Arsenal’s best line-up with the players that are available to face Watford?


It is unfortunate for Lacazette to sustain injury just when we expected our best front line to start gelling.
Anyway, that’s football. I feel Lacazette has a lingering problem on his knee.

To take three points on Sunday, I expect Emery to select a line up that can do the job with relative ease.
Bases on available players, the suggested line up below should be good enough to do the job:

Naitland-Niles .. Chambers .. Luiz… Sokratis… Kolasinac
Guendouzi … Willock
Pepe …. Aubameyang

As Bellerin and Tierney are not fit to start, the skill set of Nile and Kolasinac are suitable for wingback positions. Luiz is another player that is comfortable with playing slightly above two centre backs. Guendouzi and Willock are good enough to play in midfield, assuming Torreira is not fit.

Pepe and Auba can do the damage while Ceballos can play behind them.

Or what do you think?

E. Charles


  1. Tam says:

    How do you have 2 Luizes on your team to face Watford? I’m wondering.

    1. Sue says:

      He can multitask ?

      1. Sue says:

        Jeez people, it ain’t the end of the world putting Luiz in twice.. it was mentioned in the article that Luiz is comfortable with playing slightly above, so maybe he was put there as an either/or option

    2. Godswill says:

      I Wonder. Who’s the other Luiz?

      1. Allison says:

        Our best formation is 4-2-3-1. Niles- luiz- sokratis- kolasinac.
        Xhaka (torreira)- guenduozi (torreira)
        Nelson- ceballos- pepe
        This is the winning squard. Since laca is injured 4 now.

        1. k Jesh says:

          yes but if the coach prefers Xhaka than best midfielders we have and I still don’t know why.

        2. MOHAMMED ADAMU. says:


    3. Arseman says:


      Niles Sokratis Kolasinak

      Torera Gunduzi Celabos

      Pepe Aubu Nelson

      1. Llewellyn says:

        I don’t think oil should play

  2. Innit says:

    One player too many
    3 central defenders (Luiz, Chambers,Sokratis)
    Named Luiz twice

    Otherwise good line-up lol

  3. Sue says:

    We all know Xhaka will start!
    Need to see Ozil, been far too long & i hope Torreira plays…
    Absolute bummer about Laca.. but hope Auba & Pepe do the business!
    Be amazed if we get a clean sheet..the all important thing though is those 3 points!! COYG

    1. 350oz says:

      Yes, we don’t know what kind of affair UE has with Xhaka, probably it would take a year for him to realize his mistake (like his previous affair with Mustafi).
      Agree, UE needs to give Ozil a chance, if it is deemed too risky to field Ozil against Watford, when will he play again?

      1. Sue says:

        A uear & god knows how many conceded penaltiea ?
        Exactly 350oz…he can’t be saving him for EL & the cups! If he’s fit, get him in

    2. Skills1000 says:

      We have a coach who is not brave enough. He has to bring back Mesut Ozil into the squad. Unai needs to be ruthless. To stop changing formations every match. Go with a 433.Have an effective Plan A. Bring Martinelli to the team. Xhaka should be on the bench.. He cost us against Brighton and Spurs. That is simply irresponsible. You can’t make that rash challenge in the penalty box. Play Ozil, Ceballos and Torrera in Midfield. And front 3 of Aubameyang, Pepe and Martinelli. We have lost our identity. We have a team that can challenge Man city and liverpool. But the manager is not good enough to win the league.

      1. Sue says:

        Nice one Skills1000, totally agree ??.. ooh that midfield 3 is mouthwatering!!
        I think my heart will sink a little tomorrow.. when the line ups come out & there’s Granit!!!

      2. JM10 says:

        Totally agree with you @skills1000. I see Martinelli being a more hard worker than Nelson+he needs to start gaining confidence

      3. Hassan says:

        Absolutely we have a manager that has no confidence

  4. S.J says:

    I don’t think Emery wants to use the 3 CB formation this season.
    So I think Emery will set up like this.

    Nelson.. Aubameyang.. Pepe..

    Guendouzi.. Xhaka.. Willock..

    Kolasinac.. Luiz.. Sokratis.. A.M-Niles..


    Subs –
    E. Martinez

    1. 350oz says:

      Most likely, but I think Ceballos will start ahead of Willock.

    2. Khadii says:

      Where’s the creativity?
      U can’t leave out Ceballos

  5. Nonny says:

    Have seen better comments on lineup than this article?
    12 players with Luiz playing multiple position with himself

    1. Kimaiga says:

      He wastes chances by holding the ball longer than necessary.ozil is better

  6. Drew SA says:

    Ya who published this nonsense?
    3 at the back?
    5 defenders?
    You want a draw?

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    As we’ve already seen, it’s far too risky starting both Luiz, and Sokratis. One of them has to drop out. I would like to see:

    AMN Chambers Sokratis Kolasinac
    Guendouzi Ceballos
    Pepe Auba Martinelli

    If any of Holding, Bellerin, Tierney, and Torreira are fit, then they have to start.

    Whatever the lineup, just please no Xhaka, and Luiz!

    1. Wizborfty says:

      I believe the best line up should be


      Amn Chambers Luiz Kolasinac

      Guendozi Williock

      Nelson Aubameyang Pepe

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Pepe only ever plays the LW, so I wouldn’t move him to accommodate Nelson, who has been very disappointing so far. Although it would be interesting to see if can be effective on LW. Hopefully Nelson can start taking some more risks, the more game time he gets. Ozil’s Arsenal career finished years ago, so Ceballos, or Willock.

        1. kev says:

          Nelson style of play isn’t for LW. He has flair and skill but he isn’t that kind of player.
          He is an AM.The talent is too much in that kid.When be finds his feet one day whether here or somewhere he will be too good.

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            I meant to say RW. Be interesting to see if Pepe can do anything in that position.

  8. Declan says:

    There is no need to pillory Charles, the writer of the article, he’s obviously made a simple mistake and didn’t mean to show Luiz in the defence.
    But, it should have been picked up by admin when the article was proof read prior to publishing. Articles are proof read aren’t they admin?

    1. Admin says:

      It was actually me who put the extra Luiz in when making the formation line up. Forgot to delete the other one lol. I’ll fix it!!!

  9. Shepard Masvanhise says:

    Why are you defence minded? Is it that you do not believe in the class of 2019.They are too many defenders in your line up.I prefer a more attacking line up instead.

  10. Great line up! Now we just need a stargate to get Luiz B on the squad sheet on Sunday..assuming he’s a footballer too in his universe.

  11. Ackshay says:

    I don’t want to see 5 defenders in our lineup except against dangerous teams. If we go with 5-3-2 we invite Watford to attack our weak defence while sacrificing either an attacking player or a hardworking mid.

    1. Declan says:

      He hasn’t got 5 defenders in the lineup, the extra Luiz in the defence was a mistake.
      His lineup is in fact 4-1-3-2

  12. SAGooner says:

    Far too many changes from previous lineups to create consistency. Lineup should be:

  13. Abdu_Uganda says:

    Whatever the Case ozil remains a good player of all times.

  14. foreverinourshadows says:

    You put the hapless Xhaka in the team, then we will struggle, a player who can not tackle, players pass him with ease, definitely not Captain material, prefer to see Willock step up, the sooner we get shot of Xhaka the better we will function as a team, along with Mustafi, two of the worst signings for a long time

  15. Zico says:

    the should not even try it at all because the lineup is not completed.

  16. Moses says:

    No one is seeing ozil in the line up…… I prefer him on the right wing n rotate them with ceballos

  17. Sean Williams says:

    If Emery plays Xhaka then there is some hidden reason for it. An affair? Xhaka seems to be the Premier League number one expert on ‘Leg Breakers’. He is the opposite of mindful…(full of mind). He is actually mindless. He cannot concentrate. He is physically slow and worse he is mentally slow. Emery should have gone to Specsavers.

  18. culture julius says:


  19. Xhaka should not been in first 11 not even captain,i don’t emery keep using him,he doesn’t have any formation not even target,if emery keep using xhaka………There is an hidden secret.

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