Arsenal’s belief is back but is treble talk just CRAZY?

I think that most people connected with arsenal would be more than happy if Arsene Wenger and the players could avoid the usual slump and press on to win the Premier League title this season, and after the summer transfer action and the way that Arsenal have been playing recently the belief has certainly been growing that this could be our year.

The comments we have been hearing from Arsenal stars like Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil and the attitude showed by the whole team so far suggests to me that the manager was right to say that the current squad is the most mature and ready to win group that he has had for a long time, but are some people getting a little too carried away by all this positivity?

The former gunner Alexander Hleb may well be, after the Evening Standard reported him talking about our ability to go on and win the continental treble of Premier League, FA cup and Champions League this season. The 35-year old, who left Arsenal empty handed despite helping us to the European cup final, would love to see his old club and former boss do it and he thinks the way the Gunners have been playing proves that we can.

Hleb said, “Wenger always sets the highest goals. He has managed to keep his key players and they are playing great football. They are tearing everyone apart.

“I hope the team will win three trophies this season – the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League. This Arsenal side certainly has the ability and I will really be supporting them.”

We do at least have a decent chance of topping our UCL group this time, but have we got enough to challenge the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the latter stages? We are all hoping to see the consistency that has cost us league titles in recent years and with a better injury record I think we could win it, but is this talk of a treble all bit far-fetched?


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  1. I don’t know about a treble but the league and/or CL would be good for the club and fan base. Also, if we win the league/CL wenger will bow out of the club, even though i think if he wins a trophy of that stature he should sign a 3 year deal. This is the best team he’s had a long while.

  2. Why not… The worst team to win in Champs league were the chavs who cheated their way to the trophy. Second worst… Porto under another chav connected di**head.

  3. I believe the league and FA cup or League cup are more likely for this season. My reasons are 1. because we have a good 2nd string team that is capable of taking us to the semi’s or finals before the big boys take over (for the cup), 2. we now have a more solid defense and 3. we are now scoring more goals (for the league).

    However, we could have a good go in the CL and with a bit of luck who knows what could happen. Chelsea wasn’t the best team when they won it.

  4. it’s too early to talk about double talk more treble, we need to improve the team cohesion , Alexis needs more time upfront to adapt perfectly to the role and we need to find a way through packed defence cos they seem to be our main weakness even when we had a striker like we have now RVP-Alexis.

    1. after we’ve done these as well as got past groupstage (surely) ,R16 and Quarterfinal of UCL, we topping the EPL log with at least 7 points gap, in the Semifinal of FAcup.
      …then we can start talking realistically about a TREBLE but for now it’s a terrible idea.

  5. There’s nothing wrong in talking about it,its left for the manager and players to show if they can really last the long race. The worries here are the injuries and forms,tactics to be deployed in some games. Rotation would greatly help us.

  6. Hleb said “I hope the team will win three trophies this season – the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League. This Arsenal side certainly has the ability and I will really be supporting them.”

    We all “hope the team will win three trophies this year”. Do I think it will happen, no.

    I would be delighted with the PL title but it will be very difficult, there appear to be about six teams who could win it this year.

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