Arsenal’s Bellerin boost as Barcelona target Chelsea star

By all accounts it appears that the Arsenal and Spain international star Hector Bellerin is pretty happy with the Gunners and is not pushing for a move away from the club, despite the many Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that his excellent form over the last two seasons has drawn the attention of his boyhood club FC Barcelona.

The right back was born in Barcelona and spent eight years in the youth system with the current La Liga champions and that, along with the recent record the Catalan club has of taking our players and the news that their long serving Brazilian international Dani Alves is leaving, it is hardly surprising that Arsenal fans were worried that Bellerin might end up leaving us.

He still might, of course, but it looks very much like it will not be happening this summer at least, especially now that The Telegraph is reporting that Barcelona have turned their transfer sights on the Chelsea and Spain defender Cesar Azpilicueta instead.

The 26-year old normally plays on the left for Chelsea but his primary position was always on the right and that could help Barca to get him, as could the fact that it is Bellerin that has apparently become Spain’s first choice with the Real Madrid star Carvajal being injured.

Barca’s left back Jordi Alba is the regular starter for Spain and so Azpilicueta looks like he will be watching Euro 2016 from the bench. Hopefully this will make him push for the transfer to Barcelona that would ensure that Arsenal will definitely hold on to our brilliant young Spaniard.


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      1. I never said it wasn’t but he missed a couple of free headers then score that 1…against good team u won’t get 5 chances to scored that is proven and we have seen it before with girouh…not just him but he plays for my team so that’s who I’m talking about

        1. You’re fighting a losing battle man they will make Giroud seem like he’s Lewandowski the best striker in the world

    1. Oh, you mean like 99.9% of all strikers. I don’t know where fans get this idea that most strikers score on most of their chances. It is a falsehood and a perception created out of pure fantasy.

      I have watched Messi miss chance after chance only to then score 2 amazing goals in 2 minutes.

      Giroud is not Messi. We get it already.

      1. The fact that you mentioned Messi and Giroud in the same sentence means you don’t get,Arsenal fans like making as if our players are top class but they’re not that’s why we haven’t won the league in 12 years!!

          1. You bring up the World Cup for messy but I bet u can’t remember girouh miss…u know why?? It’s so fricking much..u remember messi because u know he’s better than that…girouh have never done a
            Nothing to suggest he could be world best…fact

          2. The words “world class” are used too loosely,Luis Suarez is world class which is why Barcelona signed him and got rid of Sanchez,Cech used to be world class when he was at Chelsea not anymore,Real Madrid got rid of Ozil for Bale because he couldn’t handle the pressure of a major club unlike at Arsenal where he has it easy,Cazorla is a good player but world class?No sorry he’s not!

            1. If that were to be the case then lampard giggs gerrard etoo drogba and vidal are not worldclass.
              Jeez i wonder whats wrong with some fans.
              Players like ozil and sanchez who have had such great influences for their clubs and countries deserve respect.
              Cazorla who has been such a great asset for club and country should not be ignored like that.
              Cech is still adapting to a new environment that is different from the one at chelsea and he has been consistent for years winning the most golden glove awards.
              kos the same.
              bellerin elneny xhaka and coquelin will also be worldclass if they keep up with their efforts

        1. Yes, it is called a comparison. Not a statement of equal ability. A comparison of MISSING CHANCES not total ability. Can anybody read and comprehend anymore?

          1. Nope, most fans hate Giroud for no reason, they can’t tell the difference between reasonable logic and wishful thinking. In their unrealistic fantasies top strikers don’t miss chances yet if they watched an actual football game they would know that all of them do including the very best. The goal of a striker is to score which is what Giroud did, there’s no point criticizing him when he scored he 1st goal which is always the most important.

        1. Yes. Anyone who makes sarcastic statements using the names Pogba and Griezman must be in love with Giroud.

          That makes sense, does it not???

      1. Did Pogba and Griezmann miss 4 chances each?Giroud is the main striker his job is to score goals it seems some people forget this

  1. Bayern Munichen had Gomes, they sold him at his best because they knew he was not good for them, They replaced him with Manzukch yet they sold him at his best and went for the very best Lewondowsky. They did all those because of their high ambition from the fans.

    What I am supplized, arsenal fans are always defend the mupet OG with some stupid statistics. Failure!

    1. Giroud has never been at the level of top class teams like Bayern,Barcelona and Real Madrid that’s why he’s at Arsenal,I know we as Arsenal fans hate the truth but we are not in the top 5 clubs in Europe and that’s fact!

      1. Yeah, and it is ALL Giroud’s fault. If Giroud was not there, Arsenal would have won like every competition ever invented and that is a fact. Well, OK, maybe it is not a fact but it is true for sure.

        Did I mention that Giroud s*cks?

    2. Nobody is “defending” Giroud. Many fans, however, live in the real world and when people make ridiculous statements they can recognize it.

      This is such a stupid old game.

      Fan A says something ridiculous about Giroud.
      Fan B corrects it with FACTs.
      Fan C says Fan A is love with Giroud and wants him to stay at Arsenal as #1.
      Fan A says, I never said that, I just corrected a ridiculous assertion.
      Fan B says, Man, these Giroud fans just don’t get it.
      Fan A says, I give up. I am dealing with children here.
      Fan C says, oh yeah, Giroud is worthless pig and your mother wears army boots.

      1. Here’s a fact about Giroud that no one can deny he went 15 games without scoring,I’m not making this up but because people don’t like hearing the truth they choose to be blinded!

        1. The stupid old game continues.

          Fan B says Giroud hardly ever scores on cloudy days and that is a FACT.
          Fan A says Giroud has now scored 8 goals in 6 games for France.
          Fan C says, Who cares? he cannot score on cloudy days and Messi is much better.
          Fan A says, yeah, but Giroud does score at a better rate than many EPL strikers.
          Fan B says, you sound like you love Giroud. do you want to have sex with him?
          Fan C says, I told you, these Giroud lovers just want Arsenal to be losers forever.

          1. Listen man I don’t care about France I’m an Arsenal fan and the fact remains he didn’t score is 15 straight games for us,what Giroud does for France is of no use to Arsenal and doesn’t change the fact that he’s not good enough to win us the title!

  2. And that tells you the issue isn’t scoring the goals but how you play and score them.

    Brilliant Payet, a mixture of Aturo Vidal and Wayne Rooney in you.

    Super talent!

    1. Which means you would give up Ozil for Payet – throwing Ramsey in does not really sweeten the deal that much.

      But you point is valid. Ozil was the assist leader and is the heart of Arsenal but Payet can seemingly do it ALL.

  3. Griezman subbed at 65 min and he missed 2 great chances. He must really be a worthless player. Just stating the facts.

  4. Nananananana giroud…. I have a sneaky feeling he will walk away with golden boot.

    Payet Mom. Pogba poor, Griezman poor. Giroud ok.

  5. Roberto Martinez is now an analyst for ESPN (U.S.) during the Euro’s.

    His opinions about the game just don’t seem to carry very much weight anymore.

    1. @mohawk
      Yet, his analysis of football matches profoundly outweighs yours. Hence the reason he’s getting paid for it and you’re on the internet envious of him…

  6. You want Giroud to score more goals. Just point the ball to his head. Best header in Europe.

    1. Exactly super! Crosses come in and he will score, or knock it down for a chance. I can’t believe the replies I see here.

  7. d term”world class” is used loosely…giroud is a good striker but showed y he can’t b trusted as our no9…missed easier chance but still scored…don’t care if u sai he’s not good enough but since he plays for AFC, I’ll cheer him on for France 24/7…when he’s at arsenal, plays like a donkey and he turns to s**troud, then I’ll change my tune…
    OT, did u see pogba??? believe he has gotten carried with d hype ‘golden boy of France’….judging by dat performance, he’s no more than a Ramsey 2.0…

  8. @supertuur. Didn’t slavan bilic once claim that was Andy Carroll!? His headed goal for England was pretty darn special.

  9. Yep Pogba trying all the Ronaldo tricks and jinks and just coming off looking stupid. Keep it simple fool!

  10. @mowhawk. Good for martineau I say he’s keeping busy watching free football and earning some moola, (money) at the same time.

  11. Girouds rubbish so won’t get into that, but what makes me laugh is that no one mentioned koscileny what a shocking performance from the “So called World class” defender exposed on 2/3 occasion and had rami bail him out. A common theme with him physically weak always has been and gets bullied, pace doesn’t always help.

    Gabriel the carbon copy of him, Go get a adil rami strong robust 6’2 muscle defender I say, who can pick a great pass or 2 as well as shown today

    1. What game was you watching? In a parallel universe? In this world it was Kosh who bailed out a poor Rami.

  12. I really don’t see it with Pogba. Just like Ramsey, he doesn’t keep it simple and gives the ball away far too much.

    Payet was sensational. Griezman was awful and France made the right substitutions. Evra got beat on nearly every occasion. Worst player on the pitch. Rami was good on the ball and just good enough in defense. Our Kosh was good today.

  13. @themadhurata,
    Watch the game agai*n take the biased specks off

    Typical fan even when a player has a stinker nothing but praise, weak mentality from the arsenal manager filtered to fans like u.

  14. Well, I for one am pleased to read peoples thoughts on Hector Bellerin lol.

    Is this a record for off topic/highjacking of a thread, not one mention of the topic lol, instead just the usual hating on one of our players!

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