting to show the type of ability that warrants their place in the top two of the FIFA world rankings, and could well spoil the party for Ramsey and co.

Gareth Bale and Ramsey will be crucial in trying to overcome the in-form side. The latter will know full well about the strength in their opponents side, having come up against 90% of their team in England in recent years.

Key players Eden Hazard, Kevin DeBruyne and Romelu Lukaku are integral in the first-team, and all ply their trade in the Premier League. The latter is currently linked with a switch to Arsenal also, although it is yet to be seen whether the Gunners will be willing to shell out the fee needed to land the 23 year-old.

Will Ramsey be able to guide his side to reach the semi-final stage of the tournament? Or will target Lukaku spoil the party?

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    1. England are well known bottlers it’s not at all surprising they lost and haven’t won anything since 1966,they keep saying their squad is young but it really isn’t!

    2. Bottled what????????????????????????????????
      As deluded as some of you may think wenger is, not even in is wildest dream did he think England stood a chance to win that tournament muchless to call them bottlers.. england is like the evertons and stoke citys of International football so its very unfair to label them as bottlers.

  1. Let’s focus on England for now and yet another failure in a major tournament,the truth of the matter is they promise a lot but deliver little,England lost to Iceland the same way Arsenal lost to Monaco in the champions league!

    1. Except Monaco is actually a solid force in Europe (French league) but Iceland is a country with a population about the size of Northumberland

      1. Been hearing this “Iceland’s population is not only half of this half of that”..that’s why I wanna ask, what difference does a large population or otherwise make on the football pitch????

        Is is that, the whole population will play on the pitch or they have more supporters in the stadium or what exactly????

        Iceland beat England…period!

        1. Hahaha ?
          Obviously, the bigger the population, the bigger the chance of producing more footballers for the availability of the national team.

          One of the Iceland players stated that he personally knows 50% of their travelling fan’s, at the tournament. ?

          I also heard that they don’t even have a professional football league in Iceland? ?

          1. They do have a professional football league there, fatty. Started since 1920 and contain of four division.
            That’s the explanation of where Eidur Gudjohnsen came from.
            The irony of this humiliation is, Iceland have one star : Sigurdson, who dumped by Spuds during their big overhaul about two years ago. Ouch!!!

  2. Woy and wenger have much in common sadly …. But what worries me is wilshere beginning to think his lay off has cost him big time … He seems reluctant to drive at players or to seek out ball spent much of time pointing to player with ball which other player to pass too … Not a good sign … Will need some serious ammunition to take on new managerial talent in EPL …

  3. Honestly I am not surprised at England. Before the game I told a friend that England will lose to Iceland simply because they are bottlers and haven’t been playing well in the competition…..Same old story but different scenario.. ..

  4. I dont know what the manager was up too and I don’t know if he knows at all
    The set up was wrong they knew they had to win it they were to complacent they had an early penalty and drooped off and got the shock of the tournament and could not pick up their heads with finger in the mouth now compare Conte to whats his name
    No toughest league in Europe on show today

  5. For me the only
    International football
    worth watching
    are the world cup finals.
    The confederation cups like the Copa America
    the Euros the AFCONS etc are rubbish,
    as are all the qualifiers and especially the friendlies.
    I am only concerned about our players fitness.
    So come back fit Rambo that will be a success.

  6. Cameron Resigns!!! Hodgson Quit!!!

    Officially Speaking, England is now independently out of EURO!!!

    Congratulations England!!!

  7. i was not surprised that england lost against iceland,even before the euros started i knew hodgson,s selection will come back to haunt him,he took players that were just back from long injuries not match fit/sharp,also due to media pressure he selected players he shouldn,t have (vardy,rashford) it undermined all the good work done during the qualifications,why on earth just before the tournament would hodgson change tactics,formations,players that served him so well even though it was an easy group they still managed to go unbeaten,i know people laugh when wenger talks about cohesion,continuity….but in england case this was very important and the manager by tweaking,changing messed it up but to be honest im delighted being french i was not looking forward to playing england like many french!!!

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