Arsenal’s academy forced to close after a member of staff caught Covid-19

Arsenal has been forced to close their Hale End facility which houses the club’s youngsters after a member of staff tested positive for Covid-19.

The staff had returned to the country from an undisclosed location and resumed at the facility before receiving their coronavirus test results, according to The Athletic.

The Gunners have now decided to vacate the premises and plans are on the way for a deep clean to take place today.

The Gunners haven’t announced when the players and staff will be allowed back into the facility.

An Arsenal statement as cited by Sun Sports read: “We can confirm that a member of staff from our Hale End Academy has tested positive for Covid-19.

“The positive test result arrived at 5pm today and the member of staff immediately left the site to self-isolate.

“As a consequence, six other members of staff are now self-isolating and we have initiated track and trace for the entire site.

“We are working through our CCTV and attendance records on site in order to continue the track and trace process.

“Our Hale End Academy will now be closed on Thursday 8 October for deep cleaning.

“After Thursday, we will review our coaching plans at Hale End accordingly and will keep all staff, parents and young players fully informed.

“The health and safety of everyone on all our sites is our paramount concern.

“No members of our men’s or women’s first-team squads have been affected.”

This is the latest coronavirus related occurrence that is affecting the club this week after Kieran Tierney was also forced to self-isolate because he was in close contact with a national teammate who had tested positive for the virus.

The Hale End academy houses Arsenal’s youngsters from the ages of nine to sixteen.

The youngsters will likely have to train on their own at home for now, but it shouldn’t be long before they are asked to come back.

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  1. I think that COVID is becoming a really big issue again and football along with other sports and businesses will join a growing list with tighter, temporary restrictions being imposed

    The way cases are sky rocketing it’s going to be be a very disruptive time, bringing with it the spectre of more hospital admissions and deaths. A terrible winter lies ahead in so many ways

  2. Do your research, with a test that was never designed to test for any virus, that is why it has a high percentage of false positives.

    They are now saying coronavirus and not covid 19 as there are many corona viruses. It is now the flu season and as cov SARS 2 is only the 24th biggest cause of death in this country there is nothing for healthy people under 70 to worry about, as there is a 99.6% recovery rate.

    And if someone has tested positive, which does not mean they are infected or infectious, but were to die in a road accident within a month they would put it down to as a covid death.

    Most who have succumbed to this were over eighty with one or more morbidity issues, which is what they actually passed away from.

    There is a question going around: If this was not on the propagandist news, would you know there was a pandemic going around?

    There is much to this, as at least some of you must know, but Ineill leave it there. Uk column and talk radio are two good areas on line to find out what is really going on and Off Guardian.

    You could always chip into Simon Dolan’s crowd justice fund for his case against the ‘Government of occupation, as another group, who are taking them to court, call them.

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