Arsenal’s BEAST looking to copy Chelsea star!

The Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin is already well on his way to becoming a firm favourite with the Arsenal fans, not just for the brilliant and battling performances since he returned early from his loan spell to be at the heart of the Gunners turnaround in form and rise up the Premier League table.

The mental strength and refusal to give up that has been behind him rescuing an Arsenal career that seemed to be tailing off into a footnote is just the sort of things football fans to love to see from our players. And the combative young Frenchman can seal his place in the hearts of Gooners this weekend by stopping Chelsea, and one of our former favourites Cesc Fabregas, and helping Arsene Wenger to a first win over Jose Mourinho.

Coquelin has been speaking to Arsenal Player about the game on Sunday and is clearly relishing the chance to test himself against players like Eden Hazard and Fabregas. If I was them I would not be looking forward to facing our central midfielder though, as he seems determined to prove himself against them. He is certainly showing no fear.

Coquelin said, “We’ve played against big teams in the last few weeks.

“Liverpool have Philippe Coutinho, and now it’s going to be different opposition with Eden Hazard. He is probably one of the best players in the league, maybe even the best this season. It’s going to be a tough game but like in every big game you want to win.

“Hazard and Cesc Fabregas are great players who can do such great things at any time in the day. You need to be focused the whole time and that’s what I’m trying to do for the 90 minutes.”

The top of the table clash on Sunday is also a chance for Coquelin to measure himself arguably the best player at his position in the league, Nemanja Matic, and our star has clearly watched the big Serbian closely, perhaps even modelling his own style a little on his.

Coquelin also said, “What he’s done is unbelievable. At Chelsea he is one of the main men so credit to him, he’s had a great season and is a great player. It’s always good to play against players like that.

“It’s an important position and Matic has shown how important he is – that’s what I’m trying to do as well for Arsenal. The fans want a good defensive midfielder, they know it’s important for the team.”

It could be that these two defensive midfielders could decide the result, but which one?

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  1. The stats shown that Coquelin is the best CDM in EPL. Why he want to copy Matic? He’s our new Gilberto. That’s a right man to copy.

    1. Coquelin has played a lot less games den matic so d stats comparison is wrong.
      Also coquelin isn’t as good an attacking threat as matic,however, dat will come wid time.

      1. I’m never going to say player x is better than y simply on a stats basis. But purely from a statistical viewpoint FC is now up to 24 appearances so any short-term statistical skewing has disappeared as the sample size is now “significant” and not on the back of a 4 or 5 match hot-streak. Secondly the stats quoted are on a 90 mins metric so are comparable. Not bothered about his attacking prowess – if he never crosses the halfway line again I’ll live with it.

    2. Coquelin is like a cross between gattuso and makelele! Perfect blend of aggression and intelligence

    3. He didn’t say he wants to copy Matic. This is what he said,
      “It’s an important position and Matic has shown how important he is – that’s what I’m trying to do as well for Arsenal. The fans want a good defensive midfielder, they know it’s important for the team.”

      He wants to be as important to Arsenal as Matic is to Chelsea. He can do that by playing in his own way. He didn’t say he wants to copy Matic’s style of play. Misleading caption in my opinion.

  2. The ArsenaL beast must copy himself…… He’s been good enough Lately….. Why copy someone who’s been average Lately, when he can onLy get better than he currently is in the future?

  3. Injuries have actually been very
    kind to Arsenal this season.
    Arteta got injured and Flamini lost form.
    Then Coquelin appeared from nowhere
    and has gone on to be an outstanding find.
    Gibbs and de buchy got injured and Monreal + Bellerin
    stepped up and have been indispensable.
    Wilshere and Ramsey were injured so
    Cazorla Sanchez Ozil Wellbeck became a tight unit.
    Wellbeck has played wide because Podolski Campbell loan
    Wallcot Ox and Gnabry have been injured.
    This also meant Giroud is the sole front man and has
    become number one in the league.
    Now we can “blame the injuries” for a great 2nd half of the season 🙂

    1. Sure. He’s not good enough on your FIFA 15. I myself dumps him instead. But this is reality dude. He’s that damn good. We’ve many creative midfielders and so I’m not even have to explain, but no one favor the dirty jobs like Coquelin does. That’s make him special. Get it sucker?!

    2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah with a fiz!……. Fab returns 2 Arsenal?….. Did u see that in ur psychotic sleep?

  4. To be a good defensive mid fielder, one has to be a great anticipator, and at the moment he is just doing that. His anticipation is very good and also he doesn’t shy away from putting a sliding tackle, and mind you, that needs some sort of skills to pull it off, you put it wrong and there comes a yellow card. I see him making his name in that position, and who knows, maybe some day one or the other will try to emulate him…..:):)

  5. Am just so happy for the lad and I want more of our players to step up like that.players like hayden,Akpom,and gnabry.And as for chelsea,if we are confident there is no way we won’t win there is absolutely nothing special abt them other than their stubborn defence

  6. Coquelin is such a lucky guy,with just months left on his contract,on the verge of becoming free has now become an integral part of this team and has even been applauded by everyone within and outside the club,that’s amazing.If he continues like this and he gets more chances like Ramsey gets he will no doubt be the best in the league.someone said Matic is good offensively,I disagree with that,watch him more closely I will even go as far as saying le coq is a more mobile and a better passer than him.let’s appreciate our players too.he is jus got his chance remember.while the likes of Kondogbia,Matic has been doing it for long,give him more chance and he will be the best

    1. Who gives a sh*t if he’s better offensively coquelin is a dm. I want coquelin to view the ball as a hot potato, win it back and play it to a teammate as soon as possible

      1. Which is exactly what he is doing. I’ve noticed that his distribution is quick and effective…right now he is good, just imagine in a year or two with more experience…he will be irreplacable.

        1. I agree and he just needs an older dm to learn from or some1 to keep him on his toes so he’s always improving

  7. @ GOONSQUAD8 , YOU nailed it : Coquelin is like a cross between gattuso and makelele! Perfect blend of aggression and intelligence.HE MAKES VERY GOOD USE OF THE BALL WHEN HE WINS IT.

    1. I know right? He seems like he could be there love child he has the best attributes of both and the kid is only 23!! Hes got so much room to grow

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