Arsenal’s awful record after not winning the first leg at home in Europe

Arsenal’s whole season is on the line in Prague. The Gunners have to win or draw 2-2 or higher to advance to the semi-Final after only managing a 1-1 draw at the Emirates, largely due to our failure to take our chances.


With fans not in stadiums, opinions will vary if home or away advantage even exists at the moment.


To get us in the mood though, let’s look at the Gunners record when not winning their first leg at home. I will only be covering my life time. I was born at a time all English sides were banned from Europe due to hooligans.


So we start this article from 1991- current day.


March 1995 – Cup Winners Cup QF

Arsenal 1-1 Auxerre


Defending their trophy, our hopes of retaining took a knock when we drew 1-1 at Highbury, Auxerre equalising three minutes after an Ian Wright penalty.


With our famous back 5 though we were made of stern stuff. You could trust us to go anywhere and see out a 1-0 win, and so we did. Can’t say the same about the modern version, can we?


September 1996 UEFA Cup 1st Round

Arsenal 2-3 B. Monchengladbach


A tough draw considering other options. At one point 2-0 and 3-1 down at Highbury, so very much second best in both games, losing 3-2 twice.


A run in Europe was unlikely though with the club in a holding pattern. Stewart Houston was caretaker boss for the 1st leg, Pat Rice for the 2nd, while we awaited the arrival of a certain Arsene Wenger


March 2008 CL last 16

Arsenal 0-0 AC Milan


Not a bad result due to our offensive potential. Many felt we lacked the experience to win in the San Siro and at the time Fabregas’s strike and our 2-0 win was seen as a break out moment. This group of players deserved to win something


April 2008 CL QF

Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool


Perhaps a tie which summed up where we were at, a young squad needing some leaders to get them over the line, We were bottling the title race having surrendered a 5-point lead at Christmas and had just been knocked out of the FA Cup.


The first leg saw the famous moment of Bendtner blocking Hleb’s goal bound shot. Even so when Walcott ran the length of the pitch at Anfield to assist Adebayor, we were going through. Seconds later we conceded a penalty (never a pen!).


April 2010 CL QF

Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona


At 2-0 down this was a spirited comeback but the truth was Barcelona’s dominance at time was scary. We did for a moment lead in the Nou Camp but then a certain Messi struck FOUR times.


Feb 2013 CL last 16

Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich


Arsene Wenger’s first ever home defeat in a first leg sees us outclassed by the eventual Champions. In a sign of things to come though, with the pressure off in the second leg we stage a brave fight back but go out on away goals.


Feb 2014 CL last 16

Arsenal 0-2 Bayern


Almost identical to 12 months previous although might have been different had Ozil scored his pen. Szczesny got sent off after 37 mins


We again threaten a comeback in Germany but it’s too late.


March 2015 CL last 16

Arsenal 1-3 Monaco


After Barcelona and Bayern Munich in previous years, we get on paper a kind draw but end up under-estimating Monaco. Even so Giroud has enough chances to at least draw the game.


We win 2-0 in France. Another 5 minutes we would have won the tie.


Feb 2016 CL last 16

Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona


We do well to hang on for 70 mins when Messi scores but that’s all we are doing, hanging on.


Then we lose the second leg 3-1.


April 2018 Europa Semi Final

Arsenal 1-1 Atletico Madrid


Arsene Wenger announced this was his final European game at the Emirates, creating an incredible atmosphere. We played a team that was down to 10 men for almost the entire 90 mins. We made one awful mistake at the back and suddenly we had to score in Madrid.


We didn’t.


So in my life time, when we have failed to win a first leg in Europe, we ….

Have advanced twice

Been knocked out 8 times


Truthfully when I started this article, I didn’t think our record would be that bad.

So I have managed to make myself even more nervous for Thursday. Saying that, Slavia Prague are not Barcelona or Bayern Munich.


I maintain that if we score; we will be okay.


Be Kind In The Comments.




  1. Wyoming says:

    Arsenal has an infinitely superior squad to that which Slavia will put out.
    However it may be who needs it or who wants it most.
    Logic points to an Arsenal win..

  2. Declan says:

    I’m going for a 2-2 draw tonight, meaning we go through 5-4 on aggregate on away goals.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Forget about the awful record, because Arteta’s tactics are better than his predecessors. As long as our attackers can keep the ball well and convert at least 33.33 percents of the clear-cut chances into goals, we’d likely score at least one goal

    This is why Aubameyang and Pepe should only come in the second half. We tire the opponents out first with our workhorses, then surprise them with Aubameyang’s and Pepe’s pace in the last twenty minutes

    1. Pepe says:

      What tactics are you referring to?

      1. gotanidea says:

        Based on my observation & because Arteta is Guardiola’s apprentice, I believe this is what Arteta intends to do:

        The players’s positions under Wenger and Emery weren’t as good as they are under Arteta. This is why we conceded fewer shots and made more clear-cut chances

        1. Pepe says:

          Show me Wenger and Emery’s YouTube video and what shows that your believe is actually what Arteta is trying to do because non of us can see your believe or his tactics

          1. Pepe says:

            Which clear cut chances are you talking about
            Like the clear cut chance parteymissed against slavia ???
            Please show me chances created for each managers tenor
            I think Arteta has been criticized until recently for us playing so badly that we even don’t get a reasonable sniff on goal.. we even went like 0-4 attempts on goal in minutes of some matches not to talk about having a clear cut chance

          2. gotanidea says:

            I’ve never said Partey’s shot a clear-cut chance, so read my comment on the other article properly

            Told you we made only one goal from eight chances in the first leg and five of them were clear-cut chances. His tactic would likely produce a lot of great chances tonight and we’d likely win if our attackers can convert at least 33.33 percents of them

      2. Dan kit says:

        Was thinking the same ,and to suggest his tactics are better than Wenger is odd ,maybe come back when Arteta as a golden trophy to his name then when can talk about who as the better tactics ,I’ll agree they are better than Emerys ,I mean even big Sams would be ,that’s not hard

    2. Dan says:

      Yet Wenger finished higher ?

    3. Kenny says:

      Statement: MA’s tactics are better.
      Facts: Arsene’s league positions are better than MA which are facts and real statistics.
      Conclusion: the statement is wrong.

      Instead of saying MA’s tactics are better, the proper sentence is – he has flicker team selection.

      BTW – I don’t believe fans have the power to sack MA, the power belongs to the owner. So I don’t comment on those articles.

      Anyway, to eliminate the worry of MA’s fans that he will be sacked. Below are my twisted facts:
      Arsene – owner has high expectation i.e. top 4 and not EPL titles. 2 years out of top 4, bye! Bye! Arsene.
      Emery – same expectation as Arsene. So out after 1.5 years.
      MA – no expectation from owner, MA fans don’t need to worry, he will be here for ages. MA cannot perform – all because of Arsene’s players. MA is innocent. All problems due to Arsene and players according to MA’s die hard fans like GAI, Jon, ThirdManJW & etc.

  4. Sue says:

    Oh Dan, no!!! 🙈

  5. Uwot? says:

    Lets face it .Europe has been a graveyard for Arsenal over the years.lost our last four Finals.just doesn’t seem to deliver “ Lady Luck “.unlike some of the prem sides.I’m thinking Manure & the chavs specifically.Who’ve had it in spades.

  6. Bigbash says:

    Arsenal shld b winning tonight

  7. SueP says:

    I hope past failures to get across the line don’t come back to haunt us again. It shouldn’t matter what happened then making a difference, unless the word ‘mentality’ pops up

  8. Matthew says:

    I guess the best answer to gotanidea should be total silence by every reasonable gunner here because he utters mostly depressing&annoying statements at any given opportunity

  9. Dunchirado says:

    I don’t care who our coach is. If we can’t even defeat SLAVIA PRAGUE, then he is not good enough to coach Arsenal.

  10. jon fox says:

    Interesting though past and long past results may be to some, even to me, they are of complete irrelevance when trying to work out what will happen tonight.

    No previous seasons result or any long list of them has ANY relevance to right now The past is the past and the present is what matters. Tonights game will be won by the better side right NOW, and ALL previous seasons past results are academic only.

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