Arsenal’s African Players Number 15 – Alex Iwobi

Apart from maybe Ozil no payer divides opinion quite like Iwobi, the nephew of Jay Jay Okocha. As a graduate from our academy, some gooners have given this guy plenty of chances out of a desire to see one of our own progress. Others feel he’s had long enough to prove himself.

Alex Iwobi played 148 Scored 15

It’s got to the point if you criticise Iwobi you are accused of having a bias towards Ozil or even race is brought up as an issue. The reality is the Nigerian has scored 11Leauge goals in 4 years, not good enough for this level.

While fans rightly point out he works harder than an Ozil, all his flicks and dribbles count for nothing if there is zero end product. Quality build up play is often followed by him looking terrified in front of goal. While his German counterpart does not do it consistently you still trust him more to produce a killer pass to assist a goal.

As our title challenge was falling apart, Iwobi’s breakthrough at the end of 2016 (scoring against Barcelona , Everton and Watford ) gave fans hope. Yet he would be like many youngsters accused of being too comfortable under Mr Wenger, going missing when his boss badly needed him.

The biggest example of this was being pictured partying the night before he was one of the more experienced players in a cup loss. You sensed if he wasn’t from our youth team more would have been made of this.

While Unai Emery was credited with improving his confidence, that was still mostly as an impact sub based on his pace against tired defenders.

Many of his backers pointed out he plays better for Nigeria due to playing more central. Yet at the World Cup he was dropped after their first game for yet again going missing when it mattered.

Many have lost faith with the likes of Ozil. But there is no point replacing a World Cup winner with a lesser talent.

At 23, he can no longer hide behind his age…

Dan Smith


  1. Sue says:

    The one everyone has been waiting for………

    1. ken1945 says:

      Is that it Sue?!

      Really can’t wait for Phil to get stuck into this, along with Dan.

      I’m playing it safe and will only contribute once AW has been blamed by both sets of views!!

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Iwobi has been coached for almost his entire career by Wenger, so it will be impossible to not mention Wenger, should there be an in depth conversation on Iwobi.

        As I already mentioned with Bellerin, and Holding, Iwobi is another player who has benefited from Wenger’s departure, as he has now become our best attacking midfielder, and that’s with playing out of position! Of course I feel Iwobi is still only at squad level, which then says a lot about Ozil, and Miki.

        1. Brainbox says:

          U are funny bro
          Iwobi is our worst attacking midfielder
          I watched him play for Nigeria in the attacking midfield role and he sucked .
          Ask any Nigerian, he sucks .
          The only position he can play is the left wing and he doesn’t even do that well . Compared to other Nigeria wingers he still sucks, he is not fast , he cant dribble , he is just an average player at best and that is all he will ever be.
          Even though ozil and mhiki are declining, the are still miles better than iwobi

          1. GunnerJack says:

            Hi Brainbox – could you let me know who you think is a better dribbler than Iwobi in our current line up and subs bench. Thank you

          2. ThirdManJW says:


            Iwobi is our worst attacking midfielder? So please explain how Ozil, and Miki are better than him? Very intrigued to hear what you say.

            I am well aware of Iwobi’s pros and cons, but clearly my eyes deceive me when it comes to Ozil and Miki. Just to clarify, you don’t need to explain about Iwobi, as you already have, I just want to hear how Ozil and Miki offer more to Arsenal FC than Iwobi does. I cannot wait!

        2. GunnerJack says:

          Yes TMJW let’s hope he’s played more centrally on a REGULAR basis and see what happens. Not as No.10 but as a box to box I think. In fact maybe Emery’s line ups will not contain a No.10/playmaker in the future.
          As he’s used Ozil as a punchbag since he first got here in an attempt to quell any ‘player power’ before it started perhaps getting rid of Ozil’s position will be his next move. Getting chucked out of PSG because of certain players there must have really hurt him.

          1. Brainbox says:


            Dribbling is the ability to beat ur marker ,whether it’s by pushing the ball past him or using some sort of flair .
            The only person I person I can think of in arsenal that can do that is maitland niles when he plays at wing back and even he is not that consistent .
            We dont have much dribbler at arsenal but I wont consider iwobi to be one of them .
            Asides from the europa league final the only time I can remember iwobi beating his man was against Fulham, even when we played Manchester United in the fa cup ,he couldn’t beat Ashley young once ..
            The excuse he has been hiding behind is that he is young but the truth is that he isnt young anymore. Anthony martial , Cesc Fabregas, mbappe,even Lamar were way better at 20..
            If he was as good as people think he would have demanded to play in that position or move out on loan but he is very comfortable where he is cos he know that he can do much better
            He is not the worst player in the team but it’s time to cash in on him cos he still as some sort of market value ..

          2. Declan says:

            What is the point of dribbling with no end product. I like Iwobi, you cannot fault him for effort but a bit like Kolasinac, he gets to a point and he either passes back, passes to the opposition or hire into row Z.

        3. Brainbox says:

          ThirdMan JW

          It’s TRUE that ozil and mhiki havent been much to write about this past season but on the few occasion that they have performed like ozil against Leicester city, it was clear to see that there’s still some sort of talent.
          But the only time iwobi has impressed this season was against Fulham.
          I am sure u know deep down that iwobi isnt the quality we need at arsenal
          And I’ll admit that ozil and his brother are past it too

          1. GunnerJack says:

            Don’t know what games you’ve been watching Brainbox but Iwobi is the ONLY player I see REGULARLY dribbling past people. That isn’t really the argument. The arguments is his failure to do much with the ball AFTER going past people that was so annoying – but even then he did have his moments.
            Personally I think he would find playing in midfield easier than on the wing, but who knows? Would love to see him and AMN there together. Worth experimenting with pre-season maybe?

      2. Sue says:

        I’m going to bide my time Ken ??

    2. Dan kit says:

      I’m not going 1st

      1. ken1945 says:

        I’m already being admonished for saying I’ll wait until both sides blame AW!!

        I didn’t, of course, say that AW wouldn’t/shouldn’t be named, but, once again, after being misrepresented,
        it seems the best form of defence is attack…unless it’s UE (ouch!!!).

        Interesting observations from BRAINBOX, wonder what responses he will get?
        I just feel that whatever his performances are wearing the Nigerian shirt, shouldn’t really come into play when discussing his performances in the famous red and white jersey.
        Different scenarios completely.

        1. ke says:

          Should have added, where has gotanidea gone?
          He’s usually the very first person on every post!

        2. Phil says:

          Well Ken it seems Iwobi’s performances for Nigeria will certainly not come into play this evening-HE HAS BEEN DROPPED.Sort Of says it all really don’t you think?

          1. ken1945 says:

            Phil, after seeing some of his performance in his last game, that comes as no surprise…even with the incredible improvement some see since UE took him under his wing.

            I think it is unfair, however, to compare the two different scenarios, especially with the different styles, coaching, players and opponents he faces.

            We have seen dynamic players who have not performed to their full potential once pulling on their national shirt, one such player being the wonderfully gifted David Rocastle (what a fantastic gentleman and player he was) or even George Eastham going further back.

          2. GunnerJack says:

            It says nothing Phil. As they’ve already qualified the manager says that he’ll probably drop/rest a few players including Ighalo and Ndidi, who are probably some of his best players, so if Iwobi is also dropped/rested then he’ll be in good company. Resting your best players when there is little to play for is a well known tactic which I thought you might have known.
            Sort Of says it all really don’t you think?

          3. Nifty says:

            Nigeria have already qualified for the round of 16. So the squad will surely be rotated. He has not done anything extraordinary yet but he is not altogether poor beside Nigeria are not playing well. The problem is that you are watching to sort out his failings and not his general performance else, you would have reported the two good saves he forced from the keeper in the last match. His benching has nothing to do with poor performance rather his importance to the team.

    3. GunnerJack says:

      Not really Sue – I for one am not waiting for yet another regurgitation of the same old, same old. This article is extremely boring rubbish with nothing new to add to any debate.

      1. Phil says:

        GunnerJack-defend this player as you will.But I seem to recall him being dropped after the first game at last years World Cup.I recall saying at the time that if Iwobi was not good enough to play in a third rate International Team (As Nigeria continue to prove) then how is he good enough to play for Arsenal.Nobody ever came back with an answer.If he can not be trusted to play out wide what makes his adoring fans believe he can play centrally for Arsenal as an CAM?He continues to prove me right.His own nations press slaughtered him for his latest performance.Just go online and read the comments.They havechadcenough If him as much as I have at Arsenal.Some idiot on here has shown his goal scoring record as 15 in 148 games and believes him to be on fire.Honestly i continue to be lost for words on this overrated overhyped useless player.Not good enough.Never will be

        1. Dan kit says:

          That idiot was me Phil ..xxnofx changed back to dan kit,I was taking the piss .

          1. Phil says:

            Ah-thought it was a bit strange as the piece changed halfway through
            Welcome back Dan

        2. GunnerJack says:

          Phil, I think Iwobi’s only ‘adoring fans’ are probably his fellow Nigerians on here. I used to slag him off on a regular basis, usually out of sheer frustration with his final ball or shot, but lately saw glimpses of ability which made me think he’s maybe turned a corner.
          So I think he’s improved and could improve further in midfield. I’m not saying I’m right on this of course but I AM saying I’d just like to see him given a few games there, as a box to box, just to find out.

          1. Phil says:

            But why?He is simply not in the class of player needed to play the role.Freddis Ljunberg was exceptional in coming from deep.So too Ramsey when fit and on form.But Iwobi?Seriously?To play in any position the player requires a degree of talent and I just fail to see any in Iwobi.
            Zero end product
            No vision
            Cannot pick a pass
            Football brain?Never in a million years
            Cannot shoot to save his life
            I would have thought ANY attacking player in the EPL would need to have at least some of these traits.Iwobi has none.Which is why he has been found out at both Club and International level by all his managers.Wenger realised he was simply not good enough and phased him out.Emery did the same towards the end of last season.His international Manager seems to have followed on from last years World Cup where he was dropped after a single game.
            Let’s face the Emery situation.His job is on the line this season.He will demand players step up and improve performances both individually and collectively.Iwobi has consistently proved he incapable of improving and will very soon find himself so far down the pecking order the best he will hope for is Carabao Cup football with a place on the bench for the early EL games.Just wait and see me proved right.

  2. Dan kit says:

    As Thirdman JW pointed out he is our best attacking midfielder, I mean with 15 goals in 148 games the kid is on fire with them kind of stats ?
    Even on his best day he’s nowhere near our past wingers Walcott or the ox who were both given grief from our fans .
    Also Thirdman how have holding and Bellerin benefited from wengers departure?were they not injured for large chunks of last season ? You make no sense once again .
    Anyway back to iwobi, it’s obvious that emery doesn’t trust him else we wouldn’t be getting all the rumours for his replacement ,and if we don’t get him replaced we could have a long and tedious season if he’s played in the starting 11.
    And for goodness sake let’s put this ridiculous fantasy to bed about him playing as a number 10 because having watched is feeble performances in the AFCON that’s exactly that a FANTASY.
    I would imagine we will get some posters talking about how much ozil makes a week (over to you Thirdman )to justify iwobi being in the team .for me I would say Iwobi would be in my top 5 worst players I’ve seen take the field for arsenal and that’s not going to change.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Hi Dan – could you give me a link to where you saw ‘all the rumours for his (Iwobi’s) replacement’ Thank you.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        Mate there’s a thing called google ,but if you don’t know how to use it then you Might have seen that we have been linked to 4-5 wingers ,that right wingers iwobis position seeing he was played as a winger not in the middle ,on the wings, so in my book that looks kinda like a replacement don’t you think ,hence the fact I said his replacement.hope that answered your question

      2. Dan kit says:

        Mate there’s a thing called google ,but if you don’t know how to use it then you Might have seen that we have been linked to 4-5 wingers ,that right wingers iwobis position seeing he was played as a winger not in the middle ,on the wings, so in my book that looks kinda like a replacement don’t you think ,hence the fact I said his replacement.hope that answered your question

        1. GunnerJack says:

          You actually said: ‘Anyway back to IWOBI, it’s obvious that emery doesn’t trust him else we wouldn’t be getting all the rumours for HIS (IWOBI’S) replacement’ That is, SPECIFICALLY, IWOBI’S replacement and was what I asked you.

          Now you say, weakly, ‘It kinda looks like a replacement’ Pathetic or what!?

          Also, arsenal get linked with about 4 or 5 players every freakin’ day, not just wingers, so according to you ANY PLAYER IN THE TEAM could be up for replacement, depending on which fake news the media want to entice you with on any given day.

          And finally, as you think Iwobi played on the RIGHT wing my next question to you is ‘Do you watch the games on a mirror?’

          1. Dan kit says:

            Yes mate emery wants to get a better player in to replace him because we have been linked with constant left sided wingers iwobis postion not this make believe number 10 postion you keep making up .and it was meant to say *thats right wingers “not that he played on the right ,your clutching mate to bother .

    2. ThirdManJW says:

      @Dan kit

      Did you watch Arsenal last season, and the previous 2/3 before that as well? If you did, you would have noticed a big improvement in Bellerin, and Holding before their respective injuries.

      Bellerin had been poor for about 2 seasons solid, and Holding had barely done anything in an Arsenal shirt, bar the odd decent performance. Loads of fans wanted them gone in the summer, especially Bellerin, but look how much we’ve missed them since their injuries.

      What I said about Bellerin, Iwobi, and Holding has clearly been interpreted in the wrong way, and taken out of context, if you’re going to start comparing Iwobi to Walcott for example. I am not saying any of them are brilliant players, all I am saying is that one can clearly see that they have improved post Wenger. If you actually took the time to read what I said, I said that Iwobi is currently our best attacking midfielder. It would be Ramsey, but he isn’t an Arsenal player anymore.

      No one has given me an in depth answer to why Ozil and Miki offer more than Iwobi. Maybe you can?

      As I also keep saying, Iwobi is a squad player at best currently, but it would be interesting to see what he could do in the middle for Arsenal. It’s also double standards from those who critique him, because I bet if Ozil was playing out of position EVERY game, then those defending him would use that to excuse his woeful performances. Wenger doesn’t use Ozil correctly, neither does Emery. Ozil needs quality around him, etc. It amazes me that Ozil is NEVER held accountable for his shocking displays. Always someone else’s fault!

      I’ll also explain what Iwobi gives us compared to Ozil and Miki, and please feel free to disagree, and explain you decisions:

      Iwobi works the hardest
      Iwobi is more of a team player
      Iwobi has the best attitude
      Iwobi respects Arsenal and the manager way more than Ozil, not sure about Miki
      Iwobi and Miki are definitely a less disruptive influence than Ozil
      Iwobi is paid way less than Ozil, and Miki, yet is producing more
      Iwobi is very good role model for the youngsters, given how he was a little wayward, and has turned things around to save his Arsenal career. Miki seems a decent role model, but Ozil is a terrible role model.
      Iwobi seems to actually care about the badge. Not sure on Miki, but there’s no doubt that Ozil couldn’t care less what’s best for Arsenal, as we yet again in the final.

      Finally, the most important aspect, end product. Iwobi is the least talented out the 3 of them for sure, but gives you better performances. His end product is woeful at times, specifically his shooting, but his creating has been good. He’s put it on a plate for team mates so many times this season, for them to then mess up. He should have a ton more assists. Watford away he should have had 3 assists alone. I barely recall Ozil putting many on a plate last season. Also, Ozil fans use the excuse of poor finishing for costing Ozil when he was chasing Henry’s assists record, so the same excuse should be allowed for Iwobi. Although it’s probably one rule for Ozil, one for everyone else.

      I hope that clearly explains everything.

      1. Nifty says:

        Yes it is one rule for Ozil another for eveyone else. Ozil is the only one allowed to jog in the field provided he is producing final passes. Some people are focusing solely on Iwobi so the have forgotten that the Nigerian team is not even playing well. At times I wonder why people’s expectations from Iwobi is so high that the forget the little good things he does on the field but instead focus on his obvious limitations.

        1. Phil says:

          What good things?His own national team manager couldn’t find too many after his latest flop.So I’m trying to recall the good things.Perhaps you could enlighten us all

          1. Nifty says:

            People like you can’t be enlightened because you are clouded with your desire to prove that Iwobi is the worst player ever on earth. People like us we don’t rate Iwobi like a top talent but we know he is not altogether useless, so we appreciate the little he brings to the team.

      2. GunnerJack says:

        Nice one ThirdManJW

    3. Tom says:

      ???I will say Kim karlstrom, asano,silvestre,Yaya sanogo, and ofcus squillaci? are my pick for worst arsenal players ….. Don’t forget the much talked about Francis Jeffers

  3. Dan kit says:

    Now correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you write an article not more than 4 days ago defending iwobi ?
    So how is this article boring compared to the one that you wrote ?

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Much as I admire anyone who can write an article I think this subject has already been totally exhausted and not much more can be said about it.
      It’s not for me to defend my own article of course so others must make their own minds up on its merits or otherwise so if you or anyone else think it was boring or rubbish etc just say so and that’s fine by me. I defend everyone’s right to have an opinion and even if I think some of those opinions are absolute tripe they still have every right to have them.

      1. Admin says:

        GunnerJack – Dan could not do a series on Arsenal’s African Players without including Iwobi. This is not a stand-alone article and was inspired by the beginning of the African Nations Cup….

        1. GunnerJack says:

          Ah, thank you Admin – the penny drops! I thought it was just another of those clickbait types of things.

    2. ken1945 says:

      Dan kit, it’s not boring just look at how many times GunnerJack has commented, after saying it was boring.
      Your also right about his article, well written, fully discussed and enjoyable.

      I thought you were going to explain that the rumour links you were referring to, were the same ones that told us Ozil was up for sale, or the ones that said every single player UE inherited was dross and had to go, or the over 150 players linked with The Arsenal so far this window (source UntoldArsenal)… so that can only be interpreted as everyone, bar four, are up for sale, unless of course you use the official site as your source of information!!

      As this article is titled Alex Iwobi, I would have thought that he was the topic we would/should be discussing.

      Go back to the beginning of the comments and see who mentions other players first and for what reason?

      This is where the whole debate turns into another nightmare, simply because it seems impossible for certain posters not to be able to discuss ONE SINGLE players performance, esperiences, mentors or abilities on his own merits alone.

      The article referred to our African players and yet it ends up with everything but that.
      Just as the Gervinho article did and, again, in exactly the same way as this one.
      It makes such a pleasant change to read about the African players we have had the privilige to see in our shirts, some more so than others.

      Surely we can debate Iwobi, his performances, his strengths and faults as an individual…I’m positive that’s what he would like our fanbase to do, rather than compare him to ANYONE ELSE?

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Hi Ken – yes I thought the article was just a boring rehash of everything which has gone before but as Admin pointed out it was part of the African Players series, not a standalone, so an article about Iwobi was of course in order.
        Now, even though the article was boring to me some of the comments were anything but, with people misquoting what’s been said, others trying to imply one thing when something else was clearly said/meant etc. so well worth spending an amusing hour or so on here answering the misquotes/insinuations etc which are sprinkled about with gay abandon and little regard for the truth 🙂
        I also found it ironic that I am now regarded as one of Iwobi’s great fans (having slagged him off at great length previously) for suggesting we could try him in midfield where I think he could do well. So now I have to defend my view on this as well! Such fun and keeps the brain ticking over – what little there is left of it!

        1. ken1945 says:

          GunnerJack, but isn’t it a BRILLIANT site, with all the different views coming in left, right and centre?

          So many perfectly reasonable ideas from
          m all angles , with the common theme that we all want The Arsenal to be successful!!!

          It’s the same old problem though, in that it finally ends up with two divided “camps” convinced in their arguments and never the twain shall meet.

          I really just wish the debate was about the guy who joined The Arsenal at the tender age of eight (?), worked his way up through the ranks, became a first team squad member and represents Nigeria.

          If we could only keep it to that and ask questions of each other based on those perceptions, but it never happens.

          1. GunnerJack says:

            Yes Ken there are different views coming in left, right and centre on here and no problem with that. The only part of your comment I would disagree with is your remark ‘So many PERFECTLY REASONABLE ideas from all angles’ as some things on here are NOT perfectly reasonable.
            For instance I have been told by one guy three or four times now that there is no way on earth that Iwobi could possibly be a central midfield player. So now the question is – how could he possibly know that? He couldn’t of course but that doesn’t stop him repeating it ad nauseum as if it were an absolute written-in-stone fact. Do you think he sits on the right hand of God? 🙂
            Anyway I like to come here more for the entertainment value provided by such people than anything else. I get good sense from you and a few others of course but it’s responding to the absolute rubbish from elsewhere and the subsequent to and fro of their responses which does indeed make this an interesting and brilliant site.

  4. Bob says:

    This Ozil and Iwobi debate is getting boring by the day.
    Sometimes I wonder why people are so fond of this two rubbish players. What is the use of a player been called a world class that has pass is prime in this team? Or a player who can dribble the entire team without end product?

    This is useless argument on both front.
    Ozil is no more needed in this team cos of his bad performance, age and salary, while Iwobi is not needed cos of his lack of end product(gosh! I really detest this guy for his lack of shooting). Though is not compulsory we sell him cos his wage is not even enough to pay for a world class but can be send back to the bench and be use like Elneny. No where near starting 11 or super sub.

    I hope both improve drastically this coming season cos is looking like 90% this guys are staying.

    Quit this debate of two useless players and talk about the good ones

    1. Bob says:

      How I wish everybody here is like Jon Fox talking about the player the way he sees it and not defending a player because of the love he has for him.

      Yes I’m a Die hard Wenger fan which don’t make me like Jon Fox for is critics on Wenger but I respect his opinion cos I see some truth in it.

      And for the iwobi fan, remember Ozil at 23 is miles ahead of Iwobi at 23.

      And for Ozil fan, Ozil is just in our club because of the fat check and not because he love the club.

    2. jon fox says:

      HEAR HEAR TO THAT! In particular to your final comment

  5. Durand says:

    I think we can all agree Iwobi is a squad player, not starting 11 material. That’s ok; he loves the club, works hard for the team, and fills a spot without us spending a transfer fee.

    No way he should play as box to box midfielder.

    1. Decision making is horrendous
    2. Tackling and interceptions not good enough
    3. We have better players in midfield already
    4. AMN much better in midfield than Iwobi. Remember when he put Pogba in his pocket?

    Iwobi is a winger, not a cam or box to box player. It’s up to Iwobi whether he pushes on to start or remains a squad player.

    Nelson and especially Saka need opportunities, and time for Iwobi to either step up or step aside

    1. GunnerJack says:

      I hope we get the chance to see Durand!
      Like you, I also would love to see Nelson and Saka on the wings. I already said elsewhere that I’d also like to see AMN in the middle, even mentioning Pogba (as you have) who congratulated AMN on his play that day.
      As Ramsey is gone and Xhaka is useless there’s no reason both AMN and Iwobi can’t take, or try to take, their places in midfield. It would at least be worth trying in pre-season I think.
      (BTW who are the ‘better players in midfield’ we have?)

      1. Phil says:

        A box to box midfielder would need to be like Ramsey.Arriving into the box to create and score goals.Can someone explain how Iwobi comes into this category of player.He has failed to do this for both Club and Country as a wide player which is proven after he was dropped after a single game at last years World Cup and benched by Emery for the final third of the season after continually failing.The very best he can hope for is as a backup to Nelson and Sako for Club and carrying the oranges to the bench for Country.

        1. GunnerJack says:

          You say ‘A BOX TO BOX midfielder would need to be like Ramsey. . . and then you go on to say ‘He has failed to do this for both Club and Country AS A WIDE PLAYER!!??
          So NOT as a BOX TO BOX then? What on earth are you talking about!?
          Getting sick of saying this but what I suggested was to TRY Iwobi there for a few games and let’s see how he goes on.
          As he’s starting this evening I’ll watch the match to see how he goes on as I only watched the highlights last time – where I thought he played pretty well.
          BTW, in spite of what they say I think some on here did NOT watch that match but simply went on Twitter to find a few tweets from the feeble minded denizens of that site slagging Iwobi off and then came on here to claim that the whole of Nigeria thought he was useless. Pathetic.

          1. Phil says:

            Firstly it was the Nigerian sports press that slagged off Iwobi’s display and they obviously watched the game where you admit to not watching.Si how can they be wrong?THAT was pathetic PAL.
            And you now say let’s try Iwobi as a midfielder.Why?What makes you think he could suddenly reinvent himself where all he has done for the last four seasons is pretty much fail on a consistent basis?How long do we give him?PATHETIC PAL.
            Think before you post and check your facts

      2. Durand says:

        GunnerJack glad you commented on the post, and you’ve made several good points in your previous posts.

        As far as Iwobi playing box to box; not with players we currently have, or how Emery shifting Torreria away from DM midfielder.

        If Iwobi had DM cover, maybe try in preseason. But can’t afford to with Xhaka. I’m not against Iwobi, just getting frustrated with his lack of growth.

        2 years and still can’t read a game properly, make good decisions under pressure, or finish off an attack by scoring.

        I hope Nelson and Saka are sacrificed to give Iwobi more opportunities on top of the 2 years worth he’s had.

        I like him in the rotation, but if he doesn’t significantly improve this year then it’s time to cut bait and let him go.

        Saka and Nelson have more potential and age on their side, and Iwobi can’t stand out on mediocre Arsenal squad.

        1. GunnerJack says:

          Durand I would prefer Torreira to stay as a defensive midfielder while trying AMN and Iwobi in front of him, who could take turns to attack occasionally.
          I wouldn’t have Xhaka anywhere near the team, not even on the bench.
          I wouldn’t like to see Nelson and Saka sacrificed for anyone without first giving them a chance. I think they could do really well.
          Finally, I do agree that unless Iwobi improves then of course he should be replaced. However, that could also be said of half the freakin’ team unfortunately.
          Here’s my own Blacklist:
          No: 01 Lichsteiner – GONE on June 30th – today!
          No: 02 Kolasinac
          No: 03 Suarez – GONE – loan finished
          No: 04 Jenkinson – to West Brom? Celtic?
          No: 05 Elneny – to Bordeaux?
          No: 06 Mustafi – not wanted by UE as on 27/6/19
          No: 07 Xhaka – to Atletico Madrid? Inter Milan? But maybe Emery wants him as captain!!?? To stop risk of losing him!!! The mind boggles!
          No: 08 Mkhitaryan – back to Borussia Dortmund?
          No: 09 Sokratis – no news yet

          1. Durand says:

            I don’t disagree much with what you said. Curious myself with Iwobi-AMN midfield pairing provided Emery leaves Torreria to play DM and provide cover. (Torreria monster DM, but average when Emery pushes him forward).

            The only hesitation I have is Iwobi decision making under pressure. He gives away possession or wayward passing, and that’s a critical failing for MF.

            I agree on Xhaka, and BOTH him and Iwobi need to vastly step up their performances. Neither is pushing team to be successful like Alexis Sanchez did.

  6. jon fox says:

    Some on here are once again comparing Iwobi with Ozil and Mkhi. Why do they persist in doing this and how does it help us? Both Ozil and Mkhi have more natural talent than Iwoibi but are overall even less effective , in most games than he is. He DOES work hard, though not usually productively. Both the others are bone idle and therefore not worthy of wearing our shirt. Simple as that. The proper and more realistic comparison SHOULD BE is Iwobi better than any new player we are likely to bring into midfield attack? Since Kroenke owns us, I think it is unlikely we will bring in anyone in Iwobis position EVEN as “good” (note the quote marks,PLEASE!!!) as this moderate but trying – in both senses of that word – player.

  7. Declan says:

    Not trying to be PC or anything as I hate the current PC ‘snowflake you’ve offended me’ generation but, well, there’s always a but…..
    You say “even race is brought up as an issue” and then you refer to him as “the Nigerian”, are you for real? Sheesh, you don’t really think things through do you!

    1. Dan says:

      Really ???

    2. jon fox says:

      Declan To say IWOBI is Nigerian is to refer to nationality not to race. HOWEVER, I DO believe that some folk are incapable of seeing the difference between nationality and patriotism on the one hand, and racism on the other. For that reason, primarily, I always caution against mentioning anyones nationality as a distinction from others. It is perfectly feasible to just refer to IWOBI and there is zero need to specify his nationality at all. If it were the case that ALL folk fully understood the vital difference between nationalism and racism , then it would be harmless to then mention his being Nigerian. But THAT is NOT the case and so I always use caution in this matter. I admit it is a delicate point and nuanced distinction and expect that most will not properly understand what I say. BUT IT IS IMPORTANT TO SAY IT ALL THE SAME, AS I BELIEVE IN INCLUSIVENESS OF ALL PEOPLE AS BEING ONE RACE AND NEVER OF DIVISION AMONG HUMANS. I challenge all who seek to divide us.

    3. Dan says:

      Actually my English Degree taught me not to repeat words
      For example a newspaper might say Giroud
      Then to not repeat name ,you might the Frenchmen
      Then you might write the Chelsea striker

      Fabregas is the Spaniard
      The Brazilian Ronaldo
      Messi is Argentine

      Sorry talking about a Nigerian made you blush … ( is it African in general you are not comfortable with ?)
      Something tells me you wouldn’t mind if I called Ramsey the Welshman

Comments are closed

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