Arsenal’s approach to transfers makes me sad….

Passive approach has failed Arsenal so far. by Konstantin Mitov

Well it’s hard not to talk about him. The player every Arsenal fan hopes will join us – Pierre Emerick Aubameyang! He played 90 minutes for Dortmund and their fans held a banner saying ‘no player is bigger than the club’ and I do agree with that 100%.

You can read this decision multiple ways, but I firmly believe it will be a miracle to sign the Gabon striker now. Dortmund dropped him for 2 games and it was genuinely obvious there are transfer talks ongoing, but since nothing happened he was recalled to the squad and I think he’ll stay at Dortmund till the summer when someone will outbid us for him and he’ll never wear our kit.

We’ve send a three man squad to Dortmund including the CEO who should be the most powerful man after the owner yet we’ve failed to agree anything. Wenger confirmed we’re not close, but one thing is close – the end of the window and the comments that we are “happy with our squad” makes me very sad.

Do we want a new striker or not? If we do, let’s put number 1, 2 and 3 down and if we can’t get 1 for any reason financial or other, move to number 2 and then 3 and finally end up with a new player. If not, then why are we bidding less for a player with no backup option? It’s just silly, but it’s also typical Arsenal transfer business.

These transfer negotiations remind me of the contract situation of Jack and Ozil. We’re waiting there too, until they join Alexis at Man Utd for free. Arsenal don’t have the power with neither Jack, nor Mesut and thus so need to cough up the money or the players won’t sign, because a footballers career is short and as much as you love your club, when the offer comes you have to make the best decision for yourself.

And it’s similar with Dortmund. We want to buy their player, but he has a contract – something we at Arsenal forget once we get someone, and remember it when it’s about to run out. So I firmly believe our unwillingness to pay the true price of a player will reflect heavily on our squad, just like we failed to land Suarez, because we were counting our pennies.

Arsenal and Wenger are the masters of masking failure though. So I can see us snapping the Carabao cup and Arsene saying look we won a trophy against City, while we drift 20+ points in the league sitting 6th.

I really wish I am wrong, but usually there is a time for everything to happen and once it’s missed it becomes really difficult, and sadly on the players front I think we are exactly at that spot.



  1. Shortboygooner says:

    Agreed. It is at a point now where neing smart and shrewd has developed into being penny smart but pound foolish. Although since this pattern keeps reoccurring it begs the question. Is it all just a smoke screen. Pretend to the fans we are gling for big players and signings to shut them up. Maybe spend big 1s every so often. Do just enough so its hard to complain. If we do not end up with aubambeyang this is obviously the case. Dortmund was 60M and so far arsenal have bid 44 50 and 54 or something like that if your telling me a club like arsenal cannot close the gap on 10m or less something is wrong. A player like aubambeyang will easily bring in millions on shirt signings. Buy the player and balance the books later easily

    1. bran911 says:

      I thumbed you up buddy, Admin hear our cries, some comments just need a thumb up and nothing to add to it coz they are well written and logically constructed

    2. Free Thinker says:


      As soon as a club overspends once, they keep getting inflated prices, so the 5 – 10 mill, could end up costing 50 mill within a few years, and no club that exists for profit can afford to do that.

      Only clubs owned by rich oligarchs (PSG, City, Chelsea) can ignore long-term financial perspectives. And it doesn’t matter one percent that they’re Arabs and Jews, because if it weren’t them, it would be someone else. The problem is the badly defined financial fair play.

      On the topic: 54 mill pounds seems reasonable. Based on his age he’s worth somewhere between 50 and 55, but clearly not 60 unless it’s Barca or Real buying.

      1. Midkemma says:

        If Auba can make the difference between UCL and no Euro football than he can make Arsenal more than what his transfer costs, now I know it is a team game and hard to say 1 player will get us UCL football but sometimes you just need the cherry on the cake (so to speak) and Auba could be that for our attack.

        Also when you look at what UTD pay who are owned by American businessmen, they was bought using UTDs money FFS! worse than how Silent Stan bought AFC!

        I like UTD as an example, they got a top man in Ed Woodward and he drove the business forward and he is the one who sanctions the spending.

        We have…. Gazidis. Someone who when came to AFC, AFC transfer policy changed from buying quality to buying volume and hope we get some quality for cheap.

        Multiple years have lead to where we are now. UTD have spent on players and that has helped them get quality AND to boost shirt sales which may not be direct cash into the clubs pocket per each sale, they do negotiate the sponsorship and payments which is effected by how many shirt sales they make.

        AFC had 2 of the top 5 EPL shirt sales in Ozil and Alexis yet UTD still had the better shirt manufacturer sponsorship.

        AFC could spend more by looking to make more and sponsorships.

        I’m eagerly awaiting the appointment of Raul Sanllehi who helped Barca generate the income they used to spend on players.

  2. Sims says:

    I guess by now we all should be used to the way things are done by the clowns at arsenal. They do not intend to buy anyone, we ve seen this many times. They know that if they just say that they don’t wanna buy anyone, the fans and the press will start talking. So to avoid that, they will just bid lower the asking price of a player, knowing fully well that the selling club will say no. When the window closes, they will say ….Well we tried all we could to buy but the other club didn’t want to sell, we are glad with the quality we have in the club.

  3. gotanidea says:

    – Aubameyang: No worries, according to @kev the man a.k.a @RememberResource? a.k.a @Resource, he will come today at the latest, which the finalization of the deal was also confirmed by BBC and Sky Sports today.

    – Ozil: He has a good relationship with Mourinho in Real Madrid, so he could still join Manchester United abruptly. There is no way Arsenal would let a 42 million player go for free, like what Arsenal did to Sanchez.

    – Wilshere: There is no other interest for him and maybe he is just disputing his big salary increment demand with Arsenal.

  4. Nikkogunners says:

    If I’m Aubameyang lawyer i would advise the player to sue arsenal if they fail in their bid because it happens with Arsenal and they unsettle players all the time and they should learn to to go for a player they really intend to buy. Maybe we arsenal fans should sue! how many times we hear so and so would have been Arsenal and then we dropped the ball? remember Suarez, Lamer who we played hardball all summer window and when it was getting close we became desparate and gave in but guess what, it was too late. it had unsettled the player, unsettled the team, wreaked the fans nerves…

  5. John0711 says:

    As usual a true arsenal fan with intelligence who knows exactly what the club is like. Spot on

  6. Come on guys…can’t you hold off till the transfer actually fails before we hit the bitchin’ button? Sky and BBC are reporting the deal is close. If it fails, I think the top guys did all they could sometimes its not about money. Even the Sanchez to mancity deal on deadline day in the summer collapsed…selling clubs can be stubborn sometimes.

    1. Billy says:

      Well said son

    2. Vlad says:

      Well said. Pretty much the only sensible comment on here. Can’t stand KM, and his constant whining. What’s the point of moaning about something that you have no control of, and most importantly something that might still happen? Let’s just wait and see.

      1. Jensenvk says:

        True! I miss Hafiz Rahman, at least his comments and trolling were funny!

    3. Midkemma says:

      If it fails then I do not think the board did all they could, they could pay what BvB have asked and I hope they do.

      Even with this transfer, we may still be in profit if we sell Giroud for £35 million.

      AFC got TV money, they charge the highest per fan, they have money even if Gazidis has allowed sponsorship contracts to run out. Contracts running out…

      60mil Euros for one of the best CF in the world when Lukaku cost UTD £75 and Gazidis is trying to save a few million????? WTF!!!!!! Sometimes Gazidis needs to recognise a bargain and snatch the hand off to get it but instead he pushes to save even more. In a time when AFC fans pay the most and he wants to save a few million on what would already be seen as a bargain is… JUST NO!!!!!!!!!

  7. barryglik says:

    Auba to sign for 55m
    well that’s the impression
    all the “reports” are saying.
    Our striker quest has been
    long and torturous these past 7 years.
    Bendtner Park Chamakh Arshavin Podolski
    Girvinho Sanogo Asano Wellbeck Perez.
    All glorious failures.
    RVP one top season then he signs for Mn U.
    Sanchez scorer of many goals leaves on a free.
    The strange pursuit of the likes of
    Higuain, Suarez+1, Benzema, Reus and Draxler 🙂
    Laca club record 46m is struggling.
    Giroud still our best striker at 32.
    Auba has the pedigree and if his attitude is right
    could it be just possible we have finally landed a striker
    who could lead us to the EPL title.

    1. Nikkogunners says:

      Wenger overworks our strikers asking them to defend and playing one CF. even the great Hendry had a second striker in Wiltord and Bergkamp to help out. and the wingers were attack minded not in Perez, Overmars and Ljumberg…good striker play off other good players. When Wenger went 3 defender in the back he actually pulled out an attacker and added to have a defense of 5…

  8. TH14-TW14 says:

    Kostantin stop your angry outburst and experience happiness in your life for once. You wrote

    “You can read this decision multiple ways, but I firmly believe it will be a miracle to sign the Gabon striker now.”

    This is from David Ornstein:

    “BREAKING: Arsenal close to reaching agreement to sign to striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund for club-record fee in region of £60m. Transfer won’t be sanctioned until #BVB have replacement lined up – remains unclear if that will be Olivier Giroud or not #AFC”

    You are an angry young man desperate for the apocalypse. Between your rants and David Ornstein, we know who has credibility.

    1. Vlad says:

      LOL. Nicely put. KM is one miserable SOB.

    2. Midkemma says:

      Nicely said dude 🙂

      On and you might need to update your name soon 😉

      ?? 🙂

  9. David Rusa says: should be up todate with the information because all the media are reporting a breakthrough in the Aubameyang deal. I expected it to be on this website.

  10. Phil says:

    There used to be only Jim White at Sky Sports to rely on when Transfer Deadline Day was drawing close but now we have KEV if the early morning reports are correct.Also Ivan G seems to have got the job done so it’s encouraging the new “Regime”dealing with Transfers have made a positive start.
    Still plenty of time for this all to go wrong but you will hear it from KEV first.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Why are you pessimistic? Nothing will go wrong because the player wants to come. Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka and Lacazette were all big transfers which indeed happened. I don’t see any reason why this one should go wrong.

      1. Alkali says:

        Xhaka is not a big transfer, it was expensive but not big.

        1. Midkemma says:

          It was a big transfer but Xhaka has failed to live up to it and can be seen as a flop, the transfer itself was big though.
          He had done well internationally and done well with BMach.. that he was became one of their biggest players, helping them get into the top 3 and being named in team of the season.
          This lead him to captain them and then lead up to internationals…

          Xhaka isn’t a DM and Wenger has played him as a DM, kinda Wengers fault.
          Xhaka needs a Kante type of CM next to him, not a Rambo.
          Wenger picks the team and tactics.

          Wenger knew his flaws and failed to cover them.

          So while Xhaka could do better, he has been let down by Wengers tactics.

      2. Phil says:

        Actually David I am convinced the deal WILL go through and was always optimistic we would get Auba as soon as it was reported we would be trying to sign him.Why?Because I believe Ivan G is implementing the changes at the club that is the beginning of removing the absolute power Wenger has enjoyed at the club for far too long.From what I understand the negotiating team have been in Dortmund all week (and they haven’t been kicking a ball around or putting fairy liquid in the fountains I’ve seen all 4 times I’ve visited the City).
        If the deal gets done the CATYLIST FOR CHANGE will be seen to be working and for that reason alone the CEO needs congratulating.

  11. Gelz says:

    The signs are looking good but until I see him in Arsenal shirt nothing is for certain. Even the most reliable sources have been known to get it wrong. For now I will hold off my scathing on the Arsenal transfer policy and still hope for the best.

  12. McLovin says:

    Fabinho (DM)) has stated publicly he wants to leave Monaco for new challenges. Well we all know playing for Arsenal at the moment is the definition of a challenge.

    Why are we not after him?!

    87% pass accuracy
    4 tackles per game
    3 won aerials per game
    1 key pass per game
    1 dribble (?!) per game
    5 goals, 3 assists

    1. Midkemma says:

      Fabinho is a good player, we do lack quality DM and as much as I want to see AMN, we need more than 1 DM and AMN hasn’t been given the chance to dominate the DM position and make it his own.

      In a dream world I would want AFC to sign a DM in his prime, his peak years… Just so AMN can see the road to 1st team regular not being blocked.

      However with a lack of quality DM at AFC…. I don’t think think AMN will be put off from 1 player being ahead of him from what I have seen, could really drive the lad forward if he thought he has to step up and not have it given to him in a couple years…

      We really REALLY need a mobile DM to sit alongside Jack or Xhaka. More so with Xhaka because of his lack of mobility. Only reason I can think of why ElNeny has played recently is to cover for Xhaka mobility.

  13. John Ibrahim says:

    chelsea could not secure Dzeko and Palameri from Roma

    1. McLovin says:

      Would you sell Giroud to Chelsea for £35 millions if we were to get Auba?

      I think I would. Giroud turns 32, we know his strengths and weaknesses. We won’t be playing Chelsea again this season and he would be a second choice for Chelsea.

      I think it would be great business selling them a bench player for huge profit.

      But Giroud won’t be sold because Wenger loves him.

      1. Phil says:

        Giroud could not get a first team start before with Sanchez ahead of him so he has no chance if Auba signs.Let him go to the Chavs and sit on their bench and get as much as we can for him.

  14. fabregas andymoore says:

    Let arsen wenger go so that we can win a trophies

  15. Muff diver says:

    Bloody hell u lot
    We’re getting aubameyang and your acting like this .

    I know this club have been dead in the windows .an we still need players but

    Batman is coming …kapoww blam bosshh

    Bit of excitement wouldnt go a miss

    1. Phil says:

      Your right Muff.We are nearly there with the Auba deal and if it gets over the line the club will have improved the team and squad considerably.Sanchez Walcott and Coq all gone with Auba and Mikki replacing them.Lets bank what we can from Gironde and this will allow the club to give Kronke enough th buy Mexico to add on to his back garden.

    2. Midkemma says:

      I done a mini dance when I read the news.
      Really thinking of the lineup we could put in attack…. Dare I say we could have the DEADLIEST attack in the world if we can sort out the back so not to defend too much? (time defending isn’t time attacking)

      The way Ozil has picked up recently and if he can believe in AFC enough to sign a new deal…

      King of assist Ozil and Mkhitaryan has shown to be a creative devil.
      2 of the deadliest finishers in Auba and Laca.
      One of the fastest players with Auba and Laca is no slow poke.

      Wilshere able to drive forward or play the long pass.

      Just need a top DM to be a role model for AMN to compete against, learn from and to be backup for.

      I honestly believe a top DM would ease the pressure on our CBs and we wouldn’t be moaning about our def as much.

  16. Anko says:

    Aubameyang deal is close, the best news to wake up to this morning as an Arsenal fan

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Muff and Phil, best quotes of the day, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is coming to Arsenal and I for one am over the moon, been waiting for this day for the last three years, never thought moneybags City would have let this happen without a fight, so many boring negative comments on these pages, it’s as if they want the deal to fail. Truth is they’ve never seen Auba kick a ball.

  17. Mobella says:

    It cracks me up when some of our fans come on here and talk about club penny pitching. You guys must be billionaires to think of multiple of millions a few penny. If i have learnt something from being a fan, that will be talk, talk and talk and no action. You don’t like the way arsenal does her transfer, make Stan irresistible offer, buy the club and change everything. You can then tell the selling club to name there price and pay up without negotiation. Talk is cheap.

    1. Phil says:

      Why would Kronke even contemplate selling his CASH COW?Usmanov has tried but Satan Kronke has no intention of going anywhere.

  18. Vlad says:

    Stop it, Konstantin, just stop it. The window is not closed yet. All of the credible sources (BBC, Sky, etc.) are reporting that the deal is nearly done. Yet here you are, b*#&^$ching and moaning about it for like a 5th day in a row. Give it a rest. Let’s just wait and see what happens. It’s out of our control, and whether you want to believe it or not, it’s not in Wenger’s hands either. We didn’t send 3 of our guys to Dortmund for nothing. They’ve been there for a week now. At this point I think it’s not about the money but likely depends on whether or not BvB can get a suitable replacement in time. So as I said before, let’s wait and hope for the best.

  19. hernando says:

    the comments that we are “happy with our squad” makes me very sad.

    I understand, but what do you expect him to say? He cant say “I am very unconfortable and unsatisfied with my squad” ? That would be a huge blow….

  20. Midkemma says:

    Isn’t it time to drop Wenger from the transfer moaning?
    As K pointed out in the article, it is our CEO who is failing over in Dortmund while Wenger has been in the UK.

    CEO took head of recruitment and chief contract negotiator.

    Wenger isn’t failing us in this transfer window, Gazidis has been too penny pinching YET AGAIN.

    I point back to his 1st full season at AFC and how we stopped spending on individual players in favor of volume of players.

    Slight difference in this transfer window IF we get Auba, if so then we have gotten the main targets for the head of recruitment, not Wenger targets.

    Sven was hired by who????? Gazidis!

    Of course Gazidis will listen to his pick where with Wenger he didn’t have that trust, clearly seen by the fact that Wenger had to go above Gazidis to Silent Stan for a new deal.

    If we moan at Gazidis for failing then it would put more pressure on him than there is when blaming Wenger and he is not in the spotlight.

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