Arsenal’s African Players Number 4 – Lauren

Over the years we talk about the Arsenal team having a weak mentality. Here is a player who had the characteristics we would perhaps appreciate better now that we don’t have it. A mentality that you need, as much as flair and skill, to win trophies. Laureano Bisan Etame-Mayer, commonly known as Lauren, had that mentality.

Lauren – Played 242 goals 11

Lauren would become another example of Arsene Wenger teaching a new position to, and ended up being one of our famous Invincibles. Originally playing in midfield, he would be trusted to take the right back position upon Lee Dixon’s retirement. He suited the modern-day full back role, able to defend but also being an attacking threat. Perhaps an aspect we only appreciate now that we don’t have anyone who has it, was his willingness to fight. As much as he played in a free-flowing side, they could also stand up to the opposition in a battle, Lauren being one of those fined after ‘The Battle Of Old Trafford.’

He also earnt a reputation for being a cool penalty taker, converting in two North London Derbies and an FA Cup Final. He would do the same at the Olympics and African Cup Of Nations. He suffered a serious knee injury in 2006 to which he never really recovered from, with Arsene Wenger giving him the choice if he wanted to go to Portsmouth.

Despite always saying he felt Spanish (his family fled due to the dictator ship of Francisco Macias Nguema) he was a constant in one of Cameroons’ most successful periods, winning a Gold Medal in Sydney and 2 African Cup Of Nations His status as a Gunners and Lions legend made him a natural choice for Arsenal’s African Ambassador.

Dan Smith


  1. He is the best Arsenal RB I’ve ever known

    Not as good as Dani Alves when attacking, but he is good in defending and clicked well with Wiltord/ Ljungberg

  2. Great full back who’s never been replaced. Be honest if we could get 45 Million each for both Bellerin and Torreira and anything above 20 Million for Xhaka, I’d take it. By the same rule offload Mustafi, Elneny, Cech (already gone), Jenks, we could then raise some serious money to invest on four or five new players. Hopefully UE sees this, it’s a lot of work and the sooner we start the better.

    1. Emery would most likely want to replace the current players with his own choices, but it’s not easy to sell those players you mentioned

      He came back to Nkunku again recently. I predict he would have to resort to his old player Banega, if our bid for Nkunku is rejected again and if we still cannot sell our current stars

    2. Which defensive midfielder should we get if we get rid of Torreira?

      Elneny, Chambers, Bielik are not good enough. We will need to get a Quality DM

    3. €50m bid for Torreira has been rejected by Arsenal.Sorry to say but he won’t be leaving this window

      Tierney bid will be submitted tomorrow

      1. It seems to be a loan that they want, a two season loan for about 8m, then a clause that they can decide to take up if they believe he’s worth it. That has to be a joke, who would agree to something so stupid, yeah take a long look at him and see if he’s worth 40 plus mil, sure 8m is hardly gonna tempt us.

        The worst part of this is that I believe Torriera wants out, I believe he’d jump at the chance to go back to Italy and play for a big side over there. We have the cards though, but you need your players to be 100 percent committed.

  3. Arsene called Lauren his best signing..
    What a beast… I loved this guy..if only we had a team full of Laurens!!!

  4. Iwobi currently tearing up the AFCON… Registered his first pre assist yesterday and was dangerous throughout the game playing in his number 10 role.

    I wish Arsenal have scouts watching the competition for young African talents especially Chukwueze

    1. ??????
      Pre assists ,
      remind me again who did they play …Burundi
      It’s like arsenal v Celtic
      I watched half of it and had to turn it off ,the football was so bad it was comical to watch

      1. Oh on topic Lauren was the best right back I’ve seen play in England ,I thought we had another in Eboue but I’m sure Dan will get to him .

      2. Dan-Would Bergkamp ever have been able to assist in a pre-assist to the player who assisted another player who then passed to assist the maker of the assist to the goal scorer.And did Bergkamp ever claim to have torn it up against Burundi?Of course not.And as far as Celtic are concerned-they are not even in the class of Burundi are they?

        1. Phil, only if he was in the inverted role that he reverted to after being converted from a diverted winger to an attacking midfield genius that protected the Burundi elected world winning squad.

          1. Ken-congratulations.That makes as much sense as a post from TH-14.I thought it impossible but you have but you have proved everyone wrong.
            And once again-What a fantastic article.Memories Ken.

        2. To think Iwobi is an Arsenal player and you guys are supposed to be Arsenal supporters…. smh ??‍♂️

      3. So in the pre assist stats the goal keeper would be top if we went back to where every attack started?

        1. Not quite Declan !………top of the pre pre pre pre pre pre etc etc etc assists would be the first player to kick off when the whistle blows…….if we kick off first or if oppo` kick off first then the first Arsenal player to touch the ball ! or maybe a fan who chucks the ball back to a Arsenal player after it goes out of play !

    2. What game did you watch bro.He Played on the left and move to No10 role after Mikel was substituted in 58 minutes. He had 32 minutes in the middle. Yeah he did ok but not as dangerous as Chukwueze. He did not new just the usual he does for Arsenal

      1. Bro Iwobi did more than OK, He was excellent in the number 10 role when given the opportunity, our attack became fluid and beautiful to watch.

        You could see he played without any pressure compared to when he’s lining up for the gunners where he has fans like Phil calling for his head when he puts a foot wrong.

  5. AC Milan have bid €50million for Lucas Torreira. The bid has been rejected.Player doesn’t want to leave too

    As I said yesterday, a bid of £19m +Jenkinson will be submitted for Tierney.Osei-Tutu might also be added

    1. Jekinson and Jordi Osei-tutu are both right back. Why would Celtic takes the two and why not keep Tutu as a back up for Bellerin. So much for playing youth. The boy is 20 already and he is good enough to play.

    2. AC Milan must pay million not 50m ,And Jenkingson +money for Tieney is good news.

    1. Really @Nifty-I just wish this over hyped ( by his countrymen) is sold to whatevermugs feel he has as future career as a professional footballer.I sort of get why some people with nothing to look forward to in their dad pathetic lives attempt to cling onto whatever ray of sunshine will help their miserable lives.But FFS why do they have to try to ram this pathetically useless player at us just because he has somehow managed to tie his boots up correctly?So he managed to actually pass a ball to a teammate when playing the equivalent of Hartlepool Utd U/13’s.So What?If he actually proved he had a future in the game at Arsenal Football Club then why is it 99.9% of the fan base are crying out for a Winger PLUS Reiss Nelson for next season and also a player able to prove he can operate as a CDM to replace Ramsey.I have not seen too many DEMAND Iwobi is given a chance whereas plenty are demanding ESR,NELSON EDDIE and SAKO get game time.
      Admin-You have found NOTHING in this post to pull it.Start a poll with fans-Iwobi in/Iwobi out.Do not include the African vote and you will have 95% confirming this ridiculously inadequate footballer is not and never will be good enough for Arsenal Football Club.
      If you do decide to remove this post this will prove to me you have more than one eye on TRAFFIC COUNT than CONTENT.If this site is a TRUE ARSENAL SUPPORTERS SITE and not a cash cow for the site owners then then get this poll in place and let’s put this to the vote.

      1. I will not pull this particular post Phil but have edited it slightly and a previous one. I ask that you stop calling people morons as you did in the previous post I edited and stop dividing based on which continent someone comes from. I can take it on the chin you questioning whether we are a true Arsenal fan site but Pat and I will not tolerate personal abuse and unnecessary comments based on nationality. Finally, Phil, we appreciate your contribution to the site and passion however I will not continue to edit, simply do not have the time, I will just delete, so please, I respectfully ask that you tone it down a little and not to force my hand. That I do not want to do.

  6. A brilliant conversion to become a fantastic player for us.

    This man was a classic example of how, with the right coaching, a professional footballer should be able to adapt to any situation.

    I’m not sure about his penalty techniques however, as he always seemed so nervous when taking them.

  7. Ok, I am a Nigerian. I never one day think Iwobi is good enough to be Arsenal player. So is about half of our squad.

    To the article, Lauren gave me some good memories but best is him scaring shit of van Nistelrooy.

    Those are players with big heart.

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