Arsenal’s atrocious season is over – now it’s time for a clearout

Atrocious season finally ends with a victory to nicely relegate Watford. by Konstantin Mitov

Lovely Arsenal people, the season is over and thank your god really. We beat Watford 3-2 after spoiling a three goal lead, because we partially switched off and partially played to give Aubameyang the golden boot. Maybe that was part of his contract offer? Jokes aside it wasn’t very professional and our last 2 games were a quick reminder that the 2 massive wins before that don’t mean we’re suddenly top 4 contenders.

We finished 8th. Let that sink in for a little. We only managed 14 wins, same as the 14 draws and 10 losses With a goal difference of just +8. We’ve conceded 48 goals (disgusting really) and out of the 56 we’ve scored 22 were by Aubameyang. We used to finish on +30-40 goal difference, so finishing on a single digit number is sad.

That’s pretty damning stats for an entire season. We don’t really create a lot of chances. There’s an extreme lack of creativity in our midfield. We used to have like 5 players that could occupy the creative midfielder position, now we have none. And Ozil is not the solution for me. Two managers in a row have shunted him out. It’s time to go. If we won’t play him, just pay out his contract and let’s finish this topic.

But the creative problem remains. I don’t think Willock is the solution. He’s mostly playing due to the lack of alternatives. We need to invest in at least 2 midfielders. One creative and one that can hold together the midfield. For me Xhaka and Ceballos are both not good enough, so we need to improve on at least one of them.

Guendouzi has a problem with his attitude. If he doesn’t fit the system, cash in and get somebody in. If we can do a swap deal for Coutinho, do it. Is he the best choice? No, but he is better than what we have and beggars can’t be choosers. Then there’s Torreira who hasn’t really worked out and prefers Italy. Move him on and get some money to spend.

Then there’s the obvious defensive hole. Honestly it’s astonishing how long our defense has been poor and how we’ve not managed to improve upon it. We added David Luiz last summer and he did what he always does. He can be rock solid in one game and a complete clown in another. Sure he won the league at Chelsea, but he did it with better players around him at a younger age.

We don’t have that kind of support for him here. Our most solid defender is Mustafi. A lot of people hoped he would never play for us again after a dreadful spell in Wenger’s penultimate season. Skodran has somewhat turned a corner, but there is still a mistake in him. I respect how he took criticism on the chin and didn’t hide, but that’s 2 players with a mistake in them already in our defensive line.

Sokratis I don’t think has started a game since Arteta arrived, so we should move him on if we won’t use his services. Then there’s Holding and Chambers who are both questionable. That’s a lot of CBs and not a lot of quality. We desperately need a new CB, regardless of Saliba’s arrival, which means we’d need to move somebody on.

The LB position looks hopeful with Tierney and Saka, but we should definitely move on Kolasinac. The RB position needs an upgrade as Bellerin is nowhere near the wonderkid who first arose to the scene and Soarez is another cheapo. And being cheap as we can see left us 8th, and we could’ve been 10th if results didn’t go “our way”.

Up front the contract situation of Auba and Laca is really poor. I like Eddie, but it’s too big of an ask from him to carry the burden of our strike force. We can’t let Auba go, because he’s scored like 40% of our league goals. Laca has decent hold up play and can also nick a good goal. We should do whatever we can to keep them, especially Auba, otherwise I don’t see how we replace his goals, without thumping massive money we don’t have, that we need to spend elsewhere nonetheless.

There’s still one game left before we all go on a break and that’s the FA cup final, but the outcome of it doesn’t hide the fact that we’ve been poor and on a downwards spiral for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I would love an FA cup trophy on any day, but if you entire season comes down to one game in a cup tournament, you haven’t done your job right.

Last year’s Europa League final was extremely painful. We did beat Chelsea in the 2017 FA cup final, but this game could go either way depending on which Arsenal turns up. But whatever the outcome, we need to spend. Rumors are we only have 30 million, but there are a lot of players to offload. Guendouzi, Torreira, Sokratis, Ozil and Mikhitaryan are to name a few. This should raise some funds for players to improve our defense and midfield. If the Kroenkes want us to be excited, they should dip in their pockets, because we need it now more than ever.



  1. I just hope we get it right this transfer window, I read that a player plus cash deal for Partey was rejected, so much for clubs wanting Guendouzi…… I think he’s talented, and I like that he’s concerned about his team mates, but as long as he’s not willing to humble himself and learn, it’s going to be a big problem. If Barça want him, they can have him, if Coutinho is willing to take a pay cut. I just hope we keep Aubameyang, Lacazette too…… then get Partey, Coutinho (Szoboszalai too?), and a solid defender (Koulibaly?). I’d like Torreira to stay as cover for Partey, or partner him against teams with strong attacking play. I believe with these signings, we’ll definitely be in the top 3 next season. Once again, I just hope we get it right in this transfer window, or else, we’ll only slip further behind.

    1. I agree about torreira, I think he’s class and has little bit of makalele about him, I think arteta wants to sell lacazette but auba will definitely leave if he does, coutinho would be a great add if used properly, don’t agree about kalasanac, he’s got fire in his belly and arsenal need that. Holding, Chambers, xhaka, sokratis, guendouzi and ozil can all go and good riddance to to the lot of them

  2. Well like most of us I am more excited to see the back of this season then j was to see the restart. Then I remember we are technically poor and don’t spend anything.

    Recently spoke to a friend who broke down arsenals situation to me. Basically although we payed off the initial loans we still have a fuck load of interest to pay in a nutshell. Explains why we never spend big. Got another 10 years or so of this.

    Moving forward I think if we a shrewd in out business and offload the right players and maintain auba ee can get going again to a decent standard. That jump between us and top 4 is not huge. Utd Chelsea and leister are all beatable and catcable if we play as we can.

    I agree we need some creativity and defensive reinforcement. Part of me wonders if missing the europa this year would be better. This would give us less games to play.

    I would love to see the following players leave.

    Sokratis – 10m
    Guendozi – 30m
    Mustafa – 10m
    Toreira 20m
    Bellerin 15m
    Kolasininic 10m
    Cellobos – not amazing enough to waste money buying

    Players in
    Smith Row – free
    Partey – 45m
    upamecano – may have signed new contract ? – 35m
    Coutinho – loan

    We basically need a new spine and can probably hope for 2 quality players at very best

  3. Bascally, the majority of our first team squad are just not good enough.The trouble is,other teams in Europe are fully aware of this and are unlikely to consider taking them off our hands.We will be lucky if we can offload more than 2/3 players during the transfer window in which case we can expect more of the same mediocrity next season, particularly with Martinelli likely to be absent for some time.Sorry to seem so pessimistic but that is where we are I’m afraid.

    1. 👍

      Every word of this article is a true reflection of the season. I agree with you too, Grandad. I can’t see us shedding much of this drivel. It’s just a shame the hierarchy at Arsenal have allowed the club to do so much bad business over the last few seasons with contracts and poorly considered additions. When I look at the likes of Ramsey, Giroud , AOC, Walcott and Co get sold down the river. These guys at least put in a good shift and wore the badge with pride! Half our team now are there purely because they are lucky we have muppets in charge!

      If we have a nightmare final against Chelsea like we did last year, it will prove once and for all this team is hopeless of rising to the occasion. If we do manage to win however, it will prove this team at least has the basis to work on but will ultimately need massive improvement next season. The stats don’t lie!

  4. We won’t be able to ship Ozil and probably Mkhitaryan. If 30 million plus Torreira and Guendouzi transfers is all they can spend, that means a total of 80-90 million pounds to get around 4 players. We either get very lucky with rough diamonds or we find more Kalstroms.

  5. it funny, we seem to say the same thing every season. A clearout and replace isnt working. The people at the club run it so badly it makes no difference, in fact they make it worse.

    1. 👍 You only have to look at Arsenal’s spending over the last 5 seasons compared to the clubs currently above it in the League table.

  6. David Luiz,Guendozi have something in common-silly feminine hair styles which is a good pointer to their failure.Arsenal must get rid of the duo at all cost! And NEVER again go for these long hair affeminate types- I detest them !

    1. They have good hairstyles. It fits them perfectly. And what’s wrong about being feminine?

    2. Allan Kimani, A SELF CONFESSED BIGOT! ARE YOU NOT EVEN EMBARRASSED AT BEING SUCH A BIGOT? Remarks like yours and people like you should not be encouraged on this site.

  7. It’s quite surprising that some gonners who thinks we luck creativity also wants our no.1 creator to be ship out . Arteta may be a young and promising coach but his decisions are sometimes questionable ie the continuing benching Ozil when we luck creativity etc . The guy is saying he isn’t leaving the club so just play him .
    There are some players that we should really ship out Kolosinac , Holding,bellerin,Socratis he has a long name. Willock suld go for loan

    1. Our No. 1 creator is a “revolving door” if he loses the ball, not tracking back and not putting in a tackle.

      1. He is a creator judge him by that not this so-called tracking back. He can’t not be attacking midfielder (creator )at same time a defender. He is one of 11 not 11 so the other players also got duties.
        Tony Adams “Ozil is a good player but surrounded by mess”

        1. When u people him creator I just laugh, when he was playing how many times did we see him create any thing after that season he won highest assist. The truth is the guy is now a shadow of him self just get raid of him and look for something else

  8. You talk about the season and blame everyone for its failings but the one person who as managed to get us into this hole ,Emery ,I didn’t see his name once in the article which I found strange .

    1. Dan, to be fair to Emery look at the players he inherited, the lack of support he had from the Board and senior executive in bringing in the players he requested, his achievements in his first season (eg wins home and away to Valencia and Napoli, wins against top 6 clubs), finishing 1 point off fourth place and a Eurola League final until the players downed tools with 5 games to go. These lethargic performances continued into the 2019/20 season and he was sacked.
      I have followed Arsenal for 58 of my 68 years and in all that time, even under Terry Neil, I never saw an Arsenal team down tools and dog it like this current one.
      The majority of these players have now let down Wenger, Emery, Ljundberg and Arteta. Just compare the results prior to and after the arrival of Arteta. Arteta is getting a fair go at the moment because he is “one of us” , being an ex player and captain and he communicates well in English. I hope he can get Arsenal up in the FA Cup Final.
      Next season he will hopefully be able to put his stamp on this side, with the financial support or the Board and the scouting and contract negotiation “skills” of the senior executives. If he doesn’t get it and he is not able to move out the poor performing players and upgrade the deficient positions, does anyone truly believe the results will improve?
      Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Leicester City, Wolves, Tottenham, Everton et al will not be resting on their laurels.

      The three people who got us into this mess are Kroenke, by not caring and not sacking both Gazidis and Wenger many years before both damaging men finally and thankfully left us.
      THE DAMAGE WAS DONE LONG BEFORE EMERYS ARRIVAL AND THAT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS TO ALL! Those three men allowed the ludicrous and damaging new contract for fraud Ozil!

      1. Man what’s ur time line for ur statement that de damage was done long time ago ? Cos Wenger last four seasons he won 3fa cups, 3 Community shields, a Europa league semifinal, a league cup final , we were never out of Europe. Wenger never had de backing emery had . With regards to de Ozil contract that was de best decision at de time . It’s not only Ozil who isn’t performing to his capabilities but many of our players aren’t at their best but he is just a scapegoat coz of his wages.
        I may side with u in regards to our owner who lacks ambition

  9. I feel we should offload Socrates, Guendouzi, Ozil and Mhiki and buy Coutinho and a proper DM and a CB to partner Salliba next season. I only hope both Auba and Laca stay on and also I am not in favour of letting Ceballos go as he has contributed to our cause this season, specially in the FA Cup and surely he will improve next season.

  10. It’s like we’ve been figured out even in the transfer market.
    How many have suffered long term injury playing for us?
    How many would tolerate the frequency and extent of these injuries happening?
    If we don’t have a solution to that, even the best player on the planet will flounder at arsenal

  11. I dont see us spending much this summer. Probably a net spend of£0. It wouldnt surprise me if the board looked to make a profit to help pay for wages and previous transfer fee instalments. Hopefully Arteta will get a few experienced players in who will allow him a bit more tactical flexibility.

  12. Players that should go are: Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, and Torreira. Selling Gouendouzi will be the biggest mistake

  13. Ah Konstantin, you’re probably the only reason I still read Just Arsenal. You tell it like it is, no b/s and I always agree with what you say

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